Caf Zupas
148 S Gary Ave #103, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

Today was an horrible experience. Firsts no line , they're not súper busy. The soup was so watery compare with the ones that I had before. The sandwich like a kid's meal size and not well grilled, smudge. And the service terrible, went politely asked a coworker. Because didn't want nobody to listen. He said if the soup is watery is the way supposed to be. Told no I had it before. The girl that attended us. She asked me if I want the bread and strawberry , which include it in the combo. And they started to make comments. They didn't like that I returned the soup. And for closing the bad experience the bathrooms were closed. And nobody was following the standard of cleaning. Not cleaning the tables or doors. Not an manager around either. They've the culture “I don't care” Usually when I write a bad review is because had a bad experience a few times. Maybe not the same location. Because I understand that not all the time will be perfect and shine.

Review №2

Let me begin that I am allergic to onions. I ordered through DoorDash and marked it "please no onions I am allergic" I also called the restaurant to make sure they wouldn't put onions on. I explained that I am allergic. I was assured they wouldn't put them on. I got my order and when I bit into the sandwich, there onions all over it. I had to give myself an epishot to prevent my throat from closing. I called the restaurant and the gal who answered was just like. "Oh, sorry" very nonchalant. She could give a hoot. No, empathy what so ever. I explained that this could have killed me (I had cousin die from a restaurant not preparing his order correctly after he requested them to omit an ingredient). The girl said "ma'am what do you want, I said sorry." I guess I could refund you. Never received a refund. I emailed their corporate offices and received no response as well. It is seriously not that hard not to put, onions on an item. Every other restaurant seems to be able to. So, be warned if you decide to go there and need something omitted because you are allergic they don't care and will ignore the fact it could kill you.Also, they gave me the wrong dessert, and their child mac and cheese cheese is water with noodles.

Review №3

1st time here.. steak and cheese on Italian. Hands down the best sandwich I have had in forever! Perfect combination of ingredients! And a complimentary chocolate dipped strawberry!

Review №4

Good food and reasonable prices. Outside seating open.First time here and enjoyed the food with friendly staff and the manager was helpful. Thank you .

Review №5

We enjoy going out. Last night we arrived in this excellent restaurant which we didn't know before. We enjoyed a delightful evening there with fine food and a well-trained crew and a distinguished cook. We put this venue in our list and we shall no doubt come back soon. We warmly recommend.

Review №6

First time trying this place after hearing good things. Service was good and the whole place seemed really nice and clean. But then upon opening my meal back at home it seemed that both my salad and sandwich were missing ingredients. No avocado (or an invisibly minuscule amount) on my crab avocado sandwich, no broccolini or snap peas in my salad that were listed as included in the ingredients. Not sure if they were training new staff or running short on certain ingredients or what the deal was. It wasn't busy either. I'm not usually one to complain as I've worked in the service industry, but this was a lot of stuff. Meal would have been great if it came with everything it said it would.

Review №7

Love the selection of freshly made salads and selection of soups! And also being able to make your own with fresh ingredients always available. Love it! Mmmm...perfect lunch spot.

Review №8

Great sandwiches and Excellent Soup!!!I can't give it 5 stars as its a sandwich place not a restaurant, like Wild Fire.

Review №9

I really liked their options and my meal was great! I got their Thai chicken salad and lobster bisque. Both very good. A great variety of flavorful and healthy options.

Review №10

Amazing soups and salads. All healthy and lots of vegan and vegetarian options.

Review №11

Best salads and soups plus free chocolate strawberry and bread roll. Better than zoups imo. Wish there were more locations closer to southwest suburbs. Drove all the way to Bloomingdale from Joliet.

Review №12

Their sandwich and salad is pretty good. Liked that chocolate strawberry that comes with the combo

Review №13

I love Zupas!! They have the best salads, soups and sandwiches. They also have really good desserts (that I can never resist) but the meals do include a complimentary chocolate covered strawberry. A very nice surprise! Also, the employees are always super friendly. Great service.

Review №14

Café Zupas does not disappoint. The food is delicious and the staff is attentive. The manager recognized me from the previous day and even recalled my preferences. Can't like this place enough!

Review №15

One of our favorite places to go!Great food, good prices and friendly people

Review №16

I enjoy the food. Last time I got the tofu sandwich. Did not like it personally.

Review №17

My first order using online ordering. The mangoberry salad I got as a combo option was sooooo good. Probably only reason why I didn't rate this place any lower. I went around 2pm, as to not hit that lunch hour rush.My order was not ready at the time my email notification indicated.I went inside and there are no markers as to where to pick up food. I literally had to hide and seek the online order section. There weren't even that many people inside. There definitely were enough workers so not an under staffing issue.Not one employee greeted or acknowledged me. There were at least 3 times that an associate walked right passed me without asking if they could help in any way.When my order was finally ready I went to get it from the shelve and the employee there didn't even say thank you or have a nice day.I usually go there because I crave the tomato basil soup but today even that didn't taste as good as it usually does.I don't know Cafe Zupa, your customer service was definitely lacking today.

Review №18

Would surely recommend trying out this place. Exceptional atmosphere, delicious dishes, awesome service. Fantastic work.

Review №19

Perfect Cafe place. Food is great - love the grab n go concept.

Review №20

Very good fresh tasting food. Food tastes clean unlike the other greasy fast food places. The only wish I had was for hotter soup. But this was remedied via a micro waving it. I have had both soup and their salads and both where fresh and tasty.

Review №21

Slowest service ever and nothing had to be cooked. There are no customers in the restaurant and about 5 employees working. Ordered ahead for pickup at 8 and didn't get our order until 8:15. Got home and my order was wrong Ordered a turkey bacon avocado sandwich with no honey mustard. My sandwich came with only, Turkey, tomato, and honey mustard. How is it a turkey bacon avocado sandwich without the bacon and avocado Will not be returning.

Review №22

I love their food and the small touches like the chocolate covered strawberries and the bread and butter. Their price is on a high end though for a fast food.

Review №23

I go to this superb restaurant often since I enjoy the good mood that is unique to this restaurant. The staff is extremely cordial and experienced. The service is extremely fast. Needless to say, the food they cook is great. I have been there many times and I was always satisfied. The cost is reasobable. I highly recommend this restaurant to to everybody.

Review №24

Love the food. Super high quality. I've had almost everything on the menu and haven't found one miss. Wish the service was a bit faster but overall this is a great spot for lunch.

Review №25

Great fast, healthy casual spot! I brought my kids with and we all at very well for about $25 (3 kids). The soups were fantastic and I love that you can see the kitchen where everything is made. The facility is very clean and the employees were very nice, despite my kids being super indecisive about their meals as a line formed behind us! We would absolutely visit Cafe Zupas again when we are in the area!

Review №26

We came to this place for a meeting. This spot was recommended to us by a friend. Well, it was a winning. The staff were very polite and we had an excellent feeling. The meal was yummy. We loved this place very much and we shall absolutely come back again. We recommend this place to all.

Review №27

Awesome and yummy food, I liked the atmosphere the spot has, and the cashiers were nice. Will definitely visit here again.

Review №28

Love going to this location. Great food and great service. Fresh ingredients and such health conscious selections. Keto friendly, vegetarian options, and their menu clearly lists macros. Perfect for healthy lunch.

Review №29

Very tasty, and well prepared fresh food! Bright and clean, the design of the restaurant is tailored to make you feel as if you are eating healthy...and if you make the right choices, you are. Lovely salads, fresh soups, and a nice selection of sandwiches. I dined in, and was surprised to see a cute little packet containing a fresh chocolate dipped strawberry on my tray. Nice touch! The drink selection was amazing. Fresh infused fruit juices and teas, along with the traditional soft drink options. I can see myself stopping in just for one of the infused drinks alone!If you have a diet restriction, they make it super easy to see the ingredients, and caloric count. Items are marked "Keto" "Paleo", "Gluten Free" etc.I am so excited to have found this great place!

Review №30

This a great place for tasty and healthy eating. I go there all the time after the gym to get food as it's close by. And there is fresh grown food there everyday for the freshest produce.

Review №31

This was our first time trying this place in let me tell u it was absolutely amazing!!!! The young lady that was doin the drive thru was awesome and very nice Also they gave us a delicious chocolate strawberry we definitely recommend and will definitely be back!!!!

Review №32

1st visit and won't be the last. Fresh and tasty salad and excellent soup. Bright and clean. They even give you a chocolate covered strawberry!

Review №33

First time here and really liked it. I had the clam chowder and my wife had a protein bowl with mushroom soup. The soup was hot and the chowder loaded with clams. They added bacon to it and I added hot sauce. Perfect for a fall night. My wife was right again.

Review №34

My experience was with Gabrielle drive through very polite very patient i screwed up my order and she made sure it came out right i also tried to tip her she wouldnt take it i will be back because i love people like her patients smiles and i felt welcomed those are things i love coming to fast food great job Gabrielle keep up good work you rock . this is for schumburg location

Review №35

Great food and great people!

Review №36

Bought food, they didn't let me it it there!

Review №37

Overall, it's a great experience. The aesthetic is nice, fairly clean, with attentive staff. Food prices are a bit high, but in this economy, I'm not blaming anyone for that.

Review №38

This is a soup and sandwich kitchen. A little cheaper than Panera if you get the you pick two. More selection. Lobster bisque soup year round.

Review №39

I was the first person in line and ordered two pick-two combos. My sandwich order was fine and I moved to the soup section. In the meantime, the line had grown. I waited to place my soup order, and waited, and waited. Twelve, yes I counted, minutes later, a new person suddenly showed up and took my soup order. Then, moved to the register. A third person suddenly showed up from the back and took my money. Total time in line was 17 minutes, and I was the first one in line. Won't be going back.

Review №40

I had been trying to go here for a long time. Finally did and I have to say the southwest salad was one of the best I have ever had. The chicken noodle soup was bland. Will be returning.

Review №41

Everything is fresh. Counter moves fast. Everything tastes incredible!

Review №42

In Utah (where I'm from), Zupas is a household name like any other fast-food restaurant. They do what "McDonald's and friends" could never hope to do though, cause you to slow down and enjoy the food. They deserve 5+ stars and more regular customers for good wholesome food.

Review №43

Food is nothing special. The lobster bisque at the Mariano's in the same shopping center is better. Portions are small and they need to be more organized on getting all food out at same time. I ordered a soup and hot sandwich. While i was in the food ordering line, they placed the soup in a bowl on my tray and asked me to move along until I got to the cashier. There I waited for my sandwich and the cashier continued business/conversation over my soup which got cold and perhaps even got some complimentary bacteria.

Review №44

Good healthy choice of food, soup, sandwiches and salads

Review №45

Great soup and sandwich variety with some healthy drinks instead of only sodas. Good service, but too expensive for me, got two half sandwiches and half bowls of soup for $28, but the soup and sandwich was good.

Review №46

Food is always fresh and amazing! Staff is super friendly. A little pricey but I feel it is worth is because Zupas feels so luxurious! Rolls with real butter and and chocolate covered strawberries! Come on can you get more extravagant than that?!??

Review №47

Excellent Food! Fresh lettuces and veggies. Then enjoyed a wonderful creamy mushroom soup. Bright. Clean. Friendly and Helpful Staff.

Review №48

The staff here is a hoot. Always friendly and fast.How I personally describe the food is, Panera...but better. Not only is the food fresher, the ingredients they have in each dish are very well picked. The soups are 10/10, I recommend the Wisconsin Cauliflower! They have infused water (wish is a favorite of mine) and a chocolate covered strawberry with each dish...who wouldn't want that?!

Review №49

I ordered a large takeout order of Chicken Ench chilli soup, I called to complain regarding the amout that was in the container I was told that the large was 8oz of soup ! But I received 7 oz of broth and 1 oz of the chicken and vegetables . Not happy !

Review №50

Love their choice of salads and soups! Everything is very fresh and delish!

Review №51

This is one of my favorite spots for lunch. The food is fresh and the employees are always friendly. My favorite items are the chicken enchilada chili and the turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich but I can honestly say that I haven't had a bad meal here. And I love the chocolate covered strawberry that comes with every meal. It's a nice way to end a good meal!!

Review №52

The food is good and getting healthy options is easy. Usually stop here for lunch when in the area.

Review №53

Omg could not expect, food was gonna be like that!! That was awesome!! I love people who work there too

Review №54

Ordered a soup sandwich and a large salad cost $36 and the portion was way under sized no chicken in the salad maybe one or two pieces half an egg very unsatisfied.

Review №55

Got 3 combos, soups salads and paninis are all flavorful and great portions, black berry basil drink was smooth and refreshing..everything was the pumpkin spice creme brulee and the complimentary chocolate dipped strawberries to top it off!!!))) Definitely coming back!!

Review №56

The lobster bisque is probably the best I've ever had.

Review №57

Harvest Quinoa Salad & Roasted Red Pepper & Lobster Soup were delish

Review №58

Fresh food done well always a treat for lunch

Review №59

Excellent clean food with a great menu. Would like to see more chicken or fish options. Their soup rocks!

Review №60

Food and service was excellent, the atmosphere was very nice and pleasant however we felt that the prices were a little bit high. I would definitely go again especially for a special occasion. The variety of food was exceptional all fresh too!

Review №61

Delicious food, great staff, clean restaurant, good portions. I've seen many people on here say they only fill the cup “2/3 of the way”, which I've asked about and it's called portion sizing. The meals are filling unless you haven't ate all day in that case get a larger size. Their large soup is 8 ounces which is an extremely large soup. I'm truly unsure how people complain about not enough food. Absolutely amazing place, would 100% recommend 5/5.

Review №62

Service is outstanding. Food is excellent. Has good gluten-free options. I like everything about this place. Have been here 4 times since the first visit. Great for dates. Great for family dinners.

Review №63

Menu is a little small but the food and staff was still great

Review №64

Great place to get good quality and healthy food. Love that you get a chocolate covered strawberry with your meal!

Review №65

I seriously love this place. The food is simple yet amazing tasting. You can never go wrong with soup, and this is the perfect place to go for a quick bite, but believe me you never walk out feeling hungry, and not to mention the desserts and the lemonades.

Review №66

Love this place! I stumbled upon this place why looking for something different to eat. The concept is great, the food tasted good, the staff was fun and courteous. I definitely recommend going to this place if you're looking for a decent place to eat lunch or dinner. It's fast food but it's fresh and a lot better than walking into a greasy burger joint.

Review №67

Overall experience was absolutely pleasing. Couldn't ask for a better server the cook gets a 5 star!!

Review №68

Great service. Food was very fresh and reasonably priced.

Review №69

A little overpriced and small menu. the grilled cheese was pretty good tho.

Review №70

The food is much healthier than your average restaurant from salads to fresh made sandwiches. This is a very family-friendly place which makes it comforting and welcoming. One nice thing is most entrees come with a fresh chocolate dipped strawberry, I would recommend this to a friend

Review №71

This place is so good. So many different options and everything is super fresh organic ingredients. Many healthy options too. I think my favorite part is how many different unique creations are on the menu. This is definitely an awesome modern twist on a traditional deli.

Review №72

Tasty. Healthy. Fast. Dessert added!

Review №73

Superb service and great food. I took an elderly friend and she was very impressed! From the simple "would you like to taste it before ordering" to suggestions to helping me when I didn't know where to go! Will be back.

Review №74

Great soup and salad selection! Place is clean and ambience is refreshing. Soup portions are a bit on a smaller side, but they have a great choice of soups. Chocolate covered strawberry is a nice addition to every order. Will definitely be back.

Review №75

Great healthy food options, fast.

Review №76

Definitely coming back!Pros: Healthy, fast, tasty food. The ingredients taste fresh and the environment is fun and clean. The salad, soups, and drinks are really good and taste house made. Great variety: you can make your own salad and the menu changes with the seasons. Portions are a good size. Some people complain that the portions are small, but when you look at the calories, for a half soup, half salad with tea, strawberry, and baguette, the caloric intake is about 1,000 calories. If they increased the portions, the calories would be insane for most calorie minded folks.Cons: I was not a fan of the sandwiches. The bread was too doughy for my taste. I feel like they could go further with the sourcing of their ingredients in terms of being more "environmentally/health" conscious (e.g organic, cage-free) for the price point and market they're competing with.

Review №77

I'm in love with this place. The strawberry champagne dressing is to die for and the half off desserts before closing are delicious diet killers.

Review №78

Ordered doordash from there last night. Both my husband and I have had violent food poisoning all day.

Review №79

Great place for fast comfort food! Very nice staff. A little expensive, but I'd rather pay more for quality over other fast food chains.

Review №80

I tried this place for the first time and I continue to go back often! They have the best sandwiches soups and salads that you will ever taste. The quality is very fresh and worth every penny

Review №81

I ordered the mushroom bisque. The picture has 6-8 mushroom sliced on the top which led me to believe that there were more mushrooms in the soup itself. My large soup had 2 small pieces of mushroom.FALSE ADVERTISING!

Review №82

The food was very good. The prices are on the higher side. Food is fresh. The staff is nice to an extent. It looks like you don't get a lot, but it is surprisingly filling. My one disappointment was the soups I bought was almost 3/4 full. Pricey, but not a full container.

Review №83

Fast, sleek, friendly, and tasty. I'm a big fan of soups and since becoming vegetarian I have not had many chain restaurants satisfy the soup itch. Zupas is the way to go. I especially love the consumer-focused considerations, like infused water beverage options and recharging station. I'll be coming here again for sure.

Review №84

12-17-2019 5:13pm. Horrible service Gaby and her crew they are more interested in their Christmas party tonight they ignored us I am so sad do not go to this place at all.

Review №85

Good food

Review №86

Food is a 4 or 5 starService is a 4 or 5 starPulling a roll out of a plastic bag doesn't scream “house made fresh from our kitchen”Always seems too cold in there regardless of the time of year.Watching my soup cool off while the one cashier handles 4 people ahead of me waiting for sandwiches is not that much fun.Small process changes would really help this place. It's far better than average so I will deal with what I mentioned above. Plus staff is very nice.

Review №87

I want to (And will!) eat there as much as possible. Good healthy food at a reasonable price.

Review №88

Loved the food. Good atmosphere, friendly workers.

Review №89

Zupa's really is just the best place for lunch ever! The soups range from very high calorie, to less than 100 calories per serving but they all taste amazing! I could eat lunch here everyday and never get sick of it because the selection is huge. Great job everybody that works there, you are all so nice and friendly everyday I really appreciate what great service you provide. Bravo!

Review №90

Upscale Panera, can't go wrong with any of their selections. The AC was broken today & it felt like it was 65 but the chocolate covered strawberries made the day.

Review №91

Wish there could me more veggie options with salads and sandwiches... but what they have now is tasty. Can't go wrong with more options.

Review №92

Decided to try this for the first time, the menu on the outside seemed pretty tasty so we went in. ordered a kids meal chicken strips and fruit, decent price and my daughter liked them. i ordered their combo (turkey bacon avocado) which was great because it came with a full sandwich and a bowl of soup, which was under 10 dollars. i also liked that both meals came with a chocolate covered strawberry. i also enjoyed the drink bar they have.what i did not like was the amount of time our food was sitting out while we waited for other people in front of us to get their food and pay. the soup sat on a counter in front of me and the sandwich and chicken tenders sat on a counter behind the workers, which resulted in not so hot soup. the staff seemed very confused on what to do and how to handle the busyness, which is understandable considering this is a new restaurant. however, they should interact with the customers considering our food sits in front of our faces and we can't do anything about it. i also did not like that at each station in the line there was no communication so once you get to the cashier they have no idea which food is yours. i also did not like the proportion of the sandwich. i also asked for it without tomato and it came with tomato. one side had a little half piece of bacon and 2 extremely thin pieces of turkey with a glob of avocado that i had to wipe most off. the last thing i did not like is how close together all of he tables are so it makes it harder for people to cautiously walk through with a tray full of food.i probably won't eat here for a long time or until the staff becomes more proficient in what they are doing and maybe a make your own sandwich option.

Review №93

This is my go-to for salads/sandwiches/soups! Love this place! Service is wonderful and the food is exceptional! Very healthy, fresh options! With the Combo you also get a chocolate covered strawberry- who doesn't love that!

Review №94

Good soup and salad combinations. Always more than couple of soups you want to try. Lots off salads withe the options to customize. There homemade drinks are taaty too, better than soda options. Though if you go late, they might be empty. And then add the chocolate covered strawberry for desert.

Review №95

Very very cramped if you eat there. Friendly staff and the chocolate dipped strawberry with your meal is a nice touch. The soups were OK, hubby really enjoyed his sandwich. They have unsweetened iced tea, a drink machine and their own home made concoctions (which weren't for me).

Review №96

Great food and great service, also the staff were very friendly

Review №97

I LOVE this place. It's like Panera Bread, only it's actually good!! Their soups are AMAZING and their sandwiches are great too. I love that they have seasonal soups and sandwiches so there's always something new to try!! I HIGHLY recommend going here!!

Review №98

Definitely one of my top places to eat. The upper management is always nice and maybe 1 or 2 girls has a resting b***h face which is off putting but fine.Food is always great and fresh, decently priced for soup and sandwich, can be pricey if you add all the sides and desserts.

Review №99

The staff was excellent as was the food. We both had a soup and sandwich. Really liked that the food for eating in was on plates and in bowls. We would definitely eat here again.

Review №100

Love their soup and salads! My kids actually enjoyed healthy food:)

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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