Chilis Grill & Bar
310 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

Food is always fantastic but I wanted to give an exceptional shout out to Katie for the amazing car side service during the midst of Covid. she really went above and beyond to make sure everything about our order was satisfied! Thanks for understanding my cravings girl I appreciate you!

Review №2

I like this Chili's the food is so yummy and the staff is always friendly. All this food for $15 bucks not bad I'll be back soon for more deliciousness

Review №3

At the first moment you step in this place team give you a comfortable feeling. Very warm crew, it is a lovely restaurant to enjoy with friends or with your date. Excellent cuisine, experienced chef, reasonable cost and professional service. Highly recommended.

Review №4

Not a bad wait time for a Friday night considering they are practicing social distancing by not packing tables. They took our phone number and texted us when our table was ready. The menu is a bit smaller during the pandemic but they still had a fairly good selection. We went with the "3 for $10" special where you get a beverage, starter, and entree for ten bucks. The bacon chicken quesadillas were great. Service was slower than usual because our waitress had a section that spread out over half the restaurant, but we weren't in a hurry. If you're doing dinner and a movie, give yourself extra time or go to the movie first!

Review №5

This restraute was open til 10:00pm on Sunday. The service was very good. The food was ok and prices were ok as well. The grill chicken with the fajita was not that fresh. It was a little hard on the outside like if it was pre-cooking hours ago then reheated and had a after taste. But the breaded onion pedal were pretty good. The dinning area was messy, needed to be swept a and table cleaned up. Other than that, over all was OK. I woul go back only if there was no other better options.

Review №6

Went there for door dash delivery and staff nice. Service quick

Review №7

Nice place, but some foods are not good for me

Review №8

The Grand Sunset 'Ritas were AWESOME. The food was not the best that we have ever eaten there. We were kind of rushed to order. There were only 2 servers- not enough for the amount of guests. Ordered classic nachos, but since we were rushed- forgot to order them with chicken. We tried to amend the order, but Server was running around like crazy and we couldn't add it before it was too late. When nachos came, they were warm at best. Server tried hard to make up for misunderstanding. Enchilada soups was good and so was the cheesecake with strawberry sauce. Maybe next time things will be better.

Review №9

Great burgers. Service good. Not very busy.

Review №10

Called I'm trying to place a to go order around 11:05pm. They closed at 11:30. They told me they were already closed even though online says they are still open and when I called in the recording said we are open to place orders online and to go. But the guy said they were closed instead of something like the kitchen isn't making any new orders tonight or something like that. Big disappointment.

Review №11

I never right reviews but if I could give this place a 0 star I would. I ordered food and went to pick it up. I got there at 6:02pm and it is currently 7:51pm and I'm still here in the parking lot because of covid. I've talked to 2 different people about either I would like my food or my money back. The employees say okay I'll be back and they just Blatantly ignore me. I've been coming to this chili's for over a year because I live super close but this will be my last time. It is crazy and is also so Unprofessional. Restaurants keep wanting business during these crazy times but this is outrageous. Again I got here at 6:02 and after writing this review it is 7:55pm and am still here. Do NOT give this place money!

Review №12

The worst chili's. I ordered from them about 3 times during COVID and each time I received cold food, piss poor packaging, long wait times even when the app said my food would be ready. Invest in better containers. The bag was full of about 10 lop-sided small and big containers and everything we got was tossed around because of this issue.No more Togo's from this location.

Review №13

I had a GREAT time. The waitress I had her name was Angela and she was so nice!! I sat in the bar area with my friend and it was obviously really busy and she was, from what I could see, the only one tending to the tables but she was on her game!!! Its been awhile since I had such an AMAZING waitress. Since it was so busy she did forget like 2 things but Iit was understandable and when she realized she got it for me right away. I would go back just to make sure I'd get her again!!

Review №14

I will start with the fact that nobody should have to wait 10 minutes sitting on the table to finally be greeted by their server. After being greeted by the waitress Paulina, we placed our drinks and food order. We waited 15 minutes and still Paulina did not bring our beverages to our table. While I waited 15 minutes for a soda, the table across from mine (which were seated at the same time that I was) received their order of chips & salsa and also their drinks within a 5 minute range of being seated. My table was just a table of 2 people (including myself). There is no need to ever wait that long for just a drink. Unfortunately, I had no other option but to leave the restaurant with an empty stomach.

Review №15

Had a excellent experience in here with my kids. The food came quickly and the service is just awesome. Prices are affordable.

Review №16

Place order on app said should be ready at 6:15 got there then check in waited 40 minutes later check to see if had my name correct after bring wrong order 30 minutes later told them forget I was leaving oh here comes food . Got home ordered bacon cheese burger pink got crisp must have cooked the whole 2 hours

Review №17

I often take my friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I visit this place often. This recommendation is always successful. The dishes they serve are flavorable and the team is generous and cooperative. always when we go to this place we pass a delightful time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Review №18

I was so pleasantly surprised. Food was good and the server (I think her name was Angela) was probably the best server I've ever had! She was so attentive, sweet, and fun.

Review №19

A nightmare meal at least! Seated at a booth with water puddles on the cushion, hostess handed me napkins to clean up. We ordered 2 simple meals that took 45 minutes to get our meals. The quesadillas came with no ingredients that are stated on menu, we asked twice about the dressing and we were told it was inside the shell. Not! The black bean burger also came without ordered condiment Refills were slow in coming. Refill wasn't Sprite but water. Total time at table...2 hours! Won't be coming back here at all! Not a busy night because we are early.

Review №20

My son applied for a job here for a dishwasher position, after his interview they said they needed him as a prep cook, to which he agreed. He started on New Years Eve, with little to no training. They sent him home from his shift several times after his first day with no explanation. When my son called to find out what his status was they gave him the run around, a BS story about how the manager was unavailable to speak with him. They told my son the same thing all of the 3 or 4 times he called. If they did not think he was working out they should have told him that and formally let him go. But they did not have the decency to do so. Now they are withholding his pay check for time that was actually worked. We will be filing a complaint with The Attorney General for 1)Unpaid Wages 2) Discrimination 3) Unpredictable Scheduling 4) Misrepresentation.No one deserves to be treated like this when they are trying to learn a new job so they can be a productive member of society. I will never step foot in any Chili's restaurant anywhere, ever.

Review №21

We waited an hour and 20 mins after placing our order online. The manager wouldn't even come out to communicate with the dozens of angry customers. Poor communication and service. They lost a lot of customers today.

Review №22

Very clean and convenient place. They provide large portions and for economical prices. I loved the food a lot and the waiters were super attentive and chatty. Highly recommended.

Review №23

Very elegant and convenient restaurant. They provide big meals and for fair rates. We enjoyed the menu very much and the waiters were super welcoming and chatty. Highly recommended.

Review №24

It was fine, service was good. The food just wasn't worth the money. A very meh experience.

Review №25

The menu and service were above my expectations. I absolutely enjoyed the environment of this place. Amazing restaurant to take the family out for lunch.

Review №26

Gone down hill. Food all seems to be microwaved now. Used to be really great. I so wish they would get it back to great.

Review №27

Very under staff had people waiting for 1 hour when their was a lot of tables open and very bad management. Food was not that great I order the boss burger, the burger was warm but the bbq was cold its seem they just microwave it and thrown on the burger. My wife order they Cajun pasta their was anything Cajun about it super mediocre don't recommend it. Work station very dirty chips all over the kitchen ground and saw a waiter grabbed chip with bare hands and will not return.

Review №28

Paul was our server and he was awesome!! Everything was great.... It was my birthday and he brought us ice cream.... Yummmmmm

Review №29

We got right in by sitting in bar area. Food was good but not hot. We had a wonderful waiter named Rich. He was so attentive, you could see how hard he was trying to please all of his customers. The visit was worth the drive and I must say, a lot of the credit goes to our waiter for making our visit a good one! Oftentimes the wait staff can make it break a dinner out!

Review №30

Really enjoyed the 2 for $25.

Review №31

Extremely slow service for a slow time of the day at the restaurant. Servers are taking your orders after 15 minutes that you've been seated and it takes another 15 minutes or more to just get your fountain drinks that you ordered. There are better options out there, don't waist your time and money..

Review №32

It's a very comfortable and casual place. The food and service is very good very reasonable. The only problem I had was two of the waiter's where a little too casual with holes and stains on their jeans

Review №33

Seems the place is just going downhill. Nit this one but all of em. Had some boneless wings that were way overcooked (couldn't chew em even tried two diff ones). Asked for new ones. Waitress gave us bill and charged us for the new wings. I pointed it out and she says...oh I was told to charge you like that there is nothing I can do. I asked for manager. She didn't seem happy and manager came by and apologies and said he meant to take it off if bill but had to be rung up that way to get the food. He made it all good

Review №34

Like to come here when I can. Their food is pretty good, and I love their texmex bowls. The wait staff are pretty on top of their game and keep up with drinks and food. I have not had a bad meal here.

Review №35

Great food, consistent which is nice in a chain. It was a busy night but we still got served quickly.

Review №36

Just a regular chain restaurant. Just stick to the usual stuff they are known for. I ordered their smoked brisket which was a big mistake. The margarita was good though

Review №37

This location has terrible service. 9 people.had to wait for almost a hour. Other larger groups were seated long before us. They didnt reserve a spot. When we ordered food and appetizers. It took 40 min to just get our appitizers. When we finally got our food 30 min later. 5 of the 9 orders were very wrong. Wrong items wrong toppings missing items. Oh. Then when we were sick of the poor service. We inteded to pay. Per the manager it was supposed to be easier to pay with individual receipts instead using the tablet. BIG MISTAKE the waiter and manager could not for the life of them separate the items on our checks. To correct this in the future. 1. Train your staff correctly on proper recording methods. 2. Train employees to use systems correctly. 3. Validate information and training by auditing their processes. 4. Document deficiency and retrain on methods. I personally will never go here again. Go to another Chilis or somewhere else.

Review №38

This chili's redeemed the other two we have been to. This was the last chance we were giving chilis as our past two experiences at other locations we actually left before sitting down. The young gentlemen I wish I remembered his name was attentive, well spoken, helpful and constantly responded to my one years old constant hellos Haha. He was quick with service and overall made our experience pleasant. Thank you for redeeming chilis for us again.

Review №39

How do you rate a zero. This place sucks! My food came out before my appetizers and my drinks. And there's a hair in my daughters food. I don't know who is at fault but this is absolutely ridiculous! I had to ask for refills instead of being asked. I was over charged on my bill. The manager never came back to check on us. The bus boy did more for us.

Review №40

The customer service is consistently quick, excellent mood, very nice employees. Will visit again when I am here.

Review №41

Absolutely not set up for curbside pickup.

Review №42

Waitress was very nice service was fine..but the food was very salty...

Review №43

The customer service is regularly fast, good mood, nice staff. I will return here again when I get nearby.

Review №44

Well made Presidente Margarita spicy shrimp tacos were Awesome

Review №45

Food was good, service not so good. The greeter yesterday at 4pm could of used a smile she was acting like she was doing community service to the point to not take you to your table. I'm Hispanic and I felt right away she didn't like Hispanic customers then my waitress Destiny she spilled my drink 2 times on my side no sorry came out of her mouth. No smile either and kept looking to our table like we were from other planet. My wife ask her for some napkins and she is still waiting for it.

Review №46

Not too much to say, it was Chili's! Everything came out as ordered, our waitress was polite and easy to chat with. They gave us the choice of dessert for my daughter's birthday - which is really nice (they don't just give her a scoop of ice cream like some places) - so we were able to enjoy that together, so thanks Chili's!

Review №47

Food is great. Drinks are great. Service is great. All in all awesome experience

Review №48

Only 1 person working a huge area but he really did a great job!

Review №49

Love this place and their healthy food choices!

Review №50

Shouldn't even get one star.We are new to town and we love chili's usually...this visit was beyond disappointing.Waited over 10 minutes for someone to greet us! Then almost 10 more minutes for him to get our drinks. The girl who was doing takeout was waiting/ helping us more then our server.Dont think we will be going back anytime soon.

Review №51

This is a absolutely horrible place to go to and spend your money. I came in , alone , ordered the chili 1975 tacos ( 3 basic tacos with chips) it took 21 min for me to get my order, while everyone else behind me ( I am at the bat) was getting their food [ much larger orders than mine] so I got my order now, and the entire time I am eating not a single person asked me how my food was..if I needed anything.. absolutely the worst service ever. And on top of all this, the bartender is behind me asking the other tables how they are.. I will never go back here againAnd on top of that as well, the place is grimy and nasty. I saw the owner scratch his forehead and then place a bun onto a hamburger.Hands dow do NOT go here , very very very bad.

Review №52

Went there for the $3.13 margaritas on March 13 and not only loved those also enjoyed the incredibly delicious grilled chicken avacado bacon sandwich.The sandwich is served cut in half looking like two sandwiches. The fries were well seasoned and perfectly fried too.Our server was Rich and even with the bar area packed he still provided exceptional service.

Review №53

The food was excellent and the service was well timed. Thank you.

Review №54

This location is always great. It's near where I work so it's nice to meet friends here after work. They are always accommodating to help me find something vegan on their menu or substitute as needed and they never give me a hard time about it. The restaurant and restrooms are very clean and the service is very fast here.

Review №55

Very unsanitary,During Covid time.

Review №56

I am DoorDash driver ,The staff of this restaurant are super friendly and professional

Review №57

Good food at a decent price. Went to TGI Fridays a week later and everything was worse there. Good server and the food came quickly.

Review №58

The service was horrible and the food was trash. I will never go to this location again they are always serving old food

Review №59

This was probably the worst chili's ever! It was super cold inside too cold to even enjoy being in doors. We were a party of 6 and 5 of us were really cold I would say it felt like 62-65 degrees. 2 of us ordered bone in wings with ranch and got boneless with blue cheese. My husband ordered "the boss" burger and said something on the burger went bad possibly the patty. The waitress was friendly but seemed very forgetful. We all agreed this was our only and last time there.

Review №60

The customer service is always speedy, good ambience, nice employees. I will come back again when I get here.

Review №61

I ordered the Bacon Ranch Avocado Sandwich and an ear of their Street Corn for pick up about 6 days ago. The sandwich was awesome. However, the corn was spoiled. I took the first bite and spit it out. It had a slimy darkness to it as well. I was thinking well maybe they just overcooked it but no after taking the foil totally off it smelled. I cannot believe they would risk their reputation by sending out rancid food. I will definitely think twice before going there again.

Review №62

$5.00 margaritas need I say more?

Review №63

Our server was sick (which I understand needing the money, but when they're getting bodily fluids on customers food it's probably best to stay home.) The food was cold and the manager was obnoxious. (Sorry guys!)

Review №64

Chicken was rubbery, table grout needed power-washing.

Review №65

I love this place. I make my son's food at home because he's still a baby and doesn't have teeth yet, the manager was so nice and heated his food up for me.

Review №66

Had the 3 for $10 special nice lunch

Review №67

Good food and nice staff. Very freindly service. The only problem was that the bathtoom smelled.

Review №68

I absolutely love it here. I would go 200 times a week if my stomach was bigger. Great food, great service, fair pricing, and great staff. I've never had a problem.

Review №69

Prices are reasonable in the food for the ribeye was really good

Review №70

Dinner service was great. Bartending however is terrible. If you get an angry white lady that's shaped like a hippo, ask for someone else to make your drink. Thought it would be nice to get a drink while waiting for the table, but the bartender did not care about anyone at the bar. Spilling drinks all over the counter, slamming them on the table. Even had the audacity to insult my party as we were leaving out loud. Come here for the food, not to drink.

Review №71

Chili's is one of our favorite places to bring our family. Our kids love the gaming kiosks and this location has great staff! Mitch the bartender was super-helpful the last time we were in. Be sure to get the app and get free chips & salsa on every visit! Lots of food and beverage choices to make everyone happy.

Review №72

Excellent in every way! The bottomless chips and salsa are the best!!

Review №73

Sever was wonderful, food was hot and followed quickly behind appetizer and salad. Good speed.

Review №74

Very friendly waitress that was top notch! The foods are always professionally cooked. I recommend highly!

Review №75

My first time ever at a chili's. The people are very nice there and the food was good as well.

Review №76

Slow service, waitress forgot our chips and salsa we asked for, waited awhile for our food to be served and by the time it arrived we had to leave. They also over charged us for soup & salad by 2 bucks! If I could I'd give it no stars!!!!!

Review №77

I highly recommend the location. The staff is friendly. I would definitely recommend this place and plan to visit again.

Review №78

The last time I went here was a little over a year ago and I was a little bit underwhelmed by the food. It was decent and tasted okay but it seemed very industrialized in its portioning and preparation. It felt like it was literally pulled out of a freezer and a pouch of food was put into a pot of boiling water or maybe a skillet and then just put on a plate real quick and rushed out. It didn't seem overly fresh and just tasted kind of bland when it should have been spicy. The service was very good, our server was great! The environment was energetic and the restaurant was very crowded. I'd give it another shot.

Review №79

Service and food is excellent

Review №80

Great service and food. Benny was our server last night and he went above and beyond to make our meal enjoyable. We go here regularly and it is always consistent.

Review №81

This chili's is ok. Our server was amazing during our last visit. This chili's is always crowded on weird nights. Food is good not spectacular it's average food. The service was the best part of our visit. We've had some mediocre service but the last server she was awesome definitely a seasoned server, she said she works there one night a week. We were lucky to have her that night.

Review №82

I had the crispy chicken (tenders) and they were amazing.

Review №83

Used to have a weekly date night here, but the last few times of ordering to go, the order was messed up. Items were missing and things were not customized to the order. The staff had the balls to say I didn't order it the way I wanted it, even though I had the email order confirming that they just didn't read the customization. Won't be having date nights here anymore!

Review №84

The staff was friendly and their steak fajitas were great

Review №85

I had received a gift card. Went to this location and was greeted with amazing service with a smile. I forgot out servers name (she was probably in her early 30's,blonde and thinner) just killed it when it came to service... I worked in restaurants for like 12 years and I was pleasantly impressed for a chili's to have such a great server. Other than that it was very clean inside, staff was working well together, manager was table touching, it was how a restaurant is supposed to be running.

Review №86

We go to this eatery every one in a while and the food is "always" good, never had a over cooked or undercooked meal. Tasty, as described, priced a little above average on the menu and portions are right ...not too much where you have to take some home and not enough that you are still hungry. I do NOT like where drinks on the menu are not priced...not coffee, soda, or bar drinks are priced, you have to ask! So, I get water...I might have bought a beer but if you have to ask, you probably can't afford it...sorry, a pet peeve. Why not price drinks Chili's? Server was good, no problems!

Review №87

Food is consistantly good . Menue changes often , which is good and they have a outstanding Presidente Margarita.

Review №88

Terrible service. Charged us for dishes he never brought out! Even after I asked for them. Was given wrong drink. And don't call patrons “boss”.

Review №89

2 for $25 meal is GREAT

Review №90

Great service. Like the new menu. More varied southwest flavors. Good variety. Meal tasty and plentiful. Hubby and I out for only $25

Review №91

Triple Supper and Sirloin steak for two with Smoked Wings for appetizer. Outstanding. Thanks Hugh for great service.

Review №92

Service was excellent

Review №93

I love the app tht u get free stuff and then i take my kiddos and go. The food is smazing great customer service and if u don't like something the managers are awsome. I love chilis in Bloomingdale

Review №94

It's a Chili's. The food is standard to all Chili's restaurant. The service here is good. It's polite and courteous. They are always quick to refill a drink and take away empty dishes. This place has become our go-to family dinner spot.

Review №95

Food was what you would expect from a chain restaurant. Experience could of been better if we saw more of our waitress.

Review №96

Food so bad nasty place

Review №97

Every time I come here my family and I receive excellent service! I really enjoy the burgers! They are very juicy and flavorful! This is definitely one of my go-to spots in the neighborhood!

Review №98

Quick service, good food and attentive waiter

Review №99

Love it great food great people great customer service

Review №100

Service is so bad.

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