Five Guys
383 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

The fries here at Five Guys are the BEST!! I have no found a Five Guys right by me but I would travel in order to get these fries. They fresh cut them everyday. And don't fry them until you are here. So be prepared to wait a minute or two when you come to pick up our order but believe me it is well worth the wait.

Review №2

Quick service and friendly staff made this one of our quickest lunch stops. Plenty of burger options to choose from. They offer bunless burgers (gluten free/keto) and veggie sandwiches (vegetarian) which is often overlooked. Their french fries are good and they always have the farm they came from listed. There are peanuts in the dining area while you wait.

Review №3

Delicious food and even all the "little" (fries and burgers) could easily fill up two people. Only downside is that the price is high. 7 bucks for a little burger is slightly insane to me. If it wasnt as large as it is then this review would be quite different. Still, I recommend everyone try here at least once and make up your own review. Just be prepared to have a belly and soul filled to the max with French fried taters! (Say it in Billy Bob Thornton's voice from slingblade for a little laugh!) All in all...try this place!

Review №4

Mushrooms are really good here on the burger and they always cook it to prefection. Shakes are also good! Just have to wait a bit for the food. 5-7 minutes.

Review №5

I ordered a Cheeseburger small fries and Medium soda which ran me $15. I'll say the burger has two patties instead of one. Overall the food was hot, fresh and very tasty the fresh beef means everything!!! My wait was 9min but considering it's cook to order that's reasonable and the Restrooms were very clean as well

Review №6

When it comes to fast food hamburgers, five guys is the place to be. It's worth the price, you wont regret come here.

Review №7

First time there and its amazing great people great food.

Review №8

I was there today. One person ahead of me in line. After 10 minutes I got to counter to order and the cashier told me she'd be back soon to take my order and walked away, There were 5 people working, none of them greeted me and seemed to not want to help a customer who was standing right there. After another 5 minutes with no one even interested in helping me, I left. These are pricey fast food burgers. They should at least provide decent service, I received none. Will never go back.

Review №9

I placed an order online to pick up at 6:45 PM. I arrived early at 6:35 just to make sure I got my burgers hot off the grill. They were already sitting on the shelf.If I want a burger that's been sitting on the shelf for 10 minutes, I'll go to MacDonald's.

Review №10

If you are going to eat at the restaurant, you need to get the French fries. The are hand cut and they tasted wonderful. They even have a sign on the wall that tells you where the potatoes that were used for the fries came from. I wonder if different potatoes, from different areas make the fries taste differently??? I also had the bacon cheese hot dog and it was really tasty. I will surely stop in again.

Review №11

It was ok. Better than the usual "fast food" joints, but I don't feel as good as they used to be in this area.

Review №12

Staff is very professional and has always kept their store clean even before Covid19 started. Can't wait for things to get back to normal.

Review №13

Great burgers and really good fries

Review №14

Friendly servers handing you your meal. Hot fries always served.

Review №15

Tasty burgers & awesome fries.

Review №16

Always friendly people and a great meal!

Review №17

Fast, friendly service in a family friendly environment. The food is always fresh and correct while delivering consistent flavors. You can add AS MANY flavors as you'd like into the shakes AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! And the fries are amazing and fresh every time. Definitely a favorite place to go to or pick up from in my household.

Review №18

Clean roomy place with reasonable price

Review №19

I eat in this restaurant quite often! This is the best place to have a bite. I go to this spot many times. The meals are very tasty, the workers are friendly and the rates are fair. I enjoy going in this spot over a rich dinner.

Review №20

Very clean inside and the food was awesome

Review №21

Pricy. Share fries though.everything is a la carte.

Review №22

Wow. Back in the day... their burgers were free on Special occasion.

Review №23

Hey, the burgers are great, but the prices are just a little steep.

Review №24

Best hamburgers and hottest REAL (not processed) hand cut fries! One of THE BEST franchises to appear in the last 10 years!

Review №25

Had a good experience in this spot with my son. The food arrives quick and the service is just excellent. Prices are reasonable.

Review №26

I love this spot! They provide sensational food, they have a nice menu, The chief cook in that spot is a specialist, I like a lot tasting all their dishes. The dishes are always of high qualtity, the service towards the customers is good. I often go to this place and I was never discontended. I recommend this place.

Review №27

Excellent Burgers and fries. The staff is super friendly and the establishment is very clean. This means the the management is excellent.

Review №28

Perfect every single time I order from here, the burgers are delicious !

Review №29

Good food but not inexpensive. A single patty burger and regular/small order of fries was over $10. The fries alone are $3.59 but the serving was much larger than I wanted or expected. I tried to justify the expense by trying to eat at least $3.00 worth of their "free" peanuts but I probably only ate about $.25 worth.

Review №30

Burgers are always great from here and the fries were fantastic

Review №31

Very delicious burger, fries and vanilla shake!! A little pricey, but it was definitely worth going back for. Just not too often. The location we went to had slightly slow service, but the food turned out great! And hey, there are only 5 guys working..

Review №32

The burger was amazing and the fries were incredible.

Review №33

Always the best. Service is good. Place is clean. Burgers and fries are best in fast food.

Review №34

YOU GET A LOT OF FOODAnd it was really yummy.

Review №35

Good food just kinda expensive!

Review №36

Little too expensive for what you get

Review №37

Favorite burger spot

Review №38

Very very smooth transaction via online ordering, especially with all the ingredient options available, so I wasn't rushed or felt pressured to get 'the line' moving if I woulda ordered in the actual establishment; I asked for 2 order of fries for each flavor and got a lot more than the standard amount (awesomeness) and the food itself was very very good, a very very solid and viable alternative to the 'status quo' cuz I get bored easily and a big believer that 'variety is the spice of life'

Review №39

The large fry is $6.39 but it's enough for 3 people! Love all the fresh food

Review №40

Awesome cheeseburger and fries. Also recommend the chocolate shake

Review №41

Really good and quick service

Review №42

Quite delicious! Always a little more $ for the burger but worth it. LOVE THE WAITING PEANUTS TOO!

Review №43

Burgers were awesome but the fries this time tasted like you were licking a salt brick. Holy cow not even the sweetness of the ketchup could combat the salt. Like I said though, the burgers were amazing. Cheeseburger all the way!

Review №44

Great staff!

Review №45

Over priced. Service was okay

Review №46

So I came here today for a door dash order and they are honestly really accommodating. I was there and was told it would be a couple of minutes for my order which was fine and then they offered me a drink for the wait which I was not expecting. They definitely deserve these five stars

Review №47

Good food, just too pricey.

Review №48

They serve some of the best fast food burgers in the area. The portions are generous and the prices are fair. Surprisingly great service for how busy they are due to popularity. If you are craving a burger and fries, it's worth the trip.

Review №49

Too expensive for a plain hamburger, medium fries and a soda. $16.87. Hamburger was tasteless and dry because of too much salt on it.

Review №50

Very friendly staff! Now, I realize staff shifts and people are always changing, but it is nice to hear how well today's particular team communicated. They were interested in my well-being, and I praise them for that. (And the food, as usual, was good.)Keep up the good work!

Review №51

Have the cheese burger it's was ok

Review №52

Always quick and made to order at this location. Our burgers and fries are always delicious. Facilities are clean and well maintained.

Review №53

Fast, friendly service and the portions are generous. I just wonder when 5 Guys got so expensive $$$...dinner for three was equivalent to any sitdown restaurant. Everything else was perfect.

Review №54

It's an okay burger. Fries are good if you ask for them without salt. Price is way to high. I can get a better burger at Fuddruckers for same price or cheaper.

Review №55

Great burgers and giant large fries (family size)

Review №56

Please set one up in Norridge!! Love this place

Review №57

Good cheeseburger. Excellent fries. First time ordering the BLT, it was loaded with crisp bacon, delicious.

Review №58

Good food Great staff

Review №59

The protein bowl is amazing!

Review №60

Dropped a star, the flavors that once were Portillos, are not the same. The beef sandwich is rather bland, the riggatoni ala vodka sauce has lost a lot of the flavors. Wish they would honor the traditional flavors of Portillos.

Review №61

Slaps as always

Review №62

The fries at five guys are amazing

Review №63

They have a gluten free section for prep so people with that sensitivity can eat there. The food is always good, the fries servings are generous so we get a small to share and the people are always friendly.

Review №64

Delicious burgers! I suggest you order 1 fry and share

Review №65

Great food. Great service.

Review №66

It great. The whole family

Review №67

Great burgers. They also have awesome lie carb options!

Review №68

I love their burgers and all the extras you can add. I rather enjoy the Cajun fries as well.

Review №69

Burgers were very good.Shakes were only "OK".Fries were good, fresh,but, a little over salted for my tastes.Here's the deal on the "mediocre" rating....There are places nearby, where you can get a equal or better Burger, and much better Shakes.For less money....-Fuddruckers-Pilot Pete's-etc

Review №70

As always Five Guys delivers the best in service, food, and staff. Staff was very friendly and awesome to chat with. Thanks guys....see you again sometime

Review №71

I liked the cheese burger, but the french fries were very salty.

Review №72

Great place. Can never go wrong with fries and a burger.

Review №73

Fresh burgers with fresh ingredients. Love that they have fresh cut fries and peanuts to snack on while you wait. Only issue I had at the Bloomingdale location off Army Trail, is the attitude from the manager on duty. My daughter has a dairy allergy and he was not very understanding and I don't feel handled the situation correctly. Instead of talking their ingredients he just assumed and was kind of a jerk about it.

Review №74

Friendly, little pricey, you can eat peanuts while you wait.. Good music too.

Review №75

My favorite burger on the planet. Always delicious.

Review №76

Employees care about their customers. Good food, good portions...maybe a bit overpriced

Review №77

Very expensive

Review №78

Their food is good, but the prices get higher and higher every time I go in.

Review №79

Got a burger with no lettuce tomatoes or anything. I didn't realize you had to ask for those items so she should have asked

Review №80

Great taste, but the burgers seemed sloppier and messier than usual.

Review №81

Great service

Review №82

Over loaded burger, French fried was excellent. Too full after we ate there. If you're small size of two people do not order two burgers one is enough for small people.

Review №83

Five Guys needs no explanation. Always consistent, always fantastic. If all you want is a good burger with great shakes and fresh cut fries.. Five Guys is THE place to go.

Review №84

Great burgers and fries here

Review №85

Its almost 5 stars but kept at 4 because after eating it too often it gets hard to eat that much meat.Its got huge pros though, way more fries then you need cooked soft and burgers with tons of toppings.

Review №86

Way over priced for what you get. Five guys is decent but... The burger patties are not the quality I would expect for a $9+ cheeseburger. It's equivalent to Wendy's.... The only difference is a few more toppings to choose from. Other than that, there's nothing special here.

Review №87

Super friendly staff and always consistent great burgers

Review №88

The ingredients are fresh but it's really over priced and very greasy! So if you're trying to eat healthy this isn't the place for you. $7.99 for a regular burger or $5.99 for a little burger is a bit much for a fast food restaurant. You can get a greasy unhealthy meal cheaper at In-N-Out Burger which taste even better then this place! At my last visit here we got two little burgers, a shake and fries total came to $24.79. I would recommend giving the place a try but not a regular place I would eat at.

Review №89

Burgers always taste fresh and absolutely love the cajun fries

Review №90

Fresh food and they use peanut oil to make the fries and you must try the seasoned fries

Review №91

Food is always good. Love the options.

Review №92

First time ordering from Five Guys and it definitely won't be the last. Their grilled cheese is great and so are their shakes.

Review №93

Yummy burgers... one large fry feeds 3. Very clean. Perhaps cleanest bathrooms of any restaurant.

Review №94

My new favorite burger joint. Love the fries too!

Review №95

Good food. Served quickly.

Review №96

Love the foods but not the staffs!

Review №97

Super amazing food always fast and the order is never wrong!

Review №98

Way too expensive for just a decent burger and even $3.29 for a small fry, get outta here

Review №99

Friendly staff, great burgers, and piles of fresh fries make this a great lunch spot.

Review №100

Always friendly service and great hamburgers. The peanuts add a super touch.

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  • Address:383 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
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  • Phone:+1 630-351-7002
  • Hamburger restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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