Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
154 S Gary Ave, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

Food is always fresh when we come here. I've been here once before with my family and I found this location to make the food well prepared. I've gone to others and I find the food cold, taste reheated, all hard and dry. The chicken is juicy, the steak is smokey and done just right, ribs just fall off the bone good, and don't forget about the shrimp, so fresh and tasty I had a plate of shrimp alone! The dessert are get, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and marshmello bars, pies and cakes and ice cream. It's all good and fresh and way better other Golden Coral that I've visited before. I will be coming back again!

Review №2

So, if you're gonna spend $10 @McDonald's for lunch, you may as well skip it and eat here. Very big selection of food, ranging from good to mediocre. Hey, its a buffet. The food selection includes salad with lots of toppings, different types of fish, chicken cooked several ways, sausage, pot roast, meat loaf, veggies, some Italian and Mexican selections, and a really nice dessert bar. The cooking staff and serving staff were great. The cashier wasnt nice at all. She didn't offer us a senior discount and the patron behind us was the one who told her that she should. Good place for lunch with family or friends, but would not recommend you bring your date here.

Review №3

Even though I got there just before closing time there was ample food to choose from. I was met by a lovely host who welcomed me. It was nice she didn't mention "We are closing soon". I was well aware of the time and just wanted a quick meal.Eligible tables were spaced apart per COVID regulations. The place was clean over all and the staff was friendly and attentive.Nothing gourmet or fancy. That's not what this place is about. However the dishes and selections were more than adequate and tasty. I will definitely be going back again.

Review №4

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the hostess and the manager Brenda. Brenda was very polite and friendly while explaining the rules during Covid. Even with her mask on I could feel her warm smile. The food was great and the staff members were very nice and helpful. This location is by far the best Gold Corral I have been too, the staff are great, food was spectacular and the restaurant was very clean. I will definitely come back especially to see Brenda. I love when managers are active and supportive of their staff and she was doing just that.

Review №5

Enjoyed Myself Yesterday Here With My Family For Mothers Day We Had A Good Time Only Thing We Didn't Have No Table Services For A Good 45 Mins A Lady On Her Break Came And Services Are Plates And Refilled Are Drinks She Got A Good Tip To Appreciate Your Services And Time Definitely Would Return.

Review №6

Immediately walked out.. the lady was very rude and decided she wanted to argue with me because I was confused about the big sign that says dining in open vs a little sign saying not open. Easy fix was to apologize and say sorry but yes we are not open for dine in. Instead she wanted to say “well you should read the sign it's clear they we are not serving” if that's the attitude she has I can only imagine the food and other workers being horrible. Plus I'm new to the area so that was a complete disappointment.

Review №7

Just visited this restaurant, and I'm very disappointed because normally you don't encounter those mistakes at restaurants.Firstly when I entered restaurant at Bloomingdale Illinois there was nobody by the register, Not only to greet customers but let them in, wait ThanI'm taking plates, and they're dirty, literally unwashed with still dry food on it, well “it happens” that was attendant response, however if that was one plate fine, however there were several plates, and one after another I brought to attendant,Food was mediocre and only warm, had to wait for water refill. If you let customers wear masks and gloves, make sure your plates are clean and washed throughly.

Review №8

Food was great. Staff was friendly and always willing to help with whatever we need. My aunt is handicapped and in a wheelchair and they were willing to rearrange the tables so she could sit comfortably. Ty

Review №9

They put outstanding effort toward distancing and bravo to the effectiveness protecting the food. 10 stars!

Review №10

Service was great. The place was almost empty. The food could have been warmer.

Review №11

It was great but there was a k (lady bugging out peace)

Review №12

There was one manager who had the best customer service she was so nice! However, the food was not fresh and mostly cold. The highlight of the meal was the dessert!

Review №13

Price: $Cleanliness: 3Food: 3Service: 5We came here for a lunch buffet at $10 per person, which is very reasonable. I believe there's additional charge $3 to soft drink. There's a salad bar, ice cream, fruit punch, soup. The server comes to the table to clear the dishes and refill your coffee very often. Food is southern style, so can be a little heavy on flavor for some people.Doing Good:- Reasonable price for lunch buffet- I really like their ham, fried chicken, and steak. There's a large selection of food for you to choose from. Food are mediocre, the standard quality for buffet.- The place is newly remodeled, and seating is comfortable.- People here are very nice and happy. Makes you feel welcomed.Overall, I like this place, and will continue to visit and bring friends and family.

Review №14

They have a very limited menu right now, but the price is still the same. Not really worth it unless you can get there for the 10$ deal during the weekday.

Review №15

The menu and service were above our expectations. I really enjoyed the environment of this place. Wonderful spot to take the family out for lunch.

Review №16

The place offers a vast variety of fresh food. I love dining here. Staff members are always very nice, rates are reasonable and the place is always well organised.

Review №17

The food is constantly fresh and yummy, workers provides awesome service. I loved how neat it is and atmosphere. Will visit here again.

Review №18

This place is the one I always prefer. I visit plenty of restaurants but to this restaurant I constantly return again and again. The stuff is very friendly and the food they offer is so flavorful. I am always happy to have a nice meal here. I highly recommend this place.

Review №19

Nice laid back place, low food selection but ok.

Review №20

I certainly enjoy the food and customer service, awesome area next to my apartment. The employees are always very nice. Highly recommended.

Review №21

I admire this restaurant! They provide marvelous dishes, they have a nice menu, The chef in that restaurant is a real authority in the kitchen, I love very much trying all their food. The dishes are consistently tasty, the service towards the guests is nice. I often go to this restaurant and I not even once was unhappy. I recommend it with no hesitation.

Review №22

Great food for all you can eat.

Review №23

Nice to eat something other than a burger, you have your choice from steak, spaghetti, fish, shirmp, potroast and more.

Review №24

Very patient and great service. Helpful staff with this social distancing!

Review №25

The price was not worth the value of the food.The fish had an off taste and was luke warm at best. The steak was tough. The veggies looked aweful.The worst experience i had at GC. Prob not returning.

Review №26

I arrive at this unique place once a month as I love the ambiance that is part of this place. The team is extraordianrillyremarkably welcoming and qualified. The service is awfully rapid. Most important, the food you eat is highly distinguished. I ate there more than once and I was never disappointed. The price is decent. I highly recommend this restaurant to to everybody.

Review №27

First of all, Golden Corral is not fine dining. That being said, when the food is fresh, which is usually is since this location is CRAZY BUSY, it's a good joint. Lots of variety, steak cooked to order, a nice range of desserts, servers coming around to refill your soda and clear your plates. Just don't come here if you have no patience waiting in line and/or may need to go to the bathroom at some point.

Review №28

I was expecting more choices. The stuff I did eat was okay. Nothing to write home about.

Review №29

The food here was Great so Great we Overate!! Huge selection to choose from I had some of everything I love the selection and the food was really good! The building is so modern and upscale I love the decor!

Review №30

We like a lot hanging out. Yesterday we visited this fine place which friends told us about. We spent a delightful evening there with delicious cooking and a nice team and a talented chief cook. We put this fine restaurant in our phone list and we will definitely visit again very soon. We deeply recommend.

Review №31

Exceptionally clean and well attended. Our server Lucy was awesome. Outstanding selection of well cooked food. The only comment I have is the carving station attendant did not know the difference between Turkey dark and white meat. Additional teaching needed there.

Review №32

Amazing! Came for Thanksgiving, The staff kept everything Smooth and Fresh! All the Food and Desserts were so Delicious! Lupe made sure to bring us our beverages she was great! If you want a good Thanksgiving meal come here to the Golden Corral in Bloomingdale IL.

Review №33

The food is pretty good; however, more importantly, my kids absolutely love this place. They have very different preferences, but they all find good that they love.

Review №34

Love this place. They stay on top of the food when it's almost gone BAM new fresh one.

Review №35

Awsome as usual, second visit there since they opened and wasn't disappointed the servers always great you with a pleasant smile, and pleasant conversation. And are very attentive to all your needs and the food is always well prepared 5 stars all day long.

Review №36

Nice meal with lots of choices and friendly employees

Review №37

Clean and well maintained. Hope it stays this way. Very friendly staff, greets customers with smiles, attentive. They make it a great place to be from cashier to greeters and waiters and cooks. Great job GC staff!

Review №38

Very good food extremely nice waiter

Review №39

The place is clean and the staff were very nice/attentive. I know buffet food doesn't have a good reputation in general, but the food was surprisingly awful. If you go, avoid the steak/rib/ham and try the miscellaneous dishes instead. You won't be thrilled with anything, but it's edible.The beef tasted like it came from the grey meat sale section of the grocery store. I was with a party of six so we all had different pieces, and we all threw them away. The first person to taste the prime rib is normally willing to eat anything, and he actually spit it out rather than powering through one small piece.

Review №40

Bloomingdale location was terrible! Pot roast and shrimp scampi pasta were so salty my husband and I couldn't eat it. Bourbon chicken and macaroni salad were dried out and had been sitting for quite a while. I asked an employee where the butter was she walked in back and never returned! Final straw was a male employee from in the kitchen came out front for what I'm assuming was his break. No problem with that til he took the towel he had in his back pocket out and cracked it across the butt of a female employee right in front of the middle food buffet. Definitely not on my return list!

Review №41

First time going here with my family. The food was not so good. My steak taste old, the burbon chicken was burnt, the fried fish had a bad smell, the ribs was horrible and the fried chicken was too salty. The service was horrible. They set us at our table, we got our food and not one waited ever came to our table to see if we needed soda or to clean the table. We stopped a waiter that was walking pass and she looked at us and kept walking. We finally was able to speak to a manager who finally sent someone to our table to remove the plates and bring us sodas, after us being there for an hour. We will not be going back.

Review №42

I was put in the unfortunate situation where

Review №43

I dine in this nice place from time to time! This is the best place to dine. I visit this spot routinely. The meals are great, the team is friendly and the payment is fair. I enjoy being in this place for a decent dinner.

Review №44

I often take my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I visit this place often. This recommendation is always successful. The meals are yummy and the crew is very friendly and cooperative. Whenever we eat in this place we pass a gorgeous time. highly recommended.

Review №45

Typical buffet place. food was ok, nothing to get excited about. restaurant was clean though. people were friendly, service was good. very nice salad bar though, i love a good salad bar.

Review №46

The best golden corral I've ever been to by far. Very clean place. The food tastes awesome. Management is fantastic . Service is quick. I have nothing but good things to say about this place

Review №47

Good place with steak, fried chicken and ribs. Decent sized salad bar. Great dessert area with chocolate wonderfall and cakes. Smaller than other locations but updated and cleaner.

Review №48

A little smaller than what I'm used to, but still a very decent place. This place is very clean, including the bathrooms. Staff is welcoming and nice. Compared to most Golden Corrals, this place is a nicer and friendlier place. The only downside is the long lines for the steak, but that's to be expected for buffets.

Review №49

Always a wide selection of food and friendly service. The family I enjoy coming here. The food is fresh and the servers as well as management actually care with the conversations they give while we are eating. Definitely a family favorite to fulfill our hungry cravings!

Review №50

I have been waiting for this Golden Corral to open. Went there this morning for breakfast. The staff is so very friendly and helpful. What can I say FANTASTIC!!! Food was very very good. Our server Carlos was great. Loved the chocolate fountain with the strawberries. It was so clean and very bright. I don't think you could leave here hungry. Certainly will return! Thank you!

Review №51

My wife took me here for my birthday lunch/dinner. I got a free buffet for my birthday and a cool feature is it doesnt expire on the day rather 2 weeks after. Food was on point. I loved, the cheesy potatos, steak, prime rib, meat loaf, and etc.... server Maria did a great job refilling drinks and removing dirty dishes. Manager came by to check up on our experience. Desert was awesome and I couldn't get enough of the chocolate fondue!!!! Definitely coming back here, even with a 1hr drive away. 100% worth it ;)

Review №52

This spot simply knows how to satisfy their clients. Regularly with a very kind attitude. The food is fairly priced, constantly yummy and clean.

Review №53

Face it, you get a ton of food for a reasonable price. The food is generally good. You WILL over eat. Give it a try.

Review №54

Nice selection of food. Layout of the place is not well suited for the amount of foot traffic required by a buffet. The prices are on the high side for dinner. I may not be the target customer for this restaurant. I simply cannot eat the amount of food in one sitting that would justify that price. I could do without the steak and ribs if that is what is raising the price.

Review №55

Nice clean place, the food was good and fresh.

Review №56

I was waiting for this place to open and I thought it took a lot of time but with that being said. I am extremely satisfied this place is open now. The people working the floor are always helpful and nice. People behind the counters are amazing and for sure cookers have the best hands while cooking the food. Some of the cashiers can be more welcoming when greeting patrons and managers/supervisors have to because they walk around the place with a frown on their face and looks like they dont want people around them. However their bad mood doesn't change the quality of the food and the other people who deserves more than 5 stars.

Review №57

I have been to this location twice with my family and both times the service has been not great. While we were there tonight, I picked out a piece of chicken that looked red and raw under the skin, then i got some prime rib and it was 95% pure fat so I wasn't able to eat that and the teriyaki chicken (if that's even what it was) tasted horrible. The service was horrible and we didn't even have a waitress come to our table to check on us or to bring us refills on our drinks. When we got seated the table with dirty and we had to ask someone to clean it off. After we got done with a plate it took a while for someone to come around to take the plates off our table. Also, at times there were servers and possibly a manager just standing around like they didn't have anything to do. We WILL NOT ever be back to this location ever again!!! We thought that maybe giving them a second chance would be good but we were wrong.

Review №58

The food is GREAT!!! The service is good. The price is reasonable

Review №59

This Golden Corral is the warmest branch of the chain I have ever been to. The staff isn't bothersome but always available. The restaurant itself hold the feeling of eating in a very expensive hotel breakfast bar. It is exceptionally clean and the food was flavorful and delicious. I would recommend the travel to go to this location instead of another. Bon appetit!

Review №60

Nice ambiance. clean place. Awesome attentive wait staff. I had Adriana and she was amazing! The food was good Prices went up. Congrats on the grand opening! Can't wait to go back!

Review №61

The food was average, clean enough location with nice employees. However, I wouldn't pay to eat there again. Nothing horrible, but just not great quality food. Most of the food that was sitting out had crusty/stale edges like they weren't changed often enough. All the pies looked so soggy, fries were obviously from frozen. The orange chicken was way overcooked, like it was cooked in burnt oil too. Not enough vegetable options.

Review №62

It's great affordable option. But if you are vegetarian as we are, don't expect a lot of good options. Still you can find something to go satisfied.

Review №63

Food and service was great!

Review №64

This buffet is the best place I have ever been to! Everything is delicious, the staff is really nice and the place is very clean. Would recommend to anyone!

Review №65

We visited the Golden Corral about 2 1/2 months after their grand opening, & found a new, very clean buffet style restaurant. Staff & Manager were wonderful & attentive, & so helpful when I took my 90 yr old friend there for lunch in her wheelchair. Even when busy with a long line at the door, things move quickly, so you don't usually wait long. The buffet has quite a large selection of hot foods, a big wonderful salad bar, & a delicious dessert bar as well. Also Steak is cooked to order, however you like it, on the grill while you watch. New foods are prepared constantly, & buffet items are frequently exchanged, ensuring everything is always fresh. Very casual atmosphere, great hardworking staff & management, & large selection of good food (including a variety of American, Mexican, & Chinese fare). So if you're looking for buffet style dining with something to satisfy everyone, I highly recommend the Golden Corral!

Review №66

Nice new location with a great staff. Theola at the register was beyond sweet and friendly. Food was much better than expected although the selection seemed a bit smaller than I remember from other locations. Fried chicken was def the highlight. I'd go back.

Review №67

We are Golden Corral fans...and when we found out one opened in Bloomingdale..we were there asap//...food is the same as others and very good..well prepared and tasty...but it was a MESS some red stuff...spilled all over clean dishes..and that was ignored.....Chocolate from fountain all over the place..Could not even get close..We see you have food offering far back...and well hard to get too..like the cakes..far back..and difficult to reach in and get some..Servers and employee look overwhelmed..That place is new..but need some work..inside..we will wander over to another one..Elgin is nice..neat ....drips cleaned and kids are somewhat helped and supervised..Not so in Bloomingdale... It was a Mess...!!!!

Review №68

There's definitely a large variety of food to choose from. Everything is good, but the ribs were definitely our favorite! The staff is extremely friendly and attentive. We will definitely go back very soon.

Review №69

This place is amazing and spacious, the meals was delightful and the prices were very economical. rapidly, efficient service and very personal staff members. Recommended.

Review №70

Came here with the family. I had shrimp, steak and fish and all were great. The place is nice and very clean, and the staff were very professional and helpful.

Review №71

I came to Golden Corral at 9:40 the restaurant closes at 10:00pm on Saturday's the closing manager told me that I cannot be served because she closed the restaurant down at 9:30. If your managers are closing the restaurant down 30 minutes early then change the closing time to 9:30. She shouldn't be closing the store down 30 minutes early anyway. I'm guessing she wanted to go home early on the Saturday she was closing. I wanted a to go plate not to sit down and eat and I made that clear when I walked through the door.

Review №72

Food is fine, service not really; waitresses don't go to your table unless you ask them for coffee.More than four time, I've been here and it is always the same issue.

Review №73

The facility is bright and spacious. The employees are a upbeat, positive group of people which I attribute to the managers. I witnessed lots of polite conversations taking place between the managers and staff members, no curt responses to their questions. My dining experience was positive and the food prepared to perfection. I will return.

Review №74

Delicious food!!! They need to offer the horchata 7 days a week.

Review №75

Friendly Employees, great service. Clean and new. Not very many customers- food started looking old and desserts were dry.15.00 per person...

Review №76

This place is awesome! Affordable pricing, large dishes and the employees are always friendly.

Review №77

By far the worst golden corral I've ever been too. It's small, the meat is always over cooked and dry, and there is not much of a selection. You're better off going to one farther out from you if this is the closest one to you.

Review №78

The best buffet I have ever been in. It was great, the food was great, the place looked fatastic. The service in the place was great. When we meet the person that attended us at golden coral that made the place 10× better. The person that attended us was Kat and she was a great person to be around with. I said it before and I will say it again golden coral is the best place in the world to enjoy a meal and spend time with family. That place and its food and fantastic food made my dad smile which I think was great to see. I got to say thank you guys at golden coral for everything. From the great food to the service. Thank you.

Review №79

Horrible... so disappointed.Food was all cold, fried chicken wasn't cooked fully, barley any food was being restocked as it emptied. So updating we love golden carrel but will sadly NEVER come back to this one, food is overpriced cold! No thanks!

Review №80

Great staff food is always fresh and everything is clean. I always leave my server a tip some people forget to because they think buffay but they get you soda and clean after you. Great place!

Review №81

Friendly service, lots of good food. Nice, clean restaurant.

Review №82

The food was very good. The weekends are kind of pricey. I think an adult dinner was $15,95 and then another $2.50 for a soft drink. So just under $20.00. They pretty much solicit for tips. When paying by credit card i was asked "would you like to receive cash back for a tip?" It is definitely family friendly. Be careful of little kids running around unattended.

Review №83

Food was absolutely delicious. Ate 4 full plates with different food on it everytime. Hands down best buffet I've ever been to.

Review №84

Nice to see that the old country buffet is turned into a golden coral. Interior is pleasantly bright giving a sense of spaciousness. Decor is nicely done with faux fireplaces as a center piece. Food is about the same as with most other golden coral... decent and plenty of it.

Review №85

At the Bloomington location and Our waitress CASSIE is OUTSTANDING. Had a Birthday celebration for my father-in-law and she was very accommodating and attentive and was able to anticipate every person's needs. And with 25 people including children that was a feat. She's definitely a treasure. I hope You guys value her as much as we did. If not, some finer establishments just might steal her away.Thanks CassieYou ROCK!Five stars for CASSIE

Review №86

It's a little more "higher end" than Old Country Buffet with better options. Of course there are some options that aren't so good. Prices are a bit high for my liking, but they do have a chocolate fondue machine.

Review №87

Good food great price

Review №88

Food was fresh tasted pretty good and the service was goodI would say pretty enjoyable and would recommend. However, it is not inexpensive.

Review №89

I know it's weird to say this, but I wish they had more things on the menu. This particular location is newer than the others (not sure if it was a remodel, it was my first time there) and looks great but I wasn't as comfortable here than I've been at other locations.

Review №90

My family and I love Golden Corral, we were so excited to hear that they were building locations close by. We also recently visisted the one in Palatine as well. seems like they have been popping up lately. The service here at this Bloomingdale was great, our waitress Missi was very nice and attentive. The fried chicken, baked ham and sweet potato casserole was really good here. I know they are all supposed to be the same, but some locations put a little more care into it than others. This location does that.My only dislike was this location's orange chicken, bourbon chicken and fried rice. Weird taste... Didn't taste as good as other locations.Nonetheless, we will return to this location!

Review №91

Good food, very nice and clean good people conforable food

Review №92

Beverage station in bad location, creating a bottle neck at entry. At least they serve Coca Cola products. Food selection good with staff keeping things full on a Friday night. Place was very busy. Great selection of deserts!

Review №93

This place is super updated! The food was fresh and tasted pretty good. We had an amazing server Fadia who was very pleasant and always checking in on us. She made me and my family feel very comfortable and happy!

Review №94

I was there earlier this week with my daughter. We both really liked all the food we had. They have a lot of selections you can choose from too. The service was also really helpful and the place itself was really clean. I think our servers name was fadia and she was really nice and helpful. She kept checking up on us to see if everything was okay and if we needed anything else. I think we will be coming back another day.

Review №95

The 2 stars are for ambiance and the lovely wait staff. I explained to the manager that I am a gastric bypass patient and would like to purchase a kids portion (I can only eat 6 ounces of food) I have not had any issues with this request at any other restaurant I've been to in the past 2 yrs since my surgery. He stated he could not oblige and gave me the senior citizen discount (.50 cents off) So I paid almost $18 to eat 1 piece of chicken, 2 ravioli, some squash, 2shrimp and a half glass of iced tea. No second portions of anything. We were there for my sons 18th birthday and the biscuit he got was completely raw. Needless to say we will not be back.

Review №96

The food doesn't taste the same.......

Review №97

It was clean and employees were friendly. Selection of lunch food was lacking.

Review №98

I love Golden Corral and I'm glad they built one so close to my house. The food is really good and the restaurant is nice and clean. Employees were all very nice and polite.

Review №99

The girl who seated us literally had to be told to smile when showing us where to go, food was mediocre and kind of mushy sloppy. I had the fried chicken and that was over cooked. I had the streak and that was actually seasoned well. I was excited for the strawberries dipped in the chocolate fountain and when I actually got to the strawberries they were all old and mushy as if they had been sitting there for some time. The only good parts were the steak and the lady who kept coming to get us new drinks.

Review №100

I love this place. For a buffet, it's clean. They also refill food quickly. Their fruit is beautiful. The options are endless.

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:154 S Gary Ave, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
  • Site:https://www.goldencorral.com/locations/2707/golden-corral-s-gary-ave
  • Phone:+1 847-641-5148
  • American restaurant
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Banquet hall
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Down home cooking restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Steak house
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11AM–8PM
  • Friday:11AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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