Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews
152 Stratford Dr, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

I celebrated my nomination this evening in this gorgeous place. happy to tell that we enjoyed a phenomenal evening and the place was unquestionably the reason for the fruitful gathering. The stuff collaborated in a very nice style, the cuisine was delicious and my friends were very overjoyed. We shall absolutely return for more events. thanks very much.

Review №2

Very good food. No burger today, but the Cobb salad was fantastic. Friendly service.

Review №3

Got 2 burgers and fries, everything was good but my burger was almost raw, kind of hard to eat honestly.

Review №4

Bad experience, from the waitress' service to the food. Each burger order literally had 6 to 7 fries each. One of the burgers was flatter than a mcdonalds cheeseburger. For the $14 of the burger meal, not worth it. This place use to be good but the food quality has gone way down. Not to mention we all got food poisoning from this. The only pleasant experience was the hostess.

Review №5

Service was okay, the food was good. It's always nice when you can pay your bill with the tablet on the table.

Review №6

Great food and great people.

Review №7

Great customer service, willing to help with any questions/concerns. Disappointed with quality of food. They are known for their fries... unfortunately not today. Maybe it was an off day for the kitchen. I give them a two star for making up with the lack of food with the positivity of the workers.

Review №8

I miss coming to this location it's temporary closed when will it reopen

Review №9

The waitress we had today was very inattentive and ignored us the last 15 minutes of our stay. The wedgie burger I had was 2 poor leafs of lettuce. I got the speckled fruit salad and it was half frozen and had SALSA in it. This way by far the worse experience I have ever had.

Review №10

Always good to stop by after some arcade games or bookstore shoppingI tend to go with simpler options but there is a lot of variety and you can even make your own

Review №11

Red Bobin restsurant is at Stratford Square Mall in Bloomingdale Il. The staff will ask customers do you want a booth or a table. If you order a beverage the refills are free. Red Robin restaurant has good burgers. The staff is busy and friendly to customers. Also has good deserts.

Review №12

I ordered delivery via door dash. The delivery service has been fantastic but this is the third time I've ordered Red Robin in as many weeks and the food has gotten progressively worse each time. No issues the first time, they forgot a couple sides the second time and this time they sent the prime rib dip with no au jus, no cole slaw even thought it says it gets served with fries and cole slaw and the sandwich was cold. I ordered pasta with apples for my kiddo and the apples are rotten. Such a disappointment for spending $40 on dinner.If this review has helped you, please add a !

Review №13

Love the burgers here. On my last visit the server was a bit slow during lunch with only a few other tables seated.

Review №14

Decent food and friendly staff

Review №15

Burgers are ok.... But the frys are better

Review №16

Love the burgers service could've been better.

Review №17

My family and I visited her recently and hate to say we wont be back. The service was so slow, and the place looked disgusting. We wanted to ask for more bottomless fries, but we didn't feel like waiting another 30 mins just to flag down our waitress. It seems like this location does not have it together, because we overheard multiple other families that night having problems as well. We talked to the family next to us, and their order had been messed up, and even when the manager said he was going to fix it, he never did. Waste of money and such a poor experience. I get having a bad day... but based off of all the other families there that night that had such a bad experience, and the other reviews here, it seems like this is the norm for them. And that is terribly disappointing!

Review №18

ZERO STARS. NEVER GOING BACK TO THIS LOCATION. The only good thing about the place was their hostess, Nicole. She was amazing and did her best to help us.Our waitress - Taylor - was by far the most INCOMPETENT waitress I have ever had. Not only did she screw up the same drink 4 times, but she brought us cold food, couldn't remember any of the sides we asked for, and brought the adults their meals and forgot about one of the children's meals. After said childrens meal was brought out, she had the wrong side. She told us she "had other tables", yet when I walked past the kitchen she was leaning against the counter texting. Oh yea - you're so busy Taylor. At least now I know why you didn't come see us for 27 minutes...The manager. He was a dope. We had horrible service, my mom's burger had a hair in it, we were constantly having to ask for things over and over - and he never once apologized or tried to make amends. If you're looking for friendly service and good, hairless food - may I recommend popcorn from the theater? It smelled amazing!

Review №19

It was good. Of course i had the veggie burger and fries. I LOVE their ranch. Yummmmmm

Review №20

Good Burgers I love that they have Endless fries even sweet potato fries.

Review №21

Juicy burgers love the onion rings nice at the fries are all you can eat

Review №22

Great food. Delicious margaritas better dessert

Review №23

Amazing experience, great food, only took a while for us to be seated.

Review №24

Great service! I got the Impossible burger and it was great!

Review №25

Big booths, great food, and at the table tech to speed up bill dividing and paying

Review №26

Can never go wrong with their burgers and onion rings !!

Review №27

Unfortunately, I've tried this restaurant several times. I'm giving 3 stars for the service, cleanliness, and ambience. I'm not a fan of their food. I'm not exactly sure why I just can't enjoy their burgers and salads. I would challenge you to find out for yourself!

Review №28

Great!! They have a vegetarian burger option, and they also have some salads for us Vegetarian people. Pescatarian guys, fish and chips are just for you! And for omnivores, everything is for ya! The food is very good here, and the service is sooo nice and friendly. I would reccomend the Strawberry Lemonade, it's so good!

Review №29

Food was raw, don't recommend this location for anyone. Poor service/ Management. One star is being generous.

Review №30

Great burgers and outstanding onion rings. Staff was friendly and restaurant was clean.

Review №31

SUPER friendly staff members. Everyone was very nice from the hosts, the waitresses and the manager! The food came incredibly fast after we ordered it and they got our order exactly right! Rebecca Ka was an outstanding waitress!!

Review №32

Sorry to say, food was not up to the standards. Staff was great. Food came cold.

Review №33

Never going back to this place. Awful management. They were holding doors for 2 parties and still signing people and give them wrong times. We walk and sign in and they told us 40 to 60 minutes. We check in after 60 min and they tolds us 20 more minutes waited the 20 minutes only to find out after 30 minutes that they had no idea when they will be able to have a table ready, we ended up leaving after 2 hrs of waiting. If they had this kind of big parties they should close the restaurant instead of lying to people and giving them wrong times. Way to go red Robbins ruining my daughters 8 birthday. All she wanted was a milkshake and a burger. Thanks for ruining it. We'll never forget this.

Review №34

Great Burger place. My daughter loved their Mac N Cheese. I think they had some magic in their food. Bottom less french fries was awesome. Waitress name was Angela the best. very friendly.... very skilled.

Review №35

Changed, cheaper paper towels at the table, fries slimmer and less on your plate. Yes still all you can eat but sometimes have to wait awhile for waiter/waitress to come back to the table. By then everyone else is done eating and wants to leave.

Review №36

This location is so terrible I feel compelled to write this review.I've been coming here for years butservice has gone down hill and my last 2 visits back to back have been awful. And no, I won't be back for a third to see if 3rd times the charm.The first of the two, we got put on a wait list and got told they'll text us in 20-30 minutes with an available table. I gave them 45, walking around the empty mall with a hungry 2 year old toddler. I went back to Red Robin to see what was going on only to be faced with more than enough empty tables, and an empty hostess stand that remained empty while I waited the final 5 minutes I had left in me just to walk out of there without a single acknowledgement.They did however have the audacity to send a survey asking how my dinner went....what dinner??The cherry on top was my visit earlier today, I gave them another chance since this is the closest location to me. Placed a simple to-go order and as I sat waiting for my food, overheard another customer say their pick up was supposed to be ready 15 minutes ago. I continued to wait 20 minutes after my “ready by” time with no one stopping to tell me where my order is or even making eye contact. The other customer never received an answer to where his order was after he asked 2 separate waitresses.I finally received my order (he still didn't) did a once over to make sure everything was there, left, and when I got home found the entire order was wrong, I ordered chicken got burger, it wasn't even the same sandwich.I called right away to let them know and they told me to call back tomorrow.I may sound too worked up over food but that's because I'm hungry and this customer service is GARBAGE.Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

Review №37

Can't get enough of this place. It's my mom's and I hang out. Great food and great service.

Review №38

The Fish and chips were disappointing, as the coating was thick and overcooked, casing the coating to be crunchy and fush oily inside. Stick to burgers or improve the fish with a lighter coating and don't overcook the fish. To top it off, the fries were under cooked. It was an over and undercooked night. The service was fine though. If you like crunchy and oily fish, this is the place with undercooked fries on the side. I hope they improve the fish, as i live for a good Friday fish. This is not the place for me though for fish.

Review №39

Tavern Double! Great burger with awesome price.

Review №40

Bad take out service and food was not up to standsrds... all you can eat fries does not apply to take out received a very small amount with burger. Burger did not taste good plus was cold

Review №41

All the wait staff were standing around doing NOTHING. One waiter was picking up the slack. Our food was cold. Soggy. And overly salty. Overall gross. Never eating here again. The hostess had the gal to say "have a good night." You have a good night drinking liqour on the job.

Review №42

Whiskey river bbq chicken sandwich is great.

Review №43

Terrible service. Very few people there yet it took twenty minutes to be seated. The staff does not care. Red robin bloomingdale, Illinois

Review №44

Haven't been here since I was a kid and regret it. The food is really good! I thought the burgers were going to be a bit burger, but they were big enough to fill me up. AND BOTTOMLESS FRIES!

Review №45

Customers out there just to let you know Rob Robin in Stratford Mall is very poor service went in there after 15 minutes no one even came over to ask what we would like to drink I will never go back there again too many other choices with great service and great food.

Review №46

Jesus Christ! They screw up on an order and do NOT take the credit! Get people to work here who actually have a sense of empathy. I will never be back.

Review №47

I eat here quite often ,Today was an off day. Service was not up to par. Otherwise very good.

Review №48

Reasonably priced and good service

Review №49

Makes me nervous when people don't write down orders. Waiter was NOT attentive, didn't as how my food was. Order got screwed up.

Review №50

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Ordered from DoorDash and only received part of my order. Called Red Robin and was told they double check their orders and that it was Doordash's problem. So basically it was my problem. Told me that maybe the delivery person ate it! If Red Robin uses this service, then they should make sure they are a competent service. No remorse from Red Robin whatsoever. Will NEVER go or order from this location again!

Review №51

It used to be a great place to eat. The service has gone down hill, and the quality of the food has plummeted. These reasons, combined with the cost, is why I won't be returning.

Review №52

Great service, good food

Review №53

Such a good burger place. We love our waitress Angela. She has great personality and very friendly.

Review №54

Friendly staff and fresh great tasting food !!!

Review №55

Bloomingdale, Illinois Red Robin at Stratford square hands down the worst place in the world. Unbelievably bad service.

Review №56

Red Robin is a great place to get some great tasting burgers, a good drink, and some delicious fries! The main problem I have with Red Robin is the burger size. These tiny things are about four to five bites (for me at least), yet are almost $12! I love burgers and everything, but not that much! If you are going to charge $9-$12 for a burger, at least make the meat thicker! The waitstaff as always are delightful and friendly!

Review №57

Love Red Robin and this location for it. The wait is never too long and the staff is always friendly and accommodating. The burgers and wraps are delicious, and the beers on tap are great. Their signature drinks are always perfect to have if you aren't wanting to order the normal drinks.

Review №58

Excellent service

Review №59

Not the same quality of food as it use to be. I was disappointed.

Review №60

Great burgers love the endless fries and endless drinks very good service and clean bathroom.

Review №61

The food was cold I was seating by kitchen and the food was seating there for 10 minutes before it got to our table. Very disappointed with the staff

Review №62

Good selection of food, not just burgers, but the burgers are great. Can't beat the bottomless fries and Strawberry lemonade. Service could be better but it's not bad.

Review №63

I worked here when it first opened, they let me go because I was late one time because I needed to get gas in my car, and used the excuse well this girl has never been late. They kept a guy who came to work drunk over me. Their burgers suck and their fries suck, I could get better food at mcdonalds, oh yeah and since you guys laid me off I got a job at a real food place, Famous Dave's! Eat at famous Dave's, much better than this place! To the management there, learn how to manage, bc letting someone go for being late one time, it wasn't even like I was drunk or anything, is inexcusable, because of your poor management I have never worked/ate at another Red Robin EVER again!!!!

Review №64

Server very nice and awesome attitude

Review №65

Excellent Service

Review №66

Great service. Very nice manager. Great food! Wonderful place to dine!

Review №67

I was able to order a crispy chicken sandwich with endless fries in 15 minutes.

Review №68

Dont order the fish and chips. It doesnt really taste good for a $14 entree, and I think they kind of overcooked it. Also overheard the waitress was kind of yelling with the cook coz we were sitting near the kitchen. But they still have a nice service though. Manager helped us settle with the discount that my friend have.

Review №69

Excellent burgers and drinks. Most importantly, though, is how they handled a small mistake. My burger was ordered medium rare but was apparently well done. They noticed before brining it to the table and so had to cook a new one. We noticed the long delay and inquired, a bit frustrated. The situation was explained, extra sides brought out in anticipation of the delay (before we asked) at no extra charge, and 50% of the bill was subtracted, without any request from us. This was an extremely proactive and professional approach to a relatively common and understandable error. Hugely hugely appreciated!

Review №70

LOVE their burgers

Review №71

There are a lot of burgers on the menu. But the really know how to prepare a good burger. I wish you luck in decision on which one you want. Don't worry though, I have yet to find one that I didn't like.

Review №72

I like Red Robin in general but likely wont be back to this location. Staff said they would sing my friend Happy Birthday and never did. No discount or free slice of pie or anything for birthdays. Bottomless fries are good but you get six fries each time and end up just getting tired of reordering and waiting. They have good burgers but for $12-13 I recommend DMK burgers. You will get more, tastier and even higher quality ingredients.

Review №73

Just went in to have a glass of wine, after shopping, staff was very friendly

Review №74

This is one of the only places that we can take my daughter out to eat because of her allergies. On this last visit, I inquired about the brand of gluten free bun used because my daughter actually enjoyed her burger (doesn't happen often)!Our server brought the manager with her who gave me the website for the burgers but also informed me that we could purchase them from the restaurant directly (sweet!) but he also went a step further and gave us one to take home. This momma is very impressed with the food and service!We have had service problems in the past at this location, but they have ALWAYS righted their wrong and compensated us for the hassle.

Review №75

Always friendly staff love coming here!

Review №76

Came here to pick up an order. After waiting almost 10 minutes for assistance even after finding an employee and asking for help, this girl brought the food to the counter in a to go bag but then gave me the cup of fries loose. Literally a cup of fries that is open and exposed. I asked her if she could give me a to go box or something that I could at least put it in so that it doesn't get cold or spill in the bag. She told me "That's just how the fries come" Okay...I didn't ask you if this is how they come I asked you for a to go box. Incompetent staff. I ended up opening a box that was in my bag and just dumping the fries in there because I wasn't going to bicker with her. Needs a lot of training in professionalism.

Review №77

A large variety of hamburgers. Comes with all you can eat fries for those trying to block arteries or all you eat broccoli for thise who want to live longer. Broccoli is sometimes under cooked so tell your server that you want it more cooked.

Review №78

Nothing exceptional or over the top. The food and the service have always been consistent.

Review №79

Great burger

Review №80

Terrible service, alcoholic drinks made poorly, food came out wrong, won't be back

Review №81

The Fish and Chips are the best I have ever had!

Review №82

Always good burgers and love the endless fries.Good service as always

Review №83

Wasn't open for thanksgiving but said it was on google

Review №84

Place sucks, hostess was terrible. Never coming back.

Review №85

The food sucked and when i told the waitress she did seem to care NOT COMING HERE NOMORE

Review №86

Red robins have always been good. They have great burgers

Review №87

Service was EXTREMELY slow. It took over 8 minutes after being seated for a server to come ask for drinks. Alcoholic drinks and were weak and overpriced, and the sweet potato fries were cold and soggy. This Red Robin has dropped in service and expectations drastically.

Review №88

Yummy fries.

Review №89

Awful experience! General Manager was harassing me since the portable devices on the table didn't work to pay our bill. He told me he would find someone with steal toe boots to kick me and he said there's the door. If this is customer service then I'm living in the wrong era. His manager called me and said he would send me a gift card... never received it. I'm never going back.

Review №90

Good burger to pricey

Review №91

Food was pretty good but the service is awful. our server took our order and then went away the rest of the night. Didn't refill my cup and just overall worst server i had there. if only i remembered his name....

Review №92

Great food and really cool staff

Review №93

Don't waste your time there. I went there with a group of 14 people, we wait for 30 minutes and the staff was rude and didn't cooperate at all to give us a table, we even agreed to split the group in three or four tables that were empty and they didn't want to acomódate my party. The hostess was extremely rude! I will never go back to that Red Robin or any other.

Review №94

Always had good food here. I prefer the wraps but can't complain about anything here.

Review №95

Good food, great service

Review №96

They poisoned my mom who has celiacs with cross contamination. Despite all reassurances that their kitchen protected against it. If you can't be certain then please be honest.

Review №97

Good food and great service every time I have gone there. Second best location next to the cantera Red Robin.

Review №98

I enjoyed the food but was upset by the staff. Free refills but waitress never came back to the table. Had to finally go to the bar to just get my bill even after I stopped another waitress to ask for it. Manager asked what the problem was & I told him. He just took the money and went on his way.

Review №99

Love the bottom less root beer floats

Review №100

Ordered online through a "3rd" party according to customer service when i called. he stated that they dont't deliver and use "grubhub" to deliver for them, then told me "Red Robin" has nothing to do with "Grubhub". well i tried looking on google maps and the nearest one was miles away...i never got my ridiculous $3 soft drink and when i called he didnt seem willing to help call and insisted i call myself and figure it out. what i dont understand is, how in the f***en world are you associated with a business you have no information about? i kniow businesses are busy sometimes, but blowing off a first time-customer isnt a good way to go around it. 1 star, only cause i recieved food. im not upset that i didnt recieve my drink, im upset that they pretty told me to go f**k myself, if im spending $40 dollard for one meal, i'd at least expect to have everything and everything *as described*. and btw to save yourselves some time, "voodoo fries" are just fries with crumbled bacon on top, and "chilli cheese fries" are just fries with a few chunks of chilli on top.

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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
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  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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