Texas Roadhouse
161 S Gary Ave, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

Great attentive staff. Very upbeat and hard working.Decent quality cuts of meat. Mine happened to be a little on the tough side but was still manageable.Will definitely go back again.Take care of the staff, they go the extra to take care of you and make your experience enjoyable.

Review №2

Good Prime Rib. My wife had Smothered Chicken, it was also really good. My daughter opted for the kids hot dog. Had enough Chicken and Prime Rib left over for another meal. Our server Tony was outstanding!

Review №3

The bone-in rib eye was cooked perfectly. As was the baked potato and corn. Seriously, the food was delicious and well priced. The hubs & I really enjoyed. We had it at Wildfire for twice the money (!) and it wasn't cooked well at all. Our server was Faith and she was very friendly and on top of her game! Highly recommend the Texas Roadhouse in Bloomingdale.

Review №4

My daughters and I went for the first time tonight. Everyone was so happy and seemed like they really enjoyed working their. Our servers name was Jamie and he was so kind, and happy! We enjoyed our first visit there and will for sure go back! We wanted to show Jamie that we appreciated him and left him a little extra and a note! I hope that made his day like his kindness made ours!

Review №5

The service was impeccable. They really practice social distance. No menus that everybody touch on, you download digitally. They bring you individual condiments. The waiter we had was always checking in to make sure we had everything. The food was so hot and fresh. My family really enjoyed themselves and we will always come back.

Review №6

We just finished our dinner. Tony was our server. He was amazing!! He was really kind and had lots of good recommendations. He made sure everything we ordered with modifications turned out right. The food was pretty good, drinks were weak (but tasted amazing). In the end, Tony's service put the visit to 5 stars.

Review №7

I would give a 5 star review but the kitchen staff messed our orders up a little steaks with the wrong sides. Other than that the food was great as usual. Now our server Jesus on the other hand deserves 5 stars across the board. Our drinks were never empty and as soon as he saw the issue with the order from the kitchen he got it handled in no time at all. Very helpful on suggesting things and just over all great customer service. He is the waiter I'll request every time because I know I'll be taken care of.

Review №8

Food was Great, however they didn't get the order correct. 4 salads without dressing or croutons, 1 steak with mushrooms covering it, (specially asked NO mushrooms). Asked for extra butter, Only received 2 cups of butter for 4 sweet potatoes & 8 buns. Delicious food just an inconvenience when they can't get an order correct, especially when it's carry out Only. FRUSTRATING.....DO YOUR JOB!!!!

Review №9

Great Service "Mallory" very attentive, getting refills without being asked and remembering the drinks of everyone and how we wanted them made, and very friendly staff. The portions are well worth the money, the flavors are on point. All in all I can say I highly recommend to anyone and everyone looking for something that belive me you won't walk out talking about you're still hungry. P.S. I can almost say you take leftovers home too.

Review №10

Omg I like this place it's my first time coming in there. The yeast rolls are sooo good. I got blueberry lemonade and I've got to say it looked like an ice glacier! I loved it!! And the steak was sooo good! I'd comeback again.

Review №11

I came in today with my family. First time going to this restaurant and it was a great experience! Wonderful staff and good quality food. We had the best server “Josh” help us. He was very attentive, professional and always kept checking in if everything was good. Will be coming back, thank you!

Review №12

The food is great! The rolls and butter are awesome. Fun place, they do line dancing every once in a while and the kids love it!

Review №13

Food was really good. Server was excellent. Not to expensive either. Steak was juicy and cooked perfect. Baked potato was perfect, fried pickles were delicious, burger was really good, salad super fresh. Absolutely recommend this place.

Review №14

SHOCKING!! The food was good and the service was good, BUT, our server confronted me about not leaving enough of a tip!!! The bill totalled $58.02. I gave her $65.00. I realize that this was a $6.98 tip and I would have left more, but that was all I had. She came to my table, asking if something was wrong. I said sorry but that was all I had. NEVER have I ever had a server do something like this. I realize servers depend on tips, but to be so bold about it was a shock to me. Well, all I know is if or when I return I will make sure I have plenty of tip money so I will not be embarassed about not leaving a big enough tip!

Review №15

Fun place, Usually have excellent everything. A few times had to send steaks back, but then Mgr did the honorable thing. Food quality is good, and staff is very friendly. Bread & butter THE BEST and they ALWAYS happily give you more

Review №16

Server was awesome and we met the Manager, Mose; was so kind and professional. Definitely going back. Food was excellent!

Review №17

One of the best New York steaks I've ever had! The atmosphere and service are always great. Highly recommend

Review №18

Our host was Nikki. We had to eat outside due to the pandemic and opening up within the phase 3 of Illinois. We understood the host having to run back inside and outside so we knew the wait and just be patient cause it's not easy. She treated us amazing throughout the whole thing. She was on top of her stuff with our orders and drinks. Our food was perfect. She was such a sweet amazing person inside and out. We couldn't have asked for a better host. She made our visit there 100% better. She took good care of us. She went above and beyond as a host. Next time we come, we would love to have her as my host again. Thank you Nikki for taking care of us today. You're amazing and sweet. Keep up the good work!!!

Review №19

First time ever coming to this restaurant and the food was AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend without a doubt. Great environment and great staff!

Review №20

Exceptional. Not only is food delicious, good portions, quality and value and good service. But more importantly, the steps taken and cleanliness of restaurant to keep up healthy during pandemic was impressive. We dine out often and I work in the industry. This restaurant exceeds expectations. Great job by crew and whole chain of command.

Review №21

Never had a problem in the past but this time they told us to limit to 1 hour and 15 minutes which would be no problem. The server was slow and then when we received our food it was very salty we couldn't finish it because it was too salty. Don't know if we will go to this location again because of the food.

Review №22

This place is great when they have in room dining BUT when it's just carry out they are terrible. Just had it again and both steaks undercooked and cold. Plus both my wife and I did not feel well after eating. I have no idea why they are so bad when it's just carry out but every time we have gotten food during only carry out it has been terrible.

Review №23

Service was slightly slow and it took a bit for our server to come greet us, however he quickly made up for it. Our server Tom was extremely polite and very professional. Food portions were plentiful and quite tasty! 8oz sirloin with shrimp, loaded mashed potatoes, slab of ribs were all delish! Thanks for saving the day Tom, you made the visit worthwhile We will return

Review №24

Great service!! Steak was a little more rare then I liked but it was still good! Server/bartender was very attentive!!

Review №25

The place serves large portions and for fair prices. nice staff. 5 stars.

Review №26

First time there. Carry out, delicious. Ribs, steak. Chicken. Everything hot and scrumptious! We will be back.

Review №27

We get this from time to time because the food is alright and it's not too pricy.We had an issue tonight though. We did a mobile order for pick up, parked at a pick up spot, and called to let them know we're at a pick up spot. The order was supposed to be ready at 8:00 pm and we were there at like 8:10. We waited 15 minutes for someone to come out with our food.I go inside and I'm confident I see our food in the back. I let them know we've been waiting for an order outside and they run and grab the food I literally saw walking in. I'm confident our food had been sitting there for at least a half hour.Next time they should let us know they aren't running food out to the pick up spots, because now our food is cold.

Review №28

Peter was in training and he was wonderful! The food was delicious. Thank you for a great night!

Review №29

Our absolute favorite steak house! Everything is delicious! Our waitress, Nikki, was probably the best server we've ever had, anywhere! Ask for her at the Bloomingdale location!!

Review №30

I loved the fried pickles.The smothered chicken with onions and mushrooms just melts in your mouth. The staff was great. considering everything that is going on. Can wait to go back.

Review №31

It's great, at least it will be until our tax cheating governor closes it down at the end of the week!

Review №32

Always a favorite. Food came out great and the waiter was awesome. Only reason for a 4 instead of 5 is the drinks. Liquor portions were small and the drink special my wife ordered was only so-so. Other than that it was great!

Review №33

Very nice servers, would recommend for a good cut of steak. I have been here twice and both times the Dallas fillet has been delicious. I wouldn't recommend the chili however, tasted a bit like rubber and came out cold. Other than that, good.

Review №34

That was one of the best damn medium rare steaks I've had in a long time. Good service. And the waiter was super nice and checked on us frequently. I highly recommend texas Roadhouse.

Review №35

EXCELLENT FOOD AND SERVICE!!!!!!!Can't beat the cheeseburger family pack and it's awesome

Review №36

Got take out tonight and had the best experience! The take out guy was ready before I even parked to get my name. He was super professional and polite. The food was piping hot when I got it home and it was all so delicious. My boyfriend raved about every part of his meal.

Review №37

My youngest is on a steak kick. Texas roadhouse has great food and service.

Review №38

The food is always fresh and flavorful, workers hands over good service. I like the cleanliness and mood. Will come visit again.

Review №39

Genuine Tex Mex for mid west. The sweet rolls were fantastic

Review №40

Wonderful staff, great service, and delicious food! The mango margarita was amazing!

Review №41

My husband and I went to the Bloomingdale location last night! I believe, Jaime, our waiter deserves to be recognized! He was AMAZING and gave LEGENDARY service!

Review №42

Staff was great. Food was fantastic. My steak was cooked medium rare just like I love it

Review №43

Walking into the restaurant, the host advised us that we had a hour and 15 min limit to eat/drink. (Rush!!!! Hurry up n leave!) My husband ordered Bbq chicken dinner. Chicken wasn't fully cooked with a glob of bbq sauce to cover it up. I ordered a salad with my dunner and it was literally taken out of the fridgeThe plate was so cold and the salad itself looked like it was made a couple days prior. First visit and last!

Review №44

It was a amazing place the waiter was REALLY NICE I definitely recommend to other people.

Review №45

Food and service were great, I had the small filet. It was tender and juicy just great.

Review №46

The rolls with honey butter are amazing! Great food, atmosphere and friendly fast service love coming here!

Review №47

Celebrated my Birthday here with my family and we all fell in love with the food and service.....The best steak I had yet so far...

Review №48

Ordered two bowls of chili and a dinner salad. Got two boxes of salad, hardly any parm in it and it didn't have its croutons. I received extra Caesar dressing when I asked for extra Parm. Chili was all over the cups and at the bottom of the bag which makes sense as to why they were only half filled. Also, that's not how I want to take food out of the bag.Apparently they give two cups to equal a bowl but then I should have had four cups. So I pretty much paid in full for a few bites. Chili was cold & didn't receive silverware. Called to share my experience & the manager was immediately stand offish, offered zero solutions but in turn asked me what I wanted and I was caught off guard because I didn't know I was suppose to find the answer so I offered up two solutions. My money back or a credit which he denied both (why ask me then) and offered a coupon in my email as the solution. Whatever that wasn't the point anyway. When I asked Chris Bibs for his name he hung up on me. Through our whole conversation he had attitude and acted as if I was bothering him.I then called back- a woman answered. I asked for the gentleman's name and her attitude was on point too. Attitude in the air at Texas Roadhouse. Millions of restaurants and I choose the one that reps their restaurant unprofessionally. Embarrassing on my end as a consumer. Lesson learned.

Review №49

Super friendly waitress. Good combo meal

Review №50

Good food and good service you get fresh hot buns with cinnamon butter amazing

Review №51

Came day down the guy who greeted me was great got us a server things were fine i thought then another person comes and they get taken care of but my server was busy looking at the other servers phone and no one helped until i got up and left to my car she remembered i was waiting. One employee shouldn't define a restaurant but damn really. I'll take my son to another steak house i guess

Review №52

Great food. Awesome prices

Review №53

Had takeout yesterday and food was delicious! Will definitely go back :-)

Review №54

I'm not really happy at all with this restaurant, I order from here a lot because it's the only place around to get a reasonable pulled pork sandwich dinner.They have to go spots but no one brings out the food, you walk inside and it's either very busy and you aren't acknowledged by ANY of the staff OR its slow and all the employees at the front have attitudes and are rude.Tonight I ordered my meal once again and did the same routine I've been doing, I went inside to pick up my order and it was busy, I walked to the to go counter and it was vacant(typical). 7 employees walked past me and did not say a single word to me, it's busy I understand I kept my mouth shut and then a manager type walks up after 6 long minutes and asks if I've been helped, I say no, he asks what my order name is, I tell him he goes and gets my food.He walks me out reminding me that they have a brand new to go window on the side of the building that they haven't been using this entire time.I get home and I open my boxes of food and two items were missing, pickle and ranch.They offer both with the meal, I received neither, the meat on my sandwich was incredibly tough to eat and the fries were way too over done, it was like this was just thrown together real fast.This will be the LAST time I return to Texas Roadhouse Bloomingdale.

Review №55

The food is soo good and the service was great thank you Alix.

Review №56

They have country-fried steak and chicken, and they STILL offer thousand-island dressing!The pre-dinner rolls are scrumptious. House salad excellent.

Review №57

Great food great environment.Only issue i have was that i got 3 different answers to their military discount policy.

Review №58

The staff was very friendly and the food was excellent! They always make dining here a treat!

Review №59

Literally such a fun, family-friendly restaurant. The food has never been disappointing. Almost every time I've visited, I've been waited on by a different person, and they are all so kind and personal. I love having a baked potato & sirloin, but the pork chops are equally as good as the steak. When you download the app, there's lots of offers for free appetizers, the past 4 times I've visited, we haven't had to pay for an appetizer. We will definitely be back!

Review №60

Can't say enough good things about this awesome place! Incredible management team! Legendary food, Legendary people! OK, so I've had a few gin & tonics this afternoon but I mean what I say. Hope you are all safe!

Review №61

Food was good didn't like the fact that they dont have menus any more.

Review №62

Amazing food, great prices and great location. Stuff is very friendly and polite.

Review №63

Great place for a dinner. Place get crowded a lot during weekend so getting a reservation is recommended. Portions are generous and price are affordable. I tried the combo of sirloin and ribs, it was good. I also tried some of their drinks and it was good as well. Overall, went with my family and had a good time.

Review №64

This place is great! Food is awesome! We went there Monday as soon as they opened at 4pm and few minutes later this place was almost full!I do want to say a lot about our waitress-Laurie, she was really great! Friendly, happy, and she knew what she was doing. I've noticed people don't smile that often anymore but this lady- she gave us a positive energy! Go there, eat well and ask for Laurie!!!!!!

Review №65

Ribs were great! Always been a great meal!

Review №66

This place is absolutely one of the tastiest place to eat in the neighborhood. Whenever I come to this place I am so happy. They manage their very high standard service and the topmost level of cooking they offer. You no doubt will love this restaurant. Highly recommended.

Review №67

Great food, great service. Not very expensive.

Review №68

Decided to go for take out today and my family and I loved every bit! They exceeded my expectations! Best BBQ ribs :) great customer service

Review №69

I've been here twice and I'm not coming back. I love Texas Roadhouse but this location has a service problem. The first time it took us two hours to have one steak each for me and my husband. I'm sitting here waiting for my salad - it's been twenty minutes and it's not here. The waitress hasn't given us more water or taken away the bread basket or anything in that time.However, the biggest offense is that the kitchen staff are eating while cooking while wearing their gloves. This is not sanitary. They should be given a dinner break and not be allowed to snack while cooking. The gloves are literally touching their mouths (we saw two different people do this) and then they go back to cooking.Do not eat at this location. The others are far superior to this one.

Review №70

Loved and our waitress really let us have a great experience and she told us that she had grumpy families before but we were good to her and vise versa

Review №71

In laws love it. They have good cheeseburgers

Review №72

Nice experience. Excellent service from DJ. The parking lot patio dining was set up nicely. Food was fantastic as always.

Review №73

It was supposed to be 5. Your staff was awesome

Review №74

This is clearly one of the best place to eat in the area. Every time I go there I am exceedingly happy. They maintain their high level service and the highest level of meals they give. You surely will enjoy this this restaurant. Very recommended.

Review №75

I don't know why, but my wife really likes this place. I had a bowl of applesauce. She had a steak smothered in ketchup. Nothing brings out the flavor of a steak like some ketchup.

Review №76

Ordered curbside takeout because of the virus. Order was to be ready at 6:05 PM. At 6:35 PM, after seeing all the original cars around me leave and several of the second wave of cars also get their order, I called front desk and informed them I had been waiting for nearly 30 minutes. The lady who answered said they would immediately send someone out to me. 20 minutes later, no one had come out still. I flagged a man down (who happened to be the manager), and told him how long I had been waiting. 5 minutes later my food was finally given to me, with no explanation for the extreme delay or any apology,l. As if this was not bad enough, when I got home I was missing the mashed potatoes that came with my family pack and the food was lukewarm...maybe it was sitting around since 6:05? Called the store and after explaining this to the lady and saying I did not want to come back to the store to get more potatoes several times (since it is nearly 90 minutes after I should have had dinner), she informs me that "you do not really pay for the mashed potatoes, they just come with the meal". Luckily the manager remembered me for having to wait so long. He actually seemed to care and said he would email me something that night to make it right. Nearly 24 hours later I have not seen anything. With so many food options nearby, this disaster will have me going elsewhere. Unfortunate, as I have been a regular customer since this location opened.

Review №77

We went on a Sunday night and it was packed. But that's expected on a Sunday night. We enjoyed peanuts while we waited and when we did get to sit down the bread was absolutely amazing. Even though it was very busy, our server was very attentive. The food was absolutely delicious.

Review №78

I'm from Texas. Good atmosphere here, very friendly staff and management. I got pretty full on the free peanuts before my meal came. The sweat potato was good, but the steak was disappointing. I'd had better steaks at Chili's, which isn't very good either. If my friends want to go there, I wouldn't contest, otherwise it's not my recommendation.

Review №79

Great service good beer specials and great ribs!

Review №80

Good food! Hard chairs. The place is not designed for large groups. The largest table in the place was 8 seats. All the tables are bolted down to the ground. Our group of 9 were forced into two seating areas. The music was turned way up at 6 pm. Lots of people waiting when we left at 6:15 tonight. We will come back sometime soon .

Review №81

It sucked ! Our waitresses was mostly non existent and I thought it would be a great change of pace . But I was so wrong ! The burger was so dry , plus it came out well done and I asked for a medium juicy burger .

Review №82

This was my first visit to a TR in quite a long time, and, being a steakhouse, I expected to come out of my pocket a little for a good meal. Little did my family know that we were in for a very pleasant surprise when the check came. The appetizers and bread were delicious (and that cinnamon butter..UGH. I could write songs about it-soo good), the steaks were cooked to perfection, and the value was incredible- we had a feast for very little money, and were full before the entrees even made it to the table. The staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming, AND they still have the peanuts, which I love. My family will definitely be returning.

Review №83

The food portion was quite surprising. Very small even if you order a large...the drinks on the other hand were good big is not worth the money but drinks yeah

Review №84

Missed Texas Roadhouse and haven't been since I moved from Northwest Indiana over 20 yrs ago! My 2nd time at this location with my family and the staff and management are wonderful. I had minor issue with my steak kabob (a little too chewy) and they fixed it no problem at all. Will gladly go back because the staff, management, food, and the show are worth it! That warm bread and cinnamon butter tho

Review №85

The steak salad is outstanding!

Review №86

Servers good. Steak should taste like steak. Reply from owner, let them know before I leave. Not how I review. I am not looking for free food. I just give honest opinion.

Review №87

Excellent service! Chris was the best manager we've ever dealt with. It was so good to see our good friend and business supporter/mentor Wayne Kent Taylor again!!This will be a new company celebration location for the crews and staff at Green Extraction Technologies,LLC who serve so many Bloomingdale clients with their Professional Tree Care needs!

Review №88

We had the best waiter named Kevin, ask for him M-Sat. Great food, reasonably priced, super nice people! Even a free appetizer with an online app, don't worry the manager will help you with the app (if your not tech savvy). What more can you ask for?

Review №89

I so want to give this place a great review. It's new and we want to see places do well. We've been here three or four times since it opened. Same story every time. The food is reliably very good. Not inspired but good. The service is reliably only so-so. This trip we had the grilled shrimp appetizer, the salmon, and the portobello chicken. All very good. But the service was once again less than great. Our server complained immediately about being busy all night (um, isn't that your goal?), and acted put upon when we asked for anything, like drink refills. He complained to another table whose order was messed up that when the kitchen makes mistakes it's a hardship for him (but never apologized to the customer). When we left, the four people standing around at the door never even acknowledged us, let alone said thanks or good night.

Review №90

Good food and service but a bit pricey

Review №91

Been to this Texas Roadhouse many times.... This particular time I chose the beef tips with mashed potatoes, buttered corn, and a caesar salad..... They even asked me how I wanted my beef tips done! I had assumed they would have made them their way and that was that..... But I actually got a choice on doneness and they came out tender, nicely seasoned, and medium as requested with a mound of sauteed mushrooms and onions, and my skin on homestyle mashed potatoes with rich brown gravy along side. An A+ job T.R. ........ On my next visit we'll have the pulled pork and let y'all know how it was......till then, Bon Appetit!!!

Review №92

This was my first time there & the food was delicious. Service was fast even though there was a huge wait to be seated. Excellent customer service. The waiter was awesome and kept checking on us. Their bartenders make great drinks! Quality and quantity of food beat Outback 100%. Highly recommend to check it out.

Review №93

Really was very good,server was outstanding,will be back

Review №94

Omg. If you've never been. You need to!! Breaded fish, steaks, bread rolls, drinks, all amazing!! The sides were questionable but can't go wrong with "loaded" mashed potatoes/sweet potato. Never ending peanuts galore is always a plus unless you're allergic..

Review №95

A bit of a wait. But lots of ppl came out for New Year's eve dinner. Food was excellent. Service was great. Very organized! Will def be back!

Review №96

This was our first time here. It was packed at 6 pm with a 36 to 45 minutes wait. People came in after us and we found out that you can be put on the waiting list before you arrive. We ordered the Texas Blossom. It bland in comparison to Outbacks Blooming Onion. My wife ordered the filet which was big and juicy. I ordered the Sirloin and it was flat and slightly overcooked from the Medium I ordered. This steak should be ordered Medium Rare to get juicy. The atmosphere here is great with times when the staff begins dancing. Since it is so new to the area, I will be back but probably order a different steak that can be cooked to order. The Sirloin is way too thin.

Review №97

It was 20 minutes until close and we were seated. The food was hot, fresh and very tasty. The staff was wonderful and everything was great we will return. I recommend this place.

Review №98

This spot sure knows how to take care of their customers. Constantly with a super friendly attitude. The food is fairly priced, constantly delightful and neat.

Review №99

To be fair it was very busy, but my steak was not very warm and my wife and I got cold green beans. Our server was not multi tasking, she passed up our ready bill three times without picking it up as an example. Understanding that it is a new restaurant and it was crowded I can see how there might be a learning curve. Honestly though with Outback across the street I am likely to go there next time. The food options are very similar, and service is better.

Review №100

Food was good, but my favorite dish was the mashed potatoes. Steak was cooked to medium rare, but the service was slow. I ordered a drink, and since we were seated at the bar, I watched my drink sit for about 10 minutes, while our server crossed our paths twice without acknowledgement. There was a rather big, needy group behind us, so I get it, but still, I feel that acknowledgement isn't that hard to do. Overall, the LIT drink and food were good, but not necessarily somewhere I would need to visit again.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:161 S Gary Ave, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 630-580-1277
  • American restaurant
  • Steak house
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:3–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:3–8:30PM
  • Wednesday:3–8:30PM
  • Thursday:3–8:30PM
  • Friday:1–8:30PM
  • Saturday:1–8:30PM
  • Sunday:1–8:30PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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