Mandarin Bistro
Springbrook Shopping Center, 156 E Lake St, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

I ordered the honey chicken and chefs fried rice. The honey chicken was very good. But the fried rice tasted burnt. You would think that paying $10 for this fried rice that it would at least not taste burnt. I literally had to take some of the sauce from the honey chicken to mask the burnt taste of the chefs fried rice. I've been to better restaurants that has had great fried rice, such as, Wu's Chinese Cuisine. I think fried rice is a vital part of the meal when it comes to eating Chinese food. Please do better!

Review №2

I am going to be honest... I'm a lazy guy and it takes a lot for me to go and review a place, so it has to be either really good or really bad. This is my second review ever... so here it goes.Chinese food is one of those foods where, in my experience, it all tastes similar. There is one echelon of greatness and seldom do restaurants overachieve or underachieve that mark. This was not one of those restaurants. I had the honey chicken with fried rice, and it was by far the best Chinese food I ever had. For around 12 bucks you got about 2 pounds of chicken and rice. The chicken was super crispy like a McDonald's chicken nugget on top of a layer of gooey (not liquidy) honey glaze. It was a simple combination that just worked. The fried rice was fresh and tastier than any fried rice I ever had. You can taste every element of the ancient combination that has worked for generations.Go here, you won't regret it. There's a reason why it won the top 100 Chinese restaurants, and you'll taste why when you go here.

Review №3

At the moment you enter that restaurant the stuff gives you an enjoyable feeling. Very friendly crew, it is a good restaurant to go out with friends or with your date. enjoyable cuisine, qualified chef de cuisine, good pay and professional service. Warmly recommended.

Review №4

This spot is my preferred one. I visit a lot of restaurants but here I constantly return again and again. The stuff is very amicable and the cooking they cook is so tasty. I would always prefer to have a nice dinner in this place. Highly recommended.

Review №5

Tried this place for the first time today and I was not disappointed. The honey chicken was amazing. And the Mongolian beef was probably the best I've had in a while.

Review №6

My Egg roll was nice and crispy with good flavor and a generous amount of meat."

Review №7

Yesterday was our first time in this magnificent restaurant. But It is obviously not the last. We enjoyed the evening very much with the efficient service, with the magnificent cuisine and fine drinks and with the honest cost. We will definitely return there in a short time.

Review №8

Mom and pop operation. Food is very good. Prices are o.k. also. Never had a bad meal.

Review №9

I certainly enjoy their dishes and customer service, excellent location close to where I live. The employees are always super friendly. I highly recommend this place.

Review №10

Love the food at Mandarin Bistro. Owner is a sweetheart, very thoughtful & always remembers you.

Review №11

I love this restaurant very much. It has a friendly mood. The cuisine is splendid. the service is powerful and the waiters are polite. The pay is modest. I definitely recommend.

Review №12

I visit this place a lot since I work in the area. I have to say the customer service is always good and they keep the place neat all the time. Prices are affordable and they serve sizeable portions.

Review №13

Exceptional and delicious food, I liked the character the place has, and the workers were welcoming. Will definitely visit here when I'm around.

Review №14

Ordered orange chicken and shrimp fried rice. Very very good! Best I've had in years. My new go too place

Review №15

One of our favorite restaurants in Bloomingdale. Tony and Trina are the best. Try the walnut shrimp!

Review №16

Food was ok staff rude. This is my last visit.

Review №17

Amazing meals and service

Review №18

Found the atmosphere ok. however the food was below average and not hot (temp). Service was a bit slow in the beginning. the fortune cookie even tasted stale.

Review №19

Food is always good. Love the chicken egg drop soup. I love Trina, the owner & the server, She always welcomes me & my friend with open arms!!

Review №20

Love their egg foo young and spring rolls

Review №21

A excellent choice for delicious fresh cooked entrees. A must.

Review №22

The food is simple, but clean and tasty. The inside of the restaurant is clean and the owner is always nice. The lunch menu is very reasonably priced. We can get in and eat and get back to the office on our lunch hour, and that's a huge plus.

Review №23

AWESOME food!!! The lunch portion is a bit small and expensive in my opinion but the taste is very good so it almost makes up for the price. My friend asked for chicken but got beef instead but was very happy with the taste and the gravy. We will definitely go back!

Review №24

Great food. Always is. I got the duck this time around. The Lo Mein noodles are my favorite.

Review №25

Amazing food!Service was extraordinary. Will be back again soon.

Review №26

Everything was great. Service was fantastic. Very nice family restaurant. Wife takes the orders and husband cooks. Fresf

Review №27

Amazing food! Aesthetically pleasing and the staff is very welcoming

Review №28

An OK. Used to be better

Review №29

This is by far the greatest Chinese restaurant on Earth!

Review №30

Old school fried rice, the type you know is no good but is sooo good...That dark soy sauce fried rice. All the Chinese fast food favorites... It's a couple of bucks higher than other places. It's food is a treat to begin with, indulge here every once in a while, you won't be upset. Egg rolls aren't worth this mention.

Review №31

Love it. I've had it a few time. Nice staff. Great food. I've ordered to go and dined in. Never had a long wait. Inside looks nice.

Review №32

Great food and more than enough

Review №33

The orange chicken and chicken egg drop soup was AMAZING. My best so far. I will definitely be there more often.

Review №34

First time doing take out...ordered small shrimp fried rice, small container full....also ordered small magolion beef, the small container was HALF FULL... Overpriced for the amount of food ...also asked for sweet and sour sauce severed in restaurant with egg roll..only got the sweet sauce...very disappointed...jk

Review №35

Great food friendly owner

Review №36

I just moved to the area and was looking for a new place to try. My significant other and I love Chinese food and were very excited to try a new place! We chose this one for the good reviews we read. It was the worst decision we could've made. We paid 40 dollars for our meal. Our food took over an hour to arrive. We still weren't discouraged and after working in customer service for many years we are actually very understanding. The delivery man first brought the wrong food up and had to go back to his car, still not a big deal mistakes happen. He came up with the food the second time and we signed and took the food. We realized we were missing our fried rice and our soda that we ordered and paid for. Not to mention our sweet and sour and orange chicken were both small single meal sizes. We expected paying 40 dollars for "larges" we would get something more than two tiny meal portions. If I would've know we would've gone to a sit down restaurant with appetizers and all for the same price. We called to address this problem to the restaurant. She did not offer to even bring us the food we were missing. They didn't offer to refund that price of the stuff we were missing. All she said was that they were very busy and they would give us 7 dollars off our next order. 7 DOLLARS?! I don't even know what good that will do because we will NEVER order from here again. Terrible service, missing food, not even offered to bring us what we ordered! Now I'm out 40 dollars and paid for things I didn't even receive. This was ridiculous, and I am furious. That was a horrible first impression on new customers who could have ordered many times in the future.

Review №37

They have got amazing food staff. Everything we ordered was delicious! We'll come back again.

Review №38

Best Chinese Restaurant I ever had in the burbs. 4 stars because id rather have olive oil in my food for a slightly higher price. Since they are the best, they should step up there game and serve better oils at a higher price, because they are the best!

Review №39

This place has been consistently good over many years. The food is alwasy fresh and The service is friendly. Food is always hot and fresh. Best egg drop soup around.

Review №40

Amazing food! The staff is extremely friendly and always puts the customer first! Highly reccomend! Its important to support small businesses and this is one I will continue to support!

Review №41

Worst place ever . You will be dissatisfied. Am serious don't go .

Review №42

I can say this is one of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever been to. Not only the food is delicious, the environment is calm with some soothing music playing in the background. The customer service is second to none, you will be treated like family when you are there. I am a "regular" now and will be for a very long time!!!

Review №43

Great, fast food. There are nice workers too.

Review №44

Small friendly family run business. Will make entrees the way you like it. Great service. My favorites are mango chicken and spicy Mongolian beef.

Review №45

Food was good, but the bathroom was filthy!

Review №46

Food is really good. But the portion size is poor. I got the pepper steak and it was like i only got 4 pieces of the pepper steak. It was so good though.

Review №47

The people were friendly and nice but the food is way overpriced for what you get. Small portion sizes and the brown sauce is a little sweet for my liking

Review №48

Best sweet and sour sauce I've ever had. Great service. Will go again.

Review №49

Absolutely incredible food.The wait staff were very professional and helpful and paid attention to what our needs were. Definitely will come again!

Review №50

Bugs bugs I the food lady argued called me liar even after driving the food back suggested pt was from my house we called with in 10min of opening the food

Review №51

We stopped at this restaurant for a quick lunch and we were not disappointed. Their service was excellent.

Review №52

Yummy food

Review №53

The food is incredible and the staff treats it's customers very well.

Review №54

Great food and wonderful service. Very friendly, as well!

Review №55

Great food, Great service, always a pleasurable experience. Luv this place

Review №56

Very Fast Delivery.. My food got here in less than 30 mins. Very good food too!!!

Review №57

Food tastes like it should but they are not fairly priced. The food is overpriced for the amount of food you get and the quality. I ordered the shrimp lo mein and there was barely any shrimp in the dish (it was mostly noodles). The food was decent though so I figured I would give them another try. I tried to order the same thing as last time - an order over $20 of the lo mein with crab rangoons and chicken fried rice. This time I simply requested that there be extra pieces of shrimp since it was so low on shrimp last time and that I would pay. They wanted to charge $1 per piece of shrimp claiming that they are the jumbo shrimp. Despite what they say, these are not "jumbo" shrimp and $1 per piece is not justifiable. I would have been a customer every week ordering $20-$40 and even closer to $100 on occasions when my business would order to feed the office but there was no customer service that makes me want to go back. In the end, the Bistro lost ~$80 a month because they wouldn't toss in extra shrimp for a couple bucks in one of their dishes like many other restaurants would. Not a sound business decision.

Review №58

I was looking for a restaurant that had the Hong Kong Steak, not many do, had it years ago and it was one of the best steaks i had, and this restaurant has it and it is awesome, covered in oyster sauce. Wonton soup is also very good.

Review №59

My favorite Chinese food! I always have to get it when I come into town!

Review №60

Ordered carryout. Kung pao chicken. Spicy and delicious. Friendly on the phone and in person. Will be back to try some of the other food.

Review №61

Their chicken egg drop soup and lo mein noodles are really good

Review №62

I ordered take out, so I can't comment on decor or service, though these things really don't concern me with restaurants. It's all about the FOOD! I was excited to try this place since I hardly ever find good food at Chinese restaurants, and this was rated so highly on Yelp. My Egg roll was nice and crispy with good flavor and a generous amount of meat. The fried rice (pork) was decent but far from what I'd call good. Unfortunately, the orange chicken (don't get why this is so popular here) was AWFUL! Only 1 of every 6 pieces I ate had ANY discernible MEAT inside the coating. This place is basically selling you 25 cents worth of fried all purpose FLOUR, with about 1/2 an ounce of chicken thrown in, and charging you NINE BUCKS FOR IT! I find this situation to be the case at 95% of Chinese take out/sit down restaurants and about 99% of Chinese buffets. Are Chinese people EXTRAORDINARILY CHEAP or do they actually think this Tastes GOOD???!!!!! Though it's frowned upon for being a chain, I've found P.F. Chang's to be one of the ONLY Chinese restaurants which consistently puts real, substantial chunks of meat in their breaded meat dishes. Unfortunately, they're very expensive and too far of a drive for me. For excellent fried rice, try Aodake Sushi (in Darien - a far trip I know), or Jockey restaurant in Westmont (also not close). My search continues for my go-to Chinese take out place in my new living area of GH. ANY suggestions are welcome, provided the place specifically uses BIG chunks of REAL meat (not gristle) in their breaded meat dishes. SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS PLACE!

Review №63

Good food and service.

Review №64

Great food, great service

Review №65

Best Chinese food around!

Review №66

Great food

Review №67

Best Chinese food around!

Review №68

Great Singapore noodles

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  • Address:Springbrook Shopping Center, 156 E Lake St, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
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  • Phone:+1 630-893-8168
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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