Angelo Caputos Fresh Markets - Bloomingdale
166 E Lake St, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

I love shopping at Caputos in Bloomingdale, fruits and Vegetables are fresh all the time. However, cashiers forgets some of my groceries and i left them in your time getting them back! Staff are polite and store is clean. Keep up the good work.

Review №2

Mangos for sale! This place has great deals

Review №3

The best Italian sausage in the Chicago area. The produce section is fresh and at a reasonable price. Cannot beat those prices. Whenever I am in the area, I make sure to stop by and get my groceries and some cookies.

Review №4

This supermarket is generally well stocked and there is a parking garage. Their selection is nice. Products are unique and decently priced. Very accommodating and helpful staff.

Review №5

The fruit is not always fresh but the other things are.

Review №6

Nice clean storeThe selection of produce and meats is just great. I blew my budget today but l know family will enjoy the meals.

Review №7

Bought a 5 lb tub of ricotta cheese last night. Get it home and the container had a scoop of cheese taken out of it. Went to the store to return it, first manager said the deli probably took it out because someone wanted a smaller amount and then walked away. So you put it back on the shelf for someone to buy?!?! After asking to talk to another manager he asked “what do you want me to do?” and they did absolutely nothing. Such poor customer service. Shows no care for the customer having to make a return trip and be completely inconvenienced, let alone completely gross that Caputo's would try to sell something like that. In no way did Caputos attempt to “make it right” for the customer.

Review №8

Is a place you could count on to have what you need good prices and a friendly smile go a long way.

Review №9

Nice , friendly people. Great meats and deli. Definetly try the chicken taco meat in the meat dept.

Review №10

Good selection of food, and produce. The staff is very nice and helpful.

Review №11

I love that they have a cart cleaning machine! Thought that was pretty cool. There are signs that requires everyone to wear a mask, and eventhough most of the shoppers were compliant, there was a family there (mom, teen, and toddler) who weren't wearing masks. I understand no one wants conflict/confrontation but I do wish management is strict in making sure all complies. It is afterall for the safety of everyone. There were alot of elderly people shopping when I went. If you don't want to wear a mask, you don't have to go inside.

Review №12

Best grocery store in my opinion. They have a great selection of hard to find products. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №13

They always have what I want and the prices are reasonable but not that cheap compared to Aldi in terms of quality. I can get in and out of there by not waiting too long as the check out lines move fast.

Review №14

They have good prices on produce. They also even have a little cart wash that you can push the cart through and it sanitizes it. Allot of sales

Review №15

This supermarket is generally well stocked and there is a parking garage. Their selection is nice. Products are unique and decently priced. Very accommodating and helpful staff.

Review №16

My best vegetable purchase store

Review №17

During the insanity of the last week or so Caputos has been amazing. They are keeping stocked, clean as can be, everyone is very friendly even though I'm sure they are being shown some of people's worst sides.Very impressed with how they've handled everything and so happy they are dedicating part of the day to seniors and other people high at risk.

Review №18

Great produce and meats and bakery and non US pantry items

Review №19

Great employees, excellent selection of ethnic foods. What's not to like

Review №20

Great store location. Feedback provided well received and responded to. Improved customer service, great selection, fair prices including organic produce. Organic meat is still very pricey, however not sure if this is more due to suppliers, probably so. Eggs and some other organic products are far more fairly priced than Whole Foods, Mariano's and Trader Joe's. Proof these others are more about profiteering and over pricing. Would like to see more organic products offered here & by all Caputo's. This store could be cleaner and could use some updates. The wait times in lines are minimal, friendly staff. Better than the the west Lake street Hanover Park location.

Review №21

Fantastic I just want vegetables but they have so much more different plants to choose from.

Review №22

Every time is good. Nice selection good prices

Review №23

Best place for my vegetables and fruit!! Great chicken too!

Review №24

Great prices and the best pre made guaq and meats in the area

Review №25

Love to shop at Caputo's. Variety at great prices

Review №26

Very clean and conveniently located store. Their products are always first class and prices are affordable. Always satisfied.

Review №27

Very well stocked, store very well organized.

Review №28

Very friendly market place for all my needs in the Food Department store

Review №29

I always shop at Caputo's Fresh Markets. They have the best produce including whole foods and Mariano's, with the best prices to match! Great deli counter for sausage, cold cuts, and all kinds of goods. At Caputo's, store brand means made locally. Pizza doughs, hummus, and much more made fresh locally. They stock Italian brands of everything and have better canned and fresh tomato stock than anyone. You go anywhere else and you'll get ripped off. Every city I go to I look unsuccessfully for a store half as good as my local Chicago suburbs Caputo's.

Review №30

Amidst the shortage stories caputo s has been well stocked and a great place to get everything you need during this crisis.

Review №31

Stop to buy some potatoes and by cashier I see surgical masks for sale. 10 MASK FOR$19.99.SHAME on you mister Caputo.In this situation when people donating mask to the hospital's you try to make more money ,no more business with you.

Review №32

START OPENING UP CHECK OUT. Only one aisle to handle all of us. We waited in line longer than to shop. You will lose my business if this is not resolved.

Review №33

Always good produce prices!

Review №34

It's big! Lots of stuff! Great produce!

Review №35

They ALWAYS have what I want, meat is outstanding, the produce is fresh and pricing is fair.

Review №36

A very nice supermarket! If you go once definitely you will buy something from here. The prices are very much fair. Love it!

Review №37

Great selection. Surprisingly affordable.

Review №38

My favorite place to shop for deli meat, fruits and vegetables

Review №39

Caputo's has an excellent fruit and vegetable selection. With a variety of fruits and vegetables that are common as well as exotic. I like their prepackaged nuts and dried fruits selection. Being a new diabetic trying to get a good balance of vegetables is easy. Their deli department has a really delightful selection. I use to enjoy prior to being diagnosed with diabetes. Their fish and meat selection is also excellent. With just cooking for me and my husband I can get two of things in a package. Sometimes I will get four and divide into plastic freezer bags for separate meals. The prepared meals are restaurant quality. I love their egg plant Parma and will slice the individual serving into 3-4 slices and have as a lunch or dinner. Tuesday's are 10% for seniors which also helps with my limited disabled income. Interesting and unique cultural treats from around the world. Worth a visit. Reasonable price for quality food.

Review №40

Always a great selection of fresh produce at a very very reasonable price! deli meat and cheeses are also very good and they have Boar's Head which you can't get better than that. the regular Meats and Seafood are also very competitively priced and the quality is very good. Overall this is a great grocery market and an asset to the greater Chicagoland area.

Review №41

Very clean and conveniently located store. Their products are always first class and prices are affordable. Always satisfied.

Review №42

I love Caputos, but occasionally you find molded bread, expired products on shelves, and worst of all, their peeled garlics are horrible! They are often visibly molded or they smell rancid & like vinigar or some chemical. It's also difficult to find fresh garlic cloves. Most of them are going bad on the shelves. Now I just will not buy garlic there anymore. Just check for expiration dates. It doesn't happen often, but it happens enough times. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars, but these problems have been there for many years.

Review №43

Good verity of foods at great prices.

Review №44

Friendly, helpful, not crowded

Review №45

People are friendly and prices are fair

Review №46

Great store

Review №47

Love this family.owned grocery store. It has all my Italian specialties and fresherst produce. Great selection!

Review №48

Caputo's is always a nice place to shop. Great prices, great assortment of products and the freshest food you can find. The food is better than whole foods and cheaper! What's not to like?

Review №49

Great produce and deli!

Review №50

Good price

Review №51

Great selection of items and the attendants were great. Great atmosphere too!

Review №52

I love Caputo's grocery stores and I really like this location. The employees are very friendly and helpful. One time I was buying spinach dip and I forgot the Hawaiian bread to go with it. I remembered while I was checking out. The cashier was able to ring me up for the bread and another employee went to go get it for me. It was a small thing but made a huge difference in my day. Little things like that are what keep me coming back to Caputo's.

Review №53

My experience shopping @ Caputo's was Good I've shoppedMany times & every time i shop there i have a nice experience.

Review №54

The rooms are huge. All the rooms in this hotel are wonderful. The staff is incredibly helpful and the breakfast is delicious.

Review №55

My favorite place to buy fruits and vegetables since it opened. The quality is great and the prices are decent.

Review №56

Love this Italian Market!

Review №57

The produce here is always fresh and the deli meats are the best. they have pretty good sales also

Review №58

Great place for Italian sausage, pasta sauce, produce, and all things Italian. Also, other ethnic groups are well represented. Only wish it was closer to home.

Review №59

Needed refill on fresh foods

Review №60

Fresh foods.

Review №61

Love shopping there. They have local peaches, apples, plums and tomatoes for sale.

Review №62

Our go to local grocery store. Decent produce at fair prices. USE THE DELI KIOSK IN PRODUCE!!!! Place your deli order before you start shopping and it will be ready for you by the time you're done. No lines, no numbers. People will think you've rigged the system!

Review №63

Good local grocery store. Ethnic foods available. Good service and free parking.

Review №64

Best place to shop. Great verity of products and produce

Review №65

For most city-dwellers, this is a destination grocery store but if you're in the area I highly recommend! The pasta selection is wide and varied and the produce is shockingly cheap. I easily saved $50 on my last shopping trip due to their low prices and in store specials.

Review №66

Associates are friendly and the stock selection is very good

Review №67

Great grocery store nice selections in meat, prepared food, bakery and dry goods.

Review №68

Horrible! Bought a pound of chicken breast form this store and after a couple of days it already had a slimy film on it and tasted spoiled! Costumer service didn't even offer a refound!Never shopping there again!

Review №69

Not impressed. Got some welcoming coupons - they didn't accept them. Prices are high and quality is average.

Review №70

Nice selection of goodies! I came here for dairy algernatives and found few, and the cashier was friendly but didn't.put things properly, which made the rating 4 instead of 5. But will definitely come back :)

Review №71

Good and reasonably priced produce, good variety of Italian cold cuts and cheeses, overall a good place to shop .Tuesdays are senior (65 and over) discount days @ 10% off on total bill....Can't beat that !!!

Review №72

Great place

Review №73

Nice store

Review №74

It was a good visit, I got everything I needed. Some of the things they carry are overpriced. Also fruits and vegetables are over ripe and not on good condition

Review №75

Always a good place to stop for produce and lunch meats crowded as usual

Review №76

I shopped on a Sunday afternoon and the food I brought home was not fresh. I bought a bag of green beans and when I broke it open it was clear that they were very old. Same with the celery, not crisp. Blueberries don't look too fresh either. I don't usually leave negative reviews but this experience was bad.

Review №77

Luv caputos, great produce and butcher

Review №78

Love caputos, have had multiple friends work there and they have absolutely loved it. Used to go on a weekly basis with my pops and pick out fresh meats and cheeses but moved to texas a few years back. Miss you caputos!

Review №79

Great selection of not only Italian specialties, but also many European foods!

Review №80

Has always been one of the best places ever for italian delicacies!

Review №81

Cheeses are overpriced. Especially the mozzarella. Rapinni was on life support.

Review №82

I always find everything I'm looking for at pretty good prices.

Review №83

Went to the deli, did not see john there. Was surprised by how many commercials they had.

Review №84

Relatively good produce with exceptional customer service.

Review №85

Deep selection of imported products. Produce better than farmstand prices.

Review №86

Fresh always well-marked produce stating where they were grown

Review №87

Great deli and best Parisian bread around.

Review №88

Good value

Review №89

Clean, well lit, fresh produce and courteous staff.

Review №90

Watch out as they overcharged for bakery. Place is grungy. Clerk Fatima no clue on taking orders in bakery.

Review №91

This location is super chill and everyone is so polite.

Review №92

My go to store for all Italian needs!

Review №93

Very enjoyable. Excellent pricing.

Review №94

Older run down Caputos. Been here twice both times the store smelled dirty and didn't look well kept like others I have been too.

Review №95

Service was great. Employee's guided me to the isle's for certain things that I was looking for.

Review №96

Great prices for deli and meat

Review №97

Love the Italian music

Review №98

I like shopping here! I shop here often, only problem I have with the express register line, too many people with 30 items in a 15 or less line

Review №99

Love love love.

Review №100

All good

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:166 E Lake St, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 630-924-0900
  • Bakery
  • Italian grocery store
  • Butcher shop
  • Deli
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Produce market
  • Seafood market
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9:30PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9:30PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–9:30PM
  • Thursday:6AM–9:30PM
  • Friday:6AM–9:30PM
  • Saturday:6AM–9:30PM
  • Sunday:6AM–9:30PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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