Chicago Pastry
142 N Bloomingdale Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

Like everyone else you cannot beat their quality. The service however is lacking and some females are rude. They will offer you two for one the last hour of business only if they like you. If you are running late they will slam the door in your face. Their new Calzone is terrible all dough no filling.

Review №2

Dollars to Dossants this place is sure to please. From the old school pizza bread to the Tiramisu it packs a ton flavor in every bite. This small shop is surely easy to miss, in more than one way. So we're just happy they have remained open in the mists of this pandemic, thank you for serving the community with your mouthwatering foods. This place is an absolute gem! The Dossants are not the only star, they also have fun holiday treats and the best fresh baked bread! You can't go wrong here cupcakes are priced right and they have daily specials too. We are big fans at our house, the kids love this place and we're pretty lucky one of our grams lives right nearby. Such great quality, value and service since always. PSA: Moms with a sweet tooth, please be aware that I can not be held accountable for your actions with this information now. I too suffer the same affliction. The cure... more cake, I'm pretty sure.

Review №3

Just picked up some pizza dough ... which was delicious.

Review №4

I come here every week, the staff is nice and helpful and it has everything I need.

Review №5

The dossants are amazing! They were so fresh and soft. They were filled perfectly. Will definitely be back for more.

Review №6

Good selection and quality baked goods, love this place.

Review №7

This place has delicious products. However, when it comes to satisfying their customers they are not willing to help. Refusing to place orders to paying customers. They're costing themselves customers.

Review №8

Best Bread in Town(fresh), you have to be there before noon, to get the best Selection.

Review №9

A little out of the way but easy to find and well worth the trip!!! Their Canoli and Tiramisu are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! You must try Chicago Pastry!!!

Review №10

Wonderful pizza dough to make your own, pan pizza is great and the pasteurized are fantastic!

Review №11

Nice bakery with good selection of tasty treats.

Review №12

Staff was super nice. Creative and classy desserts on display. A tiny and cute find!

Review №13

All the staff were nice and friendly. The nutella dossants that we tried were awesome!! You can tell they were freshly made. We also tried some cookies and cannolis. Those were just as yummy. They have a lot of choices, so we will definitely go back.

Review №14

Don't know what is happening but, this Bakey is getting better and better. Everything I have gotten there is so delicious. Bloomingdale is so lucky to have this bakery here.

Review №15

Great mouth watering stuff!!!

Review №16

Don't drive past this little gem of a bakery!! Fresh bread, sweets & pasta. Yummy..

Review №17

This is my favorite local bakery!!! Cannolis are off the hook & they had single slices of the best cheesecake I've ever had. Strawberry shortcake is to die for, and their sugar cookies bring me back to my childhood. I can't wait till they have that cheesecake again, dude.

Review №18

Some of the best pastries and breads around.

Review №19

I love their Harvest cookies, wife likes the lobster tails.One disappointment... miraculously their Lobster tails are some how getting smaller...shrinking...The sweet hard working friendly staff's the reason they're scoring 2 stars.I want to give them 4 stars

Review №20

I bought so much bread and it was worth it, the pizza and the all the different types of pastry are awesome

Review №21

Great staff, good selection, pricing is appropriate for what you get pastry wise, the new sandwiches are a little high for the size and the contents (stingy on the meat) - but overall the experience was a 10+.

Review №22

I ordered cookies to ask a flower girl and ring bearer. Originally I was told 24-48 hours, I went in to place an order and my only option was 48 hrs. When I went to pick up the boys cookies said “Well you be my ring bear?” They attempted to fix it and it still looked terrible, asked if I liked it I said No, what are my options ? And the employee froze. Then tried telling me the picture I showed and the employee that took the order must have seen “Ring Bear”. I held up the exact picture and showed her it said “Bearer” and placed the order with her and she apologized. I tried contacting management on the website and have not received a response.

Review №23

The best pizza bread!!! Their pastries are very good as well but you MUST get the pizza bread. Huge pizza, tasty and delicious...take home, add ingredients if you like and heat but excellent on its own!!!

Review №24

I stopped in almost a yr ago for their cannot special,then their brownie special. Both were fantastic. So now I go there,not only for those,but cakes,and cookies too. Bought a apple strudel yesterday a day it was the best I ever had! Weighed about 4 lbs ! Lots of apple chunks, great crust. Every time I try something new, it keeps getting better! Nice to have them close by too..altho I'm not sure that's a good thing !

Review №25

They have good collection of cronuts and other baked goods. The establishment is clean and the staff is friendly. Few lunch options available too. Check out the picture associated with this review and also follow on Insta @ifooditie

Review №26

From wide selections to friendly clerks this is absolutely the best. Made our anniversary cake just beautiful.

Review №27

Love the breads!! I kept coming back. Just wishing service would improve, still you have 5 stars from me!!

Review №28

Friendly service outstanding baked goods

Review №29

Old-school good. Bakery outlet store.

Review №30

Everything looked delicious!

Review №31

If you love Italian pastries this is the place to go!! Plenty of different goodies to choose from

Review №32

Everything looks better than it tastes.

Review №33

Love those donuts

Review №34

Best bread and Apple tart pastry

Review №35

Amazing Dossants and pastries.

Review №36

Awesome yummy desserts! What a great treat!

Review №37

Slightly on the expensive side but very tasty pastries and cakes..I love the turano bread. Try the doussants it's a cross between a donut and croissant filled with French cream. The caramel apple one is delicious only sold in fall season. They also have a nutella one. They also sell hot coffee or cappuccino I believe. Also a seating area outside for nice days.

Review №38

My cake turned out beautiful!!

Review №39

Brings me much pain having to pull the trigger on a bad review for a business I have been frequenting for 5 years solid and approximately $75 a month is spend there. Yesterday we bought cookies, donuts and 2 really cool beach themed cupcakes that had little sunglasses, sandals and umbrella in which they packaged in a lower profile brown box, different from their taller white ones. When we got home we opened the box a few hours later and the 2 cupcakes were smushed and unrecognizable. Went there today to ask for 2 new cupcakes and our request was denied, explanation which followed is unacceptable; we no longer use the taller boxes so it is what it is the supervisor told me. I told them with smaller height boxes you need to scale down the height of you're products and her reply was they make what their told to make. Unfortunately I won't be returning to this business as a few replaceable cupcakes would have saved my loyalty and patronage.

Review №40

Love the old fashioned bread!

Review №41

Harvest cookies are amazing!! Wish they had them year round!

Review №42

Love their cannolis

Review №43

Incredibly Delicious Treats.!! Bear Claws, mini Lobster Claws stuffed with pastry cream. Beautiful mini cakes, such as Tiramisu, Strawberry Shortcake, Limoncello and so many more. They sell pizza dough. Mini 4" pizzas. Biscotti pieces in a bag Almond and Anise.

Review №44

Off the beaten path, my wife and I drove past and picked up a fruit tart, and a couple of almond paste filled croissants! Mmmmm good

Review №45

Beautiful and delicious

Review №46

There are plenty of delicious pastries and we love to go there again.

Review №47

Best French cream.

Review №48

Best Italian pastries ever! Just wish they were closer to me!

Review №49

Ok-pastries & cookies are always DRY- Cannolis Excellent

Review №50

Good food. Weirdly located. Great service.

Review №51

We love there custard filled croissants

Review №52

Check out the facosia bread ,colle rolls,strawberry cakes, nice brownies.

Review №53

Huge variety of delicious pastries

Review №54

The Best. No one can Beat them.

Review №55

The best in the burbs

Review №56

I got two cakes for my daughter's third birthday party from this bakery. They were beautiful and delicious, exactly what I asked for. The staff was accommodating and helped to make the cakes what my daughter asked for.

Review №57

Cozy and great pastries

Review №58

Great fresh cakes.

Review №59

Best bakery around. They have fresh Italian and American inspired cakes, pastries, donuts, and breads. I'm a huge fan of their bread with the tomato on top of it. Makes really great sandwiches :)

Review №60

Great treats and daily specials

Review №61

Love this place....super nice and fresh pastries. Awesome croissants and even yummy delicious cakes here! Always friendly staff....they used to have really good prices till recently hey raised their prices :(

Review №62

Pastrys are good, focaccia is great. Cakes are nice and moist. I had one special cake they messed up on the decoration, but the cake was good.

Review №63

Incredible cookies, cakes, pastries, breads and desserts. Their $12.99 chocolate cake is one of the best simple chocolate cakes anywhere. Prices are reasonable and their service is quick and friendly. It's a bakery, not a cafe so ignore any reviews expecting something different.

Review №64

ADDITIONAL EDIT: Unfortunately I have to dock a few stars! While having great service in the past, I don't know what happened to this business. My father ordered a car cake for my nephew's birthday. It was nothing close to what we asked, they just placed a car picture on the cake and that's it. Cake was dry and so disappointing. Unfortunately we picked it up a couple hours before his birthday. Not sure if we will be getting a cake from here again. So disappointed!!....................EDIT: Got my wedding cake from here. Beautiful and absolutely delicious! Staff was very helpful and kind.....................Love this place! Delicious pastries and their lobster tails are the best! The staff is super friendly! Come here quite a lot with my sisters. All their selections are wonderful. Had two cakes made for separate occasions and they were beyond amazing.For my niece's first birthday had a lady bug cake made. We picked the colors and the design and the filling and what kind of cake we wanted. They went beyond and more to make it exactly how we wanted. It not only looked great, it tasted amazing as well!For my sister's baby shower, we decided to get a naked chocolate cake, we got the 6 inch cake, but asked for it to be tall (and 10-11 inches in height). Plain and simple. We added our own cake topper and fake flowers. But the cake was moist and delicious, everyone loved it. It was an absolute hit!If we need a customized cake for any occasion again, definitely coming back here. And I def recommend this place!

Review №65

Delicious pastries!! We purchase their coffee cakes all the time and drop them off to our clients as gifts...they absolutely love them! They always want to know when we are coming back with more!

Review №66

Ordered an 80th.birthday cake to be picked up on Sat. Chocolate, fresh strawberries, rum water and whipped topping. Baker was very helpful.

Review №67

So incredibly disappointed with this bakery. Went in twice and spoke with two different people about my wedding cake. Was given the same price both times and the reassurance that they could make my cake with no problems. I showed pictures on both days of exactly what we wanted and even went back before the wedding to give them the print out of the cake (that they requested) with all the details. The day of my wedding they called me while I was on my way to the church to ask me "what the latest time they could drop the cake off, because they had another delivery before mine." A few hours later they called again and my sister answered for me. She was informed they had to make me a new cake because the cake was "falling apart". They dropped the cake off late and the it looked terrible. It was incredibly sloppy, uneven, there were many spots on the cake that you could see the cake itself because the icing was so thin. The lettering was supposed to be silver (which is something we spoke with them about during our two consultations), the roses were sloppy and the leaves on the roses were white instead of green and there were clear crystal sprinkles all over the cake. We were also told the cake was too soft and we could not put our cake topper on it. When we cut the cake the string of pearls around the cake went through the bottom layer of the cake and the entire cake almost fell over. While they were cutting the cake to serve it the cake completely fell apart and some of our guests did not get to eat it, including my parents. After calling and speaking with a manager I was offered $50 back, but in the end was given $70. I still feel I should have been refunded more if not all of my money back. I will never return to this bakery nor will I tell family and friends to come here. You ruined a very special moment on my wedding day and I have no pictures of my cake because of that.

Review №68

This places the best sugar cookies I've ever tasted

Review №69

The best bakery ever. This is the only bakery where the cake and frosting is good.

Review №70

The firts time had an excellent experience. Friendly faces and good selection of pastries . But the second time a disaster, the server was screaming , his personal appearance was not neat , and beside was in a hurry. By the way my daughter she's the one that said the server talked too laud. The bread I paid more than $3.00 was hard as a rock. The place is hide, uncomfortable to enter with traffic and not a sign for open. At the end the cashier wrote part of my card information in a paper to completed my bad experience. Maybe is not legal either because is not secure.

Review №71

Friendly and welcoming staff. Great selection! So many options!

Review №72

We have had several cakes made here over the years. They are always consistent, always delicious, and always deliver what we ask! We are never disappointed.

Review №73

Everything is baked fresh and just wonderful. The canoli is great, cheese focaccia lasted less than 5 minutes at the dinner table, and the lemon cookies are just like grandma used to make!I've had their cakes and brownies multiple times and have never been disappointed by their food or staff.

Review №74

Love this place. Great pastry, breads, and Italian cookies!

Review №75

Nice bakery! Look online for their event calendar for some extra deals

Review №76

Best bakery around the area.

Review №77

A quaint little bakery that is worth a visit. I would be very surprised if you did not become a repeat customer.

Review №78

THIS PLACE IS A MESS! They're so cheap they use dyed green oats as pistachio on their cannolis?!?! I'm an Italian and that is a disgrace and they call themselves an authentic Italian pastry shop?! I think not! When I came in I was greeted by a screaming man that didn't know when to shut up when I told him countlesss times I was still looking. Give your customers some time to look around before being bombarded! First and last time coming to this “authentic Italian bakery”.

Review №79

All their products are first rate delicious!Definitely the place to go when you want to splurge and treat yourself to something special.Some of their pastries are seasonal; currently, I highly recommend the Zeppoli, a French donut stuffed with cannoli filling and sprinkled with chopped pistachios. They also make a version with whipped cream and fresh strawberries....both equally SUBLIME!

Review №80

Absolutely delicious! Kind staff! Super clean! Yummy!!

Review №81

Best bakery ever. Very friendly and helpful staff and very clean

Review №82

Love the pastries there

Review №83

The Dossants and cannoli, WOW!

Review №84

Always great Italian pastries

Review №85

Amazing pastries

Review №86

Best donuts in a 30 minute radius if not more. Good selection of other pastries as we'll

Review №87

Great pizza !!!

Review №88

Great bakery and nice folks. Almond croissant is my favorite

Review №89

In my GPS, if I'm close, I'm stopping for some creative sweets & tasty gifts for friends.

Review №90

Harvest cookies are the BOMB!!!

Review №91

Chicago Pastry has provided great cakes & cookies for each of my son's first three birthdays. Great service & taste all the time.

Review №92

Definitely on the up and up. I've seen some negative comments but since the new manager has come in, I've seen nothing but delicious goodies and fantastic service. I frequent the place and the staff is wonderful. Thanks Chicago Pastry for all the sweet treats.

Review №93

Greatest Pastries in Chicago. #illinoisstateinsurance loves it

Review №94

Try the cannoli dip, the lobster tails, the cakes, the frosted cookies, well, just try EVERYTHING!!!!

Review №95

Delicious Italian pastries. Check out yhe daily specials.

Review №96

This place has the best bakery goods and services easy in and out

Review №97

Yummy almond crescents any decadent desserts u can think of.

Review №98

They have the best crusty Breads and pastries to rival any European bakery

Review №99

Great bakery! Prices are good, selection is great!

Review №100

Fantastic bakery

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