Chipotle Mexican Grill
396 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

Definitely not coming to this location again. Just ordered delivery through their website and everything was fine at first but then on one of the bowls there was no lettuce at all with half the bowl full of ingredients. Then my bowl had a small round hard thing in it that I almost broke my tooth on and once I found that stopped eating and just tried to eat the guac and chips instead only to find this huge hard chunk that was taking up half the guac only to find out its the avocado seed. What happened with food quality? Honestly this whole experience has really turned me off to this location and don't trust their employees with letting food go out like this that could've broken my tooth or leaving things out as simple as lettuce.

Review №2

I ordered extra meat and it was just sprinkled on. I had to open it to even see if there was chicken in my burrito. Just VERY disappointing to pay for the extra meat and end up having a burrito the size of my fist. Its been a constant from this location.

Review №3

Zero Stars! Ordered a large guacamole and there was a half black frozen avocado in it! It was almost half the cup the guacamole came in! And to top it off there was a little piece of that same avocado in my burrito! Gross when you chew into something you KNOW doesn't feel right. Completely ruined my appetite. Needless to say, im never going back!

Review №4

Extra meat and all and its still smaller than a coke and instead of a side of guac I got side of cheese.

Review №5

Very quick service so you are in and out in two minutes. Very delicious food and for a great price. Convienent location as well!

Review №6

Safe, clean, and efficient employees. Food is made to order fresh right in front of you!

Review №7

I just want to start off by saying I have never left a review of any fast food restaurant ever so this took a lot for me to post.This particular location (west army trail) will skimp you like you won't believe. My bowl was only half way filled up and I asked for extra chicken 3 times! The service was good but i have never experienced any thing like this at any other chipotle. The chipotle In Addison is great and will give you the normal amount of food for what you paid for. Furthermore, this chipotle has done this multiple times with multiple different servers. So i don't know if this is the servers doing this or management is trying to save money some how by not giving the normal amount of food. So to reiterate, I paid $10 for a chicken bowl with rice, corn, medium sauce and the bowl came out half the way full.

Review №8

Wow! Can't believe all the horrible reviews at this location. Was thinking of getting dinner here, but now I will pass. Thanks for the heads up everyone!

Review №9

Very very bad customer service. The store manager ( i believe) was very rude. Store never organized. Orders never on time. Very stingy with the meat and rice and they will take out of your plate (whatever extra they feel the add to your bowl) and put back to serve it to others. Very unprofessional. Associate be talking to each other about personal al life while serving customers.

Review №10

Good food. But... they forgot my tortilla and will screw up here n there. Constant new employees.

Review №11

Best food. Price wise is not bad

Review №12

Finest food, helpful staff, constantly good character. They charge convenient rates and the food quality is awesome. Highly recommended.

Review №13

Do NOT go to this location. They have constantly been giving extremely small proportions ever since customers haven't been able to watch employees make their food in front of them. This has happened to me and several other people I know. The last time i ordered off of their app, I paid for 2 bowls to be picked up 2 hours from when I placed the order. A little over an hour after I had placed it, I thought to call them asking to make sure there was enough rice being put into the bowls before they made my order. When I called, the employee told me the bowls were already made (not sure why they would make them that early since they were going to end up sitting there cold by the time of my pick up), but she would open the bowls up and make sure there was enough in it and said there was. When I got home, the bowl on the top was adequately filled, but the one on the bottom, which she probably didn't bother to check or was too lazy to was less than half filled. At this point, I would much rather drive the extra few miles to go to a different location. This is also not the only issue I've had with them so do not waste your time and money here.

Review №14

1st visit about 5 weeks ago during covid pandemic. Cook barely had his mouth covered and nothing covering his nose. Talked to the manager because just got a dirty look from the cook when I asked him if he was special and didnt have to wear a mask( believe he was African American). The manager asked surprised and said he would say something. Today I returned expecting it to be different 5 weeks later, it wasn't. Both the order taker and the same cook had a mask hanging by their mouth with nose wide open! Wow. They dont care and i will NEVER be back there. Complete incompetence and flat out don't care.

Review №15

My wife loves it that's why the 3 stars I don't care for it

Review №16

I celebrated my PhD today in this excellent restaurant. happy to tell that we had a outstanding evening and the place was absolutely the reason for the strong evening. The crew cooperated in a lovely manner, the food was tasty and my friends were extremely happy. We shall definitely visit again for more celebrations. thanks very much.

Review №17

Letting people dine in during an indoor dining shutdown? Bogus.

Review №18

This location used to be amazing. Mobile orders for some reason seem to send a message to the people working here that we want less food. I asked for extra everything on mine, yet there is an empty space on one side of the bowl each time I order.

Review №19

Great food, but they routinely skimp on portion sizes, even if you ask for more or pay for double meat. Once COVID is over and I can be there physically to not get ripped off, this won't be an issue. But until then, get ready for disappointment.Will edit review if they get better. But they've routinely messed up my weekly order for over a month.

Review №20

This site is my favorite site. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this place. when I I need a good lunch, this is the place that comes right away to my head. best and all kinds of food and a rich cuisine.trained team, and good ambience. Also, the cost is reasonable. I sent my friends to this place with pleasure.

Review №21

An online order was placed, and was not ready for pick up until about 15 minutes after it was supposed to be and was cold by the time it got to us. There was not any guacamole on the bowl that I ordered, which was only about half full, and the minimal lettuce that was on the bowl was wilted and looked old. The fajita veggies were also extremely undercooked. Terrible experience. I understand it was a busy day but the quality of the food and the service was mediocre at best.

Review №22

The past few times I've ordered a bowl here, the portions have been extremely small. The bowl would often only be half full and then to top it off several items would be missing. Wonder what happened to this place...

Review №23

Twice my husband and I ate here, and both times we both got sick from the food! Do not eat here, this place should be reported

Review №24

Expect moody Chipotle workers that don't like it when you ask them to actually put more food on your half empty bowl! Also they skimp out on the meats but load up on all the sides such as lettece and cheese.

Review №25

Assume environment and good customer service..

Review №26

How on Earth does this location have more than one star???Literally 3 in every 4 times I order they completely mess something up. I've CALLED them after placing an order to make sure they get it right and they STILL mess it up.This most recent time? I ordered chicken tacos. I got a bowl full of cheese guac and sour cream and peppers (which wasn't even part of the order). No taco shell, not even any chicken.I've literally never seen a more incompetent restaurant in my life. Never coming here again and I'm going to second guess any other chipotles as well.

Review №27

Not happy with this location. Ever since we are not ableTo order inside to due covid 19 the portions have been so small. Definitely not worth the 9 bucks they charge. Go to a different location.

Review №28

Each of the past 7 orders we got from here have all had missing items, wrong size drinks, and lower amount of food than usual. Even when ordering extra of an ingredient we have not received even the normal amount. We have only been coming back because they promise to replace an item next order but we will now be going to a different location.

Review №29

This site is my first choice restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this restaurant. everytime I feel like having a delicious dinner, this restaurant comes instantly to my head. splendid and food and a rich menu.professional staff members, and great ambience. In addition to that, the tariff is fair. I praise this place with no hesitation.

Review №30

Very FRESH INGREDIENTS!!!pleasant staff... we appreciate all of you️

Review №31

I'm very very upset. The people here are awful. I ordered online for delivery.I got no napkins and no forks. They put 4 chipotle bowls in one bag. The bag freaking burst on my porch when it was delivered. There is sour cream all over my floor. Food everywhere. One person hungry. They have done this 3 times. I called and they hung up on me. Clearly customer satisfaction is not there priority. They rather save bags and let people go hungry. Don't go here unless u want terrible service.

Review №32

I dont know who seasoned and cooked th3 chicken on June 20th at 11:45 am but you snapped!!! You need a raise or promotion! Dead. Serious.

Review №33

Go in to order if you're going to order. When I ordered online, they 100% messed up my friend's and my order as if they just put random stuff in a bowl and bagged it up like that.

Review №34

I just love chipotle no second word for it. Quick, easy, fast and healthy. Love it. I can't imagine if anyone even care about this feedback. I am certain everyone knows how amazing they are.

Review №35

That damn chicken and steak bowl a hitt

Review №36

I ordered a carnitas bowl and I got 2 pieces of chicken and a spoonful at most of rice. Then they filled the entire bowl with lettuce when I specifically said I've been trying to limit my intake of devils lettuce lately. I was extremely concerned with this service so I called to see why they gave me rat portions of food and they said that was the standard size. Utter lunacy I'll tell ya.

Review №37

The last two times I have ordered here, I have not a good experience. The time preceding my most recent one, they barely put anything in my bowl. I was disappointed, and it did not represent the former experiences I had. Tonight, I decided to give them another chance, only to be scorned once more. My delivery never even came. I can say that I will not be eating at this location ever agin

Review №38

This place obviously knows how to please their customers. Consistently with a very nice demeanor. The food is affordably priced, constantly tasty and clean.

Review №39

Great tasting burrito bowl

Review №40

Great store, nice crew, and amazing customer service

Review №41

Employees truly care and they truly care about your dining experience great place!

Review №42

This spot never fails to impress. They have excellent dishes for affordable pricing, there is no waiting time even when the spot is full.

Review №43

This place is worth giving a shot. They have big portions for fair prices. Consistently well organized and with awesome ambience. Would recommend to others.

Review №44

Everybody who works there is really friendly and the food was prepared super quickly.Ingredients are always really fresh and you can taste the difference.I always come here when I need a quick and healthy bite to eat.

Review №45

Just recently, I ordered delivery from this Chipotle two days in a row via the Chipotle app. Both times, I specifically asked for extra red tomatillo salsa in my bowl. Both times, I hardly got any of this salsa added, which made for a couple of very bland burrito bowls.Why skimp on the salsa? It's just salsa.For the first time maybe someone made a mistake, so I figured I'd try again. My mistake. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Never again.

Review №46

Got about 25% less food quantity in the bowl than what we normally get at Chipotle

Review №47

Spotless always good. What can I say? you been there and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?.

Review №48

Best chipotle ive ever bin to. Hot food, friendly staff, and they actually put enough toppings. Everyone should get a raise.

Review №49

I order online repeatedly for pick up and several times I have arrived at the pick up time provided on the app. When I've gone inside, the cashier asks me which order is mine and then sends it to the beginning of the assembly line and that leaves me waiting inside for 10 minutes.The staff are friendly and the cashier each time has been apologetic about the wait.

Review №50

$8 bowl that is half filled. Maybe not the best way to get customers to choose you in the current environment by giving half-sized portions. Every other Chipotle I have gone to gives twice the amount of food.

Review №51

Hit or miss. The steak bowl that I had, rice was like it was soaking in lime and that is all you tasted. They were completely out of lettuce @ 8pm.

Review №52

Everytime I go in, the person on the grill is always super loud and very inappropriate and you can clearly hear him. Everyone serving my food is super rude and give me attitude constantly. I spoke to manager Ricardo and he was super rude and told me “I really dont care if thats not what you wanted.” Its a shame. I really hope they get their act together.

Review №53

So many people have been complaining about how their bowls have turned out from this store and now I am one of them! We opened our bowls and they were half empty. Never go to this location

Review №54

Good food...

Review №55

You call and they NEVER answer the phone. I have attempted to call multiple times to file a complaint and no one answers. This is ridiculous.

Review №56

Fantastic burritos. Place is always busy but the line moves nicely. Chicken was a bit over spicy. Usually get the carnitas which is very good. Bit ridiculous paying over 2 dollars for guacamole on your burrito.

Review №57

Always a good quick food joint

Review №58

They did not prepare my order correctly. I wanted a serving of chicken and I got steak. Kids are preparing my food. They R young and dumb. I drive home and this not what i requested but I paid over S11 for this meal. I hope they go under. This is not the first time my order waa wrong. No more chances. I had enough of this game.

Review №59

These guys can never get the order right- 2nd time in a row they forgot the guac despite ordering it.

Review №60

One of my favorite restaurants.

Review №61

We just ordered delivery. One dish was to include extra meat for the upcharge of over $3.00. Disappointing to find 6 total pieces of steak in this $12 product. We won't order from here again. At least answer your phone and make it right.

Review №62

Guy in the back cooking is not wearing a mask properly. Keeps taking it off. They need to enforce this safety hazard. At least pretend to follow the law when people are looking..

Review №63

Service is quick considering it was lunch time on a Friday. Staff was friendly and kept the line moving. Meat was cooked well and all vegetables seemed fresh and well kept. The restaurant was clean. Not much seating but it was okay!

Review №64

Usually I like to eat here, today I did not enjoy my bowl. Tomatoes on the Pico de Gallo we're almost frozen, chicken and beans were flavorless

Review №65

Average chipotle, I got 2 orders but cannot understand why they wanted to charge me extra for guacamole on one of them.Sounds discriminating.

Review №66

Quick bites and good service

Review №67

The young man with the long dark hair and great eyes was a treat!

Review №68

The quality of the food is good, BUT the staff is always rude, and they don't portion properly. I buy chipotle very often and go to a lot of different locations and no other location portions so little. I live about 5 min away but most of the time we just rather drive to the Schaumburg or Rolling Meadows location. I'm giving it only two stars mainly because of the customer service.

Review №69

Bro it's lit me elder had a blast

Review №70

Not consistent. I've had really good experiences here and really bad ones. It's a shame.

Review №71

Really small eating area, the food is good tho.

Review №72

My last 3 experience very very bad and 1 time it was the brown rice were not cooked 2 time forget the lettuce and the 3 time today she forget avocado and the tortilla was were old this is my last visit.

Review №73

Sometimes the steak is a little too fatty, but overall, still tastes good.

Review №74

Great food and customer service

Review №75

Horrible customer service. Online pick up is horrible experience for customers because the portion size is barely of what you are adding in your order. They need to fix this asap.

Review №76

Excellent weighting..

Review №77

If you want good food but you don't want to wait, this is the place to go. I had a bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and lettuce. But you get to pick, there's a lot more.

Review №78

It was pretty good. And a good price.

Review №79

Very solid food for the money. Their rewards program is pretty good too

Review №80

Staff is friendly and proficient.

Review №81

I'd say zero stars. They'll give you the exact opposite of what you order.

Review №82

Good food. The only issue I have is their preparation of the food. For example, the burritos would be poorly wrapped and the tacos would be ridiculously sloppy.

Review №83

Great food good prices

Review №84

Amazing food! i recommend the burrito bowl!

Review №85

The food is delicious I enjoy the people that served me nice and friendly

Review №86

Usually order from the Saint Charles place and never have any complaints there, ordered from here for maybe the second time as it was closer to where I was at the time. I ordered and paid online (a good amount of food). When I got there the food wasn't even done, waited more than 30 minutes after ordering to go there. I took it home and when everyone took out there food we were shocked. They had failed to tell us that they had ran out of some things which we had payed extra for, so they just left them out without refunding or telling us. The guacamole was legitimately brown and liquidy. Food quality was extremely terrible. Was given small amounts. The burrito was about the size of a fist. Called to let them know they were lacking and they offered to give us a free order of food next time we ordered which was nice. However when we tried to get our order the rude workers there refused and said it was too much food for free. So they had to call out the manager who apologized. Would never order from here again.

Review №87

First the place was really dirty.. all the tables had food on them and trash on the floor. The workers seemed unhappy. Even the manager didn't seem to care. And then to end my visit they charged 7$ for melted cheese. Never coming back. This place has been getting worse every time i come

Review №88

This is a typical Chipotle chain, so the food and atmosphere is exactly what you'd expect. The rationale for me rating it 5 stars though is because we had an issue with our delivery for an online order, and when I called, I spoke with Alissa (different spelling perhaps?) who was the true epitome of excellent customer service. She was very understanding, patient, and friendly. She offered to call Door Dash (Chipotle's partner for delivery) and call me back...and she did so immediately. She even offered to remake our food for free if we could go pick up (which after 2 hours after our initial order, we could since we had finished working - which was the whole reason for us even ordering delivery...). Thank you Alissa for your customer service!! Your customer service is the reason for this 5 star rating!

Review №89

God bless this location. I literally drive a little extra to come here.

Review №90

Great food and clean location

Review №91

Fresh food low on calories taste great

Review №92

The food here is great. No complaints about the delicious burrito or the quality of ingredients. The service from the staff was lacking. They have the music turned up so high in the restaurant that you can't talk to someone nearby without yelling. I asked the girl at the cash register not once but twice to please turn down the volume. Even after the second time it was still terribly loud. Had to leave because you can't eat in such an unpleasant atmosphere and they obviously don't give a damn about the customer.

Review №93

Do not sell salad if you don't have a dressing for it and I find out about it at the cash register.

Review №94

Ordered online and got all messed upNot satisfiedNever wanna takeout again like this

Review №95

Super tasty chicken burrito

Review №96

Always good food and fast service

Review №97

Great food every time I've eaten here.

Review №98

Great food and staff was awesome.

Review №99

I heart Chipotle! The chips are a bit salty for my taste, but I always leave with a happy belly!

Review №100

Always fresh, always "enough". Great place to eat.

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