Jersey Mikes Subs
383 W Army Trail Rd Ste 700, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

No doubt, great fresh sandwiches. But seriously, the cost is absurd. Just saw a Jersey Mike's commercial. It made an appeal to buy giant subs for dinner. Typical family, assuming Mom, Dad and 2 kids...4 giants alone would be $60.00...literally. Really is rediculous. I love them, but can only afford a sub from them maybe twice a year.

Review №2

It's the first time I try this place. I really liked it. Cold cuts are sliced in front of you. Everything looks fresh and taste great. The employee who took my order was a little inpatient and looked annoyed by my questions. Even though I mentioned it was my first time and I was order for 7 people. Regardless I really liked the subs and would definitely eat from here again.

Review №3

Friendly, professional service.Covid conscious.

Review №4

Placed order directly on their website for curbside/in store pickup. Went to the store at the assigned time. On top of my order not being ready there were easily another 20 people inside. Not exactly what I would call a “safety measure”. On top of my order still not being ready 15 minutes later waiting outside the store, I saw five walkins get taken care of

Review №5

I really like the hot sandwiches. They do special orders. And compared to other Jersey Mike's they have more meat on their sandwich.

Review №6

Love this place is delicious. Every time I'm craving a Sandwich this is my go to place

Review №7

I am not the type of person that writes many online reviews, however I simply had to after such an enjoyable experience. I was in town on business and visiting old friends when I felt a bit peckish and stopped into this Jersey Mike's location on West Army. I have grabbed Jimmy John's in the past and thought. "eh, why not?" From the moment I walked in I was very pleased at how clean the restaurant seemed to be. Well lit and everything in order. I travel a lot and I can tell you that most of the times that eating in a sandwich shop is kind of a last resort but not this time. I was greeted by a friendly hello by a lovely girl named Payton and she patiently went over the many choices and answered my list of questions regarding freshness, ingredients, etc. all with a fantastic and helpful attitude. Often dealing with the public, you may get worn down with negative attitudes and general rudeness but she was so sweet, a true refreshing change from most people employed in the food service industry. I should know because I deal in the trade and a substantial of the people should try something else. Since I had no clue as to what to order, I pressed her with many questions and she was very kind to work with me since I have a thick accent. Payton (I hope that I am spelling her name correctly), recommended that I try it the Jersey Mike's way. Why not! I felt so comfortable in her hands as she told me what to expect, vinegar, the vegetables, meats, etc. When finished she said to enjoy with a smile and she truly brightened my afternoon. The food was delicious, she was patient and delightful and the lunch was fresh and affordable. To the owner(s) of this area franchise let me inform you that you are making wise hires with this employee and I will be coming into this location and bring friends and recommending your establishment to my business associates in the area. Well done and thank you! - Hrungdai Patel

Review №8

Super process during this pandemic period.Great staff, quick to prepare our orders.Sandwiches were great!

Review №9

My boyfriend and i came in since we got good suggestions on the restaurant. We were deceived, customer service was extremely bad and we weren't greeted at all. Asked the worker if he could toast the sandwich and he said no , we thought he was playing around but little did we know he was serious and didn't meet our needs, we will not be returning.

Review №10

Tried this place already with a friend and I am addicted ever since. I liked the great mood and tasty dishes and beverages. Keep it up.

Review №11

Way much better then subway , i love there food and the workers are so nice.

Review №12

It's too pricy for my bill fold. $9 for a half sub?!?!?! Chips, cookie and drink are ALL extra, non inclusive. The employees are terrific, but their subs don't stand out.

Review №13

The food is delicious and the staff was great thanks alot

Review №14

Tried this spot already with my friend and I am addicted ever since. I love the awesome character and flavorful dishes and beverages. Keep up the good work.

Review №15

The service was great but the Sub was way too salty and the chicken was ground.

Review №16

I think their subs are very good but there are never enough people being the counter. The last time I went there for lunch there were 3 workers and 8 people in line. I just left. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. They need to fix this.

Review №17

Not sure what has happened at this location recently but every time i come in they are short staffed, line is out the door, and it takes 10-15 minutes just to even relay my order to whoever is taking it. clearly some changes need to be made and until then i will not be returning. along with many others i'm sure!

Review №18

I tried this spot before with my friend and I am obsessed since then. I love the good vibes and tasty dishes and beverages. 5 stars from me.

Review №19

PAYTON was so helpful and welcoming for my first visit to a Jersey Mike's location. Delicious fresh sliced meat and cheese atop rosemary parmesan bread, plus great pop selections to drink!

Review №20

Absolutely horrible customer service! Three families showed up here during a break from a basketball tournament. The employee at the counter had the nerve to say with a rude attitude, “next time you have a group, call ahead so we know”. I didn't know you had to make reservations for fast food. If it was the whole team I could see the difference too, but we didn't even all plan on going to the same place. We turned around and walked out and I wouldn't give this place a dime. We were greeted next door with a smile at the place we decided to spend our money.

Review №21

Not a bad experience.

Review №22

Ordered thru Grubhub and called the store and asked the woman to make sure the 3 sandwiches ordered were “mikes way”... none of them were. $50 lunch for family will be spent somewhere else next time

Review №23

1 star clean0 stars for customer seviceI walked out after waiting in line and lady told me she has to finish the line first and make my sub after????? Wth!?!? That doesnt make sense i just felt uncomfortable in jersey mikes today I went to Five guys and it was a great experience

Review №24

Best sub shop for a chain. They have great tasting subs and this location has a great staff. Place was clean and staff was very friendly. Quick and easy subs.

Review №25

The staff at this location is very friendly and always patient with customers. Have been there often and dined in. It's chilly with the fact that the door is gone and boarded up. The outside is very ghetto looking. It's been about 2 months and they still haven't fixed the door. Very unprofessional and feel bad for employees who have to deal with the cold air getting in. 5 stars for the staff. But this door needs to be fixed ASAP

Review №26

They were fast and friendly and courteous

Review №27

Ordered online and waited much longer than expected. Food was still good.

Review №28

Service was great. Super nice and friendly. Alex Matt and Sarah took care of us ten to 9 and were so awesome. Food is great too!!

Review №29

I ordered online asking for my sandwiches to be made a certain way so I put the special details in the notes and I tipped you guys like $5 with another note saying thanks for making my special sandwich hoping my sandwich would get made the way I asked but sadly it was not and I cant go back to the store to replace this sad excuse for a sandwich cause i can't walk or drive myself right now im very disappointed in this location please take the time to read the "special instructions" section of the receipt next time.

Review №30

I been to this location several times and each time the manager was rude to me and the other customers. I've call corporate twice and both times I was told that the owner would call me and never did. No Wonder why the manager thinks she can act like that....the owner doesn't care either!!!

Review №31

Outstanding dining experience. Very friendly staff and fast and fresh food service. You can't beat that.

Review №32

The Italian done Mike's way is still great just seems like the bread is getting smaller all of a sudden

Review №33

Absolutely blows jimmy John's out of the water. Probably my favorite sub place ever. I know it's a chain but. Datum. It's good. Just be careful not to get it Mike's way or they will dround your sub in oil and vinegar lol. Tell them ONE PASS ONLY with the oil and vinegar. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE GUYS. But other than that its worth every penny.

Review №34

Honestly tastes better than Jimmy Johns or Subway. Always get it Mike's Way, that's what sets it apart.

Review №35

This place is great, service i had was above and beyound and love the food

Review №36

Always a great sammy!

Review №37

Great subs and great service.

Review №38

I was visited so many times but they never ever welcomed or Hello they are working but slow employee attitude very bad.

Review №39

Very slow 15 min wait when only 4 people in line. older lady does the condescending calling you Hon thing, thanks but no thanks.

Review №40

The guys working the Saturday lunch rush are absolutely AMAZING! The line was wrapped around and they quickly and very happily greeted each customer and kept the line moving. The speed at which they helped each customer was impressive, but even more remarkable was how they treated each guest. The general manager was hands on and helping keep the line moving. What a friendly and efficient team! Thank you!

Review №41

I received excellent service from both Alex and Matt. I came in right before closing time and also needed time to figure out my order, yet I was still served in a friendly and timely manner. Definitely recommend!

Review №42

Quick service, friendly staff

Review №43

Amazing food, as usual... However the people working here were downtown nasty rude to my son and i. I'm not usually harsh with reviews... And i love jersey Mike's in general because they have such good food, but the service made the experience very poor. Not only did i almost leave crying, but I wasn't hungry for my favorite sandwich. I would recommend another location.

Review №44

This location is awesome! Matt and Alex were super friendly and patient (even with me showing up 10 min before close) Great job guys, thanks for the excellent service!

Review №45

Sandwich was put together nicely staff is Great asked for pickels on the side she was more than happy to oblige ... Highly Recommend

Review №46

The girls were great. Good sandwich es

Review №47

Good guy at front

Review №48

Great cold and hot sandwiches. Pepsi to drink. Staff is helpful and friendly. This location is great about holding fundraisers for community groups. Chips only, no fries.

Review №49

Good location with friendly staff and clean look.

Review №50

This is one of my favorite sandwich shops to go to in the area. The staff are always nice and helpful, and get your food to you quickly even though it's made to order. The selection of sandwiches is very good and are fresh. They have one of the best rewards programs around as you receive a free sub about every 8-10 visits. They also regularly email out coupons for discounts. I typically will visit this store at least once a week and they have not disappointed yet.

Review №51

I was helped by Alex today and he was incredibly friendly and provided excellent customer service! Great Subs!

Review №52

Love these sandwiches, wish they had more locations here in Wisconsin so I dont have to travel so far to get one lol

Review №53

Alex was a super duper cool GuY . He was the only one working the shift and our family dropped 5 subs for him to make. He was super nice and generous.

Review №54

Food quality is consistent and what you'd expect from this chain. This location in particular always seems to be slower than most for making sandwiches and often is training new staff. That said, the staff is always friendly so we frequent on double points Tuesday.

Review №55

Cheese steak was awesome. Pricier then subway

Review №56

Sandwich was good but the iced tea had a rancid smell to it like it was sitting for days.

Review №57

Really enjoy these subs. I've always found everything to be super fresh. Bread is typically great as well. I recently tried a hot sub - a Philly cheesesteak - for the first time and the flavor was fantastic but would have hoped for two things. First, there was too much bread for a cheesesteak and it distracted from the actual contents of the sub. Their bread is great for cold subs, but a hot sub like that needs something lighter, thinner, or otherwise less... bread-ey. Second, the peppers could have been a little softer to my taste. Still, great flavor, great subs.

Review №58

Had a sub before I flew down to Texas. If your sandwhich ain't dripping, they didn't do it right.

Review №59

This time! It was a great experience!, and the point scanner worked!! I went there on Saturday and I was really happy with the service and the sandwich that I ordered, even better service than back then,I don't know what the women's name was, sorry! But she made my experience so much better!! Thank you

Review №60

Only and last Jersey Mike's I will ever go to. Employees are extremely unprofessional at this location. They care more about talking extremely bad about other employees in front of customers instead of actually doing their job and taking care of the customer. This wasn't the first time but it was the last.

Review №61

Still doesn't match Subway. Good in the pinch however.

Review №62

Try to do this place at least once a week.great subs and great service

Review №63

Really good sandwiches that are made pretty quickly.... I only ever get the chipolte Philly but it never disappoints :)

Review №64

Pretty good 2nd time trying them out, I'll go again.

Review №65

Best Philly cheese steaks around next time I go I'll have to get a different sandwich like the Reuben because they all look delicious and download their app and sign up with them, they have a great loyalty and reward points program trust me it's worth it.

Review №66

The best sub i ever had!!!

Review №67

Watched zion Williamson crying on the tv the whole time we ate. Sandwiches are big.

Review №68

Consistently tasty Italian sub sandwich. Crew was quick in spite of it being the end of lunch rush on a Friday.

Review №69

Very quick and very nice service

Review №70

Good subs and the employees are friendly and hard working. No standing around, they get you taken care of.

Review №71

Alex Nicole Payton are the best.. they stayed open past closing for my pregnant craving!

Review №72

I love the #9 Mike's Way, But today i got the worst sandwich of all times. Hardly any meat, I had to tell the guy to put mayonnaise and bacon on my sandwich even though I ordered a #9 Mike's Way. How hard can this be!!They can't blame it on being busy because there were only two people ahead of me and no one behind me.This was truly very disappointing for the Bloomingdale location. Guess I will have to go to another location next time.

Review №73

The food is good but a high school kid behind the counter really soured this experience.1. Says he can't toast the meat even though this store has done that every time in the past2. He's so frustrated by the request, he doesn't even take my friends order.Too many other sandwich shops in the area to return to this one.

Review №74

Visited this location for the first time, and don't think I'll be returning. They had three employees, and they all looked like they were trapped in hell. The guy doing the condiments seemed like he was purposely moving at snails pace. The girl who rang me up couldn't even give me a "thank you" or "have a nice day" when I left. Food wasn't bad, but the atmosphere was very cold and depressing.

Review №75

I don't go anywhere else

Review №76

Best sub around, you can't go wrong.everything is freshly cut right in front of you.its not like subway.

Review №77

I had a regular size Turkey sandwich and it was a good size. It definitely filled me up. The place was nice and clean even though it was a bit crowded.

Review №78

Good value & service, sandwiches were very good.

Review №79

Great sandwich, as always

Review №80

Awesome service. And fresh sammies.

Review №81

Always good and I like going there cause they are fast and friendly wish I had a coupon but didn't so I paid full price about $11 or$12 dollars sandwich chips and drink.

Review №82

Quick delicious service!

Review №83

Great selection

Review №84

First time ever to any Jersey Mike's subs. Bad first impression as the Manager and or owner very rude and arrogant. Won't be back to this location.

Review №85

Love this place! Very friendly people, great customer service, yummy sandwiches. Go there at least once a week for lunch.

Review №86

Love this place! Great customer service. Way better than Jimmy John's. WAY BETTER.

Review №87

Get it Mikes Way! Favorite sub place around

Review №88

Real nice employees!

Review №89

Finaly a place where they Didn't mess up my sandwich

Review №90

It's a pretty good sub place. I don't think it'll ever be a 5 star place, but it's a good clean sub at a reasonable price.

Review №91

This location has made me sick twice now. I let it go the first time because I thought maybe it was a fluke. This is the second time I've eaten there and I'm sick again. I don't know why this is or if your employees are going to work sick but it's not good

Review №92

1st and definitely The LAST time. Bread was hard, filling was tasteless price was pricey for 3 sandwich combos I spent $47... Next time you feel like having a sub go to Subway. Never again Jersey Mike's..

Review №93

Subs are pricey. Staff at time i went was not very proficient at making or finishing my sub. Wanted to like. May try a different location or time of day

Review №94

A bit pricey but delicious!

Review №95

Friendly staff

Review №96

That's a freaking good sub!!

Review №97

I placed a catering order with 24 hours notice and go to pick it up and no one can find my order and has no idea why. Just got excuses about i just got here and i dont know why it wasnt made. Very disappointed!! Last time ill come here. If i didnt prepay and have a house full of people i would go elsewhere!! What a joke.

Review №98

The Bloomingdale location is by far my favorite. The staff is always very friendly and the service is always great.

Review №99

Awesome subs. Much better than subway. Their hot sandwiches are also very good and everything is fresh.

Review №100

Number 7 Mike's way can't go wrong

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