Lou Malnatis Pizzeria - Carry Out
369 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
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Wow. Saw this reviewed on Barstool Sports Pizza Reviews. I was visiting Chicago and had to try it. Definitely worth it. The pizza was amazing. So Cheesy (like 2 feet stretch cheesy) and delicious. I had to have it delivered to my hotel room but it was fine. Came on time and was all good. The box they bring it in is too notch too. I would definitely recommend Lou Malnatis if you haven't had it or not from around here. I also got a regular salad. My Lord this thing would feed 4 people but was amazing as well.

Review №2

Smooth operation. Placed the order on the phone, arrived with an order number, paid cash - change give back in a plastic bag. Got home and enjoyed a delicious dinner.Thanks Lou!

Review №3

Sorry but the pizza was terrible. My pizza was so hard and barely had any cheese. I feel like it has been sitting there for a long time. Xl pizza looks like the size of a medium ️ The location in Schaumburg is the only one I usually order from and it's always delicious there.

Review №4

Its been awhile since I've been to LM, and maybe it was because it was takeout, but it was just pretty good, not great. It lacked sauce and the crust was paper thin. We got 1 large thin pepperoni and 1 medium sausage.

Review №5

We order from here all the time, the pizza is absolutely amazing and is always done on time! We have also had it delivered from time to time and the drivers are very friendly and polite as are the order takers! Absolutely love this pizza, you have to try the deep dish Butter Crust!!Yummy!Sorry, I had to have some before I could do my review!

Review №6

The place serves big dishes and for fair pricing. very nice staff. 5 stars.

Review №7

Good service, prompt response from the Team and can't go wrong with their Pizzas.

Review №8

Ohhh, Brittany, my stomach! A hot beef on a 95 degree hurricane day was a bad idea. I've gotta take a nap now. It was so good though

Review №9

Can't go wrong with some great deep dish pizza!

Review №10

Nasty whole tomatoes on top of the deep dish. Worst ever

Review №11

I get that it was busy, but I sat in the parking lot for close to 1/2 hour OVER my pick up time! I had to call them and find out where my order was.

Review №12

Finest spot to get something when in a rush. The service is prompt, pricing is fair, great ambience. Will visit here again

Review №13

Heard great things about this place. Sadly I was disappointed. Ordered delivery and it was 15 minutes late past latest expected time given. As you can guess. Food was cold. Pizza looked sloppy as you can see from the photo. No utensils or napkins. No phone call to advise of being late or even an apology from the delivery driver upon arriving with food. Maybe better service at location possibly?... On a side note gave point for food being of decent quality in taste. It was just cold and late, no communication to that effect. Expectations of service I feel are low as I am not the first one to have this exact experience.

Review №14

We waited 25 minutes after pizza was ready for pickup. Others came after us got their pizzas before us. We had to ask twice for ours.

Review №15

Work needed on app and curbside pickup! Time on app kept changing so arrived in area to be close. Received notice it was ready and arrived shortly after. Waited 10 minutes with no luck, called number and let them know we were parked right out their door in the lot, she identified our order and said they would bring the order out. Finally someone came out to take order numbers for all cars in lot and we ended up getting pizza 20 minutes after we had called.So if you want to order a pizza, make sure you order it half baked so you don't have to wait 30 minutes in the lot for a cold pizza. Sorry Lou, you were my favorite pizza.

Review №16

Great pizza!I love the salad!!!

Review №17

Never been inside this store before. Got coupons for frozen pizzas from a fundraiser and stopped in to redeem them. The frozen pizzas were in cases in the front of the store so we were there for long enough to tell her what kind of pizzas we wanted and exchange them for the coupons and walk back out. Probably less than a minute. In that way, great! Surprised though to realize that this is just a pick up or carry out location. It is just the front of the store with a bench, the cases and a checkout desk. Presumably there is a kitchen behind the wall where they're cooking the pizzas but it isn't visible. Way smaller than expected

Review №18

What can I say, Lou's is the place to go for consistently excellent Chicago style pizza. We love the buttery sourdough crust and the ingredients are top notch. The only thing you need to consider is if you would like the sausage crumbled or in a single thick layer across the pizza. Always fresh tomatoes help to make this a favorite!

Review №19

The food is constantly well prepared and flavorful, workers provides awesome customer service. I love the cleanliness and ambience. Would recommend to others.

Review №20

The meals and service were beyond my expectations. I surely enjoyed the environment of this spot. Amazing place to take the family out for dinner.

Review №21

I celebrated my nomination today in this fine place. Well we passed a marvelous evening and the place was certainly the reason for the successful evening. The stuff helped in a splendid way, the meals were extremely good and my buddies were very thrilled. We shall no dout come back again for more events. thanks very much.

Review №22

I visit this place a lot since I work nearby. I have to say the customer service is always awesome and they keep the place well kept consistently. Pricing is affordable and they serve large portions.

Review №23

Tried this spot before with my friend and I am obsessed since then. I enjoyed the great mood and yummy dishes and beverages. Keep up the good work.

Review №24

We had an extraordinary time at this place. We loved the extraordinary atmosphere and the food. The waiters are very friendly. I am glad we eventually decided to visit here.

Review №25

I have always enjoyed the food. But today's experience with the Bloomingdale location was the best costumer experience you could ask for.Thank you!

Review №26

This place simply knows how to take care of their customers. Constantly with a kind demeanor. The food is reasonably priced, constantly yummy and neat.

Review №27

The best deep dish pizza I have ever eaten!If you have the opportunity you have to give them a try! Best in Chicago

Review №28

The manager Effrain was awesome! He took care of my family and helped us. The food was awesome!!!

Review №29

I honestly like their dishes and service, fantastic area nearby to my house. The cashiers are always kind. Will come visit again.

Review №30

Had a great experience in here with my friend. The food comes rapidly and the service is just good. Prices are reasonable.

Review №31

This place was amazing. We went to try the deep dish pizza and they gifted us a malnati salad. I would go back even just for the salad. The dressing was some of the best i have ever had and the toppings were amazing. The pizza was also top notch. I hope to be back here soon!!!

Review №32

Great pizza and staff was amazing go see them in naperville (downtown)

Review №33

Best pizza ever! Love the deep dish uncut. It's our favorite.

Review №34

I love Lou's but wish there was better service at this location! I wish there were a different store near me since this one cannot seem to get their timing right EVER! I have complained before and the manager has always been nice and called back but obviously my complaints co to use to go unresolved. When they tell you a half hour and you show up at 40 minutes and it still is t ready, that's an issue! We keep trying them once every few mo this, but they still can't get it right! Sooo frustrating!!

Review №35

Always good and consistent pizza never burnt or undercooked.

Review №36

Very good deep dish pizza. Service was good also

Review №37

Love love love the pizza. Best around hands down

Review №38

Good pizza, Good service. a lot of sauce. A Lot of cheese. A lot of money. It is a very good place but some how pizza got expected to cost a lot..

Review №39

Carry out was good service, great food.

Review №40

We try the deep dish pizza and it was delicious, we are definitely be coming back soon.

Review №41

Love “the Lou” pizza! All the ingredients taste so fresh!

Review №42

I had a hiccup with grubhub cancelling my order on a Saturday evening without contacting me. I spoke with the manager, Larry, on duty at Lou's and he was spectacular. I know it wasn't the location's fault, but when I called he was super nice and friendly and accomodating. We always have good luck ordering from this location (orders are always right and the staff is friendly). Highly recommend. Kindness wins.

Review №43

When it comes to Deep Dish this place is a family favorite

Review №44

The best pizza and great service

Review №45

Very disappointed! We have been loyal customers of Lou'sfor over 30 years because of the consistent quality of theirdeep dish pizza. Our last 3 orders from the Bloomingdalelocation have been horrible,(all crust with barely any sauce, cheese, and toppings)!! Lou's has lost my business.

Review №46

Went in to pickup a pie greeted with a smiling face and the pizza was the bomb I'll be stopping by again thank you for the best pizza I ever had

Review №47

Pizza was delicious... however you asking, and paying for butter crust, will not guarantee you will receive butter crust! Very aggravating!

Review №48

Best of the best of the best. All the rest are pretending. This IS Chicago deep dish pizza done right. Try the Lou's salad along with the Chicago Classic pizza. You're welcome.

Review №49

Love their pizzas. Great taste !

Review №50

This place is take out only. The pizza is delicious.

Review №51

Sadly disappointed with the delivery service I received. I ordered one large thin crust pizza tonight. The order was. Submitted at 807 pm I did not receive my pizza until 938 pm and half of it was cold this was around 30 min after the promised delivery time. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. My kids were really excited for pizza and now I'm using a microwave to heat it up. Please address your delivery times or I will not be ordering again.

Review №52

Just wanted to add on since I cant leave 2 5 star reviews... the staff tonight went above and beyond to make a pregnant lady very happy. I want to thank you for having top notch service-bassanWe ordered from her a night if a heavy snow storm. We knew the roads were bad so did expect to wait a while. Pizza still came hot and the mananger called to apologise. The driver was Very nice as well. Great food exceptional service.

Review №53

Great customer service!!! Shoutout to the asian guy who helped me earlier, you are the best!!! The food is always delicious. I'll be back again very soon.

Review №54

First time I've been disappointed with this place... water logged pizza... maybe the tomato's or something but wow. Also I ordered a deep dish pizza... did the crust not rise or something cus this surely is not deep dish.

Review №55

This is our favorite deep-dish place. Order 3-4 times per month.

Review №56

Great service. Great pizza

Review №57

Great deep dish pizza!

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Review №59

This was my first time ordering Lou Malnatis pizza so I went with the classic deep dish pizza but when I got it, it was mostly crust and very little cheese. I was so disappointed! I thought it would be nice and cheesey like other deep dish pizzas but this was harldy a deep dish. I hope we can do something about this.

Review №60

Simply T H E best pizza in chicago and suburbs hands down

Review №61

Really good, "Chicago Style" Deep Dish Pizza.What more need be said....

Review №62

Great food I wish there was a dine in area. Very friendly staff.

Review №63

I love Lou Malnatis and the food is delicious but your delivery driver - yikes! Rude! Abrupt! When I didn't answer the door after 20 seconds of him ringing it, he was banging on my door as if he were the police. Maybe reconsider the driver since ordering delivery the only person you really deal with is the driver.

Review №64

Top of the list for real Chicago deep dish pizza. Lots of good ones around, but none better.

Review №65

My favorite Chicago pizza! And I love the Lous salad!!

Review №66

Best deep dish pizza ever. Since this is a take out only, we always buy it frozen and bake it at home. Don't forget their salads. Malnati's salad is the best and serves 4.

Review №67

Delicious pizza and huge! My order came fast and was piping hot even after delivery. I couldn't get enough! This was my first experience with this company and my God was it great.

Review №68

Pizza was not cooked nearly enough. I understand it was Superbowl Sunday and they were crowded but you cannot sacrifice quality.

Review №69

Absolutely amazing pizza ! Great customer service, and very nice delivery staff! I will be back for sure!

Review №70

Best pizza ever!

Review №71

One of the best deep dish pizza's around!

Review №72

Pizza is expensive!

Review №73

I would give it negative stars if I could. Love their food but every time we order something they always mess up the order. Wrong order, forgot my pizza, 2 hour delivery time, cold pizza. It's not that hard to provide good service.

Review №74

I love the new app! You can get your pizza exactly how you like it!

Review №75

Lou Malnati's always delivers (even when you pick up). Top quality ingredients and friendly service with the great crust you can nuke it two days later and it's still great. I have yet to have a bad experience.

Review №76

Reviews are not true, at least not today. The pizza was very salty and tasted like a frozen store pizza.. Not much flavor. Will not order from here again.

Review №77

I love the pizza from here! There is no seating at this location so pick up or delivery only. Sadly I'm just out of the delivery zone so need to pick up and on the weekend there is always a line.

Review №78

Good pizza quality

Review №79

You have to be a fan of that type of heavy pizza to find it enjoyable. I ate it and found it too much on so many levels.

Review №80

Take out only. Thick Chicago pizza with tasty fresh ingredients. Pizza ready when they say it will be snall large enough to satisfy two hungry adults.

Review №81

Just got done trying to call dominoes for delivery. After being hung up on TWICE and having a rude snotty girl pick up the phone and tell me it would be an hour and a half minimum before I could get a pizza, I decided to try Lou Malnatis in Bloomingdale. Phone was picked up after one ring, the greeter was happy and enthusiastic. Prices were a tad high, but hey, after a long week you just dont care. Have to compliment Lou Malnati's though, felt immediately valued. Strongly recommend this location.

Review №82

Can't beat the Chicago classic. Delicious! Service usually pretty quick. Pricey!

Review №83

The carry-out only stores have been hit or miss for me sometimes they're good. usually ok. rarely on time. The dine in store, even when getting carry-out, always seems to be much better.

Review №84

Absolutely magnificent!

Review №85

Takeout only. Good pizza.

Review №86

One of my favorite pizzas!

Review №87

Lou's! What more do you need to know?

Review №88

My favorite place for deep dish! Always delicious.

Review №89

Get the butter crust deep dish sausage! large. perfect

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Review №91

Really good service and always excellent pizza.

Review №92

This take-out/delivery. Lou's deep dish is best in Chicagoland. Can overlook any other shortcomings.

Review №93

The best pizza.

Review №94

Good food, really slow service

Review №95

Best pizza ever!!!. Especially the deep dish.mmmmmmmmmm

Review №96

Great pizza. Fast service!

Review №97

Best deep dish pizza

Review №98

The Pizza was good.

Review №99

They do not give you enough sauce on their pizza--and then CHARGE you for extra sauce! Go to a place like Giordano's or ANY other pizza place that does not charge for extra sauce as an added ingredient !

Review №100

Amazing pizza

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