Rosatis Pizza
272 Glen Ellyn Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
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I ordered these cheesy breadsticks on the doordash app from this Rosatis based on the picture below however the 2nd picture of the French bread with cheese is what I got. I called and girl on phone was horribly rude, said its the apps fault for posting a picture of something they don't sell and there is nothing they can do about it. I asked for my $5 back for the false advertising and they said no. Horrible customer service. Will never order from them again because of that rude girl. She doesn't belong working there.

Review №2

Pizza is always ready as promised and I love how much cheese you get when you ask for extra cheese!

Review №3

Sign says open till 11p, but ovens were shut off before 9:30p on a Saturday. Ended up leaving hungry... which is a big fail for a restaurant.

Review №4

Horrible!!! Sunday afternoon, store was super slow. Placed an order and was told to wait for 30 minutes (12” pizza 1 topping). Checked back in 35 minutes then was asked for another 15 minutes. Checked back in 15 minutes still was not ready! Why are still running the business if you can't do a basic service!! Extremely worst place!!!!

Review №5

Girl on the phone lacks customer skills, rude. Waited 1:15 minutes for one pizza, only 1/2 mile away. Pizza was cold & it was dropped, see pic. Really awful service for overpriced food. Waste of time & money at this place.

Review №6

Beefs were too small for the price compared to the rosatis in huntley

Review №7

A lot of the time our food is burnt. But when it isn't its pretty good. Very convenient and quick too.

Review №8

Very very friendly, and great job on the food as well

Review №9

Amazing pizza and wonderful staff. Ordered twice and both times the pizza was mouthwatering. Couldn't stop eating.

Review №10

Very poorly prepared... Sad use to be my favorite location.

Review №11

Good wings & nice people

Review №12

This spot is great! Good rates, big portions and the staff members are consistently very welcoming.

Review №13

Pizza was burnt and NO ONE PREPARING FOOD WAS WEARING A MASK. When asked why not, the staff mentioned that is was not required.

Review №14

Rosatis has amazing pizza, but they are very expensive and the staff can be rude at times

Review №15

Good foods

Review №16

Other Rosati's have better pizza. Including toppings pizza was thinner than the cardboard box it came in.

Review №17

Their double dough pizza it's amazing, that plus great service so 2 thumbs up

Review №18

Great pizza

Review №19

Last night ordered pizza online and they said it would be ready in 30 minutes. I ended up waiting for the pizza 10 minutes extra after I got there. When pizza was done, I asked for crushed red pepper and Parmesan cheese and the cashier said they ran out. Let me get this straight, it's Saturday night and you don't have essential toppings for a pizza?! Do you think a hot dog store should ever run out of ketchup or mustard? No apologies whatsoever. Extremely disappointed with this place.

Review №20

Services bad cold pizza. 1hour and 1/2 wait after being told 45min to a hour. I am 5min away so I really dont understand . Why my pizza was cold.

Review №21

Always friendly and delivered hot

Review №22

My wife order at this location for the first time over ph as this was a location en route and our order was for 5pm to be ready and we got here at 5:01pm and come to find out it was not ready nor didn't even apologize for the error by them. I would stay away and be warned!

Review №23

Great staff, Really Great Food.

Review №24

Rosaries pizza are hit or miss from one location to another. This location is pretty good. They will cook the pizza the way you like it. The taste is just fine.

Review №25

Great pizza, friendly staff

Review №26

I stopped by Rosati's in Bloomingdale. Their salad is unlike any other place. Ingredients always freshly made. Store was well decorated for the holiday season and very well maintained. Their manager Roman is always beyond helpful.

Review №27

Great Chicago pizza, sauce. This pizza never disappoints.

Review №28

As usual, very good thin crust

Review №29

Unhygienic food ! Just look at the kitchen and you will throw up!! Do not recommend this place to anyone.

Review №30

Excellent pizza, always on time, easy access

Review №31

Great thin crust pizza.

Review №32

Ordered 3 large pizzas and arrived 30 minutes later to pick up as instructed. They forgot to cook the 3rd pizxa. No manager, nobody in charge, nobody to claim any responsibility. Told that it would take 35 minutes for the 3rd pizza.because they had other pizzas in line. No discount, no excuse, no recourse other than they have lost a good customer for ever.

Review №33

Not bad food but service was poor due to very, very long wait (more than an hour for one pizza?).. They need more staff or this business will lose customers...

Review №34

Went recently to give it a shot - save yourself the headache and just don't. First it took us repeating our order about 10 times on the phone for them to understand wanted simply 2 cheese pizzas. Then when we got there, they thought we had paid when we had not. We are good, honest people so we said "no, we haven't paid yet." and were ready to pay. This is when it got interesting.We had a coupon for my wifes birthday from them for a free cheese pizza. Great! Until we tried to use the coupon - the owner himself said we couldn't use the coupon unless it was on the day of her birthday (despite her getting the coupon and it having an expiration date a few weeks after her birthday). He fought with her for a good 10 minutes over her inability to use the coupon. We had to explain to the owner of the business that we could have simply agreed with the girl at the counter who thought we had paid, but we didn't because we're good honest people - it was only then that even after more back and forth he decided to allow us to use the birthday coupon. He also said "Well, it will be another 15 minutes! You'll have to wait." So two cheese pizzas took almost 1 hour to make here - unacceptable.In the meantime, the people in the back (including the owner) were throwing food around, tossing it up and catching it in their mouths and such. It was absolutely a health risk and unacceptable as well.We won't be back, ever.

Review №35

Pretty good. Not even comparable to Giordano's, but still good Chicago style pizza

Review №36

Ordered two pizzas and chicken wings for a night with friends. There were 6 people and we ate only rosatis food. Gues what happened later... 6 people had diarrhea and stomach problems. I don't know what they are adding to their food but can break anyone. Oh my God

Review №37

Tried thru Groupon and it was great. Very good pizza!

Review №38

Great for a late night pizza or last minute dinner idea. Delivery usually takes a full hour or so. But it's always hot when it arrives!

Review №39

We've ordered pizza from this location roughly once a week for probably 10 years, and we've had them cater three big parties. The pizza is hot and delicious; they NEVER mess up the order, they are on time and courteous and take cash or credit. Can't miss! Try the pepperoni, Canadian bacon and mushrooms! Very friendly service, crews alswaome. Bloomingdale rosati A+

Review №40

Have been getting pizza from them since they opened up, and it's my favorite thin crust pizza around. Always fresh and piping hot with a perfect crust. Love it

Review №41

Been ordering from them for quite awhile and never had a problem until today... Ordered pizza n chopped salad.... Hour and a half later I received my pizza and the wrong salad.... Called n girl said they'll make it n send it rite over.... Hour and a half later still no salad... Called again another girl tells me it was never made and do I just want a credit?! UM NO I want what I ORDERED! So she said they'll send it rite over..... 30 mins later n still no salad.... So have been waiting to eat for 3.5 hours.... Disgusted and they've lost a customer.

Review №42

Horrible place. They always forget to bring the pop and also they have the worst horrible customer service. Don't get me wrong pizza good sucks for the cooks they gotta deal w the unprofessional managers and the rest of the idiots staff dumb mfs hYan or w.e his name is

Review №43

Fantastic pizza and enough to feed the troops

Review №44

Had a very large order for pizzas for a party, it would be nice if they would answer the phone at least one time out of the 30 times I called them. Terrible, never giving them another chance. And yes it was during your operating hours,

Review №45

Roman has great customer service and the food is always ready ontime and delicious!!

Review №46

Ordered from here multiple times and have been disappointed, topping are minimal to say the least and small peices. Cheese is not distributed close enough to the edge of the crust.

Review №47

Don't deliver less that a mile away and don't call you until an hour after you place your order to tell you that. Terrible customer service

Review №48

I unfortunately had to cancel my order but the customer service was very good and the people were understanding even though they had literally just finished making it

Review №49

This Rosatis is TERRIBLE!!!! The service from their staff is disrespectful. Karlee or Carlee ( not sure how to speed her name) was completely rude on the phone. I called to order a 6 piece wing and small pepperoni pizza, I have a " happy birthday offer " that rewards me with a small thin crust cheese pizza with a $15 minimum purchase... karlee or carlee told me to hold on a second. 3 minutes later she tells me the manager doesn't accept this. This coupon was sent to me from THEIR location ...I can only use it at their location so with confusion I asked to speak with the manager, she proceeded to tell me that the manager was not there and that she called him. So I asked if she could call to double check since it was from their location... Karlee or carlee said " we don't want your service" so I deceived toJust drive there it was 10:35 and they said they wouldn't make us any pizza and that they closedAt 10:30 ..... the door says that they close at 11pm and the door is still unlocked...I say okay and I askedTo purchase a soda and they not spend ur hard earned money here with service like this... there is a Rosatis in Elk Grove that is much faster kinder and reliable.

Review №50

The pizza was good the people are friendly they offer some really good coupons if you can get ahold of one if you buy an extra large pizza get a small one free if I could get another one of those coupons I would definitely be back whole lot more

Review №51

New Owners, New Location. Awesome food. Pizza was fantastic. Customer Service was outstanding! Highly Recommend this place!

Review №52

I have been going here for years and it still is the BEST Rosati pizza place around!! Not only is their pizza delicious but they have a variety of food items on their menu. My kids and I order from here at least once a week. We drive far just for their rosati pizza. Management and the staff have always been pleasant and the atmosphere is great. If you haven't been here you must try it! Bloomingdale rosati is Great.

Review №53

Great pizza and always amazing !! Roman also always takes care of you ! Great service !

Review №54

Horrible horrible horrible! This place is just the worst, starting with the rude girl answering the phones, the fact that they are ALWAYS out of something. One week they were out if wings & calamari, this week they were out of sausage! My husband went to pick up two medium pizzas after 25 minutes. When he got there the girl at the counter said dude (yes dude) they didn't even put your pizzas in yet then told him it would be another 15 to 20 minutes he said fine I'll wait,after 40 minutes,he went to the counter only to see that his pizzas had never been put in the oven. He asked for his money back and left we will never go there again it is the worst service the worst food don't waste your time! RUDE

Review №55

This is the best Rosati's Pizza I've ever been to. Their customer service is excellent and the food is always delicious.

Review №56

First time i ordered from this place. The caller took my order(lady) tells me it would be done in 40 min. I get there on time. Than i see a bag get placed in the warmer area. Not realizing it's my food i get up and ask where is my food after waiting an extra 30 min. The food placed in the warmer area is mine. They didn't even aplogize. I ate a cold pizza and fries. Next is Rosati's on Google say's they close at 1am it's 12:15am so im ready to order and they tell me there closed. Please change your times!!!!

Review №57

Order a pizza. Delivery was unpleasantly late and the pizza had been DROPPED! Called to have the bad service rectified and conveniently, the manager wasn't there! Worse customer service ever!

Review №58

Bad customer service and the pizza is cool, people dont speak english so you can understand what they saying, they close the place too early but the girl that works there told me that she was making the pizza, i went there to pick up my pizza and was already cloose

Review №59

8/29/2015 Order #161 Today I placed an order that included a Panzarotti with Sausage and Spinach .The one I had a like two weeks ago had a beautiful bread like crust with a lawyer of sauce cheese sausage and spinach that were all layered and stuffed and cooked to perfection. Todays was nothing like that. The crust so thin like a finger nail except where it was rolled around the edges. I am amazed it came out of the fryer in one piece cause it flopped just trying to remove from the box. It was a soggey mess of cheese... little spinach and watery sauce with a paper thing crust that absorbed all it could. Had I gotten this the first time I would have never re ordered. I don't complain usually and write it off... but todays food quality deserved a complaint. I asked if there was a manager on duty and was told yes. However the phone girl returned on to ask of my problem . Had to repeat my name and order a few times and then she disconnected. I'm not looking for free food but some consideration and customer satisfaction would of been nice. I waited long enough for a return call after all I repeated my name and number multiple times and nothing. I think no direct response from the manager pretty much explains how much they care ... so reguardless of the rest of the order being ok ... for your lack of concern on customer satisfaction I think I'll take my business else where.

Review №60

Pizza is grate and the best costumer service!!

Review №61

2nd time orderding from here and still not sure why it is so confusing to order with Rosatis on glen ellyn rd. Also, 1st time i ordered the pizza was not what i had asked for, the second pizza i ordered was a pepperoni pan pizza, and what i tried to eat did not taste like pizza, more of a play dough material for kids.

Review №62

Great pizza and wings !! Roman gives great service as well !!!

Review №63

Great pizza as always. Glad there is still a Rosati's in Bdale

Review №64

It's a hit or miss! Order pizza in the evenings!!

Review №65

All I know, I ordered Italian beef sandwich and it was the worst sandwich I have ever had.

Review №66

I don't understand why the pizza tastes so bad. None of the recipes taste even close to the old Rosati's on lake. The clams, lasagna, and pizza excuse the language sucks. What happened???? I heard the chef isn't not there anymore.

Review №67

Best pizza around!!

Review №68

Pizza no taste!

Review №69

Great pizza with a perfect thin crust, and quality ingredients

Review №70

This place be on straight bullshit racsist af

Review №71

Great pizza. Terrible customer service.

Review №72

Good stuff

Review №73

Always delicious

Review №74

Great food, very reasonable price, very nice people. Thank you!

Review №75

Pizza rocks!!!

Review №76


Review №77

Fast service

Review №78

Great food

Review №79

Very good but has gotten expensive

Review №80

Bomb ass pizza!

Review №81

Pizza good.a little expensive

Review №82

Terrible pasta sauce it was super liquidityThe deserts are awful the connoils were soggyWould not recommend.

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