Sportys Restaurant & Catering
448 W Army Trail Rd #1327, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

Fantastic spot to have some food when in a hurry. Their service is efficient, pricing is affordable, fantastic atmosphere. I highly recommend this place

Review №2

Food is really amazing and I really loved the gyro. It was well cooked and flavored. Also, the ambience was lively and interesting. Service was also very good and fast.

Review №3

Awesome daily specials, and great regular menu items to choose from. Rocco and his wife (owners) have really embarrassed the first responder community and made customers feel like regulars on there first visit. They have a wonderful outdoor eating area. Maybe I'll see ya there.

Review №4

I dine in this lovely spot from time to time! This is my favorite place to pass a nice evening. I visit this spot many times. The food is very tasty, the staff is professional and the prices are fair. I enjoy eating in this restaurant to have a nice meal.

Review №5

Perfect quick stop for a lunch break! Diverse selection on the menu. The decor is killer if you love Chicago & sports! Great staff following in Rocko's ( the proprietor) footsteps! He came out and engaged several of the customers and was very kind and hospitable. We actually did a mini photo shoot w/ some of the menu offerings so that I would have pictures to post here! Class act operation!p.s. Doesn't hurt that the food is DELICIOUS! Cheeseburger special w/ pepper jack! Don't forget to crush a couple of brownies!

Review №6

So glad they made the decision to stay open. Great food. Milkshakes are delicious.

Review №7

Fantastic food! Clean, Covit Friendly. Don't pass it up without stopping in for a quality sandwich!

Review №8

By far the worst Italian beef sandwich in Chicagoland! Beyond bland! No spices used in the meat the day I had my last one there! Couldn't tell if it was actually beef that I was eating because it reminded me of the horse meat that I had eaten in France. The patty melt was as tasteless as the so called Italian beef. By the way, wear your masks while you work in this restaurant!

Review №9

Very good food. Very nice people the owner is very friendly and comes out and talks to you everything is great definitely recommend the spicy chicken sandwich with coleslaw and pickle you will thank me later I promise.

Review №10

Food was good. Although every single employee had the mask halfway down. 2 had no mask at all. If your nose is out then it won't work. Smdh

Review №11

Not following safety precautions as advertised on their front door and by the state. This woman was handing out orders as they came out of the kitchen. She was opening each back, looking inside and then closing them back up without a mask. The cashier also was not wearing a mask though they did have a plexiglass shield.Their front door contradicts their own employee's behaviors.

Review №12

Excellent food and wonderful service. I appreciate guys. I eat out a lot because I travel for work and this was refreshing. Everyone was awesome.

Review №13

Tuesday is $2 Chicago hot dog day. Their dogs are incredibly delicious. I wish I had eaten two! The decor is all sports with murals on every wall. Their chocolate milk sakes were delicios too. Bathrooms were clean and well stocked. Parking in front of the restaurant and handicap accessible.

Review №14

Always greeted with a smile and never disappointed with their menu! The owner missed his calling. He should be in a rock band because he's a ROCKSTAR! Keep up the great work. Team MexPol in the white Jeep!

Review №15

Returned to the area and found Sporty's again. Good fast food and I love their hot dogs! Now patio (parking lot) alfresco dining!

Review №16

Great steak sliders. Very friendly staff

Review №17

Dropped by this place for a beef and wasn't disappointed. Just the right amount of dip and the fresh cut fries were also excellent. The owner was greeting everyone sitting down for lunch. Excellent service.Took some tenders to go which were fluffy and delicate. Give this place a shot!

Review №18

Amazing food and excellent customer service!!! The patty melt was delicious, the chicken nuggets were awesome and we could not leave without taking home a 14 inch sausage and cheese pizza.The owner came out to our table and made my family feel at home, I highly recommend it!!!!

Review №19

I absolutely love sportys and their food is great but the cashier is kinda rude. She gave smart remarks to the guy in front of me and then when I asked for a specific type of sauce it seemed to be an issue for her. The rest of their staff is wonderful though

Review №20

Awesome and yummy food, I loved the mood the place has, and the employees were kind. Will surely visit here when I'm around.

Review №21

Great food.!! Awesome friendly owner.

Review №22

There Italian Beef was really really good. I would definitely go back there again

Review №23

Great place for food, Lunch or Dinner to take home

Review №24

Amazing customer service! Food was delicious and owner of that place gave us some free ice cream! Thank you

Review №25

Extremely disappointed! We thought we would try a new place so we went to sportys. We got an Italian ice that looked like a sample size. It's about 3oz for $2. We also got 2 gyros with no tzatziki on them but they charged $1 for sauce because they put it on the side! By the way that is not tzatziki sauce, it taste like sour cream with a weird sour flavor. Absolutely disgusting. Avoid this place at all cost. Instead I recommend going to Charkies that is just 3 min away! I was so disappointed I had to drive to Charkies for a gyro and they did not disappoint.

Review №26

We have been ordering from Sportys for many years. Just had my sons HS graduation party catered from Sportys and the chicken tenders were bad. NOBODY, not even the kids liked them. They was not much chicken inside and it was doughy and mushy inside the outer thin layer. Very disappointed and we will not be ordering from them again. (Order #1426696)

Review №27

The gyros are a must try. They also have good canoli

Review №28

They have very good food here I come here often I never had a bad meal you should try the spicy chicken sandwich and a cannoli shake in the whole staff there is excellent professionals.

Review №29

This spot is my favorite. I visit many restaurants but to this restaurant I keep coming back again and again. The crew is very helpful and the cuisine they place on your table is so flavorful. I would always prefer to have a decent dinner in this place. I highly recommend this place.

Review №30

Great food. Owener Rocco is so personable. Love it.

Review №31

I admire this restaurant very much. It has a very special ambiance. The food is wonderful. the service is effective and the crew is trained. The cost is fair. deeply recommend.

Review №32

Awesome food, with quick online ordering available.

Review №33

Good fast food restaurant.

Review №34

They have very good food here I come here often I never had a bad meal you should try the spicy chicken sandwich and a cannoli shake in the whole staff there is excellent professionals.

Review №35

The grilled chicken sandwich with coleslaw and pickles was incredibly delicious. Grab extra napkins if you order it! Looked like a clean place with a great selection. Will definitely go back when in the area.

Review №36

Cozy atmosphere and food was delicious . Somewhat pricey with small portions. However I will come back!

Review №37

From the first moment you arrive in that restaurant the personel give you a good feeling. Very comfortable team, it is a kind restaurant to hang out with friends and colleagues or with your date. delightful cuisine, professional chef, decent price and courteous service. Highly recommended.

Review №38

Awesome place, fantastic food, and the owner is a joy to be around. Very friendly staff as well.

Review №39

Love the chicken tenders, the batter is light and crispy, the meat is breast and it is moist, delicious.

Review №40

I have seen this restaurant for forever. I live right down the road but my sister recommended it and I could not be happier. The staff is unbelievable and the owner is always there with a smile. They have wonderful daily specials and their portions are outstanding. The fresh cut french fries are phenomenal! I highly recommend it.

Review №41

Would absolutely recommend visiting this place. Fantastic vibes, fresh dishes, excellent customer service. Keep up the good work.

Review №42

Told my friend to get the Ultimate Steak Sandwich. He did not so I cut him a slice of mine to try... well? Lesson in short, try the Ultimate Steak Sandwich!

Review №43

Love this place. Fabulous food and lovely staff. We use this place for catering but they also have a restaurant that is very good.

Review №44

Great food consistently. Your missing out. Excellent chicken tenders they call them famous for a reason. Everything on the menu is on point

Review №45

They were extremely efficient and friendly. For an all you can eat sushi joint I was not expecting to be blown away

Review №46

Gotta love Sporty's!! Food is delicious and the owner is a fantastic man to chat with. Always a happy customer!

Review №47


Review №48

This restaurant is my favorite restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this restaurant. everytime I I need a proper lunchon, this restaurant comes immediately to my head. fresh and all kinds of food and a rich cuisine.well mannered team, and pleasant ambience. Also, the cost is fair. I recommend this place with no hesitation.

Review №49

I had the pepper and egg sandwich on Good Friday I added cheese and tomatoes and it was outstanding it was so good I had to order another one.

Review №50

There food is so fresh and good. It seems like nothing is frozen. Great shakes too. Very affordable too!

Review №51

Love this place! Great food regardless what you order. Thought it was kewl they have a few different keto bowls on the menu. I had the cheeseburger bowl. It was really good. Burgers were seasoned just rite.

Review №52

We recently used Sporty's to cater a baby shower. We ordered their chicken tenders, Italian beef, baked penne and fruit salad. People raved about it all. We ordered 30 servings - only had 25 people attend - but had so much left over - they are very generous with the quantity. Everything was hot and delicious. We recommend highly - thank you Sporty's!

Review №53

Owner makes it a point to interact with his customers. Reflects what kind of service and food found here. Always good food, fast service and clean. A good place for families, too.

Review №54

Easily the best chicken tenders Ive ever had! The canolis are awesome too!

Review №55

Had the Gyros sandwich there today and it was excellent.Good fries

Review №56

No complaints about the food but every time I call to place an order for delivery to my work which mind you is around the corner from them they can never deliver don't advertise that you deliver if you don't

Review №57

Incredible food at an incredible price. This place has the best chicken tenders me and 2 friends had ever had, and they were large enough to almost be a meal for two at an extremely low price (I believe about $8). The burgers, gyros, and steak sandwiches are also incredible. Very highly recommend!

Review №58

The one star is solely based on experience, didn't eat here except have a drink of coke, and that is because I ordered a veggie burger, instead I got their "Breakfast Burger." So I went up to the cashier, who was an old man (so a hearing issue may be to blame) and I said this is not what I ordered. He replied, "That is what you ordered." (Seems he doesn't follow "the customer is always right" rule) Then I said "You heard wrong," then I asked for a refund and instead he offered to quickly make the veggie burger. Which I would still need some credit back to my card since the veggie is cheaper than the breakfast burger, but anyways I ended up walking out, with no refund and no burger. So what should be taken away from this is that the cashier should repeat the order so there is no confusion, give a refund if a customer asks for it, and that the customer is always right. I mean I'm a vegetarian and your telling me I ordered the breakfast burger? You know for sure that's what you heard?

Review №59

Every part of this place makes the experience better. From the owner walking around making sure everything is going well, to all the other staff making your food, and taking your order. The food is fantastic and only rivaled by the amazing service you will get. If you are looking for a quick place to stop come here, you wont regret it.

Review №60

I have used Sporty's catering for numerous events and it is always a huge hit! The party packages are the perfect amount of food (plenty of delicious leftovers) and the famous tenders always go fast! I have ordered everything from the pasta to the Torta party sub...all delicious. Highly recommend for all of your catering needs!

Review №61

I have been going here with my friends and family since they opened! The food and service is awesome!

Review №62

Good tasting food.

Review №63

Always delish! Pepper & eggs sammie for lent, yum!

Review №64

Great and delightful food, I love the character the spot has, and the cashiers were kind. Will surely come back again.

Review №65

The customer service is regularly quick, good atmosphere, very kind employees. Will return again when I arrive nearby.

Review №66

The food is totally different than anything I've ever experienced before. The preparation, presentation, and combinations were incredible.

Review №67

They don't respect their customers & Uber Drivers. There is a man with a pony tail, who tends to be disrespectful. As a service business, please serve your customers kindly. Even Uber Drivers are your customers - so what if at a certain time, they come to pick up delivery. Don't lose your respect over little things as plastic bags. Uber Drivers work really hard in all kinds of weather and in risky driving conditions day & night to provide for their families. Please be considerate.

Review №68

Excellent food! Excellent staff! They never screw up my order. Portillo's does.

Review №69

We passed by several times and decided to stop in today. Gyro was almost too big to hold! Delicious and the burger was large, fresh and tasty. Fries are perfect! I think this is our new "go to" place.

Review №70

I used to have chicken here back when it was strictly a catering company and it was delicious. I went to the restaurant and took a friend there telling him how delicious the chicken was and we were both extremely disappointed. The chicken was soggy and there was more fried batter than chicken! I sampled the gyro bowl and was also extremely disappointed. The gyro meat was tasteless and came with a side of what seemed like straight yogurt. I will not be returning.

Review №71

Fresh food great tasting we were all very satisfied and there was food for our guests to take home it was great. Customer Svc. at pick up were also very pleasant to work with. Thank You a MILLION times for everything from start to finish

Review №72

Sporty's was a nice surprise. I actually had one of the better burgers I have had in quite some time. Their fries were delicious. Everyone in our group got something different, including hot dogs and salads and everyone was happy. The owner/manager personally came out and asked us how our food was, and just seemed genuinely interested in our experience. We will definitely be back. Great place for families too!

Review №73

Great food and reasonably priced

Review №74

Every time I go here I leave happier than when I arrived. The food is fantastic especially the steak. I really like the Keto options. It's great to see those kinds of options. A big factor is the attention the owner pays to ALL of his customers. Definite recommendation to everyone if you're in the area.

Review №75

Chopped salad, sausage, fries and hot dogs were good. I'm salt sensitive so beef was too salty for me. I tried their world famous chicken strips. They were ok. Ice cream is soft serve. Nothing extraordinary. Friendly owner. Staff I think may be family as well, but not very friendly. All in all, 3 to 4, but not a 5.

Review №76

Great food fantastic staff great place!!

Review №77

Hotdog Tuesday. Worth the wait for a $1.50 Chicago Dog. Fresh ingredients in all of the wraps, hotdogs, and sandwiches. Sweet potato fries were pretty good too as they were not like rocks or too soggy like other places.

Review №78

Great food and prices. Take out or eat in. Nothing fancy but clean

Review №79

Only ok. Italian beef a little on the salty side. A bit pricey too.

Review №80

1st time here.. Phenomenal!! Great food! Great customer service! That pot roast sandwich, mmmm grilled onion not too much just right! And the hot dog, and chicken tenders... Perfect! Homemade French fries!! Doesn't get better than that!! Great job everyone! Definitely coming back!

Review №81

Awesome lunch spot, highly recommended. Just started visiting and really have enjoyed the good so far. Service is fairly quick, it does get busy away lunch, but the try hard to get your order and your food done quick. The owner has been there every time I've been there and walks around a bit greeting customers and making sure people are happy.

Review №82

Best ever steak sliders

Review №83

Great American fast food with Italian influence. The owner is a real swell guy with true passion for his craft. Stop by and try a burger or a dog. They're delicious and the prices are just right.

Review №84

Wish I could give them more stars! Always friendly staff and the food is to die for.

Review №85

I always can go for thier chicken tenders

Review №86

Great variety of food. High quality.

Review №87

First time there. Rocko was warm and greeting helped us make some selections and gave us a order of chicken fingers I thought they were just as good or better than the Village Tavern. Very warm and welcoming environment. Pretty extensive menu with something for everyone daily special'sCatering also availableDefinitely will be back

Review №88

Delicious gyros. Chicken is delicious. Cashiers seem like they really don't want to work there, but owners are really nice.

Review №89

I just officially had my first experience on Tuesday here. They have great deals on food, delicious quality food options, and exceptional customer service. It's a great place to go

Review №90

This place has great food fresh and made to order, I have tried almost everything on the menu and have never been disappointed. Rocco is THE MAN and runs a great business! Thanks guys, I'll be back soon!-Mike B

Review №91

The uber eats driver never showed up and the app confirmed the food was deliver. I called sportys and no help. Never again for either. Horrible experience.

Review №92

Great food! Check out the daily specials during the week, quick pick up for a fast food dinner that's not a crummy chain McRestaurant

Review №93

Excellent food. Been living in area many years just recently visited for first time, I regret it....EXCELLENT FOOD. But the customer service was even better...owner Rocco-superb presentation. I have since been back weekly.

Review №94

Very friendly staff and owner getting folks, always appreciated. The steak burgers were very good too

Review №95

The Best Food Around!! The owners, Rocco and his wife are the greatest plus they have a fantastic crew.

Review №96

First time coming here and i really enjoyed the food. They've got a keto menu which is good because I'm doing the keto diet. Definitely will be coming back!!!

Review №97

Excellent Food...Excellent Service...Excellent Owners.. Thank you, Joey

Review №98

I LOVE THEIR CHICKEN TENDERS!! Always juicy and tender!!

Review №99

We have used Sporty's a couple times for catering with different types of food from their menu. The food has been excellent both times. Many of our guests even commented how good the food was. So much so that a relative is planning on using Sporty's to cater a business function where she works. Their delivery of the food was efficient and unobtrusive, since guests had already begun arriving and they were right on time. We will definitely use them again in the future.

Review №100

Good location. Spacious and nice interior. Food was good and service was fast.

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  • Address:448 W Army Trail Rd #1327, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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