Applebees Grill Bar
22916 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
Review №1

While we didn't have a good experience with our server, Marisol was an incredible leader and business owner! She was able to address our concerns quickly and took care of us swiftly! Thank you Marisol for turning our negative experience around into a great experience! Marisol is the reason we will be back! Such an amazing leader and person! Truly an asset to the Applebee's restaurant in Bothell!Thank you again! We will be back because of Marisol!

Review №2

Stopped by to grab a bite and have a beer with two of my friends. Ashley was our pilot in the bar. Very pleasant experience. She was very welcoming and also a pro in her job. Food was delicious and preped within minutes.

Review №3

We always order the 2 for 20 meal and get the 6oz steaks. We like them medium rare, most of the time it comes out delicious, one time it was too overcooked as were the mashed potatoes. But tonight everything was cooked perfectly and we couldn't have been happier with the food, the house salad was really tasty too and my grandma loved their vinaigrette dressing. So usually it is reliable good food.

Review №4

The Manager of the Bothell chain greeted me at my car upon announcing my arrival.As he handed me the food I ordered he greeted me with, "Thank you, for your service!" After blushing a bit and pulling myself together. "You're Welcome!" bursted out from beyond my lips. I've been out for over a decade and I had never responded to that! (compliment?)I'll say it here, "Thank you, my local Applebee's for your awesome support!"I kind of felt important more or less and I hadn't in awhile.Quick history: I joined the military at 18. I'm 35, just turned! Served for 8 years. Honorably discharged in 2012. Recently (01/2020) diagnosed PTSD and developed ulcerative colitis.

Review №5

Got better than the first time I went few years back. Came back only for using some gift cards. Decent food but nothing special.

Review №6

We decided to drop by and take a short and enjoyed their food. It was great experience so far.

Review №7

Great place for family outings and half price appetizers from 3-6pm & 9-closing. Always great service and delicious meals.

Review №8

Seemed different with limited seating. The menu was also a little limited. Good food and fast friendly service, no wait for a table.

Review №9

Excellent service but the food quality is not consistent. Sometimes the bourbon street chicken & shrimp is delicious but the last time was way overcooked and way over-spiced. Other dishes are the same. Otherwise, they are more good than bad! The margaritas are delicious!

Review №10

Great service, good prices. Salads are awesome.

Review №11

Ya know the food was ok the appetizers were half off it was late though. And the waiter who was closing was the warmest dud I ever met very kind, and I dont usually see that.

Review №12

Mike M. was the best and most personable server I've ever encountered, and that's not to be taken lightly. Applebees is extremely lucky to have a team member like him. The shrimp caesar salad was good but I'll be coming back to this particular location specifically to see Mike. 10/10!

Review №13

Good place for late night munchies. Order out was fast and friendly, staff was polite/

Review №14

Prices were surprisingly good. Better yet the food was amazing! Everything tasted really good and we had an appetizer plate with a little bit of everything. Service was pretty good though they got really busy.

Review №15

Michael M. was our waiter. Very friendly and courteous. Food was hot and delicious.

Review №16

Great food and we just LOVE our server Alex! Always friendly and goes the extra mile for his customers!!!

Review №17

I call because I put a doordash order in it does not let me put any dipping sauce for our fries so I call and ask and they had the worst customer service the lady couldn't understand anything I was saying she puts me on hold comes back asks me to stay at all over again so I explain and then she just says okay no problem thank you and hangs up the phone and didn't even ask what I wanted horrible service

Review №18

Delicious food. Wonderful waitress. Only regret is that there are so many TVs in the dining area. Fine in the bar but very distracting in areas where you are meant to talk. My friend was unable to carry on a conversation so we left earlier than if no TVs.

Review №19

I visit at least once a month for a bite and a drink it's friendly, prices are good, Also great place to watch a Seahawks game. People here are nice. I recommend it's. A good restaurant visit. Stop Bye, I just might be there?

Review №20

I picked up at curbside. The order was ready at the time they said it would be. Very tasty oriental chicken salad wrap.

Review №21

The food and service were great.

Review №22

Great food! Great service!

Review №23

Been coming here for year and still love their food here. Not to mention they have some amazing deal here too. Plus Im a big fan of their desserts.

Review №24

Ordered steak medium rare got medium.

Review №25

I ordered through door dash because I was at work and can't leave the front desk. Door dash forgot my drink so I called over to Applebee's and Jadie offered to walk it over to me since she was getting off of work. That is one amazing employee right there thank you so much jadie. And I will definitely be back to the restaurant more often.

Review №26

Had a brandy, coffee and plain cream (2 of them) and was charged for B52 coffees. Totally wrong. And our server kind of ignored us. Won't be coming back

Review №27

Yummy food! Fast friendly staff. Clean place. Thanks!

Review №28

Food was alright. Quinoa rice was not good at all. Waiter barely visited us and refilled drinks. However, Mike, who delivered our food, made conversation, and was genuinely friendly, was absolutely amazing! 10 stars for him!Visited 2-13-2020 @ 5pm.

Review №29

Applebee's has great burgers, and possibly the best fries anywhere! Been to the Bothell location several times recently. The service has been excellent and the food perfect.

Review №30

Bad experience last night. Never received my silverware, my appetizer (chicken wings) arrived with barely any bbq sauce on them but silverware never came to the table even after asking multiple times. Our main dishes arrived to the table before any silverware and by the time silverware arrived the food was cold because apparantly the waiters was not informed they didn't had any silverware anymore. On top of all of this, my "4 cheese " mac & cheese tasted like they were anything but cheesy instead some milky/butter flavor to them. Not coming here again.

Review №31

Perfect for when you're too drunk or too tired to microwave your own dinner.Don't expect anything more than fast food on a plate, but the beer is cheap and they're open late so you can't complain too much.

Review №32

The food is amazing the only thing I didn't really like is that they don't sing you happy birthday while bring out the birthday shooter (desert)

Review №33

The food is pretty good.

Review №34

Come on its Applebee's 2 for $22 what can you expect?

Review №35

Food was great. Our server seemed like he had too many tables to handle. Also a bit forgetful.

Review №36

Kayla was the bartender tonight and with the ticket system on the fritz, this lady was RUNNING. Cracking jokes, greeting customers by name, multi-tasking numerous bar customers and tables all at once.....holy smokes!!!!! Her manager was running tables, seamlessly working with her to manage the crowd of people that were there tonight while she managed the on-the-fritz ticket system and other waitresses.Having been a bartender in the past, I was seriously impressed with the service tonight and just cannot praise Kayla enough!!!!Last but not least, i recommend the Prime Rib Pasta. It is LITERALLY the BEST dish ever. Period. I think tonight was my 5th straight visit for it.

Review №37

Overpriced, boring, regurgitated recipes. Staff turnover is high and employees have ecome inattentive. Food overcooked, and sometimes badly prepared. I used to enjoy this establishment. I just dont choose to go there anymore. Family tables are good, but bar is noisy and loud.

Review №38

Hands down never visiting this Applebee's again and probably not visiting Applebee's anytime soon. Food was pretty terrible. Steak tasted like it was made of rubber. Everything seemed to be seasoned and cooked in pepper. Slow service and kept forgetting things in our order.

Review №39

Love the triple chocolate meltdown and the custom pink sauce pasta they do for us.

Review №40

Fast service... consistent food. Our server Steve was excellent. We appreciate real people. Thank you!

Review №41

Steve our server was outgoing and all around wonderful. Steve Helped us through our orders and made us laugh, he's more than a server he's our friend. Thank you Steve he deserves a raise papa bless.

Review №42

2 of the 3 dishes we ordered were horrible. 4 cheese had a bad aftertaste, Green beans were not fully cooked on the steak meal. Service was lackluster. Likely won't be back to this establishment again.

Review №43

Good food wait time not bad waitress very pleasant.

Review №44

Delicious salad...first time used where they bring your food to your car. Not a fan, but like the concept.

Review №45

The host (Israel) made us feel at home when he welcomed us and gave us a nice booth.He's get friendly and courteous.Holly was our server and she's awesome.The manager must be doing something right to have such nice servers.The Manager Scott came to see us at the table and bought us dessert as we were celebrating.The food was delicious and my steak was cooked perfect.Wow! This is our favorite place.Thans again Scott

Review №46

Normally get the best service in the bar but this time service was so so. Food was okay it's what I expected fit the bill filled the belly and took care of me and my significant other. I will say come at happy time hours and get a better deal for the food and drinks.

Review №47

Our waiter Claude was great! The food was wonderful. I had the riblet platter, they had a small portion or large portion, and I had the small portion but still need a to go box and or was very good. My 21 year old Son loved the Shrimp steak platter and he said it was very good too. Oh and if you haven't tried the Wonton mini taco appetizers the are amazing but spicy, I can only eat one. Thanks to my sweet Dad for the Apple Bees birthday gift cards!!!

Review №48

We had lunch yesterday at the bar, our bartender (I believe her name is Andi) was awesome!

Review №49

Pleasantly surprised with how good our food was. I had the cedar lemon chicken on cranberry rice which was absolutely delicious. My husband enjoyed the broccoli chicken Alfredo. We ordered a bottle of Chateau St Michelle wine which is always good and was about $10 less than other restaurants. Service was friendly and responsive.

Review №50

Good selection, but medoicre as usual. Clam chowder tasted canned, caesar salad was mediocre. Clud sandwich was giod but the fries, mediocre.

Review №51

Service was excellent and the bartender made really good drinks!

Review №52

Iced tea was horrible. Semi warm food. Went there to celebrate my parents bd's..Not up to their usual standards at all. Waitress no help in resolving any issues.. Disappointed..

Review №53

Older Applebees, decent staff, decent food.

Review №54

Tonight was kind of a miss for a few restaurants. After coming from a complete failure, my three top landed at applebees. So why the 3*s? The service failed us greatly. We're seated with no flatware. Served one app at a time, we ordered 2 it was late in the evening and there were 10 tables covered by 3 servers and a bartender. Didn't get flatware until after we ran out of drinks, finished a whole app, and hunted down the waiter cause he seemed to be avoiding his section the whole time. Then when it was time for the main course, only one of us was served and the other 2 had to wait 10 minutes before being served our meal. By that time the first member was well on his way to being done with his food. Dollar Rita's were ordered by one of the table and they weren't dressed at all, no lime or salt or anything that would make it look or taste like one. Hopefully next time they will do better.

Review №55

Excellent service and food. Great prices, too!

Review №56

Loved the AYCE...the wings (moist, tender) are a great addition this year!

Review №57

Great food good atmosphere and a price you can't say no to

Review №58

Happy hour specials are the bomb

Review №59

Went to see a friend here. The atmosphere is great. It was really busy that night but none the less my server, Cortney greeted me promptly and brought me a cup of coffee that I had requested, promptly. I told her that I wasn't that hungry so she suggested some chicken tacos that where on the appetizer menu. They where delicious and just the right amount to fill me up that night. The prices are moderate, the food was good and the service from Cortney was excellent!! Oh, and there's also ample parking and they're open late.

Review №60

Good service and food.

Review №61

Terrible experience!! We got there at 9am on a Sunday night and we wait 1:30h for our food!!Some people never got it!!That's totally unbelievable, I never been in a restaurant like that.This place should close the doors.

Review №62

Great experience & food was really good. Service was a bit slower but we were in no rush

Review №63

Excellent food, really. We were surprised how good the food was. The prices are great as is the service.

Review №64

Always a great experience. Food was great, service was great, and prices are very affordable

Review №65

Nice place. But more geared for couples, singles. Not a family restaurant, didn't see anything geared towards children. Pricey.

Review №66

The employees are always nice and cheerful, the food is amazing (especially their mozzarella sticks).

Review №67

Busy place but normally do not have to wait long for a table. Variety of menu options plus a kids menu so good for family night out. Staff is courteous and time from ordering to eating is reasonable. Great atmosphere and they have a dedicated bar area in the middle of the restaurant.

Review №68

Good service, good food and staff is very friendly. Laid back atmosphere and bottomless fries.

Review №69

This restaurant have good food and very good prices.. you can order to go online or by phone..Great place to watch a game to.. everyone is friendly. Very clean place.. they have Veterans Day Special. Armed forces Special... It is a Family restaurant. Healthy food.Plenty of parking...

Review №70

Wait staff were quick and friendly and food was tasty.

Review №71

My family and I went and had dinner. Our waiter took 10+ to ask us our drinks, by then we knew what we wanted to eat. Then when I asked for a box to take my leftovers home we spent another 15+ min waiting for that box. Eventually my sister in law went up to him to get one. We had 2 small children with us who needed to get home to go to bed.I usually have great service at Applebees but not this it.

Review №72

We had a great time. The fellow patrons were happy and we were all able to peak at game 5 of the world series on the multiple flat screens. The chicken and shrimp was delicious. Simple onions, chicken, shrimp grilled and sprinkled with pepper served sizzling on a cast iron skillet. Outstanding all American experience.

Review №73

I hate chains really. In principle, I hate Applebees. However we have always gotten good food, steaks even, at this place. Every time we get cold beer, friendly service and an overall nice time, so we keep coming back just one more time. Typically we sit at the bar and every time we have a friendly and attentive bartender. And every time, I'm surprised. We have basically gotten out of this cookie cutter chain what we look for in our home town one off beer pubs. Good job!

Review №74

I wish it had better lighting. But the food was good

Review №75

Food and service it good but menu selection seems sparse.

Review №76

This place is terrible. A few years ago it used to be decent. I forgot how bad it was and ordered here the other night. We waited an hour for our to-go order. I ordered the prime rib pasta and the prime rib was far from good. It was so over cooked it was rubbery, the pasta was so salty I ended up just garbaging the whole thing. I will never go back.

Review №77

Great place to go for happy hour and late food

Review №78

It was nice and clean fast service

Review №79

Very good food and the $ 27 plate gives you two meals and a starter.

Review №80

Upscale cafeteria food, open late and serves booze.

Review №81

Good staff and good food. Great to just chill with friends and have a bite to eat.

Review №82

I don't enjoy writing bad reviews, but the service here was absolutely awful. Ordered 1 appetizer and 2 entrees, the appetizer was forgotten about. It arrived after we had received our entrees/reminded a different server. We were provided no silverware or napkins, the entrees were missing some sides/sauces. Our server never asked/checked in on our food, and basically vanished throughout our visit. Won't be going here again.

Review №83

Great bar tender. Great conversation and service. the custom sauce premium.

Review №84

Service is always great here, the butter pecan blondie is a must try for dessert lovers!

Review №85

Good food and good drinks! The place was clean and the servers were attentive. Great place for a date or out with the girls!

Review №86

I went Today and while drinking water I found a black insect in it. I talked to the guy who serves the food he took the cup which I shouldn't give it to them and should have taken a photo. The waiter brought back a new water without saying anything or even apologizing , when I mentioned the insect he acted silly ( oh really an insect) then left no apologies . While he was serving other table he told me the manager will talk to me I waited and I asked for the manager to come .. she seemed she doesn't care and didn't apologize till I told her to. By the end of day they gave me discount 5 dollars no one mentioned this or even talked nicely or cared or even said they will give a discount . This is no a way of treating customers .Definitely not coming back, I wished I had a photo to post but I am sure word of mouth is greater in effect than any photo.

Review №87

Hour wait. Manager didn't seem to care. Food was subpar for applebees.

Review №88

Best customer service ...well it's late night fast food with a bar so it is what it is...

Review №89

Went for the late night HH. The service was so-so and the food was okay. The value was great, $30 for 4 appetizers and a kids meal.

Review №90

Not bad at all..A good place for occasional dining out..

Review №91

Haven't been to an Applebee's for quite a while, but I think the location in Canyon Park-Bothell is my new favorite dining out spot

Review №92

They helped me stay warm and trusted me

Review №93

Didn't care for the hostess, a little prickly. Had the signature Chinese chicken salad, still good.

Review №94

So I was told it was happy hour and the sides would be bigger and they were like these 5 pieces of chicken that looked like it was on a plate for way too long before they actually ran it to the table. The burger was chicken instead of American beef and the fries were cold. Also the server kept telling every table that she was a single mom, like that's cool and all but this is a restaurant not a charity. Seemed unnecessary to have to tell the tables as if now the tip had to be more. Definitely not good food and the minimum service that was expected wasn't there. Wendy's next door seemed like a better choice by far at this point. So unless you want to wait forever for bad service and old food don't go here. Matter fact go to Wendy's and have yourself a real beef burger with bacon on top of your bacon. Also I didn't like the spotty silverware we unwrapped.

Review №95

Clean wonderful and friendly. Great food selections and they customize our food plate to accommodate us great server we had very on point. Food was realy good. We didnt wait long for it to arrive at the table. Handicap access.

Review №96

Definitely an average Applebee's, however it's the staff that makes it worth the visit, servers and bartenders here are always pleasant and quick.

Review №97

The Paradise punch is the bomb!!

Review №98

The waiter was really awesome, food was great

Review №99

Horrible survive just horrible

Review №100

Absolutely love it!! Great service, chicken, loaded baked potato!!

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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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