The Rock Wood Fired Pizza
1918 201st Pl SE, Bothell, WA 98012, United States
Review №1

Great pizza!!!! I appreciate the fact that all employees are wearing masks because a pepperoni and covid pizza doesn't always sit well.

Review №2

Awfully hit or miss service; seems the last two or three times we were in the restaurant was pretty dead but it took almost 40 minutes for a salad, sandwich and one small cheese pizza. Time before that was similar. Quality of food doesn't seem as superior as it used to be. Used to be really satisfied with this location and would of perhaps rated 5 star but as of the last few times we've been disappointed..maybe new management or staff? Either way hoping this location can perform better.

Review №3

I ordered a cookie skillet from here on Uber eats and the quality of it was horrible. The cookie itself came burnt to a crispy in a pizza box with two small containers of vanilla Breyers Ice cream. To put it nicely the ice cream was the best part.I'm very shocked with the quality of it because just a week ago my boyfriend and I order the same thing from a different location and it was a million times better. They had the proper delivery containers that kept the cookie nice and warm, as well as ice cream that was the perfect ratio to the warm gooey cookie. Very disappointed.

Review №4

I would like to give 0 star for the service provided. Firstly, no one approached to take order for 30 minutes after sitting at the table. Management was so disrespectful. I use to visit this place regularly before covid but i will not step in to this location ever again

Review №5

Excellent wood fire pizzas! Me and my wife ordered the crazy train, and one of their specialities with sweet Thai sauce on top. So good! I was so enthralled by the pizzas I forgot to take pictures. 10/10 will eat again

Review №6

Let me start by giving some context. I've lived in thrashers corner for the past 14 years. I know this location very well, let's just say I've been there a few times. This location used to be my spot. The review section here explains all you'll need to know. The pizza here is undoubtedly my favorite pie when done correctly. The problem is consistency. The staff overall is usually pretty decent. The food can be awesome, or it can be dreadful. The price is high for a pizza, so it should be good. I used to order wings sometimes and I swear they were reheated from the night before. Sometimes I'd order wings and they were amazing. The measure of any good restaurant should be consistency. This has been going on for years here, not months. I've since made another restaurant my spot and moved on. Im just not interested in dropping 50$ on a mediocre pie, 2 beers and tip. One last thing Rock... I saved a ton of rewards points from the last system you guys used before the more recent one. When I asked the server if I could still use them she said no. That pretty much sums up The Rocks commitment to customer service.

Review №7

Toppings on the pizza were generous, but the pizza arrived cold. I ordered chicken wings, which were described as 'over a pound' of chicken wings. I thought it looked like a small portion, so I weighed it; 15.5oz WITH the packaging. Poor execution for an upscale (priced) pizza place.

Review №8

My husband and I love this pizza. We come here very often. Good service all the time.

Review №9

Best. Local. Pizza. Great, friendly service in a well decorated atmosphere. Reasonable price points. Great portions. Truly enjoyed the quality of the food. Nice late dinner locale!

Review №10

Still amazing food! Though be careful of the booth near the side entrance against the wall; the table moves and the seats wobble.

Review №11

Pizza, beer and service were outstanding. The stairway to heaven pizza was possibly the best pizza I've ever had. The arugula, garlic butter and olive oil on the pizza were beyond fantastic.

Review №12

Standoffish host on 9/4/20 at 7pm was a representation of poor customer service. Made a smart “A” comment about how she will “personally” clean a table for us passive aggressively. Lost a family and all our referrals for years to come!

Review №13

Very tasty pizza. Would recommend. Great for family night or date night. Even just meeting up with friends! A very Industrial but still welcoming vibe. The service was great, always checked on us seeing if we needed anything. Got a little busy towards the end and had to wait awhile to get the check. But all in all a place I would visit again soon.

Review №14

Awesome wood fired pizza spot with great beer. They also offer "bucket" drinks!

Review №15

I ordered the Hungry Like A Wolf calzone. so disappointing. It had little flavor and was very greasy. The dough was gummy and under cooked. When I took it apart, there was very little meat with large dollops of cream cheese, and a literal handful of onions. I think I counted a total of three tiny pieces of peppers. I've never had the pizza here so leaving two stars in case that's better. Avoid the calzones.

Review №16

Great service and super food. Gonna go back again sometime.️

Review №17

Good service and enjoyed the meal, real fun atmosphere.

Review №18

To be honest, this is the best pizza I have ever had. We got the big meaty bouncy. I also ordered the Dream Weaver drink and it was strong and delicious. The server was very busy as the restaurant was filled, but still was very friendly and got us everything we needed.

Review №19

Alexis gave us great service as usual and the food is always wonderful. Not to mention the bucket list is expanded!

Review №20

Here is my experience based on ~10-15 orders to go within a couple months.20% of orders were pretty tasty, that was the reason I continue trying to order there.80% — pretty average pizza. What is confusing is that every time it's different quality and contents of the pizza. Last 4 orders I was ordering exactly the same, but the taste, content and dough were completely different every time! I order fresh tomatoes, they put sun dried. I order extra cheese, they put nothing. I order no onion, they put onion. It's a total disappointment.The best pizza out of those orders had really nice homemade taste, the worst was worse than Papa Johns or Dominos, it tasted like cheap fast food.So I won't order there anymore, I'm sick of these experiments. You guys need some stability in food quality.

Review №21

Delicious food and helpful friendly staff. We hosted our company Christmas dinner here and were treated to service that is without complaint.Also my first time at the Rock Wood. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of burgers and sandwiches on the menu! Not just another pizza place! Very high marks

Review №22

This is a lovely rock and roll themed pizza place. The music isn't too loud, and at lunch time you can have a lovely conversation without it getting too loud.Also they have a great lunch special during the week. Your own personal pizza and a side salad or soup. Just make sure they didn't accidentally water down the clam chowder (but they are great about making it right when they mess up).Highly recommend.

Review №23

Friendly, but extremely inefficient staff. There were 5-6 waitstaff, and while I was one of the few tables there, the service was slow. Ordered the same pizza I had ordered during a previous visit, and this time it was overly salty and burnt tasting. Consistency in the quality of food is not there; it is non existent. I also overheard some of the workers talking bad about customers. Not a good image for the business. Will not be wasting my money at The Rock again.To owner: based off other reviews and your reply, no, I will not copy/paste my review and email it. That's your job. It is also your job to make sure you run a tight ship, and if you're receiving so many of the same negative reviews, I would think you would do something to change it for the better, which obviously it has not been.

Review №24

Love this place, a little cold, great food

Review №25

Absolutely great food and lovely service!

Review №26

Delicious! We have been here before and thought it was just okay. Tonight we decided to try it again and, wow, they really have stepped it up! We walked in the door and were greeted by a warm, friendly "hello!" and were seated immediately. Our server was awesome -- edgy and fun, but not in our face. My husband and son had hamburgers and I had a delicious pear walnut salad. My son absolutely loved the burger sauce!! We also shared a side of the crispy onion rings. We glanced at the nachos at the table next to us, an they were huge!! Can't wait to try that next time.

Review №27

We ordered from door dash and the door dash driver never picked up our order or delivered. At first I thought it might be the restaurant's fault, but when I spoke with the waitress, she explained the door dash driver just walked out with out taking the order. She was super apologetic towards me (even though it wasn't her fault at all), held onto our order for us so my husband could come pick it up, and even offered to put in a bad review towards the driver. Another door dash driver tried to come get the food, but she held onto it for us until my husband got there. the food was still super good and I've always had amazing service here! I wish I got the waitress' name to give her a shout out. Thank you for the awesome customer service!

Review №28

I had the Mediterranean Salad, it was very good! Marina was very friendly!

Review №29

Our Margherita pizza came out with no cheese, none! They came to us after a half hour and said they were out of the circular mozzarella and only had the regular mozzarella to put on the pizza, no big deal, just use the regular stuff..... Nope.... Nothing. And that's after waiting for an hour after ordering to get any food to our table. We watched people come in, sit down and order, get their food and leave. They weren't busy, they're was a handful of people eating there, no way it can really that long.

Review №30

I would like to start out by saying our waitress was very kind, however the rest of our experience was very sub par. I have come to The Rock many times, for many years. In fact, I always get the same thing which isn't like me at a restaurant. So without looking at a drink menu, I order the Susie Q bucket, which used to be made with sugar free rockstar. It is now made with Tropical Redbull () I ended up just taking the energy drink out and having the rest. I asked our server but she isn't old enough to drink so she was unaware of the recipe change, offered to replace it with something else, but I declined. It wasn't horrible, just not what I was used to. We waited a while for our appetizer, no big deal, we were playing cards and the baby was content. When our app arrived I was informed they were out of the personal size 9” pizza dough, and they offered the 12” so I accepted. It was a very kind offer that our server only charged us for the 9”. However what seemed to have happened was they gave me the amount of ingredients for a 9” pizza, and even for a 9” it was a bit scarce. I had MAYBE 2 pieces of small chicken that was sparsely shredded across three or four slices, there was only one piece of chicken on each of those slices, two if I was lucky. There was hardly any cheese, sauce or green peppers. Plenty of onion and sauce so it was an interesting tasting pizza to say the least.My boyfriend said his pasta was okay, and our brown sugar mozzarella bread was delicious. The rest was just all very disappointing. I have had to convince my boyfriend to come here each time because before this my food and drinks have always been awesome, but I know we will not be coming anymore.

Review №31

We had a wonderful experience throwing a going away party here. We did a drop-in style party, over the course of 3 hours, so we didn't have an exact head count or time that people would arrive. They were very accommodating with this! We had a separate party space in a loft area above the restaurant that was perfect for our group. Ruby was our server and she did an amazing job handling our party that just kept growing. She kept track of people's orders, recognized new faces who hadn't ordered yet, and was so patient and friendly! She even ran out to our car as we were leaving to give us a gift we forgot to take with us. Thank you so much, TRWFP and Ruby, for helping us throw a fun send-off party!

Review №32

Great place for the pizzas and to have beers for that tasty combination. I really enjoyed this place and the staff here are super friendly. I recommend this place if you love pizza, beer and strongly recommend if you love both!! ;)

Review №33

They were out of walnuts for the walnut and pear salad. They offered no adjustments but wanted to still serve it at normal price.

Review №34

Ordered a BBQ chicken. Pizza was sloppy, cut uneven and way too much sauce. Chicken was so dry and not fresh. Could not even eat it, pulled over and throw it away... first and last time eating their pizza.

Review №35

They are understaffed and I was not acknowledged when I walked in or at any point after I arrived either. I thought they would get to me after a few orders but they did not. Unfortunately the girl they have giving orders is on the phone taking over the phone orders the whole time and people were waiting in the lobby with their food ready. When she finally got of the third call I asked if she had my order. I found out is was one of the orders that was ready when I had arrived almost 20 minutes rpior. When I saw the manager and tried to tell her about my experience and that she needs more staff she basically yelled at me that they are too busy and not to order from them. I was not even being rude or unprofessional so that was totally uncalled for don't order from them the manager says they are too busy for it.

Review №36

The pizza here is great! The service here is absent a little but the people who do finally serve you are very nice.

Review №37

We had a work group in the bar area and they were very accommodating and the happy hour food is great. Lots of alcohol options and everyone had a great time.

Review №38

Not super clean did not clean tables right away after someone left

Review №39

Good food but pathetic service. Took 20 min to take the order. In fact I had to go to the front desk and remind them to take my order. Food came fast. I later asked for more ranch but it again took more time than expected.

Review №40

Blue cheese burger was a tiny dry overcooked burger with a blue cheese Cajun sauce that tasted like neither. Does not compare to other $12 burgers you can get in the area. Fries tasted of nothing but oil and wife's Hawaiian pizza had a single tiny piece of pineapple on each slice. Good music and decor though and the chicken strips with BBQ sauces were tasty.

Review №41

Let me teeeeellllll you something. ALEX IS SINGLE HANDEDLY THE BEST BARTENDER I HAVE EVER MET IN MY LIFE. If your ever considering going to any of the 8 wonders of the world, I suggest you cancel your plans and go see him. His drinks are crafted from the gods and his service is unimaginable. If I ever die, he will gain all my possessions. Long live Alex

Review №42

It's average. I found this place to be a bit confusing. Are they a pizza place or burger place. The menu was far too large and then be honest it was quite bland. Ordered Beer, Pizza and Caesar Salad. Salad was good but the rest will be easily forgotten.The red sauce on the pizza tasted more like tomato paste than sauce.Left unsatisfied.

Review №43

Loved the music, food was good, but wasn't too pricy. Only complaint is the marinara was too acidic; otherwise great.

Review №44

I like this place very much. It has a different spirit. The food is exeptionaly good. the service is dynamic and the personel is friendly. The pay is honest. profoundly recommend.

Review №45

Great service, little bit of a wait for food, Soda was flat. Newbie had no idea what fry sauce was, had to ask a manager for it.Experts in pizza and booze, not much else.

Review №46

Used to have good pizzas. Went tonight and they served me a burnt pizza and chinsy on the topings. If it's burnt why would they even serve it? However, they remade it and then it was better, but why aren't they making and serving all their pizza's with excellence. I feel like the first pizza it was half a**. Very disappointed. Also had their garlic cheese bread appetizer and that was very good!

Review №47

High quality pizzas done in an innovative style. Great customer service too!

Review №48

Good drinks. Fun atmosphere..Good food. Good service!

Review №49

Should have went to Zeeks Pizza. The Siase at the Rock is generic tomato paste out of a can. They need to come up with a better recipe for the sauce, I sauce spicy and Tangy. Pizza dough was fluffy, asked for extra Pepperoni and if I got extra Pepperoni they hardly put any on their Classic Rock Pepperoni pizza.

Review №50

This place is going down hill fast! Food has changed for the worse and I had to ask three different people to get some silverware, all the while our meatballs were getting cold. We use to really like this place, and frequented often. Needless to say we won't be back.

Review №51

I visited the Rock with a large group and at first we had a dedicated server who was amazing; however, it took over an hour and 15 minutes to get our food, over 45 minutes for the appetizers. Most of our food was cold and one member of our party didn't get his food until after most of us had finished eating.

Review №52

The pizza was good. The salad was good. The service was good. Not too crowded on a Friday evening.

Review №53

Great atmosphere. Came with a large group, seemed like it took a while to get our order.

Review №54

Excited to eat here tonight and will not be returning. The waitress brought us an order of lukewarm fries and our pizza did not taste fresh. Our pizza tastes like our waitress forgot our order and then brought it out. She asked us if we wanted any ranch and I said yes-we never received it. I gave an extra star as the hostess was friendly and sat us down quick.*Edit*Shortly after posting my review I received an email from what it seemed to be the owner wanting discuss more of my review. I emailed him back and it has now been a little over a month and have not heard back. Maybe they never read my email but then why reach out personally in the first place?

Review №55

Don't get me wrong. My family LOVES THE ROCK,we are at one of the locations every other week, but last night was AWFUL. Our 3 top sat in the bar. They ran out of fish which was the basis of 2 of our meals. We found floating and encapsulated debris in the bucket that was ordered. The bartender quickly remade the drink but it was completely off. I didn't know that their sweet and sour was packaged in a soda tap bib. So I think whatever the mix is wasd either off or the thing was just spitting water. Everyone seemed to have been losing their heads. Hopefully they will have a better weekend.

Review №56

We LOVE coming to The Rock. We live close by and it's always a fun atmosphere to meet friends and family. However, last night changed all of that. We came in to grab a drink while we got a to-go order of motzerella sticks and it literally took 45 minutes to get an appetizer to go. We had to ask 5 times for it before it came out. Then when we got to our car, there was no sauces that came with it inside the box. When we went back, the waitress begrudgingly gave us them and then told us as we walked out to not come back. After explaining to George (a waiter?) He literally kicked us out and told us to leave before gaining any information about the situation what so ever. I left in shock and returned to talked to the general manager but I was not able to talk to one, cannot believe we were treated so poorly. Over an appetizer.

Review №57

Always good. I had the ribs and they were great.

Review №58

Ordered the paella and skillet cookie to go from door dish first off the paella was missing andouille sausage so it wasnt even a complete dish and to top it off the skillet cookie was burnt black and completely un edible

Review №59

Awesome and lively environment.Good and great service.Plenty of menu options

Review №60

I've been to other Rock restaurants that were good, this one in mill creek, not so much. They need a supervisor over the age of 24. Tables sat full of dirty dishes around us without being bussed for 1.5 hours. No one asked if we wanted another drink, food came out with no plates or cutlery, no one asked how it was, and they weren't busy. Lots of standing around. Chefs did a good job. Wait staff needs training.

Review №61

Not bad. Fries and Mussels are good. Pizza tastes... Well...Domino is better.

Review №62

Great burger! Alex was a fantastic bartender/server/conversationalist

Review №63

Slow service and not very flavorful. Lots of tasty sounding foods on the menu, but everything needed salt so it wouldn't taste bland. I ordered my burger medium and received it cooked to the point of being dry. Skillet cookie was a good portion size, but barely had flavor. Waitress never even asked if we enjoyed our meal, which is a huge pet-peeve of mine. Definitely prefer Blazing Onion or Red Robin over the Rock.

Review №64

Good pizza. Good cheese, and good meat choices. Service could be a tad nicer. Called in and the woman who answered was not having a good day at all.

Review №65

There are many times I've come to the bothell rock and gotten mediocre service and said I was never coming back again. I came back one day for a friends birthday gathering and met Alex the bartender. Alex changed my whole perspective of this restaurant. As a bartender and a server your job is to sell a product, which everyone coming to a food establishment knows they will be purchasing. Alex also sells great customer service and friendliness like no other server I've been waited on by. In the service industry that's what you need to sell and he does it so well. Always correcting mistakes on orders and always make it right. I went from coming to the bothell rock once a year if that to becoming a regular. If anyone has a chance and wants some good company, good service, funny laughs, and some good drinks, go see Alex at the bothell rock :)

Review №66

Pizza was just barely good. Standards have started slipping

Review №67

Great, rugged Rock-n-Roll atmosphere and music. Pleasant staff and plenty of tasty food and beverages abound.

Review №68

Good food , fast and friendly !

Review №69

I have been to The Rock at last five times at this point, and I know I'll be going back for more. Their food is excellent and the service is dependable. They have a nice bar area with a cozy fireplace for cold nights and a a friendly environment with many regulars.While it is a pizza place (and their pizzas are excellent), when you go a second time, you should try their chicken strips. I've never had chicken strips that were as good as theirs; they were juicy and delicious with an excellent breading.

Review №70

Alex is the best. Charismatic, charming, funny. Great bartender.

Review №71

Good food. Great staff and atmosphere.

Review №72

Wings and the Margarita Pizza are the best. Alexis is an amazing server.

Review №73

Superrr slow service. Haven't been here before but just popped in for a quick pizza for the kids. Sat for 45 minutes for two kids meals. Then sat for another 20 minutes after we were done eating for the check. Server didn't even check on us once or bring the check. Had to go pay at the takeout counter. I don't think it can be any worst service as this. I wish I could give zero stars because this place qualifies.

Review №74

The music is good. The food is great! We dont have a place like this in Colorado and it was worth a visit. Lots of rock n roll and booze. The pizza choices are interesting but really good once you get try them.

Review №75

Very nice and attentive servers. Pizzas had fresh veggies and good meat but no real flavor or spice. We ordered a couple of extra toppings which we didnt get so we told the waitress to remove the $3 from the bill no big deal. She came back and told us she had removed the pizza and a few mins later the manager came out and toke it. We were floored we just didnt want to pay for toppings we didnt get.

Review №76

Best pizza and beer around. Period. Come rock out with the classics!

Review №77

This review is based solely for this location and does not reflect the company as a whole. We ordered here tonight, gal who answered the phone was incredibly friendly and chipper. We get the food, the underside has a bunch of burnt food cooked into the bottom of the crust, pizza incredibly uneven, dry, no sauce, toppings a mess, some parts of pizza were paper thin, it was cut in an uneven fashion. Really disappointed. Go to the lynnwood location. Food is much better there. Extremely disappointed in this one.

Review №78

My last review was of Lynnwood Rock, I am at the Bothell Rock and a very enjoyable experience service is great place to be !!!

Review №79

The Pizza is great. Saladas not so much. Great atmosphere. Would go again.

Review №80

Not a pizza guy I ordered the muscles whiskey muscles I think it was or drunken mussels they were good I was there on a business meeting. When in their off hours so we can have a good meeting when it wasn't much time went there at 2:30 so it wasn't busy the wait staff was very pushy though we needed to do business things I let them know a half dozen times. I let her know numerous of times that we have business to take care of we will eat leave us alone please lol give us 10 minutes shoes back in 3 minutes the food was delicious though I will go back

Review №81

Pepperoni jalapeno pizza. Brick oven pizza, good music and decorations, it's just a fun place to go.

Review №82

The service was great but it takes so long to get your order. It took over 50 minutes for ours tonight and there were only a few other full tables.

Review №83

Had fun here. The food was excellent, the atmosphere was fun, the servers were curious and my kid had a blast.

Review №84

Great food! Excellent service. Valor (I think that was his name) was so attentive and friendly. He does his job extremely well.I had the chicken bbq ranch chop salad. Honestly it was drowning in dressing, making it pretty close to inedible. Next time I'll order dressing on the side, problem solved. By the way, their house made peppercorn ranch is to die for.Also had the brown sugar mozzarella cheese bread. It sounded so weird so of course I had to try it. AMAZING!! sweet, salty and hot. Sp good!We also ordered a pizza. I forget the name but it had sausage, pepperoni, and ricotta. The pizza was great.The bucket of alcohol was awesome too!

Review №85

Very good hospitality and service. And delicious pizza

Review №86

Great food, excellent service, reasonable pricing. Christa was our server and she did a great job from beginning to end, very friendly, thorough, service. Very Attentive to our needs, food came out fast and very good. Place was busy but was clean and friendly atmosphere. I would give it a 9++ to a 10 stars. The only complaint I would have is hard to find parking.,but they were pretty busy also.

Review №87

Amazing there was only one waitress and we were in a hurry she got us in and out in less then 30 min!!!

Review №88

My favorite place for pizza and drinks with friends and family. Friendly staff and great menu.

Review №89

It was good. Busy. Loud. Sat at the bar on a Friday night. We could hear the table conversation, but could also hear the others around us. Wait staff was nice, helpful, busy. Wasn't around as much as could have been, but helpful when she did show up. Drinks were good, a little watered down. Place looked nice, very memorable, a war-torn feeling.

Review №90

My husband loves this place, but in the 6 times I've been there, they got my order right one time. I have decided that the cooks don't like people that order gluten free pizzas. Twice I've ordered the Pear Walnut pizza and they did not put on the pears. Last time I was too tired and hungry to send it back. When I was a third of the way through it, I informed them that they were missing again. The wait staff are fantastic, but the manager at the time said that because I was not willing to wait for them to make a new one, she could only give me a military discount. I'm done with them.

Review №91

Disappointing. We used to love coming here but the service was slow and the food was mediocre. It took a half hour to have our order taken and another half an hour for our under cooked food to come out. We won't be back.

Review №92

Try the brown sugar mozz bread

Review №93

Sometimes a 5 star review goes beyond the food and is given for the service. Alex at the Mill Creek location deserves 5 stars on a recent Saturday night when dozens of hungry bodybuilders walked in after a competition. Our group had 15 people in it and we trickled in over an hour, all requesting seperate checks. As our group grew, so did the many other large parties. By 11:00 the place was hopping, but that didn't phase Alex. He kept his cool and plowed through the madness with a smile. He handled the drinks, appetizers, more drinks, main courses, more drinks, and desserts. He mentioned there was no warning given to the large parties coming that night, but was a rock star through it all. I hope his tips were up and he got some good rest after the last spray tanned competitor left the building! Thanks to the kitchen staff for their amazing food, too! You fed us well.

Review №94

Great food, cozy atmosphere

Review №95

Great atmosphere. Good drinks and wings. Pleasant waitstaff

Review №96

Good pizza, atmosphere and service.

Review №97

The brown sugar Moz bread sounds disgusting but DO NOT let that fool you! So amazing. Love the white Pesto pizza and Garlic Brown Sugar Moz bread.

Review №98

Great food, friendly service good drinks!

Review №99

Their pizza taste is kind of average. Not that great. Their chicken nachos are a disaster. Not really a recommended place except for they are open late night

Review №100

I love the pulled pork bbq sandwiches. LOVE them. But until Corporate understands I am not a canine and that I don't like their change to cheap tin plates, I will not be spending a lot if time or money here. Why serve good food on a dog plate? Disgusting. Kills my appetite every time.

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:1918 201st Pl SE, Bothell, WA 98012, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 425-488-0928
  • American restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Family restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–11PM
  • Thursday:11AM–11PM
  • Friday:11AM–12AM
  • Saturday:11AM–12AM
  • Sunday:11AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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