Bamboo House Restaurant
22910 Bothell Everett Hwy #103A, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
Review №1

I have been to many Pho restaurants in the area but this place has the worst customer service I have seen, and not to mention the questionable cleanliness overall. I am surprised that none of the reviews here mentioned the customer service aspect.Walking through the door we saw a woman behind the register and said "Hi, how are you" but in returns were told "Sit at one of the tables by the window". No greetings, no curtesy whatsoever. There was only 1 other table with customers at that time. The tables by the window were super sticky and dirty so we had to pick a different table. We went to the restrooms to wash our hands before the meal and the soap was extremely watered down. Is liquid soap so expensive that you had to dilute it that much? This raises a serious health safety concern for the workers there and the food that they prepare.The only short conversation we had with the woman (who seems to be the owner as well) was when she took our orders. Throughout our meal, she never checked up on us. We went up to the register to pay after waiting too long for her to notice that we were still there...I am bilingual and Vietnamese, and I understand that sometimes a language barrier can make it difficult to carry on a conversation, but a simple check-in like "how are you?" or "is everything ok?" is not that hard to say, especially if you're in a restaurant business. The soups that we had were OK, not bad but definitely no where near the top 10 in the area (if you know what a real good Pho tastes like).We're definitely not coming back - their sanitization practice is questionable, but I really hope the owner reads and finds this review helpful!

Review №2

Kitchen staff does not wear masks while preparing food.

Review №3

My FAVORITE Phó place & they REALLY let us down. This is a pandemic and ALL business places are SUPPOSE to wear masks!! The cook was NOT WEARING a mask and I believe the man was pulling it down while in the kitchen (wheee it's needed the MOST!) and then I saw him pull up over his nose as he exited the kitchen. DISAPPOINTED and we CANNOT visit this establishment again until this is over. Sorry, this is what keeps us from supporting these businesses. I understand it's HOT back there, but if you wish to remain open you MUST wear a mask - ESPECIALLY if your customers are REQUIRED to wear them. We were coming in for Take-Out, but also noticed there were no ‘social distancing' of the tables/dining. Hope this doesn't hurt your business.

Review №4

Best tasting pho in the area! They graciously remember your order when you're a "regular". Spacious and clean establishment too.

Review №5

Second time here and had a delicious meal. Their pho, rice dishes, and spring rolls are great! Friendly service and there is ample parking. There is plenty of seating and their menu is clean and easy to read. I would definitely come back!

Review №6

I love this place. Amazing pho. You have to trust to try the summer rolls

Review №7

Great and yummy Vietnamese food and price is very affordable!

Review №8

Simply the best Pho in Bothell! Excellent broth, fresh beef and vegetables. The tendon is cooked to perfection. Best of all, prices are fair to cheap! What more do you want?!? Love it!

Review №9

The curry chicken and vegetable dish I got was very tasty--much better than I was expecting. I'm docking a star for the service, though. We had a large group, including some non-native English speakers, and we were taking a while to explain things to them and help them figure out what they wanted. The waiter was visibly annoyed that we were taking a long time to order and muttered a few things under his breath.

Review №10

If you're looking for good pho this is your place! love it

Review №11

My favorite pho restaurant! Staff is always kind and the food is delicious. Full of flavor and nice portions!

Review №12

This has been our go to Pho place (and banh mi sandwich) for years! One large soup feeds both myself and my husband.

Review №13

Good sized servings and great spring rolls!

Review №14

This restaurant has a very cozy atmosphere. I couldn't figure out what to get. The guy at the counter was very helpful and explained the different options. I ordered my food to-go. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home. The order was beautifully put in the to-go container. The ingredients were fresh. My food was delicious. I am ready to go back for more.

Review №15

Excellent food. Good for restricted diets..

Review №16

Surely a spot worth stopping over, the food is fantastic and well prepared, the pricing is convenient and it is consistently neat in here. Highly recommended.

Review №17

Way too pricey. Months ago I picked up a large Phở to go for almost $13 and came home with very little small amount of broth like about a small rice bowl size of broth. We ended up adding some Wesson beef broth from home.

Review №18

Good food and atmosphere for lunch or dinner any day of the year. They seem to be open everyday. Prices are reasonable. Pork sandwiches are amazing.

Review №19

The ramen bowl was so good and was so much food.

Review №20

Best Pho I've EVER had, I travel 20 min just to come here even though there are tons of pho places near my house.

Review №21

Mediocre for me in terms of taste, quality. Just OK. Prices about average for pho or other dishes.

Review №22

Food is great. But the price has gone WAY up while the quality and portions have stayed the same

Review №23

Good beefy seasoned broth. Skimpy on the meat though.

Review №24

Ordered pho with brisket and tendon to go, brisket was good as was the broth but tendon was crunchy. Crunchy tendon is the easiest way to keep me from going back to a pho place.

Review №25

Clean, nice staff & excellent soups. I love their broth. Most Pho restaurants use to much ginger but not bamboo house. Highly recommended

Review №26

The lemongrass chicken entree (#24 on the menu) is super delicious. Very savory dish with lots of sauce, chicken and onion, served with rice and veggies. Pho is also solid, a great choice on a rainy day.

Review №27

We have been going to this restaurant for over 10 years and love the food here. Over all this time the food hasn't changed at all. Our favorite to buy is the veggie pho and is a comfort food when one is down with a cold. More than anything the lady who owns this place is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She always comes by to chat for a few minutes to enquire about the children.

Review №28

One of my favorite Pho spots. Clean environment, fast friendly service and delicious Pho.

Review №29

This place doesn't have the best Vietnamese food I've ever had, but it is hands down the best I've had in Western WA. Coming from CA, I'd anticipated fewer good ethnic options, but what I found was worse. I'd eaten at 4 other Vietnamese restaurants prior to this one and all were completely worthless.Now, the pho at Bamboo House is great. It has the depth in beef flavor you'd want, the noodles are cooked very well, and the meat is generous. Also, the vermicelli is far and away the best around: quality ingredients, proper fish sauce, and again generous meat portions.The banh mi and beef stew could be better, but considering other places don't even offer beef stew, it's forgivable.

Review №30

Service was quick and friendly. The fresh summer rolls were good, and the Pork Banh Mi was excellent - good fresh bread, tasty pork, brimming with crispy veggies and a tasty sauce. One of my well traveled dining companions was pleasantly surprised to find "broken rice" (Com Tam) on the menu. We'll be back! A great, healthier alternative to much of the deep fried fare in the neighborhood.

Review №31

First time at this location. I really enjoyed it, they were friendly and the food was delicious. Highly recommend it if you are looking for some good Pho

Review №32

Super fast! I call on my way out to order take out and the food is always ready when I arrive. Tastes good too!

Review №33

Very little food for high price. Compare to other Good pho resaturants

Review №34

Decent selection of Vietnamese food. It is one of the few places around here that has tomato beef stew that I really like.

Review №35

Good food and good prices. A good variety of menu items too. Service is fast and efficient.

Review №36

The pho was amazing and the environment is chill.

Review №37

Always double check your takeout order before leaving. This week, I ordered a Large Flanken/Brisket Pho. Not only the Flanken was missing, they also mixed brisket with chicken!?! This is the third time they messed up my order so definitely I'm not going back to this restaurant!

Review №38

This is a very popular place at lunch since it's so close to the businesses across the freeway. The prices are fair for what you get. I usually get the shrimp fried rice and spring rolls. It's a great meal after a night of drinking.

Review №39

Best broth around. Fast service. Smoothies and bubbles. Everything on the menu is good. Take outs available. Generous portions.

Review №40

Love their pho!! We have enjoyed everything we've eaten so far! Anytime we crave some pho, this is where we go! :)

Review №41

This is the best pho around, it's legit. Order their beef stew, most pho places don't make it. Their curry chow mein is off the hook good.

Review №42

It's good soup but I prefer red onion, not white.

Review №43

The curry is amazing

Review №44

Ordered the brisket pho. The meat was awful! It tasted old and was tough as though carved from a tire found on the side of the road. Service was marginal. In spite the fact I was nearly starving I was unable to eat more than a piece or two before giving up. Will never return.

Review №45

Love it. Will go back. They even have bubble tea.

Review №46

Real deal Vietnamese coffee that doesn't use instant. I don't think it was Cafe Du Monde...but it was still a cold slap to the face wake up kinda coffee.Staff was friendly. Place seemed like it could use a refresher...but still nice enough to come back again.

Review №47

We use to go the Bamboo House at least 3 times a month. The food was great but the service was horrible, the owner is very rude along with most of the staff. We quit going there for a couple of months. We decided to give them another chance, the owner is still very rude and the food was not as good as it used to be. We will not be going there again. We have been going to Pho Bothell, the food is great, fast and friendly service. Look them up you won't be disappointed.

Review №48

I've been going to Bamboo House since they opened, and they are still easily the best in Bothell. The flavors are indeed authentic and significantly better than the dime-a-dozen pho places nearby. The restaurant is a bit hard to find, but this hidden gem is worth it!

Review №49

GOOD food at reasonable prices

Review №50

Cockroach in their noodle soup! They didn't even apologize! They just took the bowl back then ask what I like to order next?! Already so rude and they did was just take that order off the check. Of course, i didn't order anything else after.Don't take chances on having cockroaches in your food. I'll be looking in on filling a complaint for a health inspection.

Review №51

Food is OK, service is great. PHO broth tastes a bit watery and unflavorful at times. I really enjoy their Vietnamese sandwiches.

Review №52

Bamboo House is a popular lunch spot due its close proximity to a multitude of large technology companies in the area. I've never ordered any of their other dishes so I cannot speak to them, but the Pho is mediocre and the tables are cramped and small. The portions are also questionable - the "special meats" (think Tripe and Tendon) are skimped on. Order a large 14? 2 pieces of tendon. Order a large 14 with extra meat? 2 pieces of tendon. What am I paying extra for?The selection of sauces are appreciated however, and although there are better Pho options in the area, this place still squeaks out a 3/5.

Review №53

Server hardly spoke any English, but that didn't stop him from delivering great service. Food was amazing, the only reason why I didn't award a 5th star is because the language gap caused an ordering error.

Review №54

We come here often because the food, we've found, tastier than Pho Than bros and other big chain pho places. The broth tastes cleaner, the sprouts aren't dripping everywhere like some other place, and generally everything on the menu is really good. Seems like some people have an issue with the staff. Although the staff don't jump up with fake smiles and squirm for your approval like regular American restaurants, we've never had a rude encounter in over 6 years. In fact, the owner brought over an extra bowl for me to share soup without my having to ask.

Review №55

Best Pho in the area, and great rice dishes too.I'm stumped by all the reviews complaining about the owner. I've been going here since they opened, and she's always been very friendly.

Review №56

Great Pho and rice dishes. The Ban Mi sandwhich is terrific. Prices are a touch higher than so other places but the service is good as well.

Review №57

Love the Pho here. The sandwiches are great too, with ample seating and parking.

Review №58

Great food!! Fast service and they offer a vegan option on the pho broth which is vital in our family.

Review №59

Walking and getting to pick the table you'd like to sit at was nice. The server was to the point, not overly friendly, but that's okay.My meal was good I got the Pho with just the brisket. It was cooked nicely and had a nice flavor. At the end of my meal I was looking to do a to-go order and was told promptly that they were closing. And I didn't understand anything else, I'm assuming the man said that they were closing the kitchen and that's why I couldn't order a to-go meal. No biggie.Got up to pay for my meal, and there was an Asian man in front of me asking for a meal to go. They told him they were closing but only for him would they do a to-go order so close to closing. This is offensive and discrimininatory. You can't tell one customer no and then tell another one that only for them will they do it.I will never eat here again.

Review №60

The food is excellent at this restaurant. you have to try it and you will be back over and over again.

Review №61

We had Vegetarian pho with vegetables annd no noodles. Broth was good as always. However, our order was wrong and owner was unwilling to accommodate substitution on their other dishes. We wanted stir fry vegetables only with no noddles and no meat but was told they dont have vegetables...what the heck? There were lots of veggies in our soup!

Review №62

Just an average place for lunch. Full of Caucasians so you can imagine how good it really is. But it really isn't bad. Service is horrible. Expect at least a 30 min wait.

Review №63

They bring you a different dish than what you order. If you don't take the dish, they keep returning with the same thing until you get so hungry that your only choice is to eat it.

Review №64

Do you like weak, tasteless broth? Skimpy amounts of meat? No service? And do you like to pay full price for all that? Boy, do I have a place for you.

Review №65

I love the crispy center in fresh (salad) rolls!

Review №66

Friendly service and good pho. Vietnamese sandwiches recently added to the menu - best coffee boba tea is another reason to try this place. chicken curry w/Veg and rice is darn good too.

Review №67

Best Pho on the eastside. Delicious and authentic in a great location!

Review №68

Not the best I've had but definitely good!

Review №69

I was a regular patron of this restaurant, and one day ordered takeout. The packaging used was so thin and cheap, it broke apart in my car, and now it reeks of moldy pho. To the people who decided to save a few pennies using the cheapest containers possible (never had issues with other pho restaurants), you might consider whether losing my business (50*2*30 = $3000 in two years) was worth the savings.

Review №70

Favorite place for pho :)

Review №71

Terrible value service.$10 for a cup's worth of Fried Rice with shrimp (that isn't deveined), c'mon how much would it hurt to add a little more rice and clean shrimp poop?!Pho is standard affair (pretty straight forward).If you come here, at least get the egg rolls, they taste pretty good.Otherwise, I recommend go elsewhere for good, cheap, and fair size servings of Vietnamese food.

Review №72

Great local spot for some Pho, always comes out fast too.

Review №73

Delicious food! The noodles were excellent!

Review №74

Great food!

Review №75

Good food!

Review №76

Like da pho give up da pho

Review №77

Tasty Pho and speedy service. When you're finished just head up and pay, you'll be waiting a while if you want them to come to you.

Review №78

This will be high on my Eastside Vietnamese list for when I don't feel up to going to Little Saigon or MLK. Not having to cross the lake is a good trade off for thr slight dropoff in quality. Since this was our first time here, I was hoping for a little guidance from the staff, but our waitress spoke almost no English and my pronounciation of what little Vietnamese food names that I know are so bad that we ended up pointing to the menu to order. Our food came out of the kitchen very fast.The Beef Stew with Rice Noodles is excellent. The broth is rich and flavorful, but only slightly too sweet. There was a very generous amount of beef with enough fat for flavor, but the cut that they use lacks connective tissue (tendons and ligaments). This was a satisfying bowl. I only added a little sambal.The Bun with Grilleg Pork, Grilled Shrimp, and Egg Roll was also very good. Both the pork and the shrimp were grilled skillfully - slightly charred, but still very moist and flavor packed.We're looking forward to trying more from their menu.

Review №79

Found flies in the pho soup. I asked to replace to new one. The owner gave the one I returned to the next table. So shocking and dirty

Review №80

Delicious! Perfect for lunch

Review №81

Epic pho . Like best ever HIGHLY recommended.

Review №82

Great Vietnamese food run by a family.

Review №83

Great food. Great flavors.

Review №84

Pretty good food all around.

Review №85

I have been eating here for years. I really enjoy their consistently.

Review №86

Pho is the best!

Review №87

I love the Pho here.

Review №88

Pho Dac Biet, and the beef stew are AMAZING!!!

Review №89

The owner is so rude and service is bad. I was order the big size ,they give the small and not give me a water at all. I was order the fired rice for to go and they give me the egg roll. And they didn't sorry to me. I won't return.

Review №90

The lady got our order wrong and was very stubborn about it

Review №91

Expensive comparing to some other similar Pho restaurant with the same quality of food and service. Also I heard from a friend working there they pay their workers very little.

Review №92

They brought me a dish with eggs, which I'm allergic to. When I told them of my food allergy, they still charged me for the dish, so No tip for them.

Review №93

Service was prompt, the pho was good.

Review №94

Just delicious!

Review №95

Sooo delicious

Review №96

Great food

Review №97

Worst service I've had in a long time. Food was decent but I won't return.

Review №98

Best pho ever

Review №99

Poor customer service.

Review №100

Food is a bit under quality for the price. Although it's near home, so it gets my business often.

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3.9 Rating
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  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
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