Inchins Bamboo Garden
22010 17th Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
Review №1

My wife and I love the Indo-Chinese cuisine and Inchin is a hot favorite for us. We have tried pretty much everything on their vegetarian menu and never been disappointed.The ambiance in the restaurant is very nice and rich. On our most recent visit last night, it was sad to see that they have not been able to maintain the high cleanliness standards (unclean floors, insects/roaches, no soap or paper towels in the toilet, etc). Hoping that these guys bounce back so we don't lose another awesome restaurant to covid.

Review №2

This is a very nice looking restaurant. They had a lot of options, especially for vegetarians and vegans. The staff was attentive and helpful. The Crispy Spring Rolls were delicious and the sauce that came with it was amazing. My sister ordered the Spicy Mango Chicken dish. I ordered the Spicy Mango Tofu. The entree came in a cut out mango, which was fun. The entree was very spicy. When I first tried it, there was a powerful punch of spice. The mango in the entree was perfect.

Review №3

Last month we try bamboo Garden Bothell zeeshan is super nice he treat us very good and food was super delicious thank you so much keep up️️

Review №4

I visited this place 2 years ago and the food was good. Today I visited it again and looks like the quality is average. We ordered hakka noodles, street side chowmein, chilly garlic noodles and I still didn't understand what was the difference in these three noodles. All looked the same and tasted the same. I didn't understand why there are three similar dishes with different names. All dishes are supposed to be with vegetables and it was 98% plain noodles and very very less vegetables.

Review №5

Came from a long drive and a very rude customer service. They didn't take my order while I called them ahead of time. Couldn't take my order due to being “too busy”. Never again will I come back here wasted my time.

Review №6

Not a great experience at this branch. Everything that came to our table was cold.. that could be because we were a big group (15 people) and there was another large party at that time in the restaurant. Taste was okay but I wouldn't anytime pick the Bellevue Inchins for great service and taste. Will visit one more time to give it another chance.

Review №7

Nice place, amazing ambience. Helpful staff. You just feel welcomed. The food did take some time to arrive.

Review №8

What a waste of time and our expectation.I generally try to never write any negative review for any business. Today i am forced to write my experience with Inchin Bothell location.I Called the manager to share my opinion about the food without ant expectations from him.Manager hanged the phone on me saying he cannot listen anything bad connection after that i kept trying to call and never got connected. Sorry to say pls respect customers they bring business to you.(Biryani with some strong weird smell. 2 Chilly chicken made in soya sauce ( chilly and ginger garlic missing ) and 2 naans.

Review №9

The food is just not good: There were salt chunks in the rice and one of the dishes tasted like soupy ketchup with meat and vegetables. The two stars are exclusively for the fantastic service.

Review №10

I would have chosen negative star if there is any such option.Never recommend any one to go to this place in Bothell location. I had a very bad experience.I ordered 2 chiili chicken, 1 chicken biryani and 2 butter naans as a to-go.Chilli chicken was totally bland.First time I was eating such a worst tasted chicken biryani. It was overpowered with saffron taste and it is causing acidity. We just tossed into trash.Butter naan was just like frozen naan which one could buy from indian store and just warm it.Raita was added with red chilli which was non edible.Ultimately we had to cook our dinner at home :-(( and finally pledged that we wouldn't never go to Inchin Bamboo Garden, Bothell location.I tried calling the manager to share about my food opinion without any expectation, he first picked our call and listened a bit but somehow disconnected and then I tried 14 times to call again, no body was picking my call.Poor customer service. :-((

Review №11

Appetizers are great. Main course was ok. The noodles did not have enough chicken. We brought home majority of the dish, the next day was able to heat up the left over noodles and the.spice kicked in. The Mongolian beef does not have a tender meat but was seasoned well. The kids nuggets meal looks like Tyson but I have to admit my kid still loved it.

Review №12

Pretty good food. I only had take out so I'll edit with a full review when the dinning room is opened up again. I can't wait for the full experience!

Review №13

Pathetically bland food. Manchurian sauce didn't even have salt in it. Fried rice was just steamed rice and some raw veggies

Review №14

We love Inchin's Bamboo but this location is not at par with Redmond location. What was really disappointing was Chicken Butter Masala and Butter Naan. It looked and tasted like caned food warmed up to serve. Overall Soups are ok but should stay away from indian food on their menu.

Review №15

Wow what a great restaurant! Beautiful ambiance with really pretty wall hangings and seating. Waitor was super nice even though we came in late. Very fast service and clean. All dishes were delicious and made to share.

Review №16

We ordered takeout from Inchin's bamboo garden through door dash so my review is based on our takeout experience. One of the good Indo- Chinese restaurant in Bothell area. Lat mai paneer (starter), crispy baby corn, burnt garlic fried rice and vegetable coin manchurian are some of our favorites.

Review №17

Went to this place because it recently opened. The decor inside is very nice and they had some great paintings. I ordered a drink right before happy hour ended but I was not charged the happy hour price. The meats here were not that great. They do give you lots of different sauces to try a your table.

Review №18

Amazing food. The real taste of Indo-Chinese good. The taste is as authentic as u get in India. Manchurian is amazing. Cordial staff and good recommendation

Review №19

Tried their Lunch special but it was not that great. Chicken was tasteless. Their customer service is very good and staff is very friendly. Lot of seating options.

Review №20

Good service and ambience. Family friendly. The one vegetarian dish we had was really good (cauliflower Manchurian). The two meat dishes we had was really not good. They came out not hot (stir fry) and under salted. Basic techniques such as cutting meat against the grain was not there. The result was one of the toughest cuts of meat that was lacking salt. It's Indian and Asian fusion cuisine but it seemed to lack basic Asian techniques like stir frying in a wok and velveting. I wouldn't be surprised if all the food was cooked by a vegetarian. Naan was also a bit dry and stale.

Review №21

Nice cozy place with good service and a good selection of Halal food. The quantity is very good and the price is very reasonable.

Review №22

Tried Gobi Manchurian, Streetside chicken chowmein, pan fried chilli apolllo fish and fried rice.Everything was good and tasted awesome.Orderes online and picked up in 30 mins. Pickup took less than 5 mins.

Review №23

Ordered food from Bothell branch. The food was bland with no taste. The quality was also below par. First time saw basmati rice being used for chicken fried rice. No taste to the veg coins and garlic noodles did not have taste of garlic. Lai mai tai chicken tasted like just a fried chicken. Had heard a lot about this place from some friends but very disappointed with it.

Review №24

Placed delivery order online on July 18th at 7pm. The food arrived 45 min late. I wasnt upset about that.what was most upsetting that the driver delivered the food didnt have any mask or gloves on,yet Bamboo garden advertise they follow covid 19 guidelines. This is negligent and and pathetic behavior. Bamboo garden should monitor whether their 3rd party driving company follow covid protocol. Absolutely sickening this driver was delivering food but didnt bother wearing a mask. Wont order anymore. Bamboo garden should take action against this driver.

Review №25

I was a regular here before Covid and I'M DISGUSTED with the lack of hygiene this place has. Inchin's has lost myself, my family, and my friends as customers.

Review №26

The atmosphere is nice but the food is subpar. Too many blends of cultures with not enough skill behind the kitchen staff to pull off traditional dishes. It tastes like everything is prepackaged or from a can/jar. I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Review №27

The manager missed few items in the order, partly I did not check the items when I picked up. But when called, the response was - Who are you ? Good luck Inchin !!! So please check your order before you pick up :)The typical inchin taste has been compromised at this location. Can be improved

Review №28

We hadn't been here in a while. We came in at the same time as a large group. Even so the service was reasonably quick. The food was good and reasonably priced. The only problem was we never received our tea we had ordered. However, the server was good about keeping our water filled.

Review №29

Quite an interesting place to taste some of the Asian menu here. The soups and starters are great. We tried couple of veg main courses, one was good and other was not that great.Service is fast. Ambience is pleasant. Surely can make couple more trips to this place.

Review №30

Warmed my heart! I came in here with my wife today and a man I assume to be homeless walked in to get out of the rain. The restraint staff offered him food and let him dry off. Good people!

Review №31

The Mongolian was mellow, not spicy at all. Loved it! Service was great. I will be back. Thank you.

Review №32

Food was total waste of $$$. Chicken was hard and rice were crispy. Butter chicken was not even edible. I have never tasted such disgusting chinese in my life!

Review №33

Very good place for Info Chainese food. If you need closest taste to India, order spice level 5.

Review №34

I've been very allergic to garlic and onions for 3 years and originally left a glowing review.Recently, they have not been paying attention to special instructions on ordering services. The result has been large onions in my food that I am very allergic to.So disappointed.

Review №35

Amazing flavors. Only there 3 times there so far. But all three were amazing. Go here.

Review №36

One of my all time favorite place. They never disappoint you. Totally worth it

Review №37

The atmosphere is wonderful with an open, flow and layout. The bar section is relaxing and there is outdoor seating. The menu is easy to read, but extensive enough for anyone to enjoy. Our server was lovely and knowledgeable. Or food took a bit longer than anticipated, especially for only a bread dip appetizer and spring rolls, which is cause for the loss of star. But both were delicious. The soups are my favorite, particularly the corn soup. Overall very nice experience if your time is not limited.

Review №38

Best Chinese halal food

Review №39

Entrees are good for sharing. Mongolian beef is really good.

Review №40

1. Good service2. Good food3. Good decorThey have got something for everybody. Even kids.

Review №41

Took 45 min to serve our items after the order. The food was not at all warm, not fresh and bad taste.

Review №42

Food was phenomenal, but the service was VERY poor. Won't be doing anything other then takeout from here again. Waitress walked off in the middle of taking our order to take a phone call and then didn't come back until she was seating another couple at another table, looked over, and remembered we were there. All night we eventually just had to start putting in our requests with other wait staff because our waitress just didn't check on anyone. This wasn't just us either, all the other tables were having to do this.

Review №43

I love Inchins bamboo garden. They have a lot of good vegetarian options. The rice items are a must have!

Review №44

In my plate - @inchinsbamboo 's special lunch menu!! Chicken fried rice and Garlic ChickenType - CHINESE CUISINEYou can choose your choice of meat (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Paneer, Shrimp)Ambience - 4/5Food - 4/5Presentation- 4/5If you are in #bothell do not miss out this amazing Chinese place !!

Review №45

I guess this i my first review and is not a food rating. Because i never was able to try their food.Me and my wife were there today 5/16 at 8:50pm for dinner. We waited until 9:35 pm for someone to take out order. We tried to call out for someone to to take our order, with no luck.I would have liked to got treated better. Might not go again to this location. Best of luck to you and the fortunate guys who were able to eat here.Fortunately i was able to order from another restaurant before they closed.

Review №46

My rating is on the taste of the food. I would give it 5 stars if the food could be made less oily and softer. Menu has enough items which is nice.

Review №47

Something has changed recently. We used to love the food from this place but the last few times the food has been almost tasteless. Also it seems they have removed some of the dishes we liked the most from their menu and changed the way they cook others. We usually order a couple of chicken appetizers, garlic pepper chicken for mains (no longer on the menu), chicken hakka noodles for the kids. Chicken was tough, overcooked and dry in all dishes. Also really couldn't taste anything other than salt and red chilli flakes - haven't had such bad food in a while. Their contemporary indian dishes are simply pathetic and soul wrenching.

Review №48

I found the food here to be fantastic. I got the lunch special that comes with Rice, Soup Du Jour and a spring roll. The hot and sour soup was awesome - top notch. The spring roll was fresh and crispy. For my main I got the Cumin Lamb, which is pretty esoteric, so I wanted to see what they could do. I was not disappointed. It was amazing. I cleaned my plate and chased it with one of the local brews they have on tap.The best $25 Ive spent in a long time. It really hit the spot.

Review №49

Excellent!! I had the chicken yellow curry and it was some of the best. It totally hit the spot tonight and it was worth coming in through the storm.... will definitely come back....

Review №50

While the nourishment was not excessively great to aggravate things even the administration was ghastly. My family and I unquestionably didn't have wonderful experience here. We had one of the servers named Rosemary hollering in our faces about requesting a thing that was beforehand on the menu and regarding why we ought to have requested it. Our previous server was thoughtful and OK with us requesting since she realized it was the principle motivation behind why we even come to this restaurant. Plus the chef had no problem cooking it either. It is only foolish concerning why you would blow up at a customer for requesting a dish they truly like and are paying for it! The entire time she viewed her face, where you could tell she had a terrible disposition. It destroyed my entire family's hunger and appetite at that point. When it went to the bill, she included her own obligatory tip and wasn't in any event, going to give the tip to our first server we had and I am still confused why she all of sudden became our server and decided to keep the tip for herself. Toward the end we communicated our emotions to her and let her realize we didn't appreciate for how she treated us, she got protective and needed to make an argument out of that. She at that point didn't let us pay until she demanded we talk to the supervisor. She kept us standing and said hold up until my supervisor picks up, she wanted to force us into talking with her manager which was very odd. I have never observed this sort of circumstance, where the employee is driving the customer to converse with manager rather than the customer requesting to address the supervisor. Obviously it appeared as though she had a decent association with the manager where she was confidante he/she would be her ally. I had asked her so many times to charge my card, so we could leave, simply insane I am in any event, saying this. I prefer not to grumble and believe me I never prefer to complain since I comprehend we as a whole have awful days in some cases. However, this circumstance was only a total stun and particularly being with my family of eight. I figure Rosemary could have kept her remarks and frame of mind to herself and not trouble us while attempting to have a decent family time. I really do hope this review helps this restaurant fix there workplace environment and make it more appealing for customers.

Review №51

They have recently upped their game! Had a not so good experience twice a couple of months ago but went twice in the last two weeks and food have been pretty decent. Tried the garlic pepper chicken and Mongolian beef and both were good!

Review №52

The ambience is good. But if you are an Indian, you wouldn't like the the food much as it does not seem authentic.

Review №53

Don't even try to go to this place on a Saturday night. This was my first time here and I know I am never coming back. Kids r yelling and shouting. There is no music, it is a loud, noisy ambience. Food took an hour to come and 4 different servers kept coming and apologizing for the delay. We saw them bringing wrong dishes to every table. It was almost funny.The food is very average. Totally bland curries. Stale tofu.Overall, I really don't know why people come here vs so many other places around

Review №54

We have been patronising this restaurant for sometime now.Food is always good.Seems like they have raised the prices considerably and reduced the portion size on some items.Server was inattentive and oblivious to guest needs. We did not feel welcome.We asked if she could cut up a dessert into 2 portions. She said she wasn't allowed to do it. She could give us an extra plate.

Review №55

Nice Happy hour menu. I like spicy and food was spicier than expected. Large portions and good value. Good service. We'll be back for sure.

Review №56

We tried deep fried pickles, chips and queso dip & corn fritters.

Review №57

My fav place. Always been to redmond location.First time tried in bothell location. Food was extremely spicy and quality of food is not good. Disappointing.

Review №58

Super super Indian Chinese food.... I loved it... Great place to hangout for evening dinner.....

Review №59

Soup is just like india. Best place to have indian chinese flavoured food. But service depends on the waiter you get. Can be unlucky sometimes. Food is tasty and has variety of options. Seating is awesome. light music plays in the background so there's a relaxing ambience. Good place for multiple visits.

Review №60

Food was served cold also my wife did not receive hers for a while. I told the server that my food was served cold he took it back and maybe microwave gave me the same plate it was still not hot. Highly dissatisfied with the service and food. I am writing this while I am still Waiting for a server to check on us.Waste of time and money

Review №61

Service was ok, food was just ok. My husband and I arrived at the restaurant at 8:30PM (their signage at the front door states they are open until 10pm), we were rushed to order our appetizer and then rushed to order our dinner and when we asked if we could order dessert around 9:10pm we were told that we missed last call and couldn't have dessert or refill on our non-alcoholic drinks and we were promptly given our bill. This was not the first impression I was hoping for and will not be returning or recommending this restaurant.

Review №62

Nice eating location and indo Chinese food

Review №63

I am currently sitting in the bar listening to the bartender really talk up 2 ladies in the bar while my husband has been waiting 15 minutes for his drink. Maybe if Mr. Zach spent more time concentrating on making the drinks instead of entertaining the only other 2 people in the bar, I would think about coming back.

Review №64

Excellent food and authentic taste. Appetizers are awesome.

Review №65

The service was a tad slow but the food was just amazing. Excellent ambience and decor. Don't miss the two beautiful wall-to-wall paintings.

Review №66

Meh. Not bad, not many choices

Review №67

The food and decor is excellent, but the experience ruined it for us. We prefer to pay right after we order so we can leave as soon as we're done. Every time we came here, they wouldn't return our credit card until the end of the meal despite being repeatedly asked. Then, the most recent time, they accused us off skipping out without paying, and we brought up our credit card history and proved we paid. Their response? "Don't worry about it." No. We do worry. We had planned a somewhat romantic meal after a long day and instead we get treated unfairly like criminals, prove our innocence, and their response is "Don't worry about it"?!? At bare minimum that's time for an apology, if not something to actually show you're sorry.

Review №68

We went to this restaurant yesterday August 22nd with our family. The ambience is average. We placed the orders and after a while soup was served for adults. Children are watching Adults eating. Then comes adult food but no fried rice for kids. Only after complaining kids get their meal. What a disaster. Who eats first and feed their children later? We order one chicken curry with paratha. Curry was served like water and instead of children their were pieces of chicken liver and heart. Will never visit this restaurant again.

Review №69

Bad food that caused a stomach upset for both my spouse and me.

Review №70

There are literally no customers except for us. May be its because a Monday night. The staff was in a hurry to close things fast even though we are like 1 hour before their close time.We liked the Inchin's in Redmond better from the hospitality standpoint.I would advise try this on a weekend, to see its more happening.

Review №71

Everyone at our table thought their meal was too sweet. Terrible waiter. Fantastic hostess (she helped us more than our waite...i wish I had gotten her name. She's a keeper).

Review №72

This place is really a hit or miss. I am a big fan of indo chinese food and Inchin is the only restaurant which serves that kind of food. So I am frequent visitor here. My experience at this restaurant varies a lot however. Somedays they day such a good job with food and there are days (especially busy friday nights or other busy times) then food is subpar, service is slow and make me think that may be i should stop visiting this place so often.My only recommendation to the owners would be to keep the consistency of the place whether its a busy day or light day.

Review №73

Amazing food. I am not sure how to describe the cuisine. Maybe Chinese/Indo-Chinese. I have not yet had better Schezwan chicken fried rice in the country. Innovative drinks. Big portions. Very nice staff. Probably the largest space compared to their other two locations in the Greater Seattle area. Free customer parking.

Review №74

Oh my what incredible and well appreciated service from all staff! Late night hard day, to come to such a nice restaurant was just what my gal and I needed!! Thank you guys so much

Review №75

Food was good, service was very slow

Review №76

I am sitting in Inchin's now and writing this review because it's been more than half an hour and still no food.. I had to ask them if anybody is going to take the order.. very slow service even if the place is not crowded.. one star is for that.. otherwise I like Inchin's.. the other branches are good.. but the Bothell one way too slow..

Review №77

Good Indo chineses restaurant. Enjoyed the food.Visited with my 15 day old Grand Daughter. Her first outing. We were given a nice place to adjust her pram. Thanks.

Review №78

Info-Chinese is a food we always crave for. But this place was such a let down. Sweet corn chicken Soup was served cold. Chicken in the soup had a pronounced frozen taste. Garlic c Shrimp fried rice was dry and tasteless. Date fried wonton served was not cooked and was served with melted ice cream!!!!!

Review №79

Had a bad experience... over an hour for our food.. 2 kids starving .. manager no on duty on a sat.. had apps which took 30 mins ..after an hr we left... 3 tables left too..the apps tasted good.. took the kids to have McDonalds next door at 9 pm..they asked to pay for the apps I said I will pay once I talk to the manager.. at this rate they will close in less than a year.. sad as the place is good and the apps actually tasted good..... wish them the best of luck.. will be there for date night as time is on our side them.. not with kids

Review №80

Worst experience ever. Our food is served 30 mins after we ordered, and that's only two dishes. The people came after us almost finished dinner. And you guess what, our dishes are already cold when served, after I told a waitress we waited too long. Stupid restaurant!!!

Review №81

It was a great place. Asian food as per Indian taste buds.

Review №82

Wonderful environment, service and food. Everything was delicious. Hot and sour soup was spicy but not too much. Szechuan dumplings were very good. Mongolian beef was well cooked and very tasty. The guy service our table was courteous and the food was served quickly. The place is decorated very nicely and everything was clean.

Review №83

Excellent food, and good service. Can be crowded.

Review №84

People say its a great place . I visited almost four to five times. Never came out satisfactorily. Not that great customer service too.

Review №85

The place looked good. Hadn't been there before, and we went be back.Our party arrived a little after 7pm, and the restaurant wasn't busy, not more then maybe 4 tables. Placed our order and that's where it all went wrong. Bad service! We didn't get our food at the same time, which you would except when ordered at the same time. The dishes came out 45min and only one dish at a time. It took until almost 8:30 before everyone at our table had their dinners. The excuse they gave us us that there were two cook, and dishes were served family style? We all ordered entrees! Worst service ever. There where people being served their food that went even there when we ordered! What the heck, neneedless to say, won't be back.

Review №86

Awesome indo Chinese food. Bit salty if you are not used to Chinese food. From Aug 2019 they no longer offer Microsoft prime discounta.

Review №87

The Food has excellent quality. We total 6 people visited and all of my friends enjoyed the food and said the taste is really better than other restaurants. The taste of food is really splendid. I must say this is the best food I ever ate after so long time. Money is worth to spend for this kind of food. Altogether service is also best.

Review №88

I have made a lot of good memories from sitting at the bar here. Friendly service, fun regulars, interesting cocktails, and great food keep me coming back for more. A great place for a few drinks after work during their lengthy happy hours.

Review №89

The service was not very good and the food was just ok.

Review №90

Good happy hour, friendly staff when we went. Good portions!

Review №91

Good Restaurant. I will say one of the best place to dine for Indian Chinese dishes in Bothell.

Review №92

Wow! delicious vegetarian food and wonderful service.

Review №93

Great food and service

Review №94

Normally we like Info Chinese items . According to our taste this place is Soo good .

Review №95

We had lunch today with some of our friends, this is our second visit. Very disappointed, as the food was not hot and food wasn't tasty..

Review №96

We've been regular customers, the food is extremely fresh and extremely tasty. The best Indian Chinese food I've ever had. Staffs are so pleasant to speak to and made us feel so welcomed. This place is awesome, great quality, service, and great food. Honestly, everyone should visit once and try the unbeatable food.

Review №97

Inchin's Bamboo Garden is a Pan-Asian culinary delight! They have an incredible Happy Hour Wednesday-Fridays 3-7p.m! I had an affordable and stiff Long Island IcesnTea. I was delighted by the later Friday Happy Hour time until 7, which had delicious half priced appetizers and we had yummy spring rolls and the Chicken 65 both tasty. Expect a little kick from Chicken 65 it's yummy if you like a little bit if spice. Our waiter Zach was great at answering our questions and giving recommendations. I think the atmosphere is beautiful with a classy feel, but at a reasonable price. It's family style and we ordered Manchurian Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Spicy Mango Chicken and Shrimp Chow Mein. They were all delicious, but the favorite for me was The Spicy Mango Chicken! Also the restrooms are lovely with a classy, calming and earthy feel! Loved it!!!

Review №98

All-around terrible experience. The staff was very nice but poorly trained and was operating with no real direction. The food came out for the four of us one plate at a time over a 20 minute period with no comments or even an “I'm sorry”. The four dishes that came out at different times ranged from cold to very hot just off the pan. Great looking menu with so many interesting items-it's such a shame they can't get it out of the kitchen properly.

Review №99

Taste is closer to Indian version of Chinese food

Review №100

Food service prices cleanliness all 5 star!Very impressed with entire outing.

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3.3 Rating
  • Address:22010 17th Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 425-483-4594
  • Pan-Asian restaurant
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Cocktail bar
  • Halal restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:5–9PM
  • Tuesday:5–9PM
  • Wednesday:5–9PM
  • Thursday:5–9PM
  • Friday:5–9PM
  • Saturday:5–9PM
  • Sunday:5–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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