Sushi Hana
2020 Maltby Rd #2, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
Review №1

Had been coming to Sushi Hana and every time we're here for business or family visits, and we just had a wonderful lunch. The servers are very pleasant. This place was terrific for everybody

Review №2

Delicious! Friendly staff, great sushi. Too bad you can't just pull from the belt because of covid but they deliver to your table and it's worth it!

Review №3

The food here is really good and fresh all the time so I always take my friends here or recommend this place to them. And now that I live back to the North side I get to come here again at my favorite sushi place Alexis our favorite server

Review №4

Great food, they have rolls named after all four elements

Review №5

Very tasty food. Conveyor belt is out of commission. But you can order whatever you want

Review №6

I am so sad with the service.. I've been coming to this restaurant for more than 10 years and it used to be one of my favorites.. the prices are absolutely ridiculous now.. I will not be coming back

Review №7

Excellent food and polite service. They were pretty busy and with limited seating and no conveyor belt, so the wait was a bit longer than usual. But considering the conditions lately it was definitely 5 star if not more.

Review №8

The sushi was alright. Win on presentation but that's about it. The "Chicken Katsu" a joke! An actual chicken patty cut up and placed over rice. The patty was circular... not even trying to mask it as not a chicken patty you buy in a mass pack frozen from Costco also not even Katsu sauce. Go down the street to Midori Teriyaki and they will make actual katsu i can recommend. Also my friend ordered something and instead of letting us know that they were out of "Tamago" aka sweet egg they just didnt make the order. Disappointed will not be visiting again.

Review №9

REALLY good sushi at really good prices!! There are so many different kinds of sushi to choose from. We love it and eat here regularly. The staff is really friendly too.

Review №10

I honestly love this sushi place, you get great quality sushi for a great price! They have a variety of dishes and the staff is great as well! I used to go to trappers all the time but since I moved there isn't one in the area and found this place to go to and I am really happy I did!

Review №11

Been to Sushi Hana once, the belt is not working yet (Hope it works)Price is fair, quality is Ok, service is bice and fast

Review №12

Love this place! Come here at least twice a month. Today the lady gave me double calamari for the price of one. Great customer service!

Review №13

While the food itself was decent I won't be returning due to the unsanitary and unsafe preparation of the food.Multiple times I witnessed workers rolling sushi after touching dirty rags they wiped counter tops off with, after sticking their gloved hands into dish water and simply rinsing off their hands(should have removed gloves and washed hands then put on clean gloves) not to mention the fact that one of the newer staff members scratched his face then made a roll for a customer!!

Review №14

In these times they made the sushi fresh and it was fun still even though the cart wasn't rolling along.

Review №15

Great food, good value, lots of tasty menu items. Make sure to check out the menu; most items aren't on the belt but they get made fast! Especially love the garlic seared salmon.

Review №16

I do not recommend this restaurant based on customer service alone.Very unprofessional if I could give negative stars I wouldFood is Overpriced-Guy at the front and I used to have a great rapport and were friendly towards each other. Today, completely ruined and soured my view of this place. He was a complete jerk towards me and my service animal, he aggressively demanded to see paperwork, which he cannot legally demand nor do I, under any law, have to show HIM proof of.I will never go back to this restaurant.

Review №17

Everyone here was extremely kind and very wonderful to be around! We came here when it was considerably slow so we just ordered directly from the chefs and had a bunch of fun. Lovely staff. Sushi was tasty as always :)

Review №18

Was reccomended this place by a friend. Got there an hour before closing, and every single person on the staff was rudely ushering me out the door. From the people on the conveyor belt who said, "yes!", after I got my check, to the servers who would ask me if I was finished with food in my mouth. The sushi was good, but the ramen was subpar. I won't be back.

Review №19

CAN I PUT A CERO 0 STAR ? I GUESS THE LOWEST REVIEV WILL BE JUST 1 STAR. Let me start with the food is Not fresh, not tasty. Small, expensive.Overall it was terrible and you would be more satisfied going to a supermarket deli and spending six bucks than getting four rolls for 40 here.REALLLY BAD BAD BAD BAD FOOD FOOD.WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. BUT IF U DONT CARE YOU CAN GO THERE.

Review №20

Check your order before leaving because when you do take out (not small orders) some things get missed. The sushi taste is great and decent pricing but could get overlooked when you come home and find sushi not there.

Review №21

I live locally and Sushi Hana is one of my go-to casual spots for a quick and light meal. The variety is nice and the sushi is well made.Pokemon Go trainers: With Starbucks being next door, Sushi Hana also has a pokestop within range. Happy spinning!

Review №22

I've enjoyed this restaurant before, but tonight was not its best.They need to cut back on the sauces and mayonnaise so the fish can shine. They need to add their simple tuna nigiri to the rotation. And when a customer asks for the check to pay, the servers should not all decide to disappear for 10 minutes while customers pile in and fill the chairs along the front and half of one side of the restaurant.On the other hand, the woman who managed the sushi area was very friendly and helpful. The quality is definitely there; some of the rolls, plus the fatty salmon, were excellent. Sushi Hana just needs to be consistent about it.

Review №23

Bought take out and they charge for soy sauce! Food was so so. Tuna poke wasn't fresh at all. I won't recommend this to my friends.

Review №24

Good food. Inexpensive. No weird after taste like Blue-C Sushi. Excellent customer service.

Review №25

Went in on a Thursday afternoon. Conveyor belt was only 40% full with very bland items. I had to order items if I wanted anything with flavor which, for me, kind of defeats the purpose of going to a place like this. I would have gone elsewhere if I knew I had to order everything. One order took so long I almost left. Doubt I'll be back.

Review №26

Good as always. Prices must have gone up recently as two of us paid 40+ for our meal, and normally we get quite a bit more food for the same price. Still a great place to stop in and get a bite to eat

Review №27

Excellent staff, establishment and FOOD!

Review №28

I really loved the service and the food especially as we are in the middle of a global crisis . These guys were so hygienic and gave us a lot of confidence . Seating us away from other customers . Very aware of making us feel at home but safe . Loved their attitude and friendliness def go here food rocked !

Review №29

Still a nice place to go,But I'll have to wait until the covid thing is over just to get a chance to dine in. Because they don't have it together yet!!!

Review №30

My kids loved it, the waitress was super friendly. The yummy goodness. And Starbucks is next door after you eat; and ofcourse you can get some shopping done at Fred Meyers too.

Review №31

Really great for the casual dining experience or the meet up with a friend and chat. Food is great. Service was awesome.

Review №32

I love this place. The sunset roll is amazing. Their sushi always tastes fresh. The prices here are really good too. I've been to other sushi belt places and this place is the best one I have been too. I've been a regular for quite some time. Just won't be disappointed:)

Review №33

Great variety of sushi.. Good price

Review №34

Great sushi selection. It's a better version of Sushiland, but it's really far away for us so we only go if we're in the area.

Review №35

Great selection, great food and good prices.

Review №36

Horrible customer service way over charged me told me I need to order all at once and sent me 20 plates all at once

Review №37

This place is always amazing! Delicious food and great service! Wish I could go everyday! One of my absolute faves!

Review №38

Good, steady stream of options on the conveyer belt and snappy service for everything else. Great for families with small kids as long as you don't have to wait for a booth to open up.

Review №39

Their sushi is always so fresh and flavorful! My favorites are their seared salmon nigiri and crunchy philly roll, but everything is good! Highly suggest it.

Review №40

This is usually a great restaurant. Nice people, awesome food, excellent tempura. Today I ordered a French Roll like I always do. It's a shrimp tempura with tempura crumbs on the outside of the roll. After I ordered it, they grabbed one off the belt that had been sitting there for god knows how long. I ate one bite of the soft soggy tempura and almost spit it out. I asked politely for it to be removed from my tab. The waitress had to call the manager, Sam, on the phone and then came back to report that I had to pay for it. So they lost a loyal customer over 2 dollars and 90 cents. Also don't feel great right now so my next note will be to the health inspectors office. Sushi Hana - At your own risk.

Review №41

Visited this place over 20 times, always great experience. Fresh sushi with reasonable price

Review №42

Always great food. They were short staff this time which only affected the service a little. I would have given 5 stars.

Review №43

Seriously so bad..... basically California rolls with various overpowering sauces (FRY SAUCE??) dumped on top of them to mask the TERRIBLE quality fish. I honestly will never return to this place and I am very sorry for anyone who goes here based off the 4.2 google rating like I did. Will never return. Go to Sushi Zen in Mill Creek instead.

Review №44

I love their ramen! Fresh sushi is made right in front of you.

Review №45

Friendly staff, reasonably priced, tasty sushi. Free hot tea.

Review №46

Great food at a great price. Sushi Hana is one of our favorite family spots!

Review №47

Went on Sunday for lunch and selection was minimal. Had to order most things from the waitress, and took a while to come out. Sushi was ok, and there were no sashimi options. This is an ok sushi place, but better options out there.

Review №48

Normally this place is my go to but tonight the service was lack luster. There was a serious lack of sushi on the belt; mostly just desserts. I can understand if they weren't trying to waste food but there were still a good amount of patrons in the store.Maybe it was just an off night. I would definitely still recommend them for a family friendly dinner. I'll definitely be heading back !

Review №49

Staff are friendly and attentive, food quality and selection is awesome.Definitely better selection than the other conveyor belt sushi places around here. Highly recommend!

Review №50

I just stopped by to have lunch and was very impressed especially at the prices. I've been to several other conveyor belt sushi restaurants and this one was quality wise the same or better but everything on the menu was 1 to 2 dollars cheaper than other ones I've been to. Thank you!

Review №51

Anytime you walk into a conveyer belt sushi place and see warm food on the belt with no lid on it, you should basically just run for your life. People are sneezing on it, breathing on it and it's not being kept at the right temperature. It's gotta be a health department violation and on top of it all, I asked the chef, who told me it was because the hot food steams up the lid, so put a label on it? A table tent with the name on it? Anything but the rolling tuberculosis plate! The Edamame was a very poor grade and the general level of the rest of the sushi was pretty aweful. The waitstaff didn't come back after drinks. The selection on the belt itself was almost all California rolls with different options. It was gross. They are going to kill people with food poisoning. Eat at Sushi Zone instead.

Review №52

One of the best conveyor belt sushi restaurants around bothell! Always fresh food out and made to order rolls! The owners are so involved and great! Must make it a stop!

Review №53

Gets busy but has thee best sushi around people are super friendly always my go-to when it comes to sushi I love the Washington roll, sered salmon, and California roll. Get those and I promise it will be the very best you've ever had I promise

Review №54

Awful customer service sat there mocking us in Japanese talking saying horrible things and laughing piled plates on our table before we could even eat our first plate they were shoving stuff at us saying here you go when we said we went ready for more food he said no yes i already made it and stuck it on my table

Review №55

Great sushi for a good price! The staff is great here! I come here almost every week. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a delicious and quick meal.

Review №56

Inexpensive and high quality food. Try the tempura udon, it's excellent!

Review №57

They have a great selection of food. There is a belt that delivers food around the restaurant but you can order food and they will bring it to you too.

Review №58

Totally Blue-C sushi inspired sushi. Their sushi is really good quality and their food is made fresh and in front of you. I went with a friend for my first time and loved it so much I brought a coworker and keep recommending it to others. This place has delicious menu items as well as good array of items on their belt. Their miso soup is flavorful and the wait staff is kind and fast! The prices are also fair and unbeatable. If you haven't tried it yet you need to!

Review №59

This is a pretty generic sushi-on-a-conveyer-belt restaurant. The quality of the sushi is alright but really nothing to rave about. The mayo and sauce for many of the specialty rolls are pretty heavy handed. In my opinion, there are similar places in Washington to visit with better quality sushi.

Review №60

Excellent meals and amazing customer services. Would recommend anyone for their first time trying sushi

Review №61

Slow service, very limited variety, lacking quality. Basicly a McSushi.

Review №62

Love this place! Food is great and service is good too!

Review №63

I've been coming here since 2007 & it's never a disappointing visit. Staff here are really friendly, the owners are nice & know me when I come in. I get something new every visit so to try everything once. Highly recommend this place. Best sushi around & it's conveyor belt which is awesome.

Review №64

The service here is outstanding. The waiters are very attentive, which is rare for most conveyor belt sushi places. My girlfriend loves the seared salmon and other seared options here! I can't have much there as I don't eat fish, but there is a tempura veggie roll that is very good. There are other veggie options available, more than other conveyor belt sushi places. Also, I haven't seen him in a while, but there was an extremely friendly waiter there who everyone seemed to know and love. Hope I see him again in the future somewhere!

Review №65

Everything was delicious. Price was moderate. Both of the seared salmon are wonderful.

Review №66

Decent conveyor belt sushi. Good service.

Review №67

Great sushi, fast, clean, great service and really good, fresh sushi!

Review №68

The sushi was off, I had to spit it out. The plates were whizzing by so fast and nothing was labeled. I eat a lot of sushi and this was the worst. Not going back.

Review №69

Best way to unwind.

Review №70

My goto Sushi spot for a quick meal.

Review №71

Conveyor belt sushi. Clean, bright, and usually busy. Sit at the bar and watch the sushi art get made right in front of you. They have the standard things like California Rolls and also some unique creations.

Review №72

Not too many choices after 7 pm, small portions and only more expensive plates

Review №73

Service was excellent, very attentive. The sushi was decent, a lot of good flavors but I felt like there was a lot California roll with something sprinkled on top on the conveyor belt while I was there. Hoping for a little more variety. I will say though it was nice to have the option of ordering a roll or something you didn't see on the belt.

Review №74

Sushi Hana is "okay". It's definitely better than Sushiland. It's not as fresh as Blue C was but the price point is lower. The kids enjoy it and it's convenient for an easy meal.

Review №75

Food was less than average overall. Usually non-fresh, ice cold and bland. Service was fine, though the servers do not check on you for simple things like water re-fills. Also, when ordering fresher food, it took a loong time.

Review №76

My grand daughters favorite!!!!

Review №77

Sushi is okay, but i remember it being better. They also used to deep fry any order you wanted (sushi) but don't do that anymore which sucks. On the cheap end for sushi just don't expect anything amazing

Review №78

Only ever had one experience here that wasn't perfect, but we came in too close to close so it was our fault. Best sushi belt ever. Staff is so helpful and nice.

Review №79

Ok, sushi for reasonable price. However limited choice and most 'American style' sushi.

Review №80

Good choice of vegetarian sushi rolls. Good price, good service. Will visit again.

Review №81

This is the best Sushi Hana and best conveyor sushi I've had. The salmon and tuna were fresh and flavorful. They don't overpopulate the conveyor, which means the food doesn't remain at room temperature too long. Speedy with my special order. Only disappointment was that the tempura shrimp in my dragon roll wasn't very crisp.

Review №82

Great place if you want to catch a quick meal, and enjoy Belt-Sushi. You also can order fresh plates from the waiter/waitress. They have a large selection, and are quite affordable. The wait staff is friendly too. Word of advice Order the cream puffs from the freezer.

Review №83

Great conveyor belt sushi and friendly service!

Review №84

Always good food and good prices.

Review №85

Lady of the place is rude, gruff, snarks if you ask for a but more sauce, ran away when partner got sick from their food.

Review №86

Higher quality than you might expect from sushi in a strip mall. Can be busy at peak lunch.

Review №87

Nice staff and good food. Really really good stuffed mushrooms!

Review №88

My family's favorite sushi place! The kids love the conveyor and watching the chefs, the food is delicious and reasonably priced.

Review №89

The best sushi in town! It's delicious and clean. They have so many sushi roll to choose from. Best seller are Seared Salmon, Seared Garlic Salmon, Washington Roll, crunchy rolls and more! Don't forget to try the Calamari, Salmon Cheek and Ramen! They also serve yummy desserts for your sweet tooth!All the servers were great and friendly.The owner Ms. Sarah and Mr. Sam were amazingly kind couple. They make it sure you'll be happy and satisfy with the food they serve and your total experience to dine at their restaurant. I highly recommend this place in Bothell Wa. area 100% !!!I keep coming back!!!

Review №90

Conveyor belt sushi with really good choices. They will heat up anything for you or let you order t off the menu. The food on the belt isn't boring, they do put the good rolls out. The price isn't bad either.

Review №91

Best sushi spot in my opinion! Volcano roll, dynamite roll, seared salmon!

Review №92

Good cheap sushi what else could you ask for I drive 40 min out of my way once a month for these guys.

Review №93

Foods and service never disappoint me here .

Review №94

Hard to find a good conveyor belt place these days, this one had great tasting sushi!

Review №95

Tried this place a few times.First time, the rice was a bit hard, and I didnt care for the squid or tobiko.The last time, we did take out. Who I assume to be the owner personally handed us our food. We were missing an order of takoyaki so we went back. Soon after getting home we realized they ALSO forgot an order of masago I had paid for. If we hadn't noticed the takoyaki we would've lost closer to $10. Shame.

Review №96

I really liked this conveyor belt place. I was able to customize a few rolls which was awesome it came out fresh and the way I love it. Apparently I was hungrier than I thought but it was worth it.

Review №97

Best sushi and friendly people

Review №98

My son loved the food and can't wait to go back

Review №99

Sushi is okay, udon is good though!

Review №100

Would go there everyday if I could.

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  • Dine-in:Yes
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  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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