11511 NE 195th St Classroom, Bothell, WA 98011, United States
Review №1

Great slection of food, friendly service, always tasty! Go to lunch restaurant for when I'm in the area.

Review №2

Most driest meat i have evere had .. yall are tripping on this place having 4 stars

Review №3

I like the food and service. got tofu and veggies with egg roll and fried zuccini

Review №4

Excellent service! Fast and friendly.

Review №5

Worst teriyaki I have had in a long time. I had chicken teriyaki and my wife had short ribs. Neither was of us were happy. I can't recommend and I won't be going back.

Review №6

Great japanese food. Would love to visit again.

Review №7

Go to place for Korean teriyaki a little k pop meets j pop equals yum especially some of the off menu items

Review №8

Had the made in Korea combo, it was amazing. The person who took my order was one of the friendliest people I've ever met. Definitely coming back here when I'm in the area

Review №9

Solid food and affordable. Exactly what you're looking for with teriaki.

Review №10

I love their food! Staff is very nice.

Review №11

Great People and Amazing Food! Definitely must come visit Sam!

Review №12

Great Food. Great atmosphere. Awesome people. Recommend the "Chicken Katsu and Curry, separate".

Review №13

I have frequented this restaurant for three years. I ordered the bowl with katsu chicken. After paying $12.99 plus tax, I get back to work to find a tiny square styrofoam container, not a bowl with a cup of rice and maybe the equivalent of one chicken breast. Obviously, the person who took my order was not paying attention. I will never return.

Review №14

Love going here for lunch during my work week. The staff are friendly and super quick to get your food out even during the lunch rush. I love the spicy chicken and spicy tofu stir-fry. Pro-tip: call your order in about 15 mins before you get there and it will be ready and waiting for you.

Review №15

It was very good

Review №16

Reasonable prices. Fried rice is very greasy. Could use some sauce with it

Review №17

This place is the best food wise and the girls there are so sweet

Review №18

Quick and fantastic service. The food was amazing and I left this place full. Will be back soon.

Review №19

Food was delicious. Service was disorganized - perhaps having a bad day. I was the o ly one out of 10+ orders that had a problem.

Review №20

I really enjoyed their teriyaki sauce it's not the same old soy sauce and sugar mix but it had notes of garlic and onion which was delicious!

Review №21

Be aware: the gluten free food there, isn't gluten free! I was excited to see that gluten free teriyaki chicken/pork was an option at this restaurant. The staff told me that the gluten free items are even cooked separate to prevent contamination. For my last meal there, I ordered a mixture of pork and chicken. However, when I got home, the order came with gyoza. I called and was told that a comp meal would await me since that one was contaminated. When I went down to get it, I decided to get a gluten free chicken for someone else who eats low sodium. So I inquired if the gluten free meats are marinated with anything prior to grilling (because I didn't want any sodium). The lady (who is almost always at the counter) told me that they use regular soy sauce (NOT gluten free) to marinade ALL the chicken before grilling. I told her that they can't be selling the chicken as gluten free because it isn't. She got very upset and told me that I shouldn't be eating there then. She had always been very nice and smile until that moment. If you can't tolerate gluten, don't eat there!

Review №22

Nice cozy spot. Food always fresh. The vegetables cut fresh and served cold! Try it you won't be disappointed.

Review №23

Always fantastic food and service!

Review №24

Good, quick, and low-key; perfect for showing up with your friends/family or by yourself in sweats.

Review №25

Very friendly staff. Made suggestions on food. Was happy to make me tea. Plenty of seating.Parking out front.

Review №26

Pretty mediocre. I've actually eaten here a lot, due to proximity to my work. I've found hair in my for at least three times, and bristles from a basting brush once. Undercooked chicken one time, and the employees do NOT wash their hands as often as they should. I've taken to bringing my own lunch these days, but this place is really close by if I need it. There's another place nearby... A deli... On the side of a park... You could say it was "Parkside" if you like... Anyway, that place is way better.If you're going to eat here, get "the Godzilla"

Review №27

Great food selection, fast service and friendly.

Review №28

By far the best, most fresh teriyaki we've ever had

Review №29

Service is good and fast. Freshly cooked. I like that the veggies are chilled. They are friendly and always thank me for my business.

Review №30

10/5/18 -Decided to give them another shot instead of giving my money to subway. All I can say is WOW, this can't be the same shop from before, the food was delicious and fresh. I was greeted with a warm smile and all my questions answered as I picked apart the menu. The level of service and attention to customers needs is beyond five stars, customer for life!!!Ok food, OK prices! Nothing to brag about! (First visit)

Review №31

We just moved here from Az and we decided to try Teriyaki ect and I would highly recommend it. The food was very good and the staff was very friendly. I will definitely be eating here again

Review №32

Always fast, friendly, and good food!

Review №33

Good place for a work place lunch. Large variety. There is a strange smell though, like old grease, but the food is delicious

Review №34

Always happy to support local business. They were friendly inside and the food was adequate.

Review №35

Good food, priced inexpensively, friendly staff

Review №36

Overall great place to grab a quick, tasty bite. Consistently satisfying while the staff are relaxed and easy to talk to if things are slow.

Review №37

Moved here a few months ago, discovered this place and have continued to do so almost every week! Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is my tofu tends to be a little over cooked most of the time, though everyone else food always is perfect! Lots of sauce and moist meat!

Review №38

Cheap, excellent tasting food, and nice staff.

Review №39

Nice establishment, good price, good selection, and friendly staff. It does get crowded in here at lunch time, and there is sometimes a wait before you can order during peak times.Check out the lunch specials. They're all pretty good from what I've tried.

Review №40

Not the best teriyaki around, but not bad. Friendly staff and convenient location keeps me coming back.

Review №41

My vegetables were still frozen. The amount of time it took them to prepare my order made me uncomfortable " less than five minutes" they must precook their chicken and warm it when ordered.

Review №42

Foods pretty good, get the Mongolian Beef super good and spicey

Review №43

Excellent food and service with a smile.

Review №44

Not the greatest teriyaki place but it has cheap lunch specials and they prepare your food really fast. It's pretty much a lunch only spot.

Review №45

Good food and the service is just alright.

Review №46

Korean food as well as the other options are really good.

Review №47

I just ate there for the first time and I will go there again. I ordered the chicken breast meal and it was delicious and properly cooked. The salad was a little small but all in all a very good meal.

Review №48

Solid family owned teriyaki spot that's great for a fast and delicious lunch. Parking can get a bit tricky

Review №49

The only reason I eat here is because its close to work. The food is mostly mediocre unless you order the right things. But its not so bad I don't keep coming in, but I'd still suggest looking elsewhere

Review №50

Horrible service; they didn't ask if we where eating here or to go they assumed it was To go usually we get offered water everywhere else but here they give you a warm cup of water no ice I ask for ice and they said they didn't have any but they did have water bottl for sale hmmm I'm sure that's what they do to get more money since it's really hot out on my side of you that's bs( ps the food is good) but the service is horrible they need new people that will greet and make customers welcome and lots of cold water for free

Review №51

Good food, friendly staff, clean establishment

Review №52

The gal that took my order was super sweet, so nice! Their chicken teriyaki is in my top 3! The chicken is juicy and tender and full of flavor!

Review №53

I really enjoyed the food I got and the staff was friendly and funny. Would recommend!

Review №54

I've been really happy with the quality of the food at this place lately. Super tasty and also ready pretty quickly.

Review №55

I've coming here for over 10 years. My favorite is the Fire Breather Combo (#2) with half brown rice and extra veggies. There is a wide variety of selections to choose from.

Review №56

Good amount of food for the price, but not quality at all. It doesn't taste like anything specific, just something thrown together hoping it tastes similar to what you expected

Review №57

Decently good teriyaki and you can order ahead online which is nice. Busy around lunch time.

Review №58

Spicy chicken is good. Not too spicy but it builds as you eat it and they are fast and friendly.

Review №59

Fast and friendly, decent food good price

Review №60

The food is good, the prices are reasonable, the service is fast.

Review №61

I think this place have new owners since few month ago (currently Jan 2016). I go there about very other month, always order Yakisoba no broccoli, it used to just OK, but today it was delicious, I liked it enough to write about it. Chicken were tender and cut nicely, carrots were strings instead of lazy slices, and just the right amount of vegetables/meat/noodles proportion. Good Yakisoba is hard to come by, I hope this is here to stay.

Review №62

Amazing spicy chicken teriyaki. My favorite is the Made in Korea combo; spicy chicken, bulgogi, and kimchi. Tasty!

Review №63

Always friendly and very quick. Great Mongolian beef and reasonably priced.

Review №64

I just oreded and my chicken was RAW. The only refused to re cook or refund my money. They said it was cooked just fine and CHICKEN can be PINK. DO NOT order chciken here. Owners are horrible and food was not cooked.

Review №65

Decent teriyaki, a little over priced but they have a prime location for the office workers.

Review №66

Best teriyaki in/near bothell . . . And I've been to most all of them. I love their new remodeling, service is fast and easy, food is excellent. Everything on the menu tastes great.

Review №67

Super friendly, fast service, the BEST eggroll I have EVER eaten!!!

Review №68

First time going to Teriyaki ETC and I WILL NOT be returning. They don't marinate their chicken. It's pre-grilled, then frozen and then reheated upon order. The cleanliness is super suspect and their little order taker has no manners. Their steamed rice was okay. They must use that cheap Nikko Nikko rice with no flavor. If you have to dress the food up with hot sauce it's not good.

Review №69

While the food has appeared to be cooked properly, the cleanliness of the seating area have kept me from coming back. The "...furry look" comment in another review really fit.

Review №70

Lady was rude and the chicken is dry, and so fake tasting it's kinda scary, the food looks okay though

Review №71

1 out of 10 visits will be inedible. pro-tip: check take out orders before you get home.

Review №72

For a "fast" food teriyaki not bad but gets busy where we live because there are not alot of teriyaki places,umm only place actually so this is the go to place..but is a decent place and don't have problems later on which is kinda important. .

Review №73

Delicious Yakisoba and great service. Definitely my favorite in the area.

Review №74

Your typical American teriyaki fast food restaurant. People come here for lunch often because it's fast service and inexpensive. I found the only menu item I can stand is the chicken teriyaki because the quality and taste is just not there I'm afraid.

Review №75

The food is going down hill really fast. It was amazing when they first opened up. I don't know if they've swap distributors or what. But the food is so horrible now, that I just had to throw it away.

Review №76

Good range of teriyaki, curry, and Asian dishes.

Review №77

Okay if you just want some teriyaki for lunch.

Review №78

I've been here a dozen times. This is the place to go when I'm too lazy to drive to a better teriyaki place. Average quality food and above average price.

Review №79

Really delicious yakisoba, cute anime than in the shop

Review №80

Low carb options

Review №81

I've been here a few times for lunch, and they are always crowded. And even though they're crowded, I usually get my food in five to seven minutes, and the cashier is always pleasant and patient. I always get the same thing for lunch, so I might not be the best person to analyze their food, but the chicken and gyoza is always great. The gyoza is always crips, and the chicken is delicious with a good portion of food. I will definitely go back.

Review №82

On the top, this place seems like a typical Teriyaki place. Similar menu items, typical set up. With that, it would get a 3 star review. The last two times I ordered their advertised "Orange Chicken and Eggroll" but got their Orange Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken Combo instead. I'm not uber picky, but it seems that they don't even care to listen to the orders close enough. And the Orange Chicken sauce was just a dribble (the opposite of drenched).There's lots of good reviews and people who go there regularly. If you go there regularly look around. Look up, look at the walls, look around the kitchen (you can plainly see it). There's things there that really make me uncomfortable eating the food. Dust bunnys hanging off of the vent over the food. The walls look like they haven't been cleaned in years. Caked oil residue and dust give the walls a furry look. I'm pretty sure that these types of things don't show up in the Health Department checks (cause they had one 4 months ago and no mention of it). But it should be a concern for the customers.

Review №83

Food is "meh", service isn't amazing. not too bad though.

Review №84

Use a chase pay order with discount code , the portion was significantly less than the regular order. Disappointed!

Review №85

The chicken yakisoba was delicious

Review №86

Good and quick service

Review №87

Chicken cooked properly, not dried out.

Review №88

It's okay

Review №89


Review №90

Open trash cans inside make dining there ify but the food was good is a bit expensive for what you are getting.

Review №91

Worst chicken teriyaki ever, doesn't look like picture AT ALL

Review №92

Mediocre at best

Review №93

Pretty good food

Review №94

Great teriyaki

Review №95

It's okay

Review №96

Always really good, solid food. I eat here often.

Review №97

Poor quality, high prices

Review №98

Go food poisoning!

Review №99

Always busy

Review №100

Delicious food

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:11511 NE 195th St Classroom, Bothell, WA 98011, United States
  • Site:http://teriyakietc.com/
  • Phone:+1 425-489-2901
  • Asian restaurant
  • Japanese restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8PM
  • Friday:10AM–8PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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