7234 NE Bothell Way, Bothell, WA 98011, United States
Review №1

It is what it is. I was told to order the quarter-pounder to ensure consistent freshness. It is. For a McDonald's burger it is seasoned well and fresh and delicious. Should I be embarrassed for reviewing a McDonald's? Nah, just being honest. As to the grumpy employees? I've gotten a "taste" of it, but the other employees are alright. I knew people that worked in these places, they're almost always short staffed, people not showing up, employee turnover and the list goes on. It's an institution people--come on.

Review №2

Me. Can I get a bacon grilled chicken sandwich?General manager, do you want that with beef or chicken? No chicken sandwich ma'am . Here is my neither grilled chicken or beef chicken Sandwich. Lol

Review №3

Decent McDonald's, clean, not too slow. But seam to mess up at least one part of your order if you get more than a couple things especially if there is any special orders.

Review №4

Ordering by mobile is magic here. The food was done as I clicked. MCDONALD'S IS IN THE FUTURE. There is an angel who is now working there and he is amazing

Review №5

Fast and very clean McDonalds

Review №6

First, they left the bacon off the Travis Scott burger. Then, they literally forgot my friend's spicy McChicken burger. That's unacceptable. I do not recommend this location.

Review №7

My experience at this McDonald's was so bad it may have turned me off to all McDonald's. It is completely embarrassing what's happening with management at this franchise and it's hurting the entire McDonald's empire. Sad.

Review №8

More friendly staff that not. I can tell that dome employees genuinely work with a smile and that makes all the difference to me.

Review №9

It was ok. I got a quarter pounder deluxe with cheese and the deluxe is just that it has a sprinkle of iceberg lettuce and 3 tomato slices. I was in the middle of a very active day so I treated myself to a fruit punch slushie, which hit the spot. I'm sure my brain loved the huge hit of food coloring. The lady who took our order was working really hard to make sure that everyone got a good level of service.

Review №10

Food is good and consistent. Staff is friendly, helpful, and accurate.

Review №11

Always a solid place to eat. The kids got a surprise visit from mr.mcdonald himself!

Review №12

Amazing experience very quality food safe and secure these days amazing staff is very good

Review №13

It's McDonald's... reliable and cheap if you don't mind waiting

Review №14

When I tried to order from the special deals off the McDonalds website. I was told oh... We do not do those.

Review №15

We all try hard for what we put , so dont argue

Review №16

The drive thru moves quickly which is especially good during social distancing

Review №17

Can never seem to get my order correct. Ever!!!!

Review №18

It's clean and feel relax, a little bit different than other locations, maybe because of the setting and seats arrangements. It's first time be there enjoy our breakfast. It's quite a great experience. Good.

Review №19

Can't go wrong with an egg mcmuffin.

Review №20

Took a bunch of items off their menu, and give you a hard time if you can't read the video screen in the drive thru to see what they still have.

Review №21

After the party my girlfriend and I were invited to. She was not feeling well, and I knew she needed something to eat.They were in the middle of closing, and yet we tried nonetheless. They were not only still willing to help us, but they were able to find a deal that saved us a couple bucks.I felt so bad, but I knew she needed it. And I couldn't thank them enough.The crew was helpful and more then happy to assist, even though I felt like 'that person's.Great crew and would highly recommend to anyone

Review №22

This McDonald's is super friendly and completely reliable. It has an ever-changing cast of characters manning it, although you will see regulars there as well. A great place to use your Wifi and hobnob with locals.

Review №23

I wish I had taken a picture before I ate it, but my bun of big mac was ripped off on the top. Also, it did not taste like the burgers had been freshly cooked. They tasted like they had been sitting in a drawer for an hr or more. Also, the french fries were not hot.

Review №24

Definitely not open until 12am. Multiple times I've been by at 11:15PM and they're shut down. The drive through speaker just says "Sorry, we're closed".

Review №25

Bad and unfriendly service. Really poor communication with me.

Review №26

Cant get the order right 70% of the time. Even if its just one item.

Review №27

I ordered the food delivery, when I opened the box of Big Mac, it looks like it was made couple days ago and use microwave to re-heat it and sell to me. The bread is hard as a rock! The cabbages, what are those? Really?

Review №28

Nice service, good food.

Review №29

They don't let anyone in

Review №30

The worst cheese burger I've ever had! Cold and crushed! Bun was tough! Felt like burger was precooked and stacked! Not at all like it used to be! Fries were cold!

Review №31

Typical suburban drive through... what I expected

Review №32

Got what I wanted so all is well

Review №33

Drive thru opened 15 minutes late this morning. 4 vehicles waiting.3/25/20

Review №34

Ok, I just heard a rumor the quarter pounder is new fresh beef....whaaaaat?

Review №35

The highest quality food I've ever had.But srsly, this place is better than the Jack in the Box in town. That place always botches my order. This place, always on point.

Review №36

Fast and inexpensive.

Review №37

McDonald's located along SR 522. Pretty much what you'd expect from any McDonald's. This one is easily accessible from westbound 522. There is a drive-thru at this location. Additionally this location has the self-order kiosks that are starting to sprout up. I like these because you can explore all the extras you can toss on your meal.

Review №38

Update your hours if you close early

Review №39

Fast and curteous!

Review №40

Awful service. Takes forever to even take our order in the drive through after telling us she will be right with us and than mid order she tells us she will be back to finish our order in a min and doesn't return. We finally just drove forward. If your short handed than fox the problem but learn how to have good customer service regardless of how short staffed you are!

Review №41

It is always a good place for a quick meal

Review №42

They were closed 25 minutes before their supposed “closing time” tonight, great business practices

Review №43

This McDonald's is getting slower and slower at night when using the drive through...maybe more staff.. otherwise after sitting in the line for over 25 min, I finally was able to pay..

Review №44

It's good

Review №45

Fast service. Courteous employees. Dining area was a mess. A few customers eating, most tables not wiped. Had to wipe one choice.

Review №46

Kenmore Brb..Burger!

Review №47

The basic cheeseburger is better than Dick's cheeseburger. I grew up with Dick's but something subtle has changed. McD is super competitive on pricing. Still tops after all these years.

Review №48

I usually dont go there but was hungry ,,and got a fresh hot cheese burger and it was really good.

Review №49

Good customer service, was in and out in roughly 3 minutes, and food was great.

Review №50

Great location and awesome indoor play area for kiddos

Review №51

Dude, I think they're peppering the burgers or something bc they taste way better than at other McD's or some genius is spicing it up today. I had a Daily Double and it tasted like a burger you'd get at a small local joint. My son noticed the difference too.Nothing else makes this location special but that.

Review №52

This McDonald's quite possibly has the finest music coming over the speakers ever.

Review №53

Very yummy yummy yummy mc nuggets

Review №54

They're hours on thier building say open till 12 am but this is the second time I've arrived before then and they were closed!! First time there was a sign that said they closed early due to some system update, the second time being @ 11:20pm the drive through speaker just said they were closed!!? Why post hours of being open till 12am when you close at 11pm?! Either update your hours of operation, or stay open until your scheduled to close! I could have gone to an open one instead of wasting my gas and time coming here!!

Review №55

Slowest place ever I don't know who owns this one but they are horrible at managing. I guess you can't fix stupid rite!!

Review №56

The service was so good and fast

Review №57

I'm a fry fiend. When my fries had no salt or enough salt to my liking I called. I don't normally but I did this time. RJ got me new fries right away. I was impressed with the level of service. Thank you RJ for fixing my issue without making me feel like I'm a problem customer.

Review №58

Drive through is clearly more important than those who walk in. Then I waited 15 minutes for a stone cold lg fries and a Big Mac that looked like someone smashed it with their fist. I threw it to the crows. Not going back. I used to consider McDonald's a treat. Now its trash.

Review №59

Fast service. Fresh fries.

Review №60

First place that I've visited where they drinking cups are self serve. Definitely speeds up getting food to clients.

Review №61

Good McDonald's nice facility and friendly staff. This is one of the better McDonald's in the area.There can be times when they get busy but they move orders quickly in most cases.

Review №62

Remodeled store, was updated and comforting. Used kiosk ordering for the first time. It was a bit confusing and even skipped one step on part of an order. Ordering flow was not logical to me. Menu was easier to read than the high TV type displays behind the counter area. Staff was courteous and kind.

Review №63

Seriously, you gotta have a terrible experience to get less than 5 stars. This location consistently getsmy order correct and I never have issues.

Review №64

Staff is consistently either very blunt or straight-on rude. I visit regularly and get some nice hot food, but with orders consistently incorrect despite many clarifications, I have to believe they are just not listening. The food's alright, but don't expect much else.

Review №65

McDonald's is what fast food is

Review №66

Not very many customers within the restaurant ...Staff saw us come in but took at least 2 minutes to let us know that she would be with us to take our order. Restaurant clean.

Review №67

When will McDonald's listen to their customers? We all know that McDonald's has failed to meet the industry standards set by competitors like Starbucks and Burger King when it comes to caring for chickens. Hundreds of consumers continue to speak up about the blatant cruelty McDonald's allows in its supply chain, but we still haven't heard anything. Join me in boycotting this McDonald's location and every other until we hear of a commitment to a better policy for chickens!

Review №68

One the best McDonald's around. Awesome staff. Fast service. Friendly environment.

Review №69

It was McDonald's. You know what you're getting there, for better or worse.

Review №70

Insanely slow service. Drive thru service is very slow. Made each customer wait a long time prior to ordering, when there is only 3 cars in line in total.

Review №71

Seems like they're really not paying attention anymore...I really need to stop going there. For my last 5 visits straight, they forget something in my I stopped in on my way to the freeway, ordered their NEW sandwich recommended by them, Bacon BigMac, I get a BigMac, no bacon. And it costs MORE....

Review №72

Yesterday, on the bus heading home I started craving for french fries so decided to see if the store is open (it was undergoing remodeling and so was only open for drive-through). It was!I like the new look of the store, clean and bright. It was a look that invited you to stay, enjoy your fastfood and come back regularly for more.The staff were friendly and helpful but its the food that sealed the deal for me. I ordered a large chicken nugget meal through their new ordering system (see pic). I liked it better, I can take my time to decide on my order and not inconvenience the cashier. There's 6 ordering terminals for customers. Not sure if you can pay cash though I doubt that you couldn't.Going back to my order, it came in five minutes, and boy was I happily surprised. The nuggets and fries were crispy and hot (yum!)! Last time I had McDonald's, it was a drive-thru order, the nuggets and fries were in a sad, warm state. I didn't go back for more than two years later - until now.Well, I'm so pleased with the experience that I have downloaded the app, plan to walk to the store (have to burn off the calories from all the grease right?) and have me some more of those crispy hot fries and nuggets =)

Review №73

This location had the new digital kiosks, makes everything go much more smoothly

Review №74

The food just really wasn't good at all. Could've been an off day for them but it was just disappointing.

Review №75

Food is ordinary but owner is dishonest. Makes cashier add $2 to every item if you use coupons. Also, make sure you take an interpreter if you don't speak Spanish.

Review №76

It's McDonald's what can I say, it's okay food at a reasonable price. The best fast food fries!

Review №77

It's McDonald's:/

Review №78

Not open at 6:45am Sunday morning.Web says open at 5:00am.Door says open at 6:00am.

Review №79

It took 15 minutes to get our food. Yes we ordered a burger without onions but 15 minutes to cook a burger?

Review №80

Before they were on point but last 2 times they have been lacking. My large fry I got tonight was barely half full and cold! Burgers ordered with no pickle all had pickle! Wasn't busy. Not sure what is going one

Review №81

The employees never get my special order wrong. They're very friendly in a low key way. Hard working group under good management. Wish we could tip them like so many other places that have a jar out!

Review №82

Depending on the time of day and people working, this drive thru can take a long time. Late at night is faster. Workers are normally nice, even if they slow. It's not Not a bad place to catch a meal, just don't intend for it to be a 'quick meal'.

Review №83

Went through the drive through for my Mom. Looks like a newer McDonalds. People were nice and line of cars moved quickly.

Review №84

My new favorite McDonalds franchise

Review №85

It was reasonably Priced & Fast , I was the Only person there.

Review №86

Clean remodel, looks very fresh but id rather it just be a simple old mcdonald. Quick and tasty food.

Review №87

Just McDonakd, couple order wrong, kinda slow today.

Review №88

People here are spotty and management was so bad they were all replaced. I hope this location turns it around as it's in a convenient spot for me

Review №89

I didnt get free fries I didnt get free anything!They didnt tell me about chesey bacon fries!!!

Review №90

Menu is confusing, big mac tasted weird

Review №91

Great place to get fast food, but the fries are very very salty!

Review №92

Its McDonalds. Who reads these reviews. You know what you are getting when you walk in. It's nothing fancy, great, or what not. The building is clean, and the staff don't ignore you. I didnt go into the restroom, so I can't help you there

Review №93

Same ol reliable fast food. Used the app and saved a few bucks.

Review №94

To busy too few employees

Review №95

It was ok.. McDonald's is just not what it use to be..seems like the meat patty are shrinking..on a good note their salads n apple pies are really good.

Review №96

It's just mc D's

Review №97

Food was cold and tasted as if it were sitting around for a bit. Personally felt it was a waste of $. The cashier was kind of rude and the same employee was using the restroom when I left and he definitely did not wash his hands before returning to work. I'm absolutely disgusted by that. Never will be back nor allow my child to eat here. Food will be made at home from now on even rushed. I would give -5 stars if I could.

Review №98

Clean, helpful counter clerk, love the all day breakfast option for a quick pick me up.

Review №99

Enjoy their new self service ordering kiosk, makes the process goes a little better in my opinion.

Review №100

Tried the self pay kiosk. Easy. Helped when there was a line.

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  • Address:7234 NE Bothell Way, Bothell, WA 98011, United States
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  • Phone:+1 425-485-5535
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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