Taco Bell
23201 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
Review №1

I come here for lunch and they always have some problem. This time I waited 15 mins in drive thru only to be told cash only, when I don't have cash. Who the hell would willingly carry cash during a pandemic? Thanks for the waste of time, I'll go somewhere else despite how much I love taco bell.

Review №2

Great variety for surf & turf. We enjoyed going pre COVID and they've really created a safe space during COVID. Stella is an amazing server - she's been the next multiple times with us which really shows consistency. Her excellent service and knowledge of the menu helps our overall experience.A must is the seafood pot, beef tartare (if on menu) and the seafood tower.

Review №3

Check your food before you go...For years this Taco Bell has had reliability issues with our orders. We now have to check every time we order through drive through to make sure all of our food is there. We didn't check tonight and they didn't give us the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa out of the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa Box!! The workers are nice but they are lacking when it comes to making sure all the food is there for customers orders.

Review №4

Pretty bad experience. Ordered at the kiosk, then had to stand at the counter being ignored for 17 minutes before someone bothered to let me pay for my order. There was 2 other people in store that had already placed and drive thru was mostly empty. They don't start making it until you pay so it was that much more annoying. 2 employee's had their masks under their chins whilst taking my order and cooking it. One employee had only one glove on while prepping. Now for the order. I paid extra for premium sauces which I asked before taking the bag if they put them in the bag and they assured me they did. They did not. Called to ask about it and he said "well remind us next time and we won't forget" um excuse me I did? And what I don't get an option where I get my sauces that I paid for? Most had very poor attitudes and couldn't have cared less. I don't leave bad reviews, but after multiple bad experiences with this location I will not be returning.

Review №5

The taco crust was tough. But then you had the audacity to not give me all my meet. If it wasn't for the fries, I would not be returning. So see ya tomorrow

Review №6

Nice people. . Could have been a better experience if the service was faster

Review №7

I celebrated my PhD today in this fine place. Well it was a cool evening and the venue was no doubt one of the reasons for the happy celebration. The crew collaborated in a splendid way, the cooking was extremely good and my guests were very delighted. We shall no dout return for more events. thanks very much.

Review №8

How are y'all gonna be promoting something then be out of it the last 3 times I'm there? I just want to try a dragon fruit freeze man.

Review №9

It's Taco Bell... Not much to say. Food tastes good going in and always hurts coming out.Baja Blast Zero is the best though!

Review №10

First taco bell to get all of my family's orders right! Super sweet service and really clean. I'll totally be coming here from now on.

Review №11

Pedestrian Mexican food. Looking for a nacho box and ordered a bel grande. Not the same. Oh well.

Review №12

Order at a different Taco Bell. Can't say I wasn't surprised when the quality of the order to be as low as it was. I'm not picky, but this was just laziness.

Review №13

It was busy but still pretty fast. Good service and got everything right.

Review №14

Its taco bell ... bored best Mexican food in the US 2018 ! Hahahahah

Review №15

I had an awful Grubhub experience, I was missing 4 food items and 2 drinks, and the driver was not helpful / didn't care. However when I called in to see if I could get help from the location I ordered from the women I spoke with was very professional and mature with me (even though I was noticeably frustrated). She gave me multiple options on how to fix my order and was understanding of the situation being difficult during quarantine. She even gave me the names of her manger just in case I had issues!! I did go back and pick up the missing food and everything was done fresh and correctly, no charge And everyone was very friendly

Review №16

Great late night food. Generous with the sauce!

Review №17

Good cheap food. I love what I get here.

Review №18

I went to this location to purchase food at 1:45am on Friday (8/14). I was told that they closed the grill because it was "close" to closing time. Even though it is advertised on google page and on their drive through window that they are open until 3 am. This has happen twice so far. If you want to close at 1:30am, why do u advertise that you are open untill 3? stop wasting people's time...

Review №19

This is the slowest Taco Bell on earth. I literally waited over one hour in the drive thru and the line was maybe 9 cars long. Please figure out what you can do to speed this up!

Review №20

The staff here we're happy and upbeat, made my experience all the more enjoyable! The food tasted better because of how happy everyone was that was working there! It's rare to go out for a late night and have everyone truly happy about being there, good job night shift! The food was fresh and the place was clean. An all over excellent meal and environment

Review №21

Every time I come to this specific location and ask for Doritos nachos tacos they hand me plain tacos with no explanation. It's every time. Not just once, I don't say anything because I don't want something dirty done to me food but Jesus. You have one job.

Review №22

Tacos aren't broke and the food's always hot

Review №23

I absolutely love Taco Bell but this is the worst one I've been to. I thought it was a one time mistake but after three times at this location I will not go back.

Review №24

Drive through was fairly quick, server was nice and food was mediocre. All I had was a few crispy tacos and they were edible but nothing to write home about.

Review №25

What can you say it's taco Bell speaks for itself foods always awesome every once in a while you run across something but you know it's taco Bell just like any other fast food chain better than McDonald's I'll say that publicly

Review №26

Change your hours, drive thru was unavailable at 9:05, parked waited till 9:25 still wouldnt work. Checked doors, lobby also locked.Chicfila it is

Review №27

Same old same old. Never had but never REALLY GOOD!! It is fast food but not terrible fast food.

Review №28

Missing two items from most recent order. Often doesn't do "supreme" when ordering - you get regular. Didn't have Doritos cardboards so tacos fell apart in a mess. Not happy with this taco bell.

Review №29

Nice kids. Hot food.

Review №30

If you like one half of your chalupa with only sour cream and lettuce, and the other half only shredded cheese and nacho sauce, AND half the contents in the paper wrapper instead of the shell... Well then, I highly recommend this location.

Review №31

Good food great fast service

Review №32

Stuck in drive through from 7pm ro 7:28pm waiting for one burrito. I will not go to this location ever again.

Review №33

Selene is great, she had me taste the soda because it didn't look right and then had another employee change it out to give me a fresh one without me even asking. There have been other awesome girls working here but I didn't get their names unfortunately- staff is nice and I've never gotten the wrong items, everything always is prepared nicely as well.

Review №34

What's understood doesn't need to be explained.

Review №35

Repeat customer because Taco Bell is a guilty pleasure, but this place needs to better train thier workers. Getting home with food usually means playing "find your food" because nothing is labeled correctly. Sauce and other ingredients are often missing.

Review №36

Been here a couple times and every visit seems to be more disappointing than the last.Items missing from order, incorrect items in order, cold and soggy food sums up this location.Save yourself the trouble and go to a different Taco Bell .

Review №37

The construction other reviews mentioned is complete. The interior (and exterior) were spotless. No dirt. No debris. The cashier was the friendliest man I've spoken to at a fast food chain. My order was ready a minute after ordering.Yes, they accept credit cards! The reviewer who said this is cash-only was simply wrong.

Review №38

Every time I go through the drive-thru at this facility specifically I never leave with a correct order. And it's not just miniscule mistakes. They've forgotten entire meals. And tonight for example I asked for a cheese quesadilla without chicken because I am sensitive to chicken. Then adding extra jalapeno sauce was additional charge, and I got a chicken quesadilla that was completely dry while the kids sat around and laughed and waited for at least 5 minutes to receive my order when I was the first person in line. We willnwill be back to this location. It's not about the money it's about the professionalism and staff. Which is a shame because the person that took our order was completely professional and I would give him a five star review not sure if it's him or the team.

Review №39

My order is never done right. And the staff is always high off there minds. Would not recommend

Review №40

bathroom not great...Now I have PTSD...

Review №41

I was doordashing and man they were hella quick with it

Review №42

Great service! It's hit or miss on if your burritos are filled enough. Sometimes it seems you don't have much more than a tortilla. Other times it's almost up to standard.

Review №43

Chicken salad was very over priced for the quantity that was served and the two regular crispy shell tacos had very little meat and the lettuce was partially wilted. The plain nachos were good but the cup of cheese was only 1/2 full. Two very disappointed seniors.

Review №44

Stuck in the drive thru for 40 minutes.

Review №45

Never gotten my order wrong. And that says alot for a taco bell.

Review №46

Great location they just remodeled too so cleab and new interior. Fast drive thru great for late taco night stops down both-eve. Highway

Review №47

I dont think I have ever had a bad experience with taco bell. Love those box meals.

Review №48

I love taco bell but the drive through is so slow. It probably took us 30 mins to get through the line at 10:30 at night. Food was good but it was getting cold by the time we got to eat when we got home 5 mins later.

Review №49

Had to get my order remade twice and they were telling me how the sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes is a cold condiment which makes the food cold when the meat was cold on top of that it was floppy instead of crispy and then puts way too little food on the remake and had to tell them way I wanted them to make it again I don't suggest eating here after I read the reviews this is a common thing that happens here.

Review №50

Staff seemed to be kind of hiding away in the back? There were no other customers, and the drive through was completely empty as well. I ordered specifically non dairy on all my items, and it was ignored when made, so all of the items had sour cream on them, which was agitating as it was for an allergy reason. I ordered the chalupa combo order and one of the items was not put in at all, and one of the items was missing one of its only three ingredients for no apparent reason. I was also handed a soda cup instead of a freeze (which just happens sometimes, I blame the kiosk), and I had to stop the cashier as he was already trying to run away into the back! I don't know what was going on at this location today but the staff probably needs to be addressed to figure out what was going on. I love this restaurant and can usually accept that food service workers make errors and it's not a big deal, but today was just so many things wrong that I can't really overlook it. Guys, please please do better!

Review №51

I got food poisoning from this place and coincidentally my credit card had fraud on it the next day. The person working at the drive thru was a hispanic male that had all the gestures of a female.

Review №52

Always good for a quick meal in the run

Review №53

That was amazing food, and great Service. Keep up the great work guys

Review №54

This place is literally the worst. I've lived down the street for six years. I was hoping after their recent remodel things would be better. I'm not sure why I continue to come here. But I do. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.

Review №55

Not really sure what was going on here today. Place was empty, no customers and staff were not at the counter before we said hello. I don't understand how they messed up our order if it wasn't busy. I asked for no sour cream and no lettuce (I can't have sour cream, even though cheese is fine) and they gave me both. They also forgot one of the tacos in the box that I ordered and there were no fritos in my beefy Frito burrito. Not mad just disappointed. I'll stick to the woodinville and kirkland taco bells.

Review №56

Moldy food! So gross!! Also not to mention, Ordered vegetarian crunch wraps and every time they came with meat.

Review №57

Very easy access

Review №58

The big guy that works late night is my hero. Fast and friendly. Never too much ice in the cup.thanks dude

Review №59

Good and usually made pretty fresh. Only dislike is that the wait for the food took a bit longer than I'm used to for a fast food restaurant, but not really a huge issue.

Review №60

Stay away until construction is complete. Debris from walls end up on and in your car. Also in the takeout window. Makes me wonder if the dust end up in the food

Review №61

It's customer service is dreadful. I've been here at night in the drive thru and they literally just had there backs turned on us and ignored us the whole time. All the food from this location is also horrible. Burritos squashed, they put all the sauce at the bottom of the burrito, it's always somewhat cold, etc. They also are the slowest taco Bell I've ever been too and the rudest as well. Not going here again - 1 star

Review №62

Absolutely filthy restaurant. The exterior, entrance, dining area, kitchen area restrooms ALL EXTREMELY FILTHY. Just look down at where the floor meets the wall, super gross and not cleaned well. The kitchen area is very dirty as well. Even the hot sauce containers in the dining area are NEVER cleaned out, only refilled. Crumbs, dirt and hair inside the bottoms of the lid dispensing area and the hot sauce containers. etc.. C'mon Taco Bell, either get new management to fix the low cleaning standards. the main reason why not many people eat inside.Also: the drive through only accepts cash only!! get this fixed! We know this restaurant was broken into and robbed recently, but no reason for not repairing your credit card system for the drive through.

Review №63

Went there about three weeks ago and waited to get acknowledgement, went the today to give another chance. Ordered 3 steak soft tacos got a bag of six. When I said something to the girl at the counter that I got double from what I ordered, she said "No, you ordered 6". Get out to my vehicle to eat a few of them and they turned out to be found beef. Whit the reply I got "No" didn't want to wast my time going back in. Ended up giving the extras to a homeless person that I knew would be there and needed any handout.

Review №64

Not high end food by any means, but their burrito/crispy taco combo gotta his the spot sometimes. Parking is adequate and the staff seemed nice the couple of times I've been here. Tables could have been a bit cleaner. Not bad overall.

Review №65

More than once I've ordered extra lettuce on my tostadas, paid $0.50 each for it and gotten barely any lettuce. Asking for the sauce on the side got me one little side cup of each sauce to share among THREE tostadas. The toppings, as usual, are tossed in the box with no regard to whether they are ON the tostada. I won't come here again, it's just their sloppy, thieving, no-quality style and I'm sick of it.

Review №66

Terrible customer service, the manager was rude and unprofessional.

Review №67

The one in Bothell Everett highway takes for ever to serve. Avoid visiting here in Sunday evenings. I had to be in the drive through line for 45 mins to get a Taco. I couldn't turn back since there were cars behind. Trapped!! No more stopping by at this location.

Review №68

Love the extra meat option

Review №69

Very bad customer service

Review №70

Took 15 minutes to get my food. And once I got it it was the worst food I've ever gotten at a Taco Bell

Review №71

Never stays open to the hours they advertise. 9pm Saturday, and the interior dining room is closed by some unemployed person. Drive through backed up and they want to be closed by 9. Who ever runs this establishment, should be fired. To bad that McDonald's is above and beyond better with customer service. Taco bell is a joke

Review №72

Absolutely the best. Food was fresh. Ample hot sauce was given with the meal. Many napkins. Lady attendant at the window was friendly.Grounds we're in impecable conditions.Egress was well thought out.

Review №73

It's the same as every fast food place.

Review №74

Quick an convent with good prices food

Review №75

COVID-19 WARNING. I just got food at the Taco Bell at 23201 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021 and NOT A SINGLE EMPLOYEE WAS WEARING A MASK OR WEARING GLOVES.

Review №76

I do not know what to rate this taco bell, their food is good, but their wait is ridiculous!It has been years that I am not able to get out of this taco bell without a minimum of waiting in the drive through or inside for 30 minutes.Originally I thought it was due to a lack of staffing, but now that it has been going on for years, I believe it is due to a lack in management/training. Taco Bell shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes, yet alone over 30 minutes! I refuse to go to this Taco Bell,. I can go to a sit down restaurant in less the time or drive to the Kirkland one and back and still be done faster.

Review №77

Always clean, friendly staff, and the food looks almost like the menu picture more often than not. Service can be a little slow at times but the food comes out hot and tastes freshly prepared.

Review №78

Been coming here to years! When I want something affordable but delicious I know I'll get it fast here.

Review №79

@ the owner please staff your location omg i can't imagine the daily stress that the employees go through!! we waited 45 minutes in the drive thru for 3 plain burritos! i don't usually post reviews but i am posting this now with the hope that the employees will one day see a brighter tomorrow

Review №80

It's taco bell. The self service is trash, but rest is good.

Review №81

People are rude and don't care about customers

Review №82

Highly advise not going here at all. The place is run-down. The drive through hasn't been able to take credit card payments for a least a month, you need to pay with cash. The inside is usually dirty and the place could use with a really good cleaning. Honestly. If you go and look a the tables it looks like someone took one of the kitchen rags with grease and water on it and then used it to do a once over on the tables that you eat at. I've told my kids that we can eat anywhere except here. Go to Wendy's across the street, or Chick-fil-a less than a block away. Your heart will thank me.

Review №83

The grilled stuffed burrito was soup. The chicken soft Taco.. again... soup. I may go here once every three months, and this place never gets anything right. AVOID.

Review №84

Fresh and hot and the staff were very nice

Review №85

What can I say, I love taco bell.

Review №86

We were in the drive through line for over 30 min. I wanted to go to the bathroom sooooo bad. It felt like there was one person doing everything. I would never go to taco bell if it wasn't for my kids favorite meal which was not available that day.

Review №87

Taco bell is amazing but the type of people they hire are so questionable!! And it's like that at EVERY ONE I'VE EVER BEEN TO!!

Review №88

I love taco bell, but this location must just have a terrible owner.. waited about 25 minutes tonight because they were so short staffed. One of the four workers walked out and then the manager decided to lock the doors and leave too. It's been terrible the past few times because they are always short staffed. The owner clearly doesn't care.

Review №89

I like the burritos

Review №90

Too oily!!!

Review №91

I could be better but it works

Review №92

Went to use the drive thru and found it to be cash only. So went inside and spoke to management about it. The staff was absolutely awesome and explained they had been broken into and burglarized. They also apologized about it taking so long and explained they were calling every day to get updates about when they could resume full payment processing in drive thru.Staff was energetic even though they were down, and were extremely pleasant to interact with. Lots of smiles, and lots of energy. I feel they have finally got the right crew!!Was happy to submit feedback telling corporate that they were taking too long on the repair (just over 3 weeks) and they need to step on it as the staff is bending over backwards to accommodate and provide exceptional service.This is right near my house, so I will continue to go there.

Review №93

Came through drive through for breakfast, and no one was there to answer. Tried for a minute or two. Drove away with no order

Review №94

Processed food not much of anything on their sandwiches very disappoint

Review №95

It's a Taco Bell. Quick service, low prices, filling meals. It's even possible to eat reasonably healthy here--not that you will. ;)

Review №96

Taco Bell is bae. I love this place. Perfect stoner food.

Review №97

Very poorly run store. Expect to wait several minutes in the drive through. Avoid this location at all costs.

Review №98

Wow what an improvement! Nice job!

Review №99

Chicken burrito was so wimpy. Also check your order before you leave the window. This place forgets something more often than not. Last time they forgot 6 items.

Review №100

Cash only cause their credit reader was down so that caused headaches in the drive thru. Really long lines and wait times but the order was correct and fresh

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