Imperial Wok
22833 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
Review №1

My favorite place for Chinese. Literally the best, every single time. Super fresh food, good portion size, always on with their timing. You will not be disappointed! I'm always bummed when I forget they are closed on Sundays!

Review №2

I ate here once more than a decade ago and I felt that it was pretty good at the time but I haven't worked in the area since then and I don't come here to hang out much. For the time being I'm doing some contract work nearby and when my coworker mentioned that she had found a great Chinese place nearby, I was all in to try it. When we walked in, I recognized it immediately and remembered it as having been decent. She said that she really enjoyed the dumplings. I'm a big dumpling enthusiast now but 12 years ago, that wasn't really on my radar. We ordered some and I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but when they came out, they were big and beautiful. They looked like the kind of thing you would usually have to drive down to the International District to get. I really wish I'd taken a picture but they were so that we just plowed right through them before it even occurred to me. They were outstanding and this will be my go-to at this place from now on.I also ordered the house chow mein. It was pretty good but the noodles tasted like they may have come from a pillow pack form Cash n' Carry rather than made in house. I can really tell the difference these days. they were well prepared and the veggies and meat were fresh and tasty. On my previous visit, I ordered the sweet and sour chicken as well as the almond fried chicken. They were also fresh, well prepared and tasty. All in all, this is a very solid place and I have no problem recommending it. I will definitely eat here as often as possible.

Review №3

I requested an unusual order (stir fry with soft tofu), which most places don't do and which the person who took the order appeared to have difficulty understanding. It was absolutely perfect! Veggies were abundant and fresh, sauce was light and delicious.

Review №4

Quick service on carryout. Best fried rice in the area

Review №5

This has the potential to be the best Chinese around, the food is all perfectly cooked. Meat is tender and not dry with a perfect flaky crust, rice is perfect texture. However they seem to be afraid of seasoning. Everything is very bland, the wonton soup is almost water, the meat has no seasoning on it, the rice is just plain. Even just a little bit of salt would go a long way. I'll try again in a month or so and hopefully they will experiment with adding some flavor

Review №6

Had a complicated order and they made it perfectly, everything is delicious!

Review №7

We decided to go here for lunch today because of the great reviews. Maybe they we're having an off day but our food was terrible. Probably the worst Chinese food I have ever had. We got the family dinner meal which was $30 and there was hardly enough food for two people. Waste of money do not recommend!

Review №8

Delicious dinners.

Review №9

Amazing food! We drive 30 minutes for our this delicious carryout. The only reason I couldn't give this 5 stars is the inconsistent Saturday hours. Try this place. You won't be disappointed.

Review №10

Really delicious, tender meats, even when fried. Very friendly service. Prices are great too. The food is American Chinese, including fried rice, hot & sour soup, and other delicious things my Shanghainese husband continuously said weren't traditional then kept saying how delicious it was. Their BBQ pork and fried shrimp were delicious. Their family dinners are definitely a great variety for a good price. The lemon chicken and Mandarin beef stole the show!

Review №11

Good folks clean restaurant and filled a 7 person order promptly...

Review №12

Cool place to shop. Huge selection of food, and great services.

Review №13

I've been coming here for years for lunch breaks. Small family run business. Always delicious food. My favorite is the mandarin crispy beef. Yum

Review №14

This is by far the best Chinese food in the area if not the best of all! I love the small homey feel and family atmosphere with it being run by husband and wife and their daughter. They are the nicest people and most importantly the food is absolutely incredible! I think the price is great for amount of food you get. Overall there's nothing negative that I can say about Imperial Wok or their owners. For me they rate a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Review №15

Great food good service family owned

Review №16

Food was terrible

Review №17

Very pleasantly suprised; very inexpensive And very tasty.

Review №18

Delicious! Came here tonight, I ordered the chicken chow mein and my fiancée ordered the Mongolian beef. He likes it spicy and so he ordered 5 stars. At first it didn't feel too spicy but as he continued to eat, it crept up with fiery delicious heat. We left so satisfied and he wanted me to also put in there his nose is still running. Obviously in a good way We will be back!! Thanks!

Review №19

Had dinner there food was great and I can't wait to go back! Family meals are great to try a little of everything.

Review №20

Comfort food at its best.

Review №21

This place is a hidden gem. The owners are passionate about high quality and good service. Their chicken is all white meat, seasoned perfectly. Beef is nice and tender, a good quality cut. Flavor is from the proteins and highlighted with spices and sauce (which is also perfectly proportionate),Their sides are equally as good, the pork fried rice is some of the best you will find in the Seattle area and you will not be disappointed in any choice of soup.Portions are perfect, not too large but definitely filling.Restaurant is clean, and being on the corner of the strip mall, its really bright and warming.The best part about this place is the price. Two can easily do lunch for under $15.

Review №22

Best Chinese food around. More friendly staff you will not find.

Review №23

My favorite Chinese food north of Seattle! A must-have for hungry travelers heading up I-405. Easily accessible off exit 26, the food and service are impeccable. Try their General Tso's chicken!

Review №24

Almost as good as Panda Express - and that makes me sad. I really hoped that this place was decent - but no go. Ordered the house fried rice (wasn't fried or seasoned), chicken chow mein (okay - but very little chicken), Mushroom chicken (strangely sweet - mostly mushroom, very little chicken, one piece of carrot), and Mongolian Beef (spicy #3 - very little spice, beef was tough). Very very sad. :(

Review №25

Your search for good Chinese food in the Seattle area is over. A very nice couple run the place. Large portions, everything is excellent. I travel far out-of-the-way for this food even though there's plenty of Chinese restaurants near my home.

Review №26

Good food for the price

Review №27

Small mom and pop, no frills, no booze but VERY DELICIOUS

Review №28

Great food, great price and portions were perfect.

Review №29

Been going to this place for awhile now and I really hope it doesn't close down. The food is very good for the price, and the owners are absolutely great people.

Review №30

No frills dining is a great description. The food is very basic and low cost. Didn't taste bad but was very enlightening actually ordering there and watching them prepare the food. Two stand outs: Almond chicken - pre-made battered chicken patty that's deep fried to warm it then chopped up and some almond slices thrown on. Second was the deal breaker for me Fried Rice - let's call it what it actually is, steamed rice with a little soy and peas/carrots thrown in. I've actually worked in a Chinese restaurant and real fried rice is steamed rice from the previous day that is then thrown in the wok and ya know...FRIED. A little egg, scallions, soy, meat...fried rice.Anyway, relatively cheap - $6.75 for lunch special so if you're looking for something quick and low cost this might be an option for you.

Review №31

Really good food

Review №32

Standard Chinese food for the price. It's good to fill that Chinese food craving. The couple that owns (?) the restaurant is incredibly sweet.

Review №33

Have only been there once so far, but I will likely be back. $7 lunch special is pretty tasty and is a real good value for all that you get.

Review №34

After a long day we decided we wanted some Chinese food. Looked up some places in the area and this one had good reviews. Well, the business hours online show they close at 9. We get there at 8:15 and the door is locked and the sign on the door says they close at 8:30. I wouldn't have even written the review, but I did because I called at 7:30 (several times) and no one answered. If they had simply answered the phone, the whole wasted trip could have been avoided. Highly doubt I will give them a second chance.

Review №35

Excellent food, good service, food is quick but never hurried. Love this place!

Review №36

Super bland and undercooked. Got me a bit sick, definitely won't be returning

Review №37

The days of big Chinese food restaurants from my child hood seem to be gone. Imperial Wok is not huge or overly ornate but I have enjoyed many dishes from here. My favorite by far is the Mandarin Crispy Chicken. I have not ate there, as I live so close, so I usually take it to go. The chunks of breaded and fried white meat chicken and then cooked over the flame powered wok right in front of you. The owners are always there working all these years and the food has been consistent the whole while. As far as local (Bothell/Alderwood Manor/etc.) Chinese food options I plan to keep going back to them. Each time I try somewhere else, I leave a little disappointed.

Review №38

One of the very few Chinese Restaurants (and my wife and I have tried about 20 of them in the Puget Sound region, not including Teriyaki and Pho) that uses good quality meats and vegetables. The husband and wife that own and operate are very friendly and fantastic cooks. Can't recommend enough, check it out.

Review №39

The Generals was so amazing!!! full meat dish, i am used to just a few pieces of meat and a bunch of broccoli. but this was a flaming pile of delicious deep fried meaty goodness. right before the chef put it in the togo container for me, he lit it on fire giving it that extra kick of heat before he sent it out the door.

Review №40

Oolong tea very good.Wonton soup very good, no crispy noodles given, though.Sweet and sour chicken and Mongolian beef very good.

Review №41

Good food!

Review №42

Amazing food, the nicest chefs and the best prices in town. Absolutely our Asian go to!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №43

Awesome food and service. Were super flexible with kettingbus subsitute menu items in the combo meals for multiple people . Very friendly and fast. They are tucked back in the corner and would be busier if they were more visible!!!!! The food is better than any chinese restaurant around. Comparable to the china clipper that closed in woodinville which was my old favorite.

Review №44

Super nice owners and tasty food! I had the chicken with sesame sauce and my wife had the veggie deluxe plate and we both loved it.

Review №45

Good food, hard working folks. Needs better soup.

Review №46

Hot and sour soup was good. Shrimp egg foo young was bland and slightly crunchy. Service was great

Review №47

Very friendly staff, thoughtful. General Tso's was terrible - too salty, not sweet or spicy at all despite 3 star spice request. BBQ fried rice was white not yellow (not fried). Not terrible chinese food but not good either.

Review №48

Good served hot

Review №49

My man and I went there and it was great. Food was delicious I ordered the chicken chowmein with li mein noodles and we got an appetizer of crab rangoons. They were allcooked fresh and so yummy

Review №50

I'm not sure what they do, but I've never had potstickers this good. Always friendly, very good value price-wise, and attentive enough that I don't even have to order potstickers anymore -- they just start making them when I walk in the door!

Review №51

Always fresh and well made. Decent selection to choose from.

Review №52

Just got take out tonight 5 star Kung Pao chicken, 5 star mongolian beef, and 5 star crispy mandarin chicken with pork fried rice. All delicious, the spice was a perfect amount of heat and lingering flavor, the smell alone on the drive home was mouth watering. Definitely my favorite place to get some take out.

Review №53

Consistently serves decent, standard Chinese food.

Review №54

Surprisingly good!

Review №55

Very clean and tasty

Review №56

Very poor service. Don't get the chicken curry.

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:22833 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
  • Phone:+1 425-486-6362
  • Chinese restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–2PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–2PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–2PM
  • Thursday:4–8:45PM
  • Friday:4–8:45PM
  • Saturday:11AM–2PM
  • Sunday:11AM–2PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
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