Bacchus Pub
105 W Main St Suite 1A, Bozeman, MT 59715, United States
Review №1

Very friendly staff and the food is good too! Come check it out for good drinks and good food.

Review №2

Stopped by for lunch on the way through town and loved it! Solid menu options and everything was really well done. You can tell the burgers were hand pressed which means better quality. Salad ingredients were very well prepared such as toasted almonds and good quality chicken. Nice little sidewalk patio seating as well.

Review №3

My son and I had lunch (1 ish) here, we had Chili fries with cheese on the side, it was AWESOME! Amazing crisp fries,then took our Bacon Cheese Burgers to go. Later we went to eat our Burger's. ... I had left Bozeman, the burgers were not cooked -- they were brown just on outside and then most of it red inside. Usually, I am asked how do you want it cooked, but no. I do not eat rare hamburgers. Well, my son microwaved his, but I could not because I was on my 3hr drive home. I called was told someone would call me back, but it didn't happen.It is frustrating spending $ and not being able to eat it.Thanks for replying here, what happened to my calling and a phone call back? The waiter that answered the phone said would happen?

Review №4

Great reuben (corned beef is cooked in house and is to die for) and extra crispy french fries were served with a beer recommended by our server - top notch.

Review №5

Great pub food and beers. Fast and knowledgeable servers who help out with suggestions. Would go again

Review №6

Great food and friendly service. Prices are average to high. Great cocktail menu as well. I recommend the Philly Cheesesteak sandwhich.

Review №7

Drinks were great. The bartender was friendly and attentive when needed. Food service took a little longer than expected given it was only moderatly busy. Once we got the food it was exceptional. Will be having the surf and turf sliders again and will highly recommend them.

Review №8

Great club sandwich and corned beef slider!! French Onion delight! Very cool atmosphere.

Review №9

Grew up coming here and excited to see that after the remodel it still retains the same Bozeman charm. Great pub atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious food. Winter is a great time to warm up with a drink and cozy surroundings, and the patio provides an awesome setting for summertime hangs. Great establishment.

Review №10

Amazing fries and curry sauce. Consistently good

Review №11

Best salad I've ever had, nice outdoor seating. Great beer, nice views of downtown Bozeman from the outside seating.

Review №12

The bison burger is off the chain. Decent beer selection including some uncommon imports. Will definitely be back. Good fun service.

Review №13

Really amazing space and a great menu and selection of beer. If you're not gonna drink definitely at least go in and taking a look at the hotel and space. Has some of the best outdoor seating on Main Street and the staff is really friendly. Troy was awesome. I highly suggest that rubben

Review №14

Great place to watch sports with quality pub food! Their beer selection is awesome. Our bartender with the big beard and glasses was awesome. Told some great stories.

Review №15

Friendly staff and customers everyone had great advice and experiences. FYI teds is horrible.

Review №16

Cozy atmosphere, delicious food, tasty drinks, friendly and helpful staff.

Review №17

I highly recommend enjoying a meal or having a drink at this beautiful historic establishment

Review №18

Super fun staff r great

Review №19

To be honest my rating was lower before because of the mood I was in, not the restaurant or service. I really enjoyed the food. The atmosphere was also very well crafted. Thank you.

Review №20

Tall drinks and a nice bar. 7/5, would drink there again.

Review №21

The Fish and chips were great.

Review №22

Quiet, nice atmosphere, good service and food.

Review №23

Ate there 2 afternoons in a row. Happy hour 2-6. All craft beer is outstanding; food too! Outside seating but atmosphere inside is great. Hand made monk faces all around the wooden cornishes. Wait staff excellent! Fireplace, couch...inside Hotel Baxter.

Review №24

Love this unique pub. Food is phenomenal. If you're vegetarian/vegan, the falafel is to do for. Service can be off sometimes but it definitely doesn't deter me from coming back. Also a great spot for late night drinks to get away from the party scene; a more mature, but fun crowd.

Review №25

Kept it's original look from when I would visit there in the 80's. Currently serves good pub food.

Review №26

Fun pub, food was very average and under seasoned. Yet not a pepper or salt shaker to be seen.

Review №27

Great beer, food and service!

Review №28

I had a wonderful time at Bacchus a week ago. We were well cared for though the place was still very much alive for a Thursday night in the summer. The staff was very patient with our group that was quiet loud and kept cheking up on our constantly changing party The food was really good for the prices they practice. And the location is in the emblematic Baxter hotel.What more can you ask? A must visit in Bozeman.

Review №29

What was once a delicious bar food establishment has turned sub par at best. From a dismissive bartender to food that was almost entirely inedible this has by far been the worst food experience I've had in Bozeman. I ordered a gin based cocktail that was so poorly mixed it was un-drinkable, sliders with old tasting meat patties (that clearly were not Kobe beef despite what the menu claims), and a pretzel whose beer cheese sauce was so hot the sauce was broken and grainy beyond belief. I work in the industry, and am generally pretty sympathetic to things that may happen during service, but it was so bad I felt it necessary to write my first ever review. It's also beyond comprehension how expensive this entire meal was given the quality. -10000/10 do not recommend. The curry fries were ok though

Review №30

Good drinks, good service and great atmosphere.

Review №31

Great food and atmosphere. Had the curry fries and would highly reccommend for fellow curry lovers!Will be back!

Review №32

Good pub food and beer on tap. Conveniently located on main street

Review №33

Popped in for a beer... great service and great vibe

Review №34

A Bozeman staple. Bartenders are superb. Good food.

Review №35

Pretzel and Midas Crush So good!

Review №36

Super fast service and very friendly, loved the wings.

Review №37

Great food in a fun atmosphere. The Historic Baxter Hotel is such a beautiful building! I will definitely be going back for delicious corned beef and veggies.

Review №38

The service, excellent. The food, disappointing. I found the menu seriously lacking in creativity. Having worked there loooong ago I was hoping this latest iteration would have been much better. Instead it was just so so.

Review №39

Excellent onion soup and outstanding selection of beer/liquors. Friendly staff too.

Review №40

Not changed much since i went to school there in the 70s good food fair prices an old staple in Bozeman like going home

Review №41

Always amazing food and drinks. Tho i prefer fish n chips to have significantly larger pieces, they were fish sticks.Nonetheless we be back for all else, love all else weve had so far :)

Review №42

Lots of nice seating both indoors and out! We had a couple of drinks after our dinner at Ted's! Had a great time!

Review №43

Nice place but the service was a bit on the slow side

Review №44

It was ok. Food was so so. Service was very slow. Atmosphere is good.

Review №45

Cool vibe. Great service!

Review №46

I missed the Bacchus during the two year closure, thanks for coming back! This is the closest pub to those we found in Ireland, I love it!

Review №47

Same name, different everything. If you are craving the past lore of the Bacchus, do not venture on memory lane less you be disappointed!Simply put: bad and overpriced food. My burger was cooked dry. DRY!!!! Im pretty sure that's a hanging crime in Montana. 14$ and it didn't even come with pickles, onions or lettuce (those I was told were 25 cents each extra).I should have taken a clue from my last visit. I ordered Fish and Chips. If you enjoy paying 18$ for a couple of amputated nubs of fish on a sea of fries then the saying, "a fool and his money are soon parted" are justly earned. Enjoy!

Review №48

I love the atmosphere in the Bacchus Pub. And the service is very good. The food was fine, not superior or excellent but good. Overall, a good lunch and I will probably go there again.

Review №49

I'm so glad this place opened again! The same amazing food and service as before. Can't wait to make this a regular hang out again

Review №50

Great service!

Review №51

If you're craving that West Coast vibe, stop in for lunch on a rainy afternoon, you won't be disappointed. Overpriced food/drink, and staff that treats you like a burden when they're not completely ignoring you. Whether it's part of some hip rebranding, or simple, old fashioned employee burnout; this was a sad experience at a long time Bozeman favorite.

Review №52

A Bozeman fixture, and re-opened better than ever. Really good food. Nice, efficient staff. Definitely a pub to visit.

Review №53

VERY LOUD, owners need to put up some tapestries. It would still make sense with the decor. Shepherds Pie was adequate, however a bit weird with cheese and baked potato chips.

Review №54

Very lively and happening pub in Bozeman. It just opened up earlier this January (2019) after being closed for 22 months. Definitely get the Kobe beef burger if you're hungry, you definitely won't go wrong.

Review №55

Reopened under "new owners". So they are riding the coattails of the old owners. The menu is different and disappointing. Looks like I'll have to keep patronizing The Taproom (Bacchus' Old Owners) to get ACTUAL Bacchus Curry Fries. The staff of the NEW Bacchus are overwhelmed and unprepared. Hopefully patrons wont be fooled for long and will see this poor imitation for what it is. A poor imitation. I for one wont be returning.

Review №56

Good bartending

Review №57

Long time favorite, glad it's finally re-opened. Everything was great,(appetizers and drinks). Bartender Ahlea was great, good to have favorite meeting place back.

Review №58

Great pub!!

Review №59

Went here for Lunch and ordered a burger Medium Well and it was completely raw in the middle. It came back a minute later still underdone in the middle and tasting chewy as if it had been microwaved. The server seemed annoyed with the situation and grabbed our card and returned the check without acknowledging our table or saying goodbye. Will not be returning.

Review №60

Walked in to get out of the cold. Didn't think was going to unique but it was! Staff was smiling and friendly. Conversed even though I was not a regular. Appetizer was hot when it came out and the waitress never let the drinks get below a quarter left before coming by and asking if I wanted another.

Review №61

Great atmosphere, great service, great burgers and great beer.

Review №62

Great food and great atmosphere!

Review №63

Go get the pretzel - just do it. Fan freaking tastic.

Review №64

If I wanna be looked at for 30 minutes and ignored while by the bar, I'll go to Bar 9 on ladies night.

Review №65

I loved the bacchus before it closed down. They had the best Ruben in Bozeman. I went the other day. The service was great but the food was terrible. Most items looked like something you would find in an airport with similar prices. So higher prices with worse food and limited local beer selection. I do not think I will be going back.

Review №66

It was good. I had the Fish and chips

Review №67

Good food. Friendly staff

Review №68

Great bar for a quick dinner on a rainy evening. The spicy roast beef sandwich was tender and a big hit. The bartender was friendly and helpful; he provided a mini education on the Fruit Fly sour beer and even recommended another downtown establishment where we could try some other sours. 5 stars for the purse hooks under the bar. Why don't all the bars have them?

Review №69

Cozy, friendly, great food and service.

Review №70

Used to be a favorite. Sill very good, but seems to be a little more expensive and therefore less value than it was. Service was great.

Review №71

Food was mediocre to just plain bad. The brat burger was so dry & overcooked it should have just been labeled as jerky. Drinks were alright, service was not.

Review №72

Happy to have the Bacchus back but it's just not the same. The vibe isn't what it once was and it feels a bit fake that they're trying to pick up where the old owners left off. The new furniture doesn't complement the old character, lighting is more intense and the staff seems overwhelmed. I've now been twice since opening and the soda water is ALWAYS flat. The first time we sat at the bar for 15 minutes before the bartender finally gave us the opportunity to order food. Then they admittedly burned our appetizer, asked us to wait for a new one which was brought by the manager.Overall, a staple Bozeman establishment that everyone is excited to revisit but I have a difficult time supporting a local business (the Baxter) that so aggrevsively cut ties with a favorite hot spot, with zero explanation, on top of a new restaurant group trying to take credit for years of great food, a fantastic atmosphere and excellent service.

Review №73

I just had lunch here for the first time since they reopened. I had a cobb salad and it was horrible. The chicken was dry and old, like it had been cooked days ago and left out on the counter. The eggs were chewy and not fresh. I'm actually concerned that I may get food poisoning.I'm very disappointed and will not be going back. I miss the old Bacchus, which was always very good.

Review №74

The Bacchus just reopened under new management with a new menu. Happy to see some old favorites on there, not too sure about some of the new stuff. Four of us for lunch was $80 before tip, downtown Bozeman prices for sure.

Review №75

Great pub food and service!

Review №76

I liked the old bacchus better, this iteration seems a little more palatable to the average bozemanite but hey I get it. Super great staff.

Review №77

Great food, great staff, great beer, burger needs to be improved.

Review №78

Food Ok... Beer selection ok.Setting historic and interesting.

Review №79

Sidewalk seating and that pretzel!

Review №80

Great Food and apps.

Review №81

Good service. We had the Poutine and enjoyed it.

Review №82

Great drinks and snacks!

Review №83

Best club sandwich ever

Review №84

Partner and I decided to go after it reopened, we were sorely disappointed. This was possibly the worst dining experience i've had anywhere. Ordered some drinks, curry fried, and a buffalo chicken 'flatbread' our server was rude and quite slow despite the place being about half full (we literally watched her sit on her phone behind the bar for 10 minutes while we waited for our check). but let me get to the food which was the most upsetting. the Buffalo 'flatbread' is really just a pizza and have no idea the reasoning behind calling it a flatbread. But it tasted so unbelievably bad. The cheese tasted borderline fake, the sauce tasted straight out of a can and the buffalo chicken tasted like they got it from the walmart deli. TERRIBLE! like a kids menu item from a truck stop!I cannot stress enough I'm not a picky eater or one to complain or write reviews but this place made me feel like i had actually been ripped off.Also there's no way this place is serving real kobe beef.

Review №85

Great service and a nice atmosphere!

Review №86

Curry fries. Nuff said.

Review №87

Good, old English food, with a long-standing history in Bozeman

Review №88

Superb location, crowd, and layout makes it ideal for meeting people or hanging out with friends. Love the old-school arcade game, wall-art, and TVs (good place to catch the game). Staff is excellent, as are food options. Does get too loud for conversation at times.

Review №89

I like to go to the Bacchus for lunch! They have a nice, bar food menu, and great service. The atmosphere has a great feel with brick all around, stained glass art, long bar, light music, and specials. The only reason I am giving it a 4 instead of 5 is because it gets really loud when it fills up and it's hard talking to the person across from you. Mostly (obviously) this happens in the evening and weekends.

Review №90

Glad to see this place is back! Fish and chips are still the bomb!

Review №91

Great pub food, some of the best in town. This is definitely the most traditional British style pub in town, where the Guinness flows freely. Try their Cajun chicken sandwich and their curry fries.

Review №92

Just rolled into Bozeman and had a great time!

Review №93

Waited at table for 10 minutes. Got menu. Then got asked to leave because other party wanted our table and they were more important than us

Review №94

We went on a Tuesday night around 9pm and the patio was full and the bar had a decent crowd. There was live music, which was a nice addition. We had the Mantana Pizza and a half order of the caesar salad. Both were yummy and I would have it again. The salad was fairly typical, nothing out of the norm, but does seem like something you would shake up from a grocery store. They do have a decent selection of beers and drinks though, which would make this a fun place to hang out a while.

Review №95

Good food and drinks, and popular (busy). A great historic location.Not a great place to bring kids (no kids menu).

Review №96

First time there and got app and dinner. A bit over priced. I would go back for an app not dinner.

Review №97

The food to die for and you cant go wrong with a cold cold smoke!

Review №98

By far one of my favorite bars in Bozeman. Try the curry fries... you won't be disappointed.

Review №99

Waitstaff couldn't have been better!!

Review №100

I have always loved the Bacchus.

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  • Delivery:Yes
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  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great wine list:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Seating:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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