Bridger Brewing
1609 S 11th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715, United States
Review №1

This is yet another outstanding microbrewery/restaurant in Bozeman Montana. It's located across the street from Montana State University, and offers bar seating, main floor seating, and a second story outside upper deck. In addition to many different styles of brews, the food menu offers appetizers, salads, and pizzas. The food is just as well-crafted as the beers are. There are several different sizes of pizzas from individual to family size, and the salads are outstanding. It's also wonderful to know that much of the food is locally sourced from farms within the Bozeman area, and the hops for the beers are locally grown. The staff and management are very attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly and want to ensure that everything is to your liking. I had a wonderful experience every time I went. There is a wait sometimes due to the Covid restrictions, but it's well worth it. This seems to be a smaller production brewery, and I'm not sure if they do any canning or distribute to the local restaurants/markets.

Review №2

Friends suggested for beer and pizza. Beer was good. Pizza was also good.But, I left a loyal superfan of the large caesar salad with the excellent dressing. What a gem!!! Had flavor, a little peppery bite, right spread of shredded parmesan, crunchy but not oily croutons (sadly no anchovies), crisp romaine and very satisfying!

Review №3

So, I decided to visit because it had good reviews and seemed to have a good selection which it does have a good selection, I will not go back because of the location and staff. Rude. I worked in food service for 7 years and I was rude myself, but it was across the board and it wasn't busy and I had to wait 4 mins for a second beer (my beer was empty/it was 4pm). He my server only showed any change when I decided to order more food (bigger check = bigger tip, most times) it is a college atmosphere, if you want a passer through atmosphere/taste of Montana stay away. I have been to breweries from 10 states wear coast to east coast and this is on the bottom tier (service wise)

Review №4

Excellent all around. COVID awareness and quick service. The Jurassic slices of Pizza are totally amazing and will fill you up. Beer is so tasty and fresh. This will be our spot in Bozeman when we go through. Some nice outdoor seating as well.

Review №5

Had a great time! Exceptional beer and fantastic pizza. Put this on your beer tour for sure.

Review №6

Beer and pizza are top-notch. Wait staff very friendly and attentive. Greatly exceeded expectations

Review №7

The Buffalo pepperoni pizza was so tasty and we ordered their chopped salad with the field greens, chicken, bacon, etc. was a great complement to the pizza.Finished it off with a very smooth dark affogatto.

Review №8

Excellent craft brewery. Had the Bone Dust Belgian-style wit. Very well done and authentic Belgian. Staff was friendly and service was prompt.

Review №9

So glad we stopped here on our trek through MT. My friend has celiac and their beers are gluten reduced to levels that she was able to drink without any issues. Definitely a bonus since their beers are tasty. Will definitely stop here again.

Review №10

I've been eating their pizza and drinking their beer since they opened in 2013 and I've never been disappointed. My advice- try their special pizza, no matter how odd it sounds, it's always a winner! Highly recommend!

Review №11

Delicious pizza. Great beer. Friendly staff.

Review №12

Friendly atmosphere, good food and drinks. Menu is available through QR code (visits website), otherwise they have signs for drinks at the bar

Review №13

Great beer, great pizza. What's not to like? Slices are about $3-5 and they are monstrous and delicious

Review №14

Ordered a flight of beer consisting of every beer available on the menu. Each 4 ounce pour is $1.25 - $1.50. Awesome deal & so much fun! 100% recommend!

Review №15

Some of the best Pizza in Bozeman. The customer service is great. And they have the best root beer I have ever had.

Review №16

Not real thrilled. Not a great selection of beers and the pizza was okay. Was hoping for much more in beer selection and food quality.

Review №17

Great brewery and restaurant. Pizza by the slice. Nice little shelf of kids toys. They have metal straws which my son loved. The beer was very good. Restrooms are in the lobby.

Review №18

Delicious pizza and tasty beers Def a must in Bozeman

Review №19

Being out of town and going here on a whim, the beer ended up being awesome and the service was very personable. Their black IPA and white ale were on point. Would highly recommend.

Review №20

A good, COVID-19 safe experience

Review №21

I had an amazing time at Bridger Brewing this evening. Andrew was my server and remembered my name. He helped me with deciding what beer to get multiple times and was knowledgeable on the selection. This place has a great atmosphere and great customer service.

Review №22

You must try the mushroom pizza if you like pesto flavor, tasted really good. This is so far the best

Review №23

Talk about some fabulous folks! During these hard times they took the time to surprise me with a Pizza at my doorstep. Such a kind and compassionate thing to do not to mention putting a smile on my face. Thanks Bridger Brewing for making my day!

Review №24

Friendly staff and the best beer in town.

Review №25

Shout out to Andrew for being a great server and attending to all our tables needs. He was very knowledgeable and personable. This has been the best experience i've had at Bridger Brewing since moving to Bozeman 4 years ago.

Review №26

Always good food and great service. Try the Mad Mile you won't be disappointed.

Review №27

Really good food and great service. The pizza combinations are unique and delicious. Stopping in before 4 pm and grabbing one of the pizza's by the slice is a great way to fill up. The slices are 1/4 of a pizza if not larger and a great price. The two beers I had (j.a.h. #7, mctavish) were both delicious. The root beer they made was delicious too and it's great that they have options for the kiddos. It would be nice if there was a crowler option for beers. Maybe they normally have it but don't during the covid craziness, but regardless I would have gotten a crowler of each. Having the upstairs patio option is a big bonus in my book too. We'll come back!

Review №28

Great people, better atmosphere and astounding beer and pizza, if your passing through or living here it is a local business I wouldn't hesitate to call a must visit.

Review №29

Every time I go here everything is delicious, and the prices are reasonable. We just tried the G.O.A.T cheese bridger pane and elite pizza and they were awesome

Review №30

From hoppy IPAs to nice malty stouts, you're going to find a beer you love. Bridger has a nice selection to choose from. Oh by the way, they also have the best pizza in town. Been to Bridger before? They have quality rotating beers that you're going to love... Need any other encouragement to go? Did I mention that they have the best pizza? (It warrants repeating.) Go enjoy a great brew and a slice of pizza in a chill atmosphere. You can't go wrong.

Review №31

Excellent as always it's our favorite pizza place in town next to cosmic thanks guys staff very friendly

Review №32

Sipping craft brew and munching on the Elote pizza on the patio today was fantastic! Highly recommend checking this place out!

Review №33

Great selection of on-site brews. Excellent attentive staff, great pizzas.

Review №34

Just sort of stumbled on this place and it's awesome! Their beers are out of this world, a seriously good pale ale. Slices of pizza which always go well with beer and some of the friendliest people you'll find in this town.

Review №35

Pizza slice and great craft brew. What else can you ask for?

Review №36

Excellent service delicious food! I had the Forest Floor; mushroom duxelles, spinach, bell peppers, feta, fresh lemon.....mmmm! Unfortunately they didn't have a porter on tap, but the coffee stout was a great second choice.

Review №37

Great casual brewery with awesome pizza, by the slice and full pies.

Review №38

Great beer, Wonderful customer service, and Best pizza around! We always stop at Bridger Brewing when we are in Bozeman! Never disappoints

Review №39

Fantastic. Warm, welcoming atmosphere. Plenty of space. Great beer, delicious food. Sports on the TV, WiFi. Friendly staff. What more could you ask for?

Review №40

Absolutely loved this place. Every server took time to talk to us and respond to our questions. The beer was exquisite--I got to taste a few, which I would completely recommend. The black IPA, Rye Smile IPA, and the cream Ale are great (black IPA being my favorite, and cream Ale being my parents'/sister's favorite).Loved the vibe. Check it out.

Review №41

This is my second time visiting Bridger Brewing and both times have been a great experience. The patio is excellent with amazing views and the service staff is very welcoming and friendly. I haven't eaten here yet, but every single beer that I've had has been cold and delicious! I'm not sure what else a brewery can do to take it to the next level, but I'm sure they'll figure it out.

Review №42

Food was good. Took a long time to get our pizza.

Review №43

Great beer options. Solid za. We got the large cheese--the sauce was awesome but the crust went stale before the last few bites. Worth a try.

Review №44

Get the Bahn Mi pizza before the month is out.!

Review №45

Dank beer, great pizza. I'm super happy there was no ranch there, we all know that ranch attracts fatties which totally would ruin the experience.

Review №46

Waited 30 mins to be seated, finally got to our table. Took 15 minutes for the waitress to show up and ask what we wanted to drink, then said "oh btw we can't make pizzas today because the oven is down". There were 3 choices of slices to choose from and we didn't want them... So after almost 55 minutes for no reason we left. Next time, let people know that the oven is down so they don't waste their entire lunch on nothing.....

Review №47

The hours are a little wonky due to an agreement that was reached about locating a brewery on a university campus, but it's one of the coolest spots in the city of Bozeman.There's an extremely comfortable, funky vibe, and all of the employees are super nice. A huge shout out to Jim in the kitchen for hooking me up with a free dessert when I congratulated him on a wonderful meal.The salad greens are all extremely fresh and delicious, the pizza crust is outstanding, the bison pepperoni is a delightful local touch that's beyond tasty, and the beers show a dedication to creativity and craft.I really can't recommend this place highly enough.

Review №48

OMG! The pizza was so GOOD!!!

Review №49

Love the lunchtime pizza slices. And the beer is pretty good too. Neat vibe with a chill rooftop. Great staff.

Review №50

Great beer, took home a growler. Tasty pizza with a nice east coast style crust. Comfortable, casual atmosphere. Medium price. Will be a regular stop when we're near by. The only negative is that Bozeman has so many great places to select from.

Review №51

We came in without a reservation with a fairly large group. The host staff was accommodating and friendly. Our server was thorough, knowledgeable and fun. It was an overall great experience.

Review №52

You don't have ranch!! Are you kidding me?? People love it for salads and pizza!! I won't come back just because you don't have ranch!! Sad!! Sad!!! Deal!! Will never ever come back!! :/Edit of post: bartender walked to town and country and got us ranch... wow he really won us over!! Will be back.

Review №53

Love their beer!

Review №54

No masks. The pizza is amazing, but when I stopped to pick up my take-out order, I was disappointed that none of the staff were wearing masks.

Review №55

This establishment is top-notch! They have always treated us right—have great beer, food, and service. We have been comped two meals even though we were never worried or disappointed in the first place. They go beyond customer expectations. Cheers!

Review №56

Amazing pizza and they even make their own root beer :D

Review №57

Man, was this place packed! Every single seat taken the entire time we were there. Staff were running all over trying to keep up, which was probably the reason for our slightly lackluster experience. We split a pizza that was pretty good but nothing amazing.

Review №58

Hands down our favorite go to pizza place in Bozeman. It's always packed, but it you time it right you can get a table, however, we typically do takeout and it's just as delicious. Creative pizza's, wonderful salads, good homemade rootbeer, I often try their monthly specials, which are typically amazing and wish they would become permanent on the menu. Sometimes there are even 'funnies'/little jokes on our boxes, pizza related of course and it cracks us up. No matter who we take here, even my VERY picky parents, love this place. The ONLY critique I have is, for the baked garlic starter, please 1)make sure the garlic is cooked and spreadable 2) MORE BREAD, there is so much garlic but barely any bread.In the end, GO HERE, it's wonderful!

Review №59

Good beer. Good pizza. But no ranch.

Review №60

What a cool place! And the Pizza is INCREDIBLE! Best Pizza in Bozeman. You would think it would just be a bunch of college kids there but we went on a Saturday night and were pleasantly surprised to find that there was a nice little crowd of all ages there. It was busy but not loud at all. We had a very nice time thanks to the wonderful food and drinks and the very pleasant staff.

Review №61

Josh was a gangsta!! Super nice guy and great server! Food was great ¦] Pizza has a thicker crust then I would have liked but over all 10/10

Review №62

Long line on game day, but great food and beer.

Review №63

Good pizza and salads, great beer (especially the Black IPS, very reasonable prices, nice atmosphere, excellent services. We enjoyed it and you probably will also.

Review №64

Best ranch in town!

Review №65

Good pizza, good beer, on the southern edge of campus, so parking can be an issue during popular day times. There are dedicated BB parking spots. After five you can park in a University lot across the street.

Review №66

Best pizza in town. Pizza by the slice is the best. I usually order just two pieces of cheese pizza to eat there then 5 slices to go!

Review №67

Wonderful food, the best pizza I've ever had in my LIFE. Crunchy, perfect flavor, absolutly delicious I wish I could leave a 6 star review. Try the root beer!

Review №68

The Staff are all happy and pleasant. I asked around and they really appreciate the owners who work hard to take care of them

Review №69

Pizza crust is fabulous if you like a crispy bite with a nice chew and thin. Lunch portions are perfect and reasonably priced. Slices were bigger than my head! Gourmet toppings on pizza's and salads. All brews are gluten friendly and they offer gluten friendly crusts too. Nice atmosphere.

Review №70

Food was great! But our server was very cold. Didn't smile, didn't introduce herself, and barely checked on us. Pretty bummed. First time having dinner here and don't think we will be back.

Review №71

Great local beer! Taste wonderful.

Review №72

The biggest draw is the pizza, and I'll be the first to admit that the bison pepperoni is quite good. The beer however is a sad disappointment, which is mediocre at best. Either they are aware that their beer is sub par and no one could possibly want more than 12oz at a time, or they are so proud of their swill that they have the shameful audacity to charge an extra dollar for a full pint (aka a standard pour). Shame on you Bridger Brewing, I'll save my cash for the tips over at the gunslingers across town.

Review №73

Awesome beer and pizza

Review №74

Went here around noon with the fam. I had the Chop Salad (with goat cheese!) and it was delicious. Everyone else had pizza. I tried a slice of a jerk flavored one and it sooo good.They had an oven mishap and accidentally burnt my sister's boyfriend's pizza, and the server told us that they were bringing out a replacement pizza at no charge before we even noticed anything wrong with the first (it was a large too!!!). I appreciate that kind of commitment to food craft so much, and I can't wait to sample some of their beers, which I unfortunately chose not too this time around, when I come back next :)

Review №75

Best beer and pizza around! Great ambience; not too loud. Amazing pizza - we tried the T-Rex and the Lamb/Pesto - both excellent! Beer selection and quality is top notch. Just make sure you arrive by 8pm if you want to be served beer - Montana law stops the breweries from serving at 8.

Review №76

From start to finish, we had a terrific time. The beer flight allowed us to taste a wide range of their beers -- all delicious! The salad and pizza were fresh and flavorful. Jess, our waitress, was sweet and very helpful. From the hostess to the bartender, we could not have asked for a friendlier atmosphere. We would definitely return.

Review №77

They have a lot of very interesting and unique options when it comes to varieties of pizza. They also have great drink choices (including homemade root beer!) The service is friendly and pretty quick, even when the restaurant is busy.

Review №78

Its just a great staple of town! Some of the best pizza bozeman has, and their beer selection and variety of brews can't be beat! Service is always 'down-homey' efficient, and kind. Really cool vibe and space with an even cooler rooftop patio! We love it here!

Review №79

This is a great brew pub. They have delicious beers and pizza, although the rest of their menu is limited. It's often busy and they have a roof deck with great views of the mountains.

Review №80

The lunch combo is awesome!!! The house dressing for the salad is nothing like it in Bozeman. Everyone in this place is so chill.

Review №81

AMAZING! The service, food, beer and atmosphere are all exceptional at Bridger Brewing! It is our go to for a fun date night or to bring friends to share a pizza. My favorite part of all is how wonderfully clean this restaurant/brewery is!

Review №82

I'm not big into gluten free pizza but my friends needed it to be gluten free, the pizza was amazing! We ordered four different kinds of pizza and they were all fantastic. A little pricey but seems to be about normal for anything gluten free. New favorite place to eat!

Review №83

Relaxed atmosphere, good pizza, excellent beer!

Review №84

Always amazing

Review №85

Best pizza west of the Mississippi. Great staff, awesome specials, and good beer. The trifecta. Bravo on such a solid product!

Review №86

The best pizza I have tried in Bozeman, it may be a bit busy but they do their best to make everyone happy.

Review №87

My favorite beer of all time is their McTavish. And the pizza is great comfort food. Bridger is my happy place

Review №88

One of the best breweries I've ever been to and one of the best pizza places I've ever been to... and this place is BOTH. Totally worth your time to go. Please do! I would literally pay to have a place this awesome by my house!

Review №89

Good beer. Lots of folks eating the pizza! It looked good! We ate before we arrived :( NEXT TIME!

Review №90

If you're looking for good pizza and fantastic beer this is the place to come. I like that you can buy pizza by the slice so that if you're by yourself or with just a couple people you don't have to order the entire Pizza. I live all the way in Arkansas 24 hours away and we visit this place every time we come up here.

Review №91

Very good selection of beer, service is usually quick, the place can be very busy... Only really pizza to choose from so the menu is limited. Super close to campus, so it's an easy walk. Been a few times and not left disappointed

Review №92

Best Pizza I've had in Bozeman so far! Fun place to be at, but it's very busy most of the time and it can be hard to find a parking spot. That's the only bad thing about it, really! Great beer and great staff!!

Review №93

Best pizza in town. Solid cheese slice, pepperoni is house made with bison, specialty pizzas are fun and creative. (e.g.Indian curry pizza, Reuben pizza with rye crust) Great beer, too! I love the coffee stout and cucumber cream ale.

Review №94

The pizza here is quite good, as is the beer! Close to the university so sometimes the crowd skews a bit younger, but a nice pub-like atmosphere. Go early though because they close at 9.

Review №95

This place is easily my favorite place to eat/drink in Bozeman. They serve only their own beers, but I liked every single one I've tried (I only wish their Scotch ale was served year round). Their pizza is also fantastic and pairs very well with their beer. Service is almost always great, and even when the place is full the atmosphere is fun an relaxing.

Review №96

Best pizza in Bozeman! Great atmosphere and beer too.

Review №97

The brews available here are a wonderful mix of light and dark. Atmosphere is lovely and the staff is a great mix of friendly and knowing when I want to enjoy my quiet time. The pizza is absolutely divine, and they make a fantastic salad.Just heard all the beers are gluten reduced! #glutenfree

Review №98

Beers are very good. Food excellent. Not as noisy as most tasting rooms in bozeman

Review №99

My girlfriend and I stopped at Bridger Brewing on our way to Glacier National Park, and we are so glad we did! The service was awesome, the food was delicious, and the beer was even better. Our waitress was so cool, recommending great food options and even where to go in Bozeman for some ice cream. The hype behind the pizza is definitely real- we had half bison pepperoni/half elote. Plus, they had a great selection of beers to pair with our food! Highly recommend!!

Review №100

I loved the Citrasaurus IPA. Hope it makes it back on the beer list soon!

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