Dickeys Barbecue Pit
1040 S Fowler Ave Ste 107, Bozeman, MT 59718, United States
Review №1

My family and I were very impressed with and grateful for the customer service, particularly the attention they gave my food allergies! The meal was excellent, and the smoked turkey so sublime I couldn't keep mm noises from escaping. We really enjoyed the sides, but wished the portions were larger for a family meal. Plan to go here again soon!

Review №2

Ordered half pound of brisket to avoid the small portions. Delivered by their delivery service (DoorDash). Brisket was completely under cooked. Needed at least 3 more hours in the smoker. Was over 30% fat and totally inedible. Could not get through on the phone, so I took it back myself. Was told it was "fine"?!? This product should have never been served, much less telling a customer "it's fine"once it was returned. I asked for a refund and was then told they could not refund items delivered by DoorDash (which is their only delivery service offered on their website). Manager got my number and told me he would call me back. I will NEVER spend my money at this establishment again. Period.

Review №3

Ordered brisket and ribs with several sides. The meat was barely warm. The brisket was cut thick and not tender at all, very tough. There was very little smoke flavor to the brisket and it was bland tasting. The ribs were dry, tough, and lacked flavor. I would never order here again. Very poor quality bbq.

Review №4

Let's be honest now. This made me sad for being a local BBQ place. I came in with at least some considerable amount of expectations, and left super unsatisfied as if I felt like I got a slap in my face for my money. I tried the brisket and some sausage. Just shy of ten dollars and I got a piece of plain dry bread, cheese that was hard and not melted, as well as cold brisket and sausage. Yes, I said cold. The brisket was cut way too thick, and I was left with a very unpleasant dry mouth after each bite. The sauce didn't even help cure the issue. My heart says this is not how the owner wanted their food served. But it's a first time experience like this that really drives people away from coming back. I had even told them it was my first time trying the place out.

Review №5

This is a great alternative to the common convenience-food. Far Better than I expected- quality and portions.* They also SUPPORT FIRST RESPONDERS which is more than awesome! Highly recommend (non-vegans obviously). Their drive thru menu is pretty incomplete.

Review №6

So disappointed. I've been wanting to try this location for years and finally made it there and definitely regret it. I ordered 3 meats with 2 sides. All 3 different meats were so dry, flavorless and hard. After chewing meat for too long, I had to spit it out, it was inedible. Sides were trash, I tried one bite of everything I ordered and had to throw it away. Such a waste of time and $14.25 but not worth calling to complain bc I don't want to give them another chance, don't even want a free gift card to go back. Totally garbage everything. Don't waste your money!

Review №7

They are only offering drive through service and they were patient and helpful as we had never been here before.They even told us about a special they offered.And...the food was good too!

Review №8

Tried this place for the first time tonight, and I was amazingly impressed. Some of the best fried okra I've ever had and I'm from the south! I went through the drive through and realized when I got home some of my food was missing but the manager made it up in full with a remake of food and extras for the mess up, wasn't even upset I had to drive back because it was so good! Manager was so nice and sorry about what had happened but I was so happy it was all so delicious, being a food service manager I am highly impressed!

Review №9

I love having more barbecue places in town, but I've tried this place twice and probably won't be back. The food is decent, but for how much you pay the portions are tiny. They're definitely more of a fast food atmosphere than anything authentic. When Bar 3 BBQ exists there's really no reason to go here.

Review №10

Disappointing . Had wanted the try this place since it opened and today we finally went through the drive-through. Not busy, no one in front of me in line.The sandwiches are overpriced for the size and basically price of a combo elsewhere. Yet what really shocked me was NO barbecue sauce on the sandwiches! And no offer of sauces when given my order! The meat, both pulled pork and sliced brisket, was decent. But the sandwiches as a whole were seriously lacking. They were basically Arby's with a slightly higher quality meat. Waffle fries were the best part of the meal and that's not saying much.To top it off, I was asked if I wanted to add a tip to my credit card purchase?! That's a first for me at a fast food place. But with the current covid craziness I offered 10%, only to see 20% added on my receipt! She offered to correct it once I noticed it, but the damage was done and I don't plan to be back any time soon.Definitely not the Dickey's of the South!

Review №11

Not the best barbecue but not the worst. Staff are always super friendly, service is super quick. Good place if you want food quick.

Review №12

Flavorless, dry chicken along with waffle fries that were far from done. It's a fast food joint with restaurant prices. Won't be back.

Review №13

The chopped brisket sandwich was delicious and full of flavor and piled high you could of made two sandwiches out of it. My husband had the sliced brisket with the creamed spinach and it was great as well. I loved that they had 3 flavors of bq sauce. We will be going back. Thank you staff for making our meal enjoyable!

Review №14

Food was cold and dry and tasteless. We asked for sauce but didn't receive any

Review №15

My wife and I stopped for the BBQ ribs. The ribs were “extremely” greasy and the meat had an off flavor (ie - old). The two sides - mac&cheese and beans - were really bad tasting and cool when served. We got a “go-box” for the ribs and threw seven ribs in the garbage the next day. I have never been able squeeze so much grease out of pork ribs - ever.

Review №16

Dickey's is a really cool place. It is exceptionally clean and the staff is very friendly. The product is a great product and as all BBQ shops a little on the pricy side but it's because of the meats. The beans in my opinion weren't the best as they tasted more of a can bought kind than a traditional home made as a BBQ place would usually have. The jalapeno cheddar sausage was excellent. In fact I wish I could but it to take home and cook later. The brisket and pulled pork both were very tender. My real complaint is that there was literally no smoke flavor at all to the meat. It states slow pit style smoked meats and I'm not sure how you can't get smoked flavor in the meat if you're cooking that way. I would definitely go back but for true smoked flavor on a meat this place does not currently have that. The meals are good but could be better with that smoked taste.

Review №17

My work office ordered Dickey's in for lunch. We had some trouble ordering online, but when we called, a very nice lady took all 16 orders over the phone. She was extremely patient and helpful! The portions were large and the price was less than expected. They personally delivered it for us and overall, the food was great! Thanks, guys, for a great lunch!

Review №18

During these social distancing times it was nice to use the drive-thru! We've never been here and are super happy with our service! They were friendly, super fast and the food was amazing! I got the original barbeque pulled pork sandwich with mac and cheese. My husband got the Brisket stack with waffle fries!

Review №19

Genuinely good barbeque, fantastic sides, and literally the best coleslaw I have ever had.

Review №20

Worst customer service ever! I had to call 50 times before anyone with a brain cell answered the phone. My order was cold and incorrect and the woman on the phone was rude and unprofessional. The meat was dry and the sauce tasted a little old.

Review №21

The BBQ is average at best. I would compare it to Famous Dave's as a reference but it is fast food BBQ.

Review №22

Been here twice now... First when they opened and it was disappointing. Figured they're new, give them some time to iron things out. Unfortunately, this second time was just as bad if not worse.The brisket was bone dry and not even warm when sliced. By the time I got to my table after paying, grabbing a drink and some BBQ sauce, everything was cold to the touch.The brisket itself was tender but no flavor or seasoning whatsoever. Dry and grainy. There was not even a smoke ring on the brisket. If someone told me this was smoked and not cooked in an oven, I wouldn't believe them.Waffle fries were cold, undercooked and I could tell had been sitting around for a while.Everything is under seasoned, dry, cold and bland. The negative reviews are totally spot on. There's a reason why this place is always empty. Won't be coming back.This place won't be around much longer... You can't pay the bills when you're serving awful food to an empty restaurant.

Review №23

Food is okay, decent barbeque sauce. Most of the food seemed warm at best, got cold by the time I sat down. Nice building. Seems a bit pricey for what you get, restaurant prices but fast food quality.

Review №24

They had very good BBQ. Nice smoke rings on the meat, and very tender and juicy!!!! The staff were very happy and great to be with. Thank you

Review №25

I'm going to compare this to Bar3 because of the menu similarities.The short version:Compared to Bar3, I thought everything was better except for the turkey and chicken, and that's only because Bar3 does those two things really, really well.Dickey's was cheaper, had good quality meat (we tried turkey, chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork) without too much gristle, had better sides, and had more appropriate portion sizes (enough to be filling without encouraging over-eating).Last few times at Bar3, I've ended up with brisket that was half-gristle, and forgettable sides (except for the tasty rice-and-beans). I usually do 3-meat-platters and Bar3 gives you big portions which might feel like a better deal but let's be real - there are few people who can eat that much in one sitting. So you end up paying more for meat that probably ends up being reheated leftovers (which isn't great for BBQ). Meanwhile, Dickey's gives you a few decent-sized slices that are enough to fill larger stomachs like mine. So the cost-per-ounce-of-meat is probably the same but I'd prefer to pay less and get enough for a filling, hot dinner than to pay more for some reheated BBQ later on.The meats themselves were well-cooked with good flavors and great sauces on the side. The fattier meats (beef brisket and pulled pork) had just enough fat/gristle on the edges to flavor the rest of the meat, so the majority of the meat you DID get was edible (I know some people eat gristle but that's just not me).All of the sides we tried (baked potato casserole, potato salad, green beans, fried okra, and creamed spinach) were pretty good except for the creamed spinach. The creamed spinach was a little too much "cream" than "spinach" for my liking but it wasn't terrible.The staff were all very nice, but hey it's Bozeman - there are so many good people here that it's sometimes hard to find a place with bad staff.

Review №26

Not sure what folks are saying about being more expensive than Bar3. Was just there last week and to get a two side two meat plate, was 17. This was 14. Brisket is a bit undercooked, but pulled pork is same portion size as Bar3. For the cost, flavor is pretty good, but add some sauce and it helps bring out the Smokey flavor. The coleslaw could use a bit more pepper and a little bit softer cabbage to help since it doesn't go great on the brisket westerner. It definitely needs a bit a work but they did just open.

Review №27

My family loved our BBQ and sides from here! Large portions and everything was very fresh, hot and absolutely delicious. We loved it so much that we decided to use them to cater our large family reunion in Bozeman in a few weeks! I think the prices are quite reasonable. I will definitely be recommending this restaurant to our family and friends!

Review №28

The service was not great. I ordered online and their tracker said my order had already been handed to me. When I arrived they hadn't even started making it. I ordered the brisket, which was ok at best. Their website asks what kind of sauce you'd like, and I chose sweet. They didn't sauce anything. My waffle fries should have been hot since they made my order while I was there but they were cold. Not to mention when I arrived and told them I was there to pick up my order, they helped everyone else in line before starting my order(about 8 people, give or take). I would not recommend going there.

Review №29

Stopped in on a lark, food was great, not pricey and a good selection of mains and sides. Staff was friendly and engaging.

Review №30

Ordered a 3 meat plate on door dash that cost almost $16. Only came with 2 meats, one of which only came with 2 tint pieces of turkey. Brisket was almost all fat. Will not be ordering from here again.

Review №31

Fantastic!I was so excited when I heard we were getting a Dickeys and was not disappointed by it. The staff is so friendly, the food is fantastic, and the servings are great! I highly recommend their ribs with the spicy bbq!

Review №32

-The mashed potatoes, green beans, and other sides were pretty good.-New places are never going to be perfect off the bat, and it can take some time to get everything right understandably. The meats seemed pretty bland so more or different seasoning might be something to consider trying, also the brisket was dry.

Review №33

The greatest bbq sin. Skimping on meat portions. If I pay $20 for BBQ, I'm not paying for lots of sides. My chicken plate had 6 small slices of chicken, and my brisket taco had 2 small, dry slices of brisket and a slice of American cheese. The sides were generous. My guess is that the trays for sides are standard for the chain and this franchise owner or kitchen manager is trying to save on meat costs.Maybe they are finding their footing and I'll give em another shot in a few months, but for now that was very underwhelming.

Review №34

I had the "1 meat plate" and was satisfied with my pulled pork, it tasted good. My husband had the "2 meats plate" and got the jalapeno sausage and brisket. He got very small portions of the meat and said they "forgot to add the smoke to the brisket." The sides were disappointing, beans tasted like they were straight out of a can. The process were too high for a cafeteria style restaurant.

Review №35

11/16/19 For the most part, food was very good, decent portions, except, we ordered 3 two meat meals and only received 3 small containers of BBQ sauce. 20 wings and only 2 ranch, which turned out okay because your ranch is TERRIBLE!! Wings on the overdone/dry side, like they had been sitting for to long under heat lamp or steam table, not fresh!

Review №36

Good service. Clean, new facility. No ham at a BBQ joint is bizarre. Pulled pork and chicken are good, the rest, meh. Bar 3 is infinitely better, plus beer.

Review №37

As someone who is originally from Texas and acually knows what Texas BBQ tastes like, for this place to say "Legit Texas BBQ" is a disgrace! This is far from Texas BBQ.....This place gets a 1 star is due to the lies saying its Texas BBQ, otherwise for the food quality and taste it gets a 2.

Review №38

Waffle fries are good

Review №39

The only reason I am giving this a 2 is because I read all the reviews and the owner cares enough to respond to them. It shows class on his part. I love supporting local businesses in Bozeman. . . But this place just isn't good. The food is just lacking in care and effort. It's boring, lacking in flavor, and way overpriced for what you get. It is so toned down and bland I was bored and so disappointed. Maybe its because I smoke food all the time and lived in the south and am always looking for the best bbq to eat and I'm not going back. I prep meet for 48 hours before smoking and you can tell this meet just isn't up to par. For this place to stay in business they will have to care about the food and take some chances with some good rubs, spices, and sauce. I wish the owner well and hope they can change for the better because I want it to do well.

Review №40

Had the wings and ribs. Both were extremely dry and flavorless. Pretty confident they were cooked a while ago and reheated. One of the wings was broken with chunks of bone all through it. Very disappointed!

Review №41

Great fast-food!

Review №42

Love their special

Review №43

Went opening weekend. Ordered pulled pork. The employee was scraping the last parts of the carcass, inedible bits and I figured she'd pull out a fresh shoulder. Nope. Half of the pork on my sandwich was inedible, too gristly to chew through. My friend ordered the two meat platter. Six small pieces of meat for $14. I tasted both the brisket and the sausage and both were delicious. My friend ordered a half pound of brisket a few days later, delivered, and the majority of the brisket was unrendered fat. There wasn't even a smoke ring. Took it back and has not received a refund, even though one was promised. So disappointed, having grown up going to the original location in Dallas.

Review №44

This was my family's first and last trip. The brisket was good. However, for the price they charge you, which is expensive, you don't get any meat. Folks, Bar 3 BBQ or Famous Dave's is better, larger portions, and less expensive. I don't see this place getting a lot of repeat customers.

Review №45

Used to live in Oklahoma miss southern bbq glad Dickey's came to Bozeman my son and I are both addicted to the brisket mac&cheese can't go wrong with really good smoked meat weeeeeeeee

Review №46

Good brisket and pork sandwiches. Super moist. Good atmosphere.

Review №47

Pulled pork sandwich---very good! Reading other reviews from other customers about portion sizes, and looks like they have worked out the issue with portion sizes. Portion of meat was large. Sides were also good.Also, I think for just starting in the Bozeman area there are going to be a few issues at first. Giving a restaurant a one star review for just one visit when still in the beginning stages of opening is harsh. But, that's Bozeman residents for ya!

Review №48

Was not overly impressed with the ribs very tough. The mac&cheese from a bag. The bbq beans good but could be better. Over all Dave's is so much better.

Review №49

Not that great. Also didn't enjoy getting called by the company itself. If you call the least you can do is leave a message instead of calling again. Definitely not going here again.

Review №50

Best BBQ yet.would have gotten 5 stars, but when I was there,they were out of wings. Still awesome food. I will be back

Review №51

I have eaten at other Dickeys before with good experiences, and this was not one of them. Below are my reasonsOrdered the two meat platter, with Brisket & Smoked Sausage.1) Brisket: asked the girl to cut from lean side. Did not get that, got from the really fatty side. Most BBQ places will trim the heavy fat side of the brisket, it was not done here. Of the three slices I received, more than half was pure fat. No smoke ring at all, and meat was tough. Not much flavor. Very disillusioned2) Sausage- this was the only part of the meal that was pretty decent. Good flavor and texture3) Sides. Mac & cheese was acceptable. Cole slaw looked and tasted like it came out of a Resses box. Nothing to brag about.4) The little bun provided with the meal, even though it was covered in butter, was dry and tough. Even my dog was having to chew it considerably (Staffy)Considering this was opening week, you would think that they would try to impress the new customers. That was not the case. Will not be going back, and unless you are looking for mediocre food, I would not recommend it. Do so at your peril

Review №52

Sundays kids eat free . Good food

Review №53

Very good barbecue. Sides were also excellent.

Review №54

Yummy. Very affordable Meat a bit dry!

Review №55

Ribs small and overcooked--charred; brisket very fatty; partions small and overpriced; ordered turkey but got pulled pork. Fan of Dickey's and stop anywhere I find one, but this was the worst

Review №56

Just tried them out for the first time, staff is maybe still ironing out some things, BBQ was pretty good.

Review №57

Food was good. The bread rolls were kind of blannn.

Review №58

Nothing special and fairly expensive for the small portions

Review №59

Wonderful flavors. Great value.

Review №60

It was our 4th or 5th time there we really enjoy the brisket mac and cheese is really good and great for a quick dinner definitely will be back

Review №61

Great food and service

Review №62

If I could give zero stars, I would. This food was TERRIBLE. I ordered chicken tacos and they literally handed me a small tortilla with a piece of cheese on it with a slice of chicken on top. THAT WAS IT. And the side of mac and cheese I got as an extra was a pile of mush with no taste. Saddest excuse for food I've ever seen... yikes.

Review №63

Best BBQ in Bozeman Mt. Very reasonably priced. And great atmosphere.

Review №64

Excellent food and service

Review №65

Good food. Friendly staff. Kids eat free on Sundays.

Review №66

Best bbq in Bozo and I love the addition of wings!

Review №67

They forgot an entire sandwich off my order. I suppose the employee was too distracted by her phone to even notice.

Review №68

Helpful staff. Loved the ribs

Review №69


Review №70

Food and service was great, the owner is really nice! The only recommendation I have is more seating.

Review №71

Best BBQ around!

Review №72

EXTREMELY disappointed. Over priced, generic BBQ. Don't waste your time.

Review №73

The food was delicious and the staff was very friendly and attentive! Have to get you a big yellow cup!

Review №74

We tried ribs, brisket, chicken, Mac and cheese, slaw, and beans. Absolutely delicious! We be back!!!

Review №75

Waited an extra 15 minutes for the worst ribs I've ever had. They had about the same amount of meat as a small chicken wing, and dry enough to use as napkins.

Review №76

Surprisingly filling, good choices.

Review №77

Really yummy pulled pork sandwiches.

Review №78

Great food

Review №79

Good food

Review №80

Damn good.

Review №81

No business can compete with this BBQ at all!

Review №82

Good BBQ spot.

Review №83

Great Staff

Review №84


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