Hide-A-Way Lounge & Liquor Str
1625 W Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715, United States
Review №1

We went on a Sunday and they had football and golf playing. It was great! The beer was great! And the best service I've had in awhile... I'll definitely go back!

Review №2

Parking fills quickly. Servers are nice. Chairs are from the 70's. Decent drink prices. Feels like there are not enough staff during the peak times. Super kitch carpets, it hasn't changed since I first stepped into this bar 20 years ago so that feels nice. Convenient liquor store attached and the restaurant serves one of my favorite steak subs in town the spicy philly. No worthy complaints. They do have a pool table. this place is convenient for peeps on the west side. Lots of tv's for sports... you get a nice mix of variously aged white folk consistent with the monochromatic bozone I've come to know. Quite a few bearded men no cowboys and women to match the men. I'll be back.

Review №3

Always a great place to go! There are lovely people there with amazing service! 10/10 :)

Review №4

New bartenders are absolutely the worst. If you're a regular you'll obviously be served several times over before the bartender even notices new patrons. The dark atmosphere reminds of a back alley murder scene. I will not bring my business back here. Their sports bet machine was also down and nobody had any idea about it or how to fix it.

Review №5

One of the last best places in Bozeman. Great sports bar and friendly staff. I've been going here for years and have always had a great time.

Review №6

Love yhe food from Brewskers and the slots. Hubby is a fsn of sports bet.

Review №7

Great pork chop sandwich. Very nice service and great tasting food

Review №8

So, I've wanted to love the Hideaway. I've been a semi regular for about a year. The last few months the bartender quality has dropped to the point of absurdity. Unfriendly, inattentive, unfamiliar with the bar, and generally rude. Hope they can get it turned around, it used to be a cool place.

Review №9

What out for "Bun Boy" the bartender. I ordered the same drink and got charged three different prices. Does he just make up the prices as he goes? All the other bartenders charge me the same price, no matter what day it is. "Bun Boy" needs to go!

Review №10

Went in to the liquor store wearing a mask and because my mask slipped below my nose the guy at the counter aggressively told me to pull my mask up. I said "excuse me?" He said "you heard me!" I told him to keep the purchase and he yelled at me "Dont come back!" Dont worry. I wont. Ever.

Review №11

Liquor store employee started cussing and swearing and threatening me after he told me to wear a mask. I told him I have a medical condition and can't wear a mask. He said he can deny service to anyone for any reason He then called the police on me. The police explained to him that he cannot deny service to people with medical conditions. They clearly don't understand that the Governors mandate had exceptions for people that can't wear masks

Review №12

WARNING*** It's not posted inside anywhere, but you are not allowed to take pictures inside the bar. Took a couple of pictures and next thing we know 3 bouncers are escorting us out and told never to return.

Review №13

Wish I could leave zero stars worst service ever. Also with people who have medical reasons and a doctors note to not wear a mask and they said they would not serve anyone with medical reason! The guys were super rude. Will never go back! WORST SERVICE EVER AND THE MOST RUDE PEOPLE I'VE EVER SPOKE WITH.

Review №14

Absolutely wonderful employees and they treat you like family!!! Definitely a good place to go for a drink in Bozeman

Review №15

Love this place, it also has a little burger joint and casino bar attached to it.

Review №16

Dingy run down bar . Prices are not consistent. Extremely rude staff on the liquor store side. Don't ever go to this location!

Review №17

Always a good selection, and helpful staff.

Review №18

If you want to go to a bar where you can actually watch a game with other people who are also into the game, Hide-a-away is the place for you

Review №19

Great staff. Great prices friendly people.

Review №20

Pretty good liquor selection. Hit the lunge if you want some good food at good prices

Review №21

This place used to be awesome when management had the right people working. Now all the servers are rude. On top of that they have outdated drink prices listed that aren't accurate. Ask about the price before you order because chances are it's not the price that is advertised. I went here tonight and put $5 in the darts machine that didn't work but didn't get a refund or a credit on my tab. They said they couldn't verify that I put money in the machine and there was nothing they could do. They don't care about their customers. As a consumer I will never go back to this place again because of the way I was treated. It's clear they have no understanding of how the customer experience influences their business. Go to the cats paw or specs for a better sports bar experience.

Review №22

Kind of a dive bar but the food is awesome and it's nice to go to a bar that's not too crowded

Review №23

The bartenders are awesome! Great service every time!

Review №24

This bar has the best bartenders in bozeman! All of them are extremely friendly and beautiful people all around. Solid group of patrons congregate in this place, and they play the best music out of any bar in bozeman, I've lived here 11 years so I feel well versed on bozeman bars and the awful music that they play. This bar is the best one no doubt!

Review №25

This is the go to spot for anyone not trying to pay an arm and a leg downtown. Great service, friendly bartenders and an awesome selection of food by Brewskers. I've read multiple reviews on here, some positive and some negative, for those with negative reviews you need to re-evaluate your lives and be patient. One bartender, Lauren (A) has gone above and beyond multiple times to make my experience awesome, I can't say enough good things about her. If you're looking for a spot where you can get cheap drinks, great food and conversate with the bartenders/regulars then look no further!

Review №26

Always good!!

Review №27

State of Montana booze store. Good people

Review №28

Top notch liquor store in Bozeman, great service a couple percent higher priced. Worth it.

Review №29

Decent selection of liquor for Bozeman. Staff is very friendly, and helpful when I'm either looking for something new! Big plus for them is their hours. Better hours than Montana Wine and Spirits, slightly smaller selection.

Review №30

Great bartenders. Quiet atmosphere. Great hole in the wall bar to get good drinks and shoot pool.

Review №31

I love the Hideaway. The bar tenders are fun and easy on the eyes. Drinks are strong and mixed well.

Review №32

Good main street location with good hours and food. And don't forget free ice with purchase at the liquor store.

Review №33

Helpful service, quality selection for their size.

Review №34

I only had interactions with the store side of hideaway. The cashier kindly let me know that he was certain my ID was fake and that he would be keeping it. My ID is not fake. I had to call the police and have an officer come down just to get it back. I understand they have to be wary of fake ID's but being falsely accused, then told your property is going to be stolen is definitely reason enough to spend money elsewhere.

Review №35

Great sandwiches, quick service!

Review №36

This is a weird bar, but not in a bad way necessarily. The beer is cheaper than cheap, and it feels like you're in a cave. Definitely expect to be one of the only women in this joint if you show up.The liquor store can have some prices that are pretty high.

Review №37

Best cheese steaks in Bozeman, but that's kinda like being the best kickboxer in Belgium . . . Bar tenders are cool though, and it is a premier day-drinking spot. Nevertheless, I asked for a half pint of Jamo' at the liquor store there, and the clerk looked at me like I just killed a kitten.Be snooty or be a dive: whatever the case, make up your mind . . .

Review №38

Bill is a super friendly bartender! They have great service and this is the only bar I'll go to in Bozeman.

Review №39

Cool dive bar! Pool tables available

Review №40

Everything is super marked up. Not worth buying from there.

Review №41

Good dive bar with good liquor store attached. Bar food and great beer selection.

Review №42

Helpful staff, went for my 21st birthday, and the cashier was very helpful in giving me suggestions. It was a fantastic night due to his help!

Review №43

It isnt even called Hide A Way anymore.

Review №44

Good beer, good burgers, what more could you ask for? A good place to escape the crowds downtown.

Review №45

Best tequila sunrises

Review №46

The selection is pretty limited

Review №47

This is one of my favorite holes in the wall. They have excellent food and plenty of space to meet up with friends.

Review №48

Pretty good selection and nice people to help you out

Review №49

Love this

Review №50

I can only rate the liquor store. It is dingy and small, but well priced and the hours are fantastic. The staff is always friendly. This is a place to find the classics.

Review №51

January 3rd of the new year bartender called the cops on my truck while I was waiting for it to warm up. Long hair man ran out like I took something and said he called the cops. I waited for a sober brother to drive me home and the cops show up at my truck at my house. I won't order if the long hair d-bag is still there

Review №52

Great bartenders and great service and atmosphere . Love it!!

Review №53

The selection was terrible and overpriced, and the service was negligible. Not impressed, will not be returning.

Review №54

Neat little hole-in-the wall bar

Review №55

Great dive with mellow patrons. Off the beaten path. Great local crowd.

Review №56

Good drinks and food, decent bar prices

Review №57

Much respect for the cheese steak, perfect after a week of dehydrated camp food. Perfect amount of cheese and grease, properly shortened my life eating it. Thanks, I'd like another.

Review №58

To my local bar. Hideaway you impress me. William our bartender not only took care of us and everyone around us with great service. He also went above and beyond taking care of, whom to my eyes was a regular, but to some he may seen with mental incapabilities.Some that the rest of us are grateful to have. Thank you for showing bozeman the way the business should be handled, ran ,and the way that people should be treated. You restore my faith in Bozeman and the way that people treat each other.

Review №59

Food, drinks, pool, and casino with sizeable venue.

Review №60

Brewsker's is a welcome addition to the Bozeman burger scene. Yum! Lounge seems less seedy than it has in the past, which is nice.

Review №61

Great place

Review №62

I personally would drink nowhere else when in Bozeman. It's more of an experience than a bar. Only the finest of staff.

Review №63

Has a limited selection, but good for a quick in and out.

Review №64

Great choice of alchohol, good food and friendly staff.

Review №65


Review №66

Great lunch and it really suits it's name as an out of the way watering hole

Review №67

Yes I like. This

Review №68

Dylan is the worst employee there. Absolutely horrible customer service with a negative attitude towards anyone that walks in the door. Alcohol is extremely over priced.

Review №69

Helpful liquor store staff.

Review №70

Good burger

Review №71

You have to look for it...

Review №72

Fun place

Review №73

Bill is amazing and this place rocks

Review №74

Small, cozy, good food

Review №75

Whiskey! What else is there to say?

Review №76

The last of a dying breed

Review №77

Awesome place to get liquor by campus

Review №78

Greatest place ever!

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  • Address:1625 W Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715, United States
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  • Phone:+1 406-587-1777
  • Bar
  • Liquor store
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–2AM
  • Tuesday:8AM–2AM
  • Wednesday:8AM–2AM
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  • Sunday:8AM–2AM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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