QDOBA Mexican Eats
855 S 29th Ave Suite 2, Bozeman, MT 59718, United States
Review №1

Delicious food and a very friendly team. This place has provided greet customer service for us. The food was fine, and plenty to share. They showed us all the choices and also listed that it was free or extra money so you wouldn't find out at the counter.

Review №2

Really good. Kind of like subway but mexican food. You just go down the line and say what you want in your taco, burrito, bowl, or whatever. I have enjoyed my experience both times I've gone.

Review №3

Had a pretty clear specific order as to what I wanted, didn't get the extra meant, or extra cheese I asked for, also got black beans which I had selected to not have any in my meal. And came half cold. Not very happy.

Review №4

Great crew, super friendly, and overall a great place to grab lunch or dinner. Definitely a frequent visit for me and my girlfriend!

Review №5

The have the IMPOSSIBLE plant based meat! Staff are outstanding, food is delicious, and the soda machine pretty much has every option you could ever desire.

Review №6

They asked me if I wanted white or wheat tortilla and it caught me off guard cause I was expecting flour or wheat to be the options so I asked what the options were again and the guy working there told me again but slowed way down and talked down to me. I wouldn't have been bothered by that it my burrito was good but the guy who wrapped it closed it like a taco and then shaped the tinfoil around it like a burrito so when I went to eat it it immediately fell apart. The ingredients tasted ok but the customer service and wrapping quality of my burrito was terrible. 0/5 never going back to Qdoba, Chipotle will be my go to burrito place from now on.

Review №7

When I'm missing San Diego, Qdoba is the next best thing. Super fast, delicious and affordable !

Review №8

Mask requirement. I will never return. Good luck with that.

Review №9

I ordered Qdoba Catering for a staff meeting at my job. From phone call all the way to pick up the process was fabulous. The manager I worked with was very attentive, polite, and all around awesome. She called and reminded us about pick up and verified we had everything we needed as well as helped us load everything in the car! Food came well prepared with everything we would need to execute this lunch! We would definitely order again!

Review №10

Absolutely perfect. Got take-out during this covid nightmare. We got the family pack and the service was impeccable from the minute they answered the phone, to putting it in our car, to the very last bite. Don't forget to bring cash to tip; they deserve it!

Review №11

Verry fun and lively place with verry good food

Review №12

The chicken burritos on student night here are delicious. On Tuesdays, they're 6 bucks, they come with guac, and they couldn't be a better deal. The staff is friendly, service is quick, the place is clean, the food is delicious, and the prices are great.

Review №13

Food is amazing and great customer service

Review №14

Wow healthy fast food!

Review №15

It was quite goodThe steak was pretty fatty which I guess some people like, but I dont. The food was good but I wish they had more mild salsa options

Review №16

I am not a fast food person, but Qdoba makes it easier to have a healthier meal when on the go

Review №17

I may be mildly obsessed with Qdoba at the moment. Sure it's basically fast food in the same vein as Chipotle but its tasty as hell with enough options for vegetarians, people watching their calories or what have you

Review №18

All the staff at this qdoba are so awesome!

Review №19

Love the bowls of rice beans n pork. As of late the meatless or impossible protein is a good choice too. I like the cane sugar coke n sprite in glass bottles. The cater too.

Review №20

Same concept as subway but for tacos and burritos, love that they have impossible meat which is great. Big burritos and a bag a chips you can't go wrong.

Review №21

First time here. Food was not bad. Food felt like it had more flavor than chipotle, I think it was just the salt . Once you lessen your salt intake, you taste every where. I will try again

Review №22

Qdoba is always amazing, you should eat there

Review №23

Great food and as long as you dont get a new person, helpful knowledgable staff. Would rather eat there over chipotle

Review №24

LOVE this place. Flavor! Quality! Quantity! & Friendly ALWAYS staff, esp, when you're friendly first! Good place to go.

Review №25

Had another great visit to the Bozeman Qdoba. The food has always been of Qdoba quality and the establishment was kept clean. The student discount is also a plus making Qdoba very affordable for a quick bite.

Review №26

Fantastic, gotta love a big ol burrito

Review №27

Good food quick

Review №28

Nice location, good choice of dishes in the menu, though the taco meat wasn't really great in my opinion...

Review №29

I like their food, much better quality than Chipotle....IMO

Review №30

Great food and service! The staff there is fantastic

Review №31

Great food and great customer service. They do special deals for students on Tuesday and they have free drinks for veterans! Awesome place for lunch or dinner! Or shake things up and have it for breakfast with an awesome breakfast burrito!

Review №32

Sooo excited that they have Impossible burger. Made an excellent burrito bowl.

Review №33

Loved it when they had breakfast burritos here, but alas it is no more. Still a good place for some quick food otherwise. The burritos are really savory and you can load them up with whatever you want.

Review №34

Friendly staff and great tasting nachos. My favorite is the 3 cheese nachos. Can't wait to order them on ubereats.

Review №35

I particularly like walking through the line picking exactly what I want to eat. Food is good and reasonably priced.

Review №36

Barely put anything on quesadilla... Was pretty bland

Review №37

Long line, but great food.

Review №38

Not a fan my food is always thrown together and dumps out in the bag.

Review №39

I have been eating at qdoba restaurants for YEARS in other states! This is one of the worst restaurants I've ever been to. The food tastes fine most times, it's not about that! This restaurant must be poorly managed, as they are always out of something when I eat there. Usually it's lettuce... we only eat the taco salad, due to a very restrictive diet... kind of hard without lettuce! They rarely have fresh fajita veggies, never thinking ahead of dinner rushes. Last night at 5:45pm they were out of steak. I had literally called ahead to make sure they had lettuce (because it's that bad I have to call ahead) - didn't know I needed to call about every ingredient now! When I made a comment about “wow, y'all seem to always be out of something when I'm in here” one of the cashiers made a snarky reply, “oh no, we just see you coming and put it all away!” I told him it was starting to feel like it!In addition to poorly managed food and snarky service, the restaurant itself is usually pretty dirty. Over flowing trash cans, filthy soaking drink station, out of lids or specific cup sizes!It's ridiculous! I've tried contacting corporate, received a call from the manager, and after I returned his message - no call back... whatever, to be truthful, we probably just won't come here any longer! It's not worth driving all the way from Belgrade for dinner to realize you can't even eat there most times, or get terrible service. Chipotle will get my business from now on!

Review №40

Always fresh for me

Review №41

Ok my quesadilla was hella messy and the ingredients were unevenly distributed throughout. Slightly disappointed. But still hella tasty

Review №42

We had their 3 cheese Nachos. And boy did they pike it up,with everything. Good thing we were sharing I'd never be able to eat by self.

Review №43

You pick your own toppings!

Review №44

Good food. I love that they do not charge extra for toppings!

Review №45

Staff was friendly but food was lukewarm. One section of my fajita veggies was nearly "cold". The warmth of my food couldn't even melt the cheese on top. Portions felt much smaller than the other locations I've visited, but I understand it's 2018 so maybe guidelines have changed? Will come back another time and give it a 2nd shot. Felt a little let down compared to my past experiences with Qdoba.

Review №46

Nice place, the only complaint is it's not easily accessible when coming from the East, so route planning is order. Fare was good, we both had tacos. Meat was a tad overcooked. Wouldn't hesitate to visit again if in area.

Review №47

Delicious! I eat here from time to time. Love the opportunity to customize. Anything can be made vegetarian.

Review №48

If the staff had played more attention to taking orders from customers online instead of speaking Spanish to each other and laughing after every item I add to my meal, then maybe I would have given two stars. Get it in gear GM

Review №49

Very clean place, pleasant people and really good food. Stop in from Colorado... Thanks guys

Review №50

Fast food is fast food! Service is mediocre. Big portions and big lines around lunch time.

Review №51

Great tasting food and a simple menu.

Review №52

I used to be a die-hard Chipotle fan, but I am finally won over with the beautiful array of choices and flavors. the food is consistently good and pretty much anything you get is going to be delicious. The staff are nice and the line moves fast. Definitely a fast casual favorite.

Review №53

Qdoba is always dank. This particular Qdoba is very clean, quiet, and friendly.

Review №54

Love their food as it always fills me up and it is really quick.

Review №55

I had been spending alot more time at a competitor of QDoba - but food quality and service was going down. I went to QDoba last Friday and got a steak bowl - the food was simply outstanding. Usually steak in a lower priced restaurant is a bit tough and seasoned poorly - and this was not at all the case. The steak had great flavor and 'chewed' really well. The staff was also attentive and all ingredients were very fresh. I have officially made the switch. I made sure to tell the manager about my experience. Thanks QDoba! TH

Review №56

Food is decent but nothing special. I found a small piece of metal in my food last time I ate here. I brought it to the managers attention, and she just asked for my information. She didn't offer a refund or a new burrito. Disappointed, I likely won't eat here again.

Review №57

This place is always packed, I appreciate the speed of service and quality of the food. Never had a bad time here.

Review №58

Best deal on burritos in Bozeman. Like a subway for burritos. And the free guac is always a great bonus.

Review №59

The burritos are good and large and the queso is good too

Review №60

Clean, quick, and good food. I haven't had a bad experience here.

Review №61

I already eat here but on Sunday I took a friend who hadn't. He was a little put off that I picked what he considered a "fast food restaurant". He had to fish tacos and they were so good he went back for a third. Really good food here.

Review №62

Food was OK but pretty expensive for what you got. Especially the kids meals.

Review №63

Consistent and good. The staff was training so service was a little slow but totally understandable.

Review №64

Great service and food!

Review №65

I really like a Qdoba it always smells like fresh grilled chicken every time I go. I love their nacho Bowl, they have multiple types of cheese, multiple types meats, and mutiple type of fresh vegetables to always make great nachos. Also you can add guacamole with no extra charge for everything you get. So if you like tacos or nachos this is very reasonable priced place that tastes great.

Review №66

Always great service and a clean establishment

Review №67

Good food. Nice atmosphere.

Review №68

First time there. Very pleasant surprise, good food.

Review №69

The #queso is the best. It's the reason I choose Qdoba over Chipotle everytime

Review №70

A pleasant change from the ordinary fast food place. Very good food and excellent service combined with a clean and comfortable eating area makes Qdoba a go to place for a quick lunch.

Review №71

Paid $8 for 2 taco should want tacobell0

Review №72

Great portions. Friendly staff. Quick and awesome.

Review №73

Frsh and delicious

Review №74

My favorite fast food Mexican restaurant in town! The staff is pretty friendly and their queso is amazing. All the times that I've ever gone in it's a cleanliness virement which is important to me.

Review №75

Food was very tasty

Review №76

The Queso is amazing!!!

Review №77

Super slow prep, but food was good.

Review №78

Rush hour and rice and beans were really dry. Not good! Helena location is much better!Food seems rush cooked and bla tasting.

Review №79

A great place to get a decently priced burrito. Staff are friendly and helpful, and the food is delicious.

Review №80

One of my favorite quick late evening food stops. I really love the fire pit! It makes for a great place to eat outside when the evenings are cooler.

Review №81

Wonderful and yummy food!!

Review №82

Qdoba catering is one of the easiest restaurants to work with in town! Ariana is friendly, attentive and helpful, and the options for serving large groups are vast and delicious. Add ons help but are not necessary to satisfy a group! I will be working with these wonderful people again soon!

Review №83

Great place to eat. Delicious food. Reasonable prices. Highly recommend!

Review №84

They were very good with great food, the three taco shells we're the size of my hand Wich was unexpected but it was really good

Review №85

Great food, nice location, people on staff were friendly and welcoming, wish they also had a tuesday special for general public, maybe Thursdays as a family night. Anyhow, it has great tasting food

Review №86

Great fresh tasting food! We loved it. Portions great and worth the money.

Review №87

Nice restaurant. Good location. Having regularly eaten at several Qdoba across Montana, I was very disappointed that this location requires you to be a student to get the daily specials. That's great if you are a student at MSU, not if you are a working father of a large family.

Review №88

Had guac shrimp burrito. So delicious! Best burritos in town....super fresh. Great price too!

Review №89

Great food, great service, great menu. QDOBA is better than Chipotle.

Review №90

I have been a fan of Chipotle for several years and never knew about Qdoba. Now I do and I enjoyed my meal at this location. They even have a fire pit just outside the door which makes this a new favorite for me.

Review №91

I am a big fan of Qdoba. Service and food quality at this one depends on the attitude of the college student who is helping you. Glad to have one in Bozeman.

Review №92

Happiness rolled into a flour shell. The staff shows pride in food/store presentation.

Review №93

Lunch rush was crazy for them - but their service was A++

Review №94

Friendly and attentive staff and very quick service! Came in during dinner service with some friends and had a great experience! Highly recommend this place.

Review №95

Loved the food and the open cooking. Try the tortilla soup for a wonderful treat.

Review №96

Very good food at great prices. Normally go there for lunch and get the steak quesadillas, never had a bad one yet! Friendly staff too.

Review №97

Good food for a queso-mex place. Service is fast, and employees are friendly. Restaurant isn't always super clean, but with how busy they stay, I'd be surprised if it was.

Review №98

Good fresh food.

Review №99

Fast food slightly better than the other ones.

Review №100

Cheese choice for quesadilla is only 1 & i didnt like it. Service was great though.

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