10 W Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715, United States
Review №1

Had A Great Evening In Bozeman At The Rialto...With.....Dorothy And Sprit Animal!! What A Fine Time Indeed!! No Fantastic Acts There Before Or After Dorothy. This Was A Once In A Lifetime Show!! WARNING!! SPIRIT ANIMAL WILL BEND YOUR MIND! BE A PART OF ROCK & ROLL HISTORY! SEE THEM AT ANY COST!

Review №2

First time at the Rialto in February, and it won't be the last! The venue is intimate enough to get a great view no matter where you are in the house, but never feels too crowded. They have a bar on the bottom and top floor so you never miss much of the show while waiting for drinks. They seem to be attracting a lot more big names as of late so I can't wait to see who I'll be getting down to next!

Review №3

Great set by Eddie Ifft, good ticket price, great venue. Minus 1 star for the seating. (Not 3 Hour chairs) but I get it. Add the star back for having Cold Smoke beer on tap.

Review №4

It's a small venue with big sound. The Rialto doesn't have a bad view in the whole place. The acoustics are great. The energy in the crowd is always high and infectious. The smaller venue offers intamacy between the crowd and the musicians. Keep the music coming.

Review №5

Great venue. Open stage with good lighting, a balcony, and a bar. The sound was pretty good and it's small enough to see everything even from the back of the room.Prices for drinks aren't the best but they have a decent selection and hopefully that's not why you're going here.They have good shows lined up but this was the first time I've been here. I'll keep an eye out for future shows as I like this place.

Review №6

Great atmosphere, top notch lights display. Sound EQ is at times a little overblown (I've been to 6 shows). Friendly staff, great shows. I always look forward to going back.

Review №7

We had the Rehearsal Dinner here. It was magnificent. The acoustics were great, you could have conversations and hear people. The wood tables are so "Bozeman". And the staff was so attentive to the temperature, food, everything! Rialto Bozeman, you guys hit a home run!

Review №8

Great venue. Good Bands. I love this place.

Review №9

Cool place, awesome lighting, intimate spacing and very cool upper deck. Our company booked Rialto for our holiday party and the food and decor was great!

Review №10

I only just saw the remodel. It's amazing! The sound, the space, the lighting... Good job people!

Review №11

Great venue, went to see the Kitchen Dwellers and had an amazing time.

Review №12

Wonderful, intimate venue with great sound!! Only wish there was liquor, not just beer and wine.

Review №13

Sweet spot to see a music show or otherwise! Decent size theater with an intimate feel. Can't wait to attend here again.

Review №14

Great venue downtown bozeman. Saw a show there last night and had a blast

Review №15

Rialto concerts are fantastic. Perfect small venue great sound.

Review №16

Such a great venue. Reasonable drink prices too!

Review №17

This place has been a shining star of creativity and beauty here in Bozeman. I have been looking forward to shows here, good music, good people, art that pushes your boundaries and makes you feel safe at the same time. Always interesting conversations upstairs at the bar, and all my favorite local weirdos work here. This is what a home for creative, expressive people feels like. Also, they have a FREE WATER STATION. I don't drink alcohol but get mighty thirsty dancing, luckily I can HYDRATE. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I love this place. Thank you, Rialto!

Review №18

Good venue, the coat rack game is wack. Otherwise it's a pretty decent place to spend a night.

Review №19

Fantastic place to see live music in downtown Bozeman. The theater is large enough for a good number of people but still feels intimate. The decor is understated and tasteful. Bathrooms are always clean and convenient. Drink price aren't bad by venue standards. The burn box, bar upstairs, has a lovely view of mainstreet and often features local artists. There's even a space you can rent for private events. Would highly recommend a visit!

Review №20

Not only is The RIALTO Bozeman the absolute premier venue in Montana for live music, their select/limited menu is representative of some of the finest cuisine available in Bozeman. Order the Montana Buffalo Burger hand crafted by The RIALTO's Chef, Jordan, and you'll thank me.No, seriously .

Review №21

Lovely place. Expensive cocktails. Also great place to hold meetings upstairs with catering.

Review №22

This place is phenomenal. Such a great venue

Review №23

Dustin and the staff take great care of everyone, strangers and friends alike!

Review №24

The lighting and vibe in the rooftop bar were so cinematic. Sitting there with a drink, listening to the records playing, and looking out the window to a neon sign made me feel like I could fall into a classic noir film.

Review №25

After attending a few concerts and a private event at the Rialto, unfortunately I have yet to have a great experience. I've noticed the following:Cons:- Security takes too long to screen people (expect 15-20 minutes of waiting to get in the front doors in the bitter cold).- There is no seating for concerts (or if there was, it was VIP only). Expect to stand on solid concrete floors for 3+ hours.- With the closing of the Burn Box bar upstairs to the public, there is now only 1 bathroom with 3 stalls for females. There was a consistent line of at least 5-10+ women, even in the middle of a set.- It's also unfortunate that the Burn Box closed as it provided a nice escape for a drink or hanging out either before the concert started or during an act you could care less to see.Pros:- Better concerts/acts now that LogJam is managing the entertainment.

Review №26

Very cool place great sound and stage setup

Review №27

Awesome place great service excellent food

Review №28

Great venue. 2 bars, balcony

Review №29

Great show with Travis Denning & Riley Green! Drinks way overpriced, and charged me for both even though they messed the first one up.

Review №30

Fantastic sound system, affordable drinks, and one of my favorite bands.

Review №31

Incredibly disappointed with my first Rialto experience at the Real Estate show.. While the instrumentals sounded appropriate the volume of the vocals did not. I verbally told one of the sound engineers that it was difficult to hear the vocals up front and was smiled at... it continued to be difficult to hear the vocals. Having seen a performance of the band elsewhere, I do not feel that it is was the preference of the band that dictated such. Anyways...I was very disappointed in this location as a music venue and will strongly reconsider before paying to view another concert there.

Review №32

Great venue, great band! Bartender was on point with her drink recommendations.

Review №33

Awesome venue! I have only seen the renovated Rialto so I can't compare to the prior set-up, but the sound was great, the lighting on-point, and walls even have lights. Balcony up-top is positioned for a great view. They don't have a liquor license yet...

Review №34

Super fun and intimate environment.

Review №35

A great venue for live performance of any kind, and a very supportive environment for local arts. Friendly and knowledgable bar staff and a very modern vibe, The Rialto has quickly become a temple for live travelling acts and local performance gems in Bozeman.

Review №36

Great acoustics, friendly staff. Small, intimate venue that Bozeman needs more of!Three floors with a bar on each. Tabs started on one floor can be accessed by all other floors which is an excellent idea.Limited beer and wine which is a little surprising considering they do not have a liquor license. They have steadily improved their selection and are making some beer or wine based cocktails.The intimate experience is perfect for many acts that may not fill the field house but are too large for bars. Check their expansive schedule and go see some live tunes!

Review №37

BF and I visited the Burnbox Bar: really nice and relaxing. Nice jazz music played that wasn't too loud. SP, our lovely bartender, made a drink on the fly for a large group that requested a spooky drink. She named it 'Unicorn Tears.' We also tried this drink, had a great conversation and an overall nice time. Will be back to see a show.

Review №38

I love the venue... Great spot for entertainment...

Review №39

I took my son to the Community Opening and we were thrilled! The new facility is wonderful! The layout is fantastic for providing a wandering, exploratory feeling when moving from floor to floor. Staff was wonderful, attentive, knowledgeable and polite. Can't wait to go back!

Review №40

Light system they have is low key lit af

Review №41

This is a great location on the inside. The two rooms are awesome for a conference of about 60 total people. Although it can hold about 80 that includes both rooms. The staff was awesome at my events. My only complaint is that it's downtown and has no dedicated parking. Out of town guests have no idea how to park. As downtown is mostly just two hour parking.

Review №42

Perfect atmosphere..nice spot for a drink and conversation.

Review №43

Amazing sound system and lights in the main room, lovely bar with good entertainment on the weekends and the light box has killer comedy a few times a mont

Review №44

Great music venue. The burn box is a perfect space for live acoustic.

Review №45

Absolutely love the new and improved Rialto. Nothing else like it in Bozeman, it's a great venue and already probably my favorite in Bozeman. Drink prices are a bit high, but really not too bad in comparison with the rest of downtown. Tons of space, great acoustics, and a fantastic upstairs to slow it down a bit. Can't recommend it enough.

Review №46

Small intimate venue... BIG venue feel!!!

Review №47

Nice venue, very small. Good sound system and friendly staff.

Review №48

Security guys and bartenders are cool. Even have a decent band in there every once in a while . . .

Review №49

This is a fantastic little music venue. The bars were reasonably priced and quick. The stage is well set up. I'm glad this is a part of downtown Bozeman.

Review №50

Best concert venue and meeting space in Bozeman

Review №51

What an amazing place! This is exactly what Bozeman needed. I will be returning back again and again. Great sound & not a single bad seat in the house!

Review №52

Great venue for my rehearsal dinner

Review №53

Fun venue, very attentive staff.

Review №54

Nice space, but seeing "The Devil Makes Three" there was No seating. Ended up standing up for 3 hours, I'm too old for that.

Review №55

Fantastic venue all around. the rialto rules big time

Review №56

I drove a hundred miles and find out there's only twenty or so chairs. Ticket window lady said absolutely more seats then changed her wording to standing room only. Too late, no refunds. Save your money.

Review №57

Awesome venue! The lights during the performance is oretty rad. Bar upstairs and downstairs.

Review №58

Great, remodeled old venue. Fun was had.

Review №59

Remodel looks absolutely fantastic. Can get severely crowded but looks absolutely wonderful as far as art venues go.

Review №60

Super intimate venue. There's not a bad view in the whole house.

Review №61

It's a shame to bait and switch patrons by saying chairs and tables will be set on the hard concrete lower level floor when purchasing $35 tickets, come to find out from the staff that tickets were over sold and it's standing room only on the lower level and far too few chairs on the upper level. What's most sad is the musicians were great but having to stand a couple hours on concrete floors when vastly different shoe attire would have been worn if the Rialto told us it was standing room only ahead of time, ruined our experience. This was particularly difficult for those with disabilities or physical impairments, such as the people in wheelchairs, leg casts, and elderly. Shame on you Rialto.

Review №62

Very cool restored building.

Review №63

Beautiful renovation! The theater is well done and a great multi-purpose venue. Happy to have it back!!

Review №64

Amazing venue. My new favorite place to see shows.

Review №65

Nice intimate venue. It could use better climate control (very warm) and more comfortable seats.

Review №66

Love this place! Great atmosphere, lighting, sound and stage. A great thing to bring to Bozeman!

Review №67

My favorite venue in Bozeman, not a bad seat in the house, great sound, great lights, and the staff is the most courteous, awesome and hospitable group of people you'll ever meet!

Review №68

Very nice venue. Great music!

Review №69

Very nice place, looks great on the inside. Minor issues with the line process outsideAlso the upstairs bartenders are pretty slow and lack knowledge, but I suppose that will work itself out in time.

Review №70

Professional,comfortable, Good sounds, great ambiance, organized staff and events

Review №71

Great sound system and great venues

Review №72

Perfect little venue that should be 3 times bigger. Most busy entertainment place Bozeman has ever had

Review №73

Great place to sit and have a beer!

Review №74

Fantastic evening at the Rialto. Met and exceeded all expectations.

Review №75

Good venue

Review №76

Staff are very professional, clean, great sound, lighting and acoustics

Review №77

Really nice venue. Excited to visit again.

Review №78

Beautiful space and plenty of room, does not feel too crowded. Also I like that they have multiple bars inside so you dont have to wait in a long line

Review №79

Very unpleasant venue for watching a show. Bar is very high priced and overcharged on top of that.

Review №80

Never seen a bad show at the Rialto.

Review №81

Best place for a live show!

Review №82

Really cool venue. I wish I had one like this in my hometown.

Review №83

Freaking amazing!

Review №84

Great foe small concerts. Upstairs can be difficult to see. Not great foe plays.

Review №85

Sound system was great, but did nothing about people smoking (cigs & weed) and vaping for an indoors event

Review №86

Very cool venue, there's 3 bars, one got each level!

Review №87

Intimate place for a show

Review №88

Awesome never go back to the brick breeder for a concert.

Review №89

CJ was hilarious.

Review №90

Disrespectful, educated staff and inadequate service. sad

Review №91

Saw The Bad Plus. Great band, really nice venue. Bozeman needs a joint like this.

Review №92

Nice atmosphere.

Review №93

Greatest place to see live music in Montana!

Review №94

One of the coolest venues in town

Review №95

Awesome remodel & music venue

Review №96

Amazing atmosphere! Must check it out yourself!

Review №97

Saw a wonderful burlesque show here

Review №98

Great place for a show

Review №99

Went New year's. Not impressed. Left went to Bar 9 after 10 minutes and a $30 dollar cover $60 for wife and I. no cocktails cheap wine spent $85 for 10 minutes. Bar9 rocked !!

Review №100

Cool venue

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