Bobs Burgers & Brew Burlington
9394 Old Hwy 99 North Rd, Burlington, WA 98233, United States
Review №1

1st time in Burlington, saw Bob's thought of the cartoon and we had to try it. Cool atmosphere, and the server was nice. Food was okay, (my sourdough burger could've been hot) Bob's Knotty beer was really good and my O-rings were great! Crunchy-hot!If im ever in the area again I would give them a shout!

Review №2

Not a fan of the overall service. Good food, but not worth the expense. The general experience is fine, yet has a lot to improve on: service, cleanliness, customer consideration, and communication.

Review №3

I'm sorry the photo's are dark, because they have each booth wrapped in plexiglas, it dimmed the light in the booth. Hubby ordered a Squirrel Sandwich, and I believe I ordered a BLT, everything was hot, fresh, and ready to go but you need to ask for a side of Auju sauce if you like the roast beef sandwich...

Review №4

Had the 3 piece fish and chips, which tasted great. Each of the 3 pieces was about equivalent in size to 3 pieces you might get at a lot of places. It's not very often that I can't eat my entire order, but this was a lot of food.

Review №5

Their steak is way better than I expected. I might drive out of my way to return here for a perfectly cooked steak

Review №6

Always love eating at any Bobs Burger and Brew. If you haven't had one if their many hamburgers you are missing an amazing meal.This visit I had to the Burlington restaurant was after a ferry trip from the San Juans. I ordered the steak salad which was one of the best meals I have had when the steak was so tender, you could cut it with your fork!

Review №7

The food is always super good and I have never once been unhappy with my experience there.My only issue is the bar always seems to be full but that's nothing the store does wrong

Review №8

This was one of the best experiences I've ever had at Bob's Burgers! Very good food in fast friendly service! I would highly recommend this place!

Review №9

Amazing atmosphere, food, and staffPS: The younger boy named Anthony was a delight

Review №10

Great service, comfortable atmosphere , and delicious food. Cost per plate can runs 11-15$ but you get a very hearty serving. The burger is from the kids menu and the get a drink and scoop of ice cream all for 6$. They have TVs in every direction, and in the bathroom

Review №11

Place was pretty dirty compared to other Bob's, looks like hasn't been vacuumed in a while. Asked for booster seat, looked like wasn't wiped down since new. You would think with covid going on would be cleaner.

Review №12

Bob's is always a good choice. I have never been disappointed.

Review №13

The food was great! Didnt take long at all to get it. It was still hot and fresh. Desert was great too! The restaurant is a little hidden from view of the highway but if youre willing to look for it, youll find it. Highly recommended for a fresh bite to eat. The have a small vegan menu as well. Just ask for it.

Review №14

Always the friendliest staff! And, the food never disappoints

Review №15

My husband and I went here on our honeymoon. We both had very unique and tasty burgers. We would definitely visit again!

Review №16

Our first time at the Burlington store. We usually go to the Puyallup Bob's. Great food, Great Service as always.

Review №17

Love the mushroom burger and fries. Staff super friendly.

Review №18

The food was good but the service was awful. After we ordered our food our waitress, Delaney, never came back till after we were done eating. The hostess had to refill our drinks and it took us 5 min to wave some one down to get ketchup because there was none on the table. And then when our waitress finally showed up again to take our food away she asked if we wanted dessert and we said yes and she said she would be right back she never came back and when she did it was to give us the check so we paid and we left with no dessert and a very unsatisfied customer service. And once we told Delaney that we just wanted to leave with no dessert she didn't say anything and just said happy holidays have a good day very sassy and left.

Review №19

I always have great service, and one of my most favorite vegan menus around! Thank you Bob for an awesome vegan options. And the regular menu is amazing, per my meat eating friends.

Review №20

Good food made fast. Large portions

Review №21

Ways to improve.1. Install dividers between the urinals.2. Clean the restroom3. Ensure that there's paper towels to dry hands after washing.4. Less mayonnaise on the burger (mine had about a 1/4 cup)5. Lacks vegetarian options, as in there aren't any.The good.1. Service

Review №22

I am changing my initial review from 3 to 5 stars. I was contacted by Bob's after my 3 star review asking how they could earn a 5 star review. I told them why I gave them a 3 star review and the manager invited me to come back and give them another chance and she sent me a gift card for my trouble. Tonight my wife and I ate there we both had the Philly grilled sourdough burger and it was fantastic. I highly recommend this burger. I had a side salad instead of fries and my wife had their home made patato salad which she said was very good. All said, Bob's has earned a well deserved 5 star rating and I will definitely be returning.

Review №23

Great Taco soup and BLT!

Review №24

Food was nicely prepared and served hot. But for the kind of place it is, the meal was priced higher than other similar restaurants. Portions werr generous though.

Review №25

Food is going down hill, was really great, no more

Review №26

Good food and fast service.

Review №27

Good food at reasonable prices.

Review №28

I really enjoyed what I ordered. I had the Cuban sandwich with onion rings. Those were some of the best onion rings I've ever had!!!! The sandwich was really tasty as well. We had a seat right by the fireplace which was really nice on a chilly night.

Review №29

Always great service and food here!

Review №30

Great staff! Outside eating is an option and the food was delicious!!!

Review №31

I got a blue cheese burger and some potato wedges and had quite a few drinks at the bar. I thought the burger was pretty good. As far as Burgers go it was good I wouldn't consider it great though.

Review №32

Excellent appetizers (Kielbasa bites) salads and burgers (farmhouse)

Review №33

The food was wonderful. Big portions... Wish I had shared with my husband. Fun waitress.

Review №34

Love the food and service!

Review №35

Overpriced frozen hamburger patties. But the fish and looked delicious.

Review №36

Great burger. Our waitress can sign ASL with us. Awesome!

Review №37

First time here after moving to Sedro-Woolley last week. Sat in the well-stocked bar and chatted with some very nice people. The bartender was extremely courteous and attentive and even took the time to chat about my move from Seattle. The calamari was okay, but needed to be cooked more. Enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and will definitely be back. Ordered a custom coffee drink with Frangelico, Bailey's and Kahlua which was made to perfection by Anna. Thanks guys.

Review №38

Good food and atmosphere.

Review №39

My husband and I really enjoy Trisha, the waitress in the bar. We've gotten to know her for over a year now. She has such a great personality and is always attentive to our wants. She puts up with my husband's silliness with a smile. Today we asked what her normal schedule is, so now we know what days that we'll have her as a waitress. She's a real gem! On other days we'll try other places in the community.The food is always top notch, so between good food and a great waitress, what more can you ask for?

Review №40

Consistently great burgers and beverages.

Review №41

Wings are very good! A little too greasy but really good!

Review №42

Today our service was pretty good. Orders were taken promptly. I had the steak salad and my wife had the salmon wrap. Both were pretty good.

Review №43

The service was kind of bad. They're extremely impatient with you and wants you to order food before you even decided. And before you take a bite your waitress will ask you how is it. Where you awkwardly have to reply I haven't even taken a bite out of it. The food was actually pretty decent but a little pricey. My total bill was $27 for one drink and a burger. They also undercooked my burger. My waitress never asked me how I wanted my burger

Review №44

Not a bad place for a corporate restaurant

Review №45

Patato skins are my jam!

Review №46

This was such a let down. Service was rude. It was so cold in the restaurant. There was no flavor to the food and the fries came out cold. Save your money and go through the Jack in the box drive through and save a 1/3 of the cost. Not worth the money and we won't be back.

Review №47

When we travel on 1-5, its always worth a quick off and on the exits to go to Bob's. The food is really really really good! Over the yearsAll 5 star meals at Bob's. Thanks from us all to the cooks and server's who make our Bob's stop a pleasant one.

Review №48

Good food great service

Review №49

Great food and service as always

Review №50

My guys liked their burgers, but I loved my Cuban sandwich. Great service and food. Will be back.

Review №51

Food is always good, but my salad was very watery last time I visited.

Review №52

Steak with baked potato! Absolutely delicious. This beat all my expectations. I'll be back for sure!

Review №53

They were on time and quick

Review №54

Great food and great service

Review №55

I don't think the servers understand that ignoring families with young children isn't good policy. The last two times we felt we got the short end of the stick on service, other tables appeared to be well taken care of. Last time the place was busy and we were right up front and ignored, this time the place was slow and we were in back and had limited service. Too bad kids aren't allowed in the bar. I'm a burger guy, so I can say the beef was good and cooked right. But the "smoked" wild salmon seemed like farmed salmon cooked in liquid smoke. Maybe the best idea is when I need a bonanza burger fix is to go all the way to Lynden or Sumas.. five stars for Bob and his family though. We won't be back unless for a much larger family event, because we always get treated like 5-10% tippers, and we only get that level of service if that. Have your servers treat all people like 20% tippers.

Review №56

Predictable fare, but solid. the french toast was the only standout... that and the omelettes...

Review №57

Food and service was excellent

Review №58

Really good food, decent prices, but sitting so close to the table next to you it feels like you're sharing the same table is too awkward for us.We asked the hostess for a booth (who said there wasn't any) then saw one open as we were next to someone else who felt too close to us. It's disappointing they don't listen to simple customer requests and pack people in to save a buck.

Review №59

As always Bob's is a great experience. We have eaten at the one in Burlington in Lynden, as well the one at Barkley the service is always top notch and the food is consistently great. My go to is the Bar Steak or Seafood Dinner. The steak is always cooked just how I like it and a reasonable price. Honestly we go to Bob's at least once a month more often in the summer and I have never had bad service or bad food.

Review №60

Great food, great service. Was a little disappointed that the price was raised on the bar steak.

Review №61

Not really a place I would recommend as I've never had a great meal or time here there's always something wrong enough to bother picky me . It could be worse but it still not great. I went here on mother's day and they were serving a buffet for 25$ per person and I could see the buffet and it looked wrecked and was over In 8 minutes but the server refused to seat me without buying a buffet ticket even though I didn't want anything to do with the buffet that was basically over In my mind and I chose to leave probably a great choice I'm my opinion. Service 1 star food 3 stars ballences to 2 voila.

Review №62

Good food, good service. I love the variety on the menu

Review №63

Not sure what you want? Bob's probably has something you'll love! Great burgers, steaks, seafood, salads & drinks!

Review №64

Stopped in here a couple of years ago when we were picking up a rescue dog. Food was great the service was outstanding and what impressed me the most is during our dinner the manager came out to check on us. Good place. I would highly recommend.

Review №65

Worst bar ever. Bar tend seemed drunk or high. She was a very dirty. Kept putting her hands on her mouth and touching her hair then touching drink garnish and ice with out washing her hands. Empty beer bottle in ice tub, saw other storage container from bar set in ice. Scoped ice with customer used glass to re make drinks. Poured drinks in customer glasses across the bar. Was eating behind the bar while tending to custom and eating of customer plates. Money left just laying around behind the bar. Went to bathroom saw another server or cook not sure which use bathroom and not wash hands. This is the most disgusting place I have seen.

Review №66

I really like the steak salad. Good size, very flavorful, steak was great. Clean location and good service

Review №67

This place was outstanding. I thought it was going to be just burgers and brew. To my surprise the menu had a fantastic choices. From salads to a nice steak dinner.I was so impressed that I went back for breakfast the next day. ( FANTASTIC ). You can't go wrong here. Great food, Great service and friendly people. What more could you ask for. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to Bob's Burgers & Brew Burlington.

Review №68

Bob's has good food. We both had a wrap. This is a good stop for us when we have to drive to Bellingham!

Review №69

Good food with excellent service.

Review №70

We are outside but the service was not great outside.

Review №71

Decent food and wait staff did a good job with our large group. Although it would have been nice to have been offered dessert. It felt as if we were rushed out of there

Review №72

Food was good, a good value and amount.

Review №73

Great burgers and beer as the name says! Excellent staff. Love the TVs.

Review №74

You can always count on Bob's to have good service and good food. The beer selection could improve a bit but they currently have a couple decent options.

Review №75

Great food. Upbeat atmosphere. Plenty of big TVs airing multiple sporting events.

Review №76

Great place to grab lunch! For a chain restaurant you can't really find a better burger. Servers here are very friendly and on top of their work. Great beer selection to top off the experience. Skip Subway or McDs if you're hungry and take the time to sit down and enjoy Bob's burgers and brew.

Review №77

Allowed enough time to visit & eat.

Review №78

Great food and friendly people!

Review №79

So yummy! Never wait long to be seated or for our food to arrive. Servers are vey kind and attentive.Each time we visit their service just gets even better. The hostess offered a seat by the fireplace as she said it was that kind of day.Portions are perfect. The Seafood Platter is big enough to share with two sides. They never try to rush you out the door. Which is very nice for enjoying a meal.

Review №80

Always yummy

Review №81

Bob's Burgers & Brewery, was one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. The burgers were so big and juicy. They also sell these big homemade fries called JoJo's. JoJo's are super delicious and they give you a lot of them too! The service is so nice there and the restaurant is very clean. I highly recommend going there!

Review №82

Food was great as usual but service was very slow. Waitress disappeared several times. One drink refill in an hour.

Review №83

Good food good prices

Review №84

Bananza burger is very good. Hubby and I split one. It can be a bit noisy.

Review №85

Always a great place to stop coming or going to Bellingham from Anacortes.Last night my girlfriend and I had the Southwest Chicken Salad we shared it (there is a minimal cost to split plates).The lettuce is always fresh the meat and dressings always on point.It was our waitresses first day on her own and she was amazing, friendly and attentive to our drink needs (diet soda) but it was still nice she took very good care of us.Bob's has always been one of my favorites places to stop and grab a salad or Bar Steak is amazing as well.They also have a great Sunday brunch and for $14 per adult you can't beat that plus they off seniors discount, not there but always good to know. If you don't want the brunch on Sundays you can order off the menu as well.I will continue to give my business to Bob's because they have great food.

Review №86

Good food and lots of it

Review №87

Easy to get to. Nice staff. Great burgers. Lots of food.

Review №88

Very good tasting and filling breakfast.... At a burger place... Who knew!! Service wasn't fantastic, but decent.

Review №89

Better than average burgers. Maybe a little spendy , but still better than fast food. Comparable with RedRobin

Review №90

I had an excellent lunch there. It was the first time that I ate at a Bob's that wasn't in Whatcom County. The food was as expected, absolutely quick and fantastic.

Review №91

It was good, real good. My hands got greasy, the plate had a puddle.... That was a beatiful, tasty adventure. For the daring, put a little Tabasco in the ranch dip for your fries to make a spicy ranch, so yummy.

Review №92

Best Bar steak in my area. Melt in your mouth tender.

Review №93

Great service,lots of food do and great atmosphere.Customers very friendly too

Review №94

Our service was pretty poor. All the burgers were great, hot and fresh, the fish and chicken strips were cold and under cooked. The bathrooms were filthy.

Review №95

Favorite lunch stop in Burlington. .amazing selection of burgers....charge your Tesla too

Review №96

Reserved the back room for a company Christmas Party and we had several issues. First I would like to say that the only bright spot of the night was our waitress that seemed to be handling our party of 20+ all by herself.As for the not so great it started with the two greeters who needed customer service training. I went up to the desk, after looking at the space and I had to kind of wave to get their attention, even though I was the only one standing there and I got a big sigh and a 'what's up?'I requested a remote control for the TV or to change the music in the room. It took 5-10 minutes to find the remote, and then a manager came with me, and the remote, and took the remote away as soon as I found a music station on the tv. Maybe we had nefarious plans with the remote? More likely we could have been able to change the channel had we wanted to.The waitress took drink and food orders just fine but again was all alone and looked a bit harried. We ordered appetizers and they came without anything to eat them on. No one got water.Food came quickly but the burgers were kind of thrown together. I get it we were a large party but we gave plenty of warning.No one cleared tables or checked if anyone wanted additional drinks, I believe the waitress was waiting on tables in the main room as well.Silly last complaint. There was not one Christmas decoration up. It was weird.Sorry but I would pass if you have a big party.

Review №97

Amazing food and service.

Review №98

Very rude manager and did not help us when they made a mistake. Would not give my service to them again

Review №99

Wonderful food and drinks, hopin place

Review №100

Dad and I decided to have our Christmas meet at Bob's at 2 pm. We got there only to find out they closed at 2. We figured they wouldn't stay open late, but thought they would be open to 6 or so. Oh well.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:9394 Old Hwy 99 North Rd, Burlington, WA 98233, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 360-757-9097
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Lounge
  • New American restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11:30AM–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:11:30AM–8:30PM
  • Wednesday:11:30AM–8:30PM
  • Thursday:11:30AM–8:30PM
  • Friday:11:30AM–8:30PM
  • Saturday:11:30AM–8:30PM
  • Sunday:11:30AM–8:30PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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