775 Huffman Mill Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States

Review №1

Apparently around a year ago your location got worse. Possible management or staffing change? I think it's time to change it up. Something is really pulling the Bojangles brand down. Came to the drive through around 9:15. Ordered a salad and a box of tenders. They were out of ranch dressing! Who runs out of dressing? Apparently a management issue of supply ordering. On top of apparent management issues, they messed up the whole order. Ordered sweet tea. Given warm Unsweet tea with no straw no sauce and cold chicken. Why is it so impossible for your employees to fill an order appropriately. Apparently there is a major issue with your employees respect and work ethic. This is not what reputation bojangles has had with me in the past but this is about the 3rd bad experience I have had. It's sad that your staff hates their job so much. They shouldn't be working there. I hope that you visit and make some staffing or at least some attitude changes. This is going to turn away the business that is paying your employees wages. I seriously hope for your sake that you take this seriously. I will make sure that everyone I know doesn't come to your location because apparently the people working there are lazy or illiterate. That is very sad.

Review №2

Fast, friendly, and courteous. My food is always fresh and hot.

Review №3

Their biscuits are usually very good. A good place to get breakfast, and if you get their chicken right after it is cooked it is very good! After it has been held for to long it can be dry.

Review №4

The food was good, but the service was abysmal. I waited for 45 minutes to get my order taken then for another 20 mins after I paid to get my food. The speaker want working and they made very poor attempts to service their customers while they tried to figure it out. The food however good was not the wait.

Review №5

My parents

Review №6

I used to like bojangles but each I go the staff seems stressed out and overwhelmed. Long drive thru lines slow take out

Review №7

Chicken moist and hot. Make sure to get your Sweet Tea.

Review №8

Friendly staff. Usually very busy due to being on a main road in West Burlington, but the line moves fairly quickly.

Review №9

Love me some Bojangles!!! The Cajun chicken with pimento cheese is awesome!! The staff is nice and especially Deanna, she always has a smile on her face!

Review №10

When we pulled in there was only one truck in front of us and they went through very quick. We ordered cinnamon biscuits, which it seems they never have any ready anymore and they said it would take 5 min. We were already expecting that, so we happily said we would wait. They then said that they could only make 4, not six that we ordered and asked if they could sub in 2 BoBerry biscuits... I asked again to clarify whether we could just wait and allow them to make 6 instead of 4 and they said that they could not make 6, only 4. So we agreed to wait for those 4 and take the substitution. After pulling forward to the door, we waited 15 minutes before we walked back to the drice through window and asked how much longer and they said they were having difficulties and they hoped it would only be another 5 minutes. At 26 minutes after we "pulled forward", they brought out our food. They had charged us for the 4 cinnamon biscuits and 2 Boberries in pairs so we paid the inflated price for agreeing to take a substitution. My sausage biscuit was burned and dry and their only sacing grace was one of the sweet young girls that brought the food out and was apologetic and took the time to explain why my 5 minute wait ended up being 25 min and overcharged, sub-par food. It will probably be a while before we give them another chance...

Review №11

I love me some Bo Bo's! Just the right amount of heat on that chicken! Yum!

Review №12

Loved it nice people fast service

Review №13

I waited an Hour and a Half for my food. biscuits were burnt. Lady too a smoke break while my biscuit burned. Brought them to me burnt.. asked for new ones.. it was a just a horrible experience.

Review №14

Nice, friendly people and fast moving drive-through.

Review №15

My biscuit tasted old and cheese was cold coffee was ok and drive thru service fine

Review №16

Ordered double fries and got home and there was cole slaw in my box.

Review №17

Excellent service ty

Review №18

Deandra and crew at Huffman-Mill Rd, Burlington, NC always take good care of me

Review №19

Waited in drive thru for 19 minutes. No apology at window for such a long wait and employee got my order wrong. When I arrived there were only 2 cars in front of me. I cannot think of a single acceptable reason why the wait was so long with no apology or acknowledgement of wait time. Chicken was only warmish and potatoes were more like soup than mashed potatoes. Gravy was brown from age and pinto beans were old as well. Biscuit was fresh though - the star of my meal. Napkins were placed under chicken so they were soaked with grease. Very unpleasant experience.

Review №20

Service was very fast and friendly this morning, however, after going through the drive-thru and getting home, I was missing a biscuit, and the kicker, is that my chicken biscuit that I did get was RAW in the middle! Not the right size side, missing half of my order, and raw, cold chicken biscuit.

Review №21

This was the best meal I've had in a long time. The chicken tastes like my grandmother prepared it, perfectly breaded and seasoned just right. The fries are perfectly complementary and don't even get me started on how good that Bo's sauce is. Ooooo weeee I can't wait to get back to a Bojangles.

Review №22

Boberry and cinnamon biscuits were rock hard and cold. And had a piece of plastic wrap in the icing. Store was filthy. I had to wipe a table down myself as they all had food debris on them. I explained what food I was interested in purchasing and asked which combo contained those items. It did NOT contain those items. Our order did not come out all at once.My soda tasted like someone poured smoke flavoring in it!? Kitchen looked very dirty.As a plus the chicken tenders, meal biscuits and meal plate was warm and tasted okay.

Review №23

It was great, got the family feast and it was all fresh!

Review №24

My son fav place! Poor service and always messing up orders

Review №25

Very slow. I could make biscuits faster at home than the time a I spent in DT.

Review №26

Terrible!!! Drive thru was backed up to the road, finally got to the speaker to order and was asked to please wait! Sat there for over 15 minutes before any response just to order food! Horrible customer service

Review №27

Great biscuits. Good people.

Review №28

Always a long wait w/ no one in line

Review №29

The food is good but my drink order was wrong and i ended up with 2 extra biscuits some how.

Review №30

Service was amazing! We had a very large order and I wish I could think of the cashier's name but she was so friendly and was very efficient! They got everything right,no mix ups,which,with an order that large you halfway expect something to be wrong,but she didn't miss a beat! Great experience!

Review №31

This is definitely one of my favorite fast food restaurants. The chicken and the fries are really good as well as the biscuits and the sweet tea. Bojangles never lets me down!

Review №32

Always a hit or miss with this place. For the first time in a year we went in to place a order. I will tell you this when we walked in we were the second in line with no one behind us. When we left there were 7 people behind us waiting on orders. Employees move extremely slow with getting orders out. Everything we ordered was already cooked but it still took forever to get our food while we watched people who came in after us get their food.

Review №33

Cajun filet biscuit - yes! Did you know that "It's Bo time" is going away. What's next?

Review №34

The tenders was small and dry. There was A trail of milk drops on the floor. I told A elderly couple to be careful that they didn't slip on it. A employ had wiped off A table and gathered up trays. Looked down at it. Didn't offer to get A mop and clean it up.

Review №35

Don't get me wrong, Bojangles food hardly ever disappoints.... However, it was the service that lacked at this location. We stood in line for over 30 minutes for 2 orders of roasted chicken bites, and 2 sides. It wasn't a fluke issue with just our order, everyone's order was delayed. We watched the staff walk across the kitchen in slo-mo, failing to complete an entire order at one time. The actual dining room was very dirty as well, with food crumbs on the tables and floors.While I am reviewing our most recent visit, I only chose to write a negative review due to multiple negative experiences over several months. Not the best experience if you're looking for fast food in a timely manner.

Review №36

Let me tell you about them went there to get a dinner special you know the $23 dinner I said I wanted chicken you know fresh out the grease or whatever and she was like oh yeah the chicken is fresh just came out the grease got home it was a disaster . I took my food back and she was like ma'am I'm so sorry what you like chicken I said what I really want you know another batch of chicken she said they didn't have any more chicken so I got my money back and left I'll never go back there either

Review №37

The food is always great and its clean inside. The employees are helpful and friendly. I highly recommend it.

Review №38

Skimpy on the fry's.

Review №39

Waited in line for 36 minutes. Was TRAPPED in between cars. Asked for fresh hot fries, they were cold. Total cost was wrong even after I repeated an was asked to come to window. Worse Bojangles EVER.

Review №40

Best biscuits in town

Review №41

Chicken and service was good but didn't get the gravy for the mashed potatoes so my mom (it was Mother's Day) wasn't happy...

Review №42

The food was nice and hot, but the customer service could have been better.

Review №43

Love this place great food and prices

Review №44

Love Bojangles BUT I have never been served a biscuit like the one I got here. Can you say "hockey puck"? It was flat and hard. Half the height of their usual ones.

Review №45

Rated because the staff was nice and the food was as good as expected.Major points deducted for speed.“It's SLOW TIME!” Should be the new slogan.We ordered at 1154. At 1214, I got to the table with our food. Waiting 10 minutes for food is not fast food. And not good at lunch time. There was only one order ahead of us. They sure didn't let the drive thru line wait that long.

Review №46

Food ok. Service ok.

Review №47

Took them 45 mins to get out food

Review №48

Speed of service with drive-thru needs work. Started giving my order and was stopped halfway through and had to wait. Then had to repeat the whole order again. Got a drink and half-gallon of sweet tea. Didn't receive a straw and the half-gallon lid was not screwed on so it spilled over in my car. Service at this location is terrible

Review №49

Average Bojangles... nothing special.

Review №50

Great food, correct order, friendlyCARING workers. Awesome!

Review №51

Great service and great food

Review №52

Very unhappy with my last visit at this location on 2/1/2020 around 8am asI went to get breakfast for the guys at work and was intent on getting the 12pc supreme tailgate but I was informed by the young lady at the drive thru speaker that there was no chicken available at this time and it wouldn't be available until 10 am and as a chicken based restaurant this would be very concerning to me as a company.

Review №53

Awesome service. Food hot & delicious.

Review №54

I was there at 640am and the tato rounds tasted like they were a day old....1st time I ever experienced that.

Review №55

Food is good...but the dining area is nasty and run all over the place.greasy hand prints on the glass like kids had been playing with greasy hands....I would think with the money bojangles takes in that they would repair and keep dining area nice and clean...Parking lot has trash everywhere.....I was afraid to put my hands on anything....afraid I would pick up germs or a disease....

Review №56

I use to come to Bojangles at least three times a week, but after this visit they are history. The food much under cooked and staff responsible for this miss was rude and very unorofessional. The manager made me feel I was the problem and I should just go away. Well you have your wish I will never set foot in Bojangles ever again. Stay away is you respect your health.. undercooked chicken with pink inside is not good or cool.

Review №57

Hot and fresh

Review №58

The staff that were working this morning were extremely unorganized and argued amongst themselves in front of the customers. There was no teamwork and the gentleman fulfilling orders would just stand there and wait until the food came out for each individual order. He could have started filling other orders while waiting on other customers food. I was there for 30 minutes waiting for 3 biscuits and fries. Employees could certainly benefit from further training and maybe more encouragement from management to work as a team.

Review №59

Didnt honor deal that was online..did not get a receipt and my drink was running all down the side and the lid full on top and also did not get a straw for my drink at the drive thru

Review №60

This was the best experience i have ever had at bojangles. They need to clone that crew. From top to bottom was friendly and awesome.

Review №61

Biscuits we're good but the wait was too long

Review №62

Love their homemade biscuits. The chicken is great.

Review №63

In recent times, this place has become one of my most disliked places due to the service and speed of this restaraunt. In the past month, I came here around three times and every time I was greeted with a 20-30 minute wait. Though the food was great 7 out of 10 times, it cannot make up for the wait time.

Review №64

We waited for about 5mins for a cashier to take our order, and then another 10mins to get our food. Also the fries were barely hot when we got them and we're dead cold by the time we got to the last one...oh, and they were barely seasoned. There was only one person in line in front of us when we walked in and they seemed to be well staffed, but no one seemed to know what they were doing including the manager with really long fingernails who seemed to just wander around doing not much of anything. A really disappointing visit.

Review №65

Very slow service. 20 min in drive through line with just 2 cars in front of us. This was on Saturday night at 7:15.

Review №66

Eons past, lumbering beasts of great sizes walked this Earth. They hunted, survived, loved, died and their line continued for millennia, now we have reached the top of the food chain but I can still feel it, deep within the Earth. Their rage, their primal fury can be tasted in the sweet juices of their ancestry. The blood of the ancient beasts runs in the rivers, their bones in the loam, their meat at Bojangles.

Review №67

Extremely slow service. I pulled up to the location and the drive through was backed up but I noticed that there was nobody inside. I then decided to just go in and order take out to speed the process up.After five minutes of nobody coming to take our order and several Bojangles employees walking right by is us while making no eye contact or hello walked by I went around the corner to see if someone would take our order. When I asked for someone a younger man came around the corner and said he'd take my order. This was a very simple order yet it took 3 times for him to get the order right.After the order was taken it took forever for our order to even get worked on. Maybe ten minutes passed after myself and a customer behind me got our orders taken we had to ask if we were going to get it food. The drive through was slowly getting their order taken care of in the meantime. After we asked some women came up, not in a Bojangles uniform started to get our tickets to print out.Everyone at that location looked miserable and was moving in slow motion. Even my daughter commented on how slow everyone was moving.Finally our food was on front of us but now drinks. The young guy that took our order than made our drinks. A Pepsi and an unsweet tea. We finally got everything and for in our car to realize he made an unsweet tea and a sweet tea. At that point me and my daughter just said forget it and drove off.It took maybe a total of 25 minutes to get a 2 piece dinner with 2 sides, one sausage and egg biscuit, and two drinks. Keep in mind there was nobody in the location when we first walked in.Dine at your own risk here.

Review №68

Very unsanitary. Found a dead fly in my food.

Review №69

Biscuits are the best anywhere. . . Almost as good as my grandma made.

Review №70

I've always loved their chicken and sides but this time around I've got to say, whatever happened to their quality of food, the chicken was nothing but breading and the green beans side was worthless, taste like boiled in water with salt. Hopefully they change the way they prepare their food

Review №71

Food was fresh but service was terrible. Person at the window had an attitude. Gave us one drink(no straws) then came and told us to pull up. We asked for the other drink and she got more of an attitude. So handed us that drink( no straws) when we asked for straws she basically threw them at us and said pull up.

Review №72


Review №73

DONT GO TO THE ONE IN WHITSETT! Fries have no seasoning, tea always tastes old! We live less than a mile, and will go to burling instead.

Review №74

Took forever to get food, kitchen staff and personnel on front line arguing. Seems the girls and boys don't work well together and manager on duty seems to be missing manager skills

Review №75

Food is delicious, just a little slow.

Review №76

Worst Bojangles experience I've ever had! To start the lady at the register had no idea that they had Mac n chz or what a 2-piece chicken combo was. Finally got a new person to take order then waited 10-15 mins for food to be awful. Will not be back to this Bojangles!

Review №77

Chicken was good but fries were old and dry. The biscuit was overcooked as well. I'll stick with stoney creek location in future.

Review №78

I came in about 15 minutes before closing it was such Happy people greet me the manager was amazingly nice that's gotta be the best Bojangles in Burlington maybe in the state of North Carolina you really going to a placewhen they're about to close and they help you it just like they just open I recommend you stop at Burlington and go to the Bojangles on exit 141 great great great service

Review №79

Order the breast dinner..chicken was so cold as if it wasn't even under a heat lamp, same with the fries that tasted's frustrating cause I was the ONLY car in line..

Review №80

You guys need to get it together, I cant count how many times you guys get our orders wrong or dont put everything in the bag. Maybe I should check better, but come on its almost every time I go here... Bojangles you owe me so much money its pathetic.Any 4 or 5 star reviews are fake

Review №81

Always good chicken biscuits. Not bad prices. Quick service

Review №82

They got my order wrong the past few times I've been there and the lady at the drive through window was very rude at my latest visit.

Review №83

I love it when they have the fish sandwiches

Review №84

Only a few minutes from I 40/85 a nice place to stop for fresh coffee. The dinning area and restroom were clean.

Review №85

Huffman Mill Road,Burlington,N.C.I love Bojangles fried chicken and we go through the drive thru about 3-5 times a week(breakfast and/orlunch),BUT lately the chicken has been under the heat lamps way too long.It happens sometimes but my last 4 visits have been like this.I spend good money on a 8 piece tailgate special and ONLY TWO pieces were fresh.Really disappointing. :-( However,the work staff are Awesome! Normally,I would give them a 5 star

Review №86

Cashier got attitude with me at the drive thru speaker. Then did not give me my honey mustard, which is the only thing that gives their bland chicken some flavor. Disgusting inside as well. More and more ghetto every day. Don't go to this bojangles.

Review №87

Excellent fast food Southern fare. Yum!

Review №88

I really like cajun chicken sandwich with pimento cheese but.....yesterday all pimento cheese was piled on one side of sandwich

Review №89

Took 15min to get a cajun filet egg and cheese biscuit and bo rounds and a tea

Review №90

Come to this Bojangles all the time. Lately the service has been slower and have witnessed a employee in the parking lot screaming at a manager and this morning I witnessed that same employee on her phone and screaming at another manager to “shut up” after the said manager asked her to make 2 Cajun biscuits! Ridiculous. Someone need to do something

Review №91

That might have been the best pork chop biscuit I've ever had.

Review №92

Hmmm... where do I even start... this is by far the worst bojangles in the Burlington/ Graham area... very slow service... they literally messed everyone in the inside order up...and I'm not exaggerating ..EVERYBODY!!! including mines... the workers were very unprofessional arguing amongst each other... other workers goofing off playing with their phone while fixing food... so if you want bojangles and you're in this area hate to tell you but you'll have to either travel to maple ave or graham to get your food

Review №93

Line inside was out to the door. There was no one taking orders and they were completely understaffed for.a football Sunday. I finally got my order but i waited 24 min to get.

Review №94

Good place for great Cajun fillet biscuits! If you want ice coffee, not the place to be.(I carry mine with me!)lol

Review №95


Review №96

Nice staff. However my biscuit was overcooked- burnt unfortunately.

Review №97

Lucked out big time. Had to wait about 10 minutes as they were out of chicken. Hot from the fryer can't be beat. They were very friendly and offered me a drink while I waited.

Review №98

Great food good atmosphere

Review №99

Is Bojangles they had some great chicken

Review №100

Fast food is what it is

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