Buffalo Wild Wings
3128 Walden Ln, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
Review №1

I've been to this restaurant several times and this one was the worst. There were three people in my party and each person's food came out at different times. I ordered a Memphis Hot Chicken Sandwich. There was nothing on the disposable menu that mentioned it had slaw on it. Yuck! I was expecting lettuce and tomatoes. I raked the slaw off and ordered lettuce, tomato, and onion on the side. I also got a slice of pepperjack cheese. The hot sauce was really nice, but I could have done without the rest of the sandwich. It was very disappointing. By the way, the other people in my party ordered variations of chicken sandwiches or wraps and theirs came out with lettuce and tomato. Go figure. I'll definitely order a different dish the next time.

Review №2

I ordered 20 traditional wings mild sauce. Once I got home and started eating i noticed the wings were very hard and dry. Its as if they were old wings that have been in the freezer for a long time. Some wings had brownish looking meat. I tried eating them but I it was difficult to chew and had no taste other then the sauce.

Review №3

Yoooo this b dubs is the friendliest ! Alway have my order right & even let me sample the hottest wing they have.

Review №4

When the wind are large, they should be cooked a little longer. Also needs more sauce, my wings were dry. Good service though.

Review №5

One of my favorites. My first day in US, I tried the blazing sauce as challenge with my friend. I was able to eat 4pcs and He's no longer my friend.. just kiddin this sauce is only for some one who loves some adventure in their senses. But who doesn't love Thai curry and Parmesan garlic on the side with beer.

Review №6

Beware no reservations. Waited an hour and a half to get seated at 2 different tables for our group. You will wait and the service sucks, 10/10 would recommend somewhere that values their customers.

Review №7

I can't say I have had a good experience over the years here. Many years ago a server argued with me over my order being wrong. Then the manager was brought over and said “oh you ordered the wrong thing”. Other times it has just been slow service. Decent wings though I personally would pick someone else to go

Review №8

I went to the restaurant maybe two days ago? The Manager Tyler was Extremely rude and needs to learn how to talk to his employees. I was able to overhear him (from where I was sitting) in the kitchen talking disrespectfully about/to one of his employee. My server was amazing, as well as the Host team. But fix your management. Will not be returning to this location. NOT WORTH THE DISRESPECT

Review №9

We really enjoyed our dinner, and had left overs the next day! Jessica was our server, and she was very friendly, and helped us with the menu, and the specials, she was terrific! The food was fast hot tasted great, we had the regular chicken wings, and the onion rings, way more than we could eat

Review №10

The food was good but service was not. The bad thing about was that it wasn't crowded.

Review №11

Wish Google allows zero stars so I could give this establishment. We ordered 15 wings, onion rings, carrots, celery and dips for carry-out and once got home, we got everything but no carrots and celery. We called them and explained that we don't have the carrots and celery in our bag. The manager said those are free items and we could come to the restaurant and pick them up, well I told her that I was there and already picked up my food and at home now and all the food should be in the bag when it was ready to be picked up by customers. It was a very bad customer service because your customers shouldn't have to go to the restaurant twice if everything was done correctly in the first place and the way the manager said if it was our fault that we didn't have the correct order and not even an apology. This woman shouldn't be a manager.

Review №12

Excellent food with a friendly staff and spacious social distance spacing

Review №13

Bro they forgot to cook my food and then the waitress cried. I feel so bad for her man

Review №14

Very slow service if you want a quick lunch. Staff is not very personable. Wings aren't bad but can only go about every other month.

Review №15

Food was good and the service was great, especially for the Veterans

Review №16

We didn't have our masks on and were told that we needed them to walk to our table. I walked outside to get them and some jerk that works there told my fiance to get out since she didn't have a mask on. Your employees need training in respectful confrontation. That's a very bad first impression. We probably will never go back.

Review №17

Everything was good other than order being wrong. Great service & cold beer.

Review №18

Didn't bring silverware or napkins or ketchup or wetwipes. Common stuff when eating wings and fries I thought.

Review №19

It was delicious but the price wasn't great but there was a buy one get one free for the traditional (bone in) wings so we got 20 wings for the price of 10 so it was worth it.

Review №20

Great food! Great customer service!

Review №21

Great experience. Good food and it is clean!

Review №22

Absolutely a mess. Extremely unorganized. I ordered online waited in my car expected a text but it didn't come. Looked at phone for order time and that is where it said my order was ready. Someone was helping a person 2 in front of me in line then disappeared for 15 minutes. I was told my order wasn't ready then the guy grabbed it from 6 bags that had been sitting there before I came in. They kept me waiting over a half hour for an order that was sitting out getting cold. It was awful and inedible

Review №23

I love their wings, more often than not I'd like a bit more wine sauce but that's a preference.

Review №24

There are reasons why I avoid this place. We only went tonight because of ther TVs so we could watch a game. We ordered the garlic mushrooms which were described on the menu as lightly breaded. What we got, breaded round things ranging from tiny to small that contained very little mushrooms. The description should have been called fried bread with very little mushrooms. My wrap had hard chunks of over cooked chicken. After we finished dinner, we chose to stay for dessert to celebrate a birthday. While waiting for it to be delivered, the manager was heard telling another table we would be leaving soon so they could move to our table. She proceeded to stare us down. The waitress was nice. The service was slow.

Review №25


Review №26

Not a big variety because of COVID but a overall great experience

Review №27

Great wings and wonderful waitress, thanks Lauren!!

Review №28

Poor customer service. $100.00 online order placed for delivery through the BWW website with no mention of Door Dash. Order was delivered by Door Dash. We were missing 12 wings and all condiments.Called the restaurant, first point of contact was fantastic and then the manager picked up. According to the manager, she was not at fault because she supplied the condiments to the door dash driver and I needed to contact him directly. She took responsibility for not including the wings but asked if I wanted to pick them up now or later in the day and never apologized for their mistake.Again, I did not place my order through Door Dash. BWW is contracted with them for delivery but this is not disclosed to the customer unless you click a link in your BWW confirmation email or you may find out at the time of delivery. Why is it my responsibility to contact the driver that they contracted with?Back to the wings... if I had wanted to pick up our lunch, I would have ordered it for pickup. The manager told me she had other customers to fill orders for and couldn't deliver our order nor could she arrange for door dash to deliver the wings she left out. It was my responsibility to pick those up or call the delivery driver back. On my way to the restaurant to pick up our left out items, I attempted to call the delivery driver per the manager's recommendation. I was unable to get through, as the number was no longer valid.This really didn't have to be a big deal. In the service industry, you make things right with your customer. The only mistake that was made by me in this ordeal was placing an order at Buffalo Wild Wings today.

Review №29

Love me some nachos

Review №30

Last plate to come out and my chicken wasn't done.

Review №31

Food is always great but service has always been terrible

Review №32

Rubbery chicken tenders, 7 dollars a beer, and fries that are reminiscent of McDonald's...

Review №33

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of my favorite spots to enjoy great wings and drinks. Unfortunately, our visit last night makes rethink returning. Upon arrival, we were asked where we would like to be seated. We chose the bar area. Well we waited about 10 minutes before getting a menu and had to stop a waitress to get those. After we finally was able to order, we waited 35 min to get food that came out cold. We spoke with Tyler the Hospitality Manager who took our food back to return it back in 30 seconds. I ask how can you correct our cold food so quickly, did you microwave it? He states we just had some fresh wings come up. Well needless to say they wasn't fresh. (pic). Not only was they not fresh and hard, they had sauce drizzled over them instead of tossed in the BBQ sauce. I refuse to send food back twice! After requesting Tyler again, I made it known how dissatisfied we was and said we will not pay for those wings but will pay for just our drinks & fries. Horrible experience last night.

Review №34

Server's were friendly, everyone was able to spaced out between family, but food wasn't what was expected

Review №35

Great place for sports, wings, and beer. Parmesan garlic are my favorite!

Review №36

Host sat me on the patio by my request while I waited for my date. I wanted a beer and appetizer till she arrived. I saw they were busy and wasn't expecting immediate attention. After seeing a server take care of the only 2 tables and not paying any mind to me, I started to see how long it would take. Another table was sat, drink order taken and drinks delivered. Once it hit the 30 minute mark and no employee except the host who sat me had acknowledge me. I got up to leave, and it's at that time the patio server asked if I had been helped. I replied " No ma'am, not for over thirty minutes. " let the hist at the front door know and went across the parking lot where to another restaurant and had a great time. I understand mistakes happen or what not but not acknowledging me for over 30 minutes while taking new customers, and seeing I had no beverage while looking at a menu....I would've happily wait if someone said I'm busy I'll be back as soon as I can. All I need was a beer and would've waited till my date arrived

Review №37

This was our first visit. Good dining experience. Willie, our server was really on top of his game.Friendly staff, good food.

Review №38

I placed an order to go for a 20 pieces traditional wings to share with my wife and kids and I only got 16. On top of that they asked me if I wanted carrots and the carrots were also missing.

Review №39

BWW is open again. Their wings are as good as ever.

Review №40

We went to the BWW at Alamance Crossing. They were pretty busy but seated quickly. The waitress seemed to pay attention to the table next to us more. She stood and talked with them for over 15 minutes while we,waited for our ticket. The manager brought her a tray of food to serve to her customers because the other waitresses were bringing us and the other tables food for her.

Review №41

The kitchen needs work. Received the .ost under cooked "extra crispy" wings I've ever had. Burger toppings were missing.

Review №42

More based on my own experience and also because of what I ordered. I was not too fond of the Bourbon Mustard Honey Sauce on my wings. Honestly tasted like it was smothered in teriyaki sauce but of a lesser quality.However their fried pickles were absolutely amazing. The quantity/Portions are definitely something to be appreciated. There was definitely leftovers to take home and enjoy.The place may have been a little under staff based on serve the waiters serve three tables at a time. However the customer service experience when talking to these employees or no less than perfect and polite.just my personal experience but I definitely would recommend someone especially if they are a sports fan.

Review №43

Wow . I ordered here from Grub Hub and let me tell you ; I am glad that I did as I know where not to eat . I was curious to know how the restaurant was .The food was not hot when it arrived nor did it seemed to be handled properly . Frankly , I feel it was a waste. And it's worse when you have your mouth set for something .

Review №44

These people refused service to my family because we had 7 people including a little child and there limit is 6 people we asked for 2 tables or anything and they still refused service do not eat here!!! Horible costumer service

Review №45

The wings were cooked for too long and the only flavor was the sauce. The meat itself was flavorless and tough. The buffalo chips were undercooked. It was like eating a raw potato. And the wait staff almost seemed like they didn't care. What a poor first impression to leave...

Review №46

Ordered online. Arrived to puck up food no fine at the counter. I waited for about 10 minutes with hostesses taking customers to their seats but none asked me if they could help me. I finally got someone's attention (now with a line of people behind me). The waitress stood in the doorway to the kitchen having what appeared to be a personal conversation with someone in the kitchen. She took my information but rather than getting my food right away she made me wait while she took the information from each if the 3 people in line behind me. Two were from Uber Eats and noticeably annoyed by how long it was taking.

Review №47

3 stars because my waitress was working hard and friendly. And because my order came out correct. But this place is horribly mismanaged. Bathroom was filthy. Toilet wouldn't flush and was leaking all over the floor. Took 40 minutes for our food to come out and it was cold and tough.

Review №48

Great food ....courteous staff

Review №49

Very delicious as always!! And Mia was AWESOME!!!

Review №50

Not the best BBW I've had

Review №51

They wouldn't take my card bc the N on North Carolina at the top broke off while taking it out the lady watched me pull my card out as it broke

Review №52

Great food and great service

Review №53

Manager got an attitude when they messed my food up and then called me sis like no honey I'm not yo sis I love going here but after tonight yall lost my business for suree. Just because you're having a bad day, dont make it okay to be rude. Ugh. So ratchet.

Review №54

Pricey and very loud. Chicken strips were good. Wish I could say the same about the service. It's not a place I'd recommend anyone go to.

Review №55

Excellent wings! Get cooked extra crispy. Excellent Keto option with side salad.

Review №56

This is a decent Buffalo Wild Wings, the staff is normally pretty good and the lunch specials are Really good. Thia is a nice spot to stop and watch a game if your on the south side of Durham. The wait can get pretty long if their is a Duke or UNC game. Although the UNC basketball games are alittle rough right and we all enjoy seeing that :)

Review №57

I always enjoy my food at Buffalo wild wings. Our server was nice and attentive and the food came out at a reasonable time. I especially liked that they offered tablets that had free games on them for the kids. I got the all-star sampler which was delicious and the proportions were good. The kid's meals are also very filling. An overall great place to eat.

Review №58

Great food and great service. Really nice people.

Review №59

Wings were cooked to death, very dry and tough! The only flavor was the sauce they put on the skin, the actual meat was flavorless! For a place that's suppose to specialize in wings, they need to go back to the drawing board.

Review №60

The service was very very slow. The couple at the table with us received there food 15 minutes before my husband and I.

Review №61

Food is good, especially if you come for drinks or to watch games. Menu just changed so food is nee plus to try what's good and what's not. Staff is friendly but lunch is packed so give a good 10 minutes extra on your planned visit.

Review №62

The wings are good. I had teriyaki wings and hubby had garlic parmesan cheese wings. We both wish the wings were a little more crispy. The teriyaki sauce e was good. The garlic parmesan cheese wings had a sauce which was not what we experienced before. We prefer the seasoning and cheese rather than garlic parmesan sauce. We would go again. The food was good but if you are expecting naked wings to be crispy that might not happen. The flavor was good. The wings were good just, not crispy.

Review №63

I love Buffalo Wild Wings but this time I didn't really like the staff at the cashier. First I wanna order to go then I changed my mind to eat there but her face is changed like I created a big problem for them. Come on I just gave the order what is gonna change. I also work as a cashier for long time but I keep smiling. You guys keep smiling!

Review №64

The service was fast, the food was hot and the staff was very nice. It was my daughters 13fh birthday and that's were she wanted to go, it was a group of about 20 and they accommadated us without any notice that a group that big was coming.

Review №65

Management was very friendly along with staff. Food was good and hot!! Will definitely be going back

Review №66

Love this place. Has good food, especially the wings and the atmosphere here is awesome as well as the service.

Review №67

Came in for the ufc ppv

Review №68

Excellent place to watch various games. The wings are delicious.

Review №69

I am giving this place 3 stars because I like their food, but their service and kitchen are just horrible. It takes forever for you to get your server. You can place your order as soon as you are seated but it will take forever for you to get it. The high point location isn't this slow. Unfortunately this is the closet location to me.

Review №70

Great food and super friendly staff!

Review №71

Came here about 15 minutes ago to en entirely open bar without any beer on tap because they were completely out of nitrogen. This is a national sports bar / chain...should be much better prepared than that. I got very little sympathy from the staff. I sat down and the poor bartender had to tell me she was basically out of beer. No one seemed to mind not making any money this evening. I'd stay away.

Review №72

Food was good ,service was fair.

Review №73

Service was very slow, but our waitress was great

Review №74

Celebrated my son's 18th birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings and loved everything about the place, food and service! But I must add I was kinda disappointed that my favorite Spinach dip is scraped off the menu though. Great place to bring family and friends!

Review №75

I visited BWW last night to celebrate the end of an exhausting semester with a couple of friends. I arrived before they did and secured a table while I waited for them. Upon being seated, I noticed the table was still dirty and asked the waitress if she could clean it off before bringing any food/drinks to the table. She returned with a dry napkin and wiped one spot on the table, leaving the grease and sauce smeared on the table. I could have done that myself - I was expecting a proper wipe down with a cloth and cleaning solution but okay. While waiting for my friends, I was brought a water but never asked about interest in appetizers or given the rundown on specials or popular menu items. In fact, she never came back to the table until after my friends arrived. We each ordered boneless wings and they were dry and got cold very fast. Don't waste your time on the Twisted Margarita - that was the most disappointing margarita I have ever had: too sweet (due to all the purée added) and melted almost instantly. The waitress seemed like she was in a hurry, as spoke so fast and spent as little time interacting with our table as possible. Overall: poor customer service and subpar food.

Review №76

We went to watch the football game last night and I must say this was the worst service and drinks I have ever had there. I am a local who goes there typically 2 to 3 times a month during football and basketball season. But must say I will be looking to go elsewhere this year. As soon as we set at our table the bartender who was also our waitress had a attitude. She had a snarl on her face and barely spoke. When we finally got served our drinks they were not good. We thought that maybe the second round would be better but was sadly disappointed again. I am not sure if management has told them to cut back on alcohol amount , but you should get what you pay for. Last year we dealt with this BWW always running out of alcohol for our drinks , now the drinks are not good or worth the money. I hope management reads this and other reviews I have read and do something to make some changes. This was once a fun place to go unwind, watch some football and have a good time. Hopefully by the next time we go things will have change or we will not go back.

Review №77

Food took forever came out cold and wrong. I asked for no tomatoes and no onions and of course I got onions in addition to them being out of traditional wings which was originally what I wanted. The brisket was dry the tortilla was cold the avocado was freezing and once again onions all over the tacos. This is not a reflection on All Buffalo Wild Wings but I will never return to the one at Alamance Crossing.

Review №78

Food was pretty good. Nothing over the top. But our server was great. And the bartender makes a tough long island. Will be back for another one of those long islands.

Review №79

Omg...bourbon honey mustard wings are delicious

Review №80

Service was terrible. Order food wait over an 1 1/2 hours no one came to check on us. Even though we move empty glass to the edge of table, server walk and act like they didn't see us.Was terrible. Burlington nc location.

Review №81

Really starting to go down hill. Waited 30 minutes for food that was wrong and then the replacement food took another 30 minutes to get to our table.

Review №82

Terrible customer service...place was filthy...sat ourselves and was never waited on after waiting about ten or fifteen minutes. We googled another place to eat nearby and were very glad we did that!

Review №83

Food tasted gross and old. Service was extremely poor. I know this may be trivial but the furniture was wore out. Hole so deep in booth you can only sit in one spot. In all honesty this place was ghetto.

Review №84

Best wings in the business. Love the jerk. Beers could be colder.

Review №85

Good food and hot great atmosphere

Review №86

Queso chips burnt.Way to much sauce on the Nashville got chicken sandwich. Buffalo Wild Wings has significantly decreased in quality and service. One Resturant that will be added to the don't eat there any more.

Review №87

Updated 11/2019Go on a Tuesday!!! Menu changed slightly.Consistently great wings!! Wait staff don't mess around, they get their job done with out any fuss.

Review №88

The food was wonderful but the service was terrible this time! We eat here about 2 times a month and the food is always good but over the past 6 months, the wait staff is much need!!! I will say that there was a pregnant waitress (who wasnt our waitress) help us the most, the rest we did ourselves! We filled our own drinks and got our on napkins. Im glad I got my husband out of there before he could say anything . . . . It wouldve gotten really ugly!

Review №89

Went to dinner a few nights ago with coworkers. Total of 8-9. We waited minimum 20 min before the bartender came up and took our drinks, may I note that the bar was NOT full and neither was the dinning area. After our food was brought to us, the bartender never came back to see if everything came out okay, which it want but we didn't complain.Well, after I asked for another round of drinks...the bartender slammed our drinks onto the table and had such a nasty & rude attitude. After speaking with the manager...he told us that the reason why we had to wait so much during our dinner was because it was a group of 8 and it was too much for the bartender to handle. Worst management & service I could ever receive.

Review №90

Great food & service! Kind of a sports bar/restaurant, with several TVs, each showing different sports. We always stop here on the way to Tanger Outlet. Go. You'll enjoy.

Review №91

Very rude male associate behind the counter.

Review №92

The worst experience I've had at a Buffalo Wild Wings to date, our server hardly came to the table, didn't get any refills, and felt like I spent most of my time waiting for her whether it was for the check, for food, or for her to bring our drinks out. The rest of the staff was also very rude, you would think that the staff would say excuse me or let you pass by when leaving, but they just stand in the way and look at you. Overall my worst experience, and various BWWs have brought a few so far, I'd rather drive the extra ~30 minutes to the High Point location.

Review №93

Love them all except they never get my order right the first time

Review №94

Very poor service and they weren't busy at all, food was not good tastes like frozen chicken with sauce added, a few of the pieces were so hard we couldn't even eat them, out of 20 pieces we ate 4, asked for refill multiple times then when she gave us the refill it was unsweetened tea when we said 3 times sweet tea, definitely will not be returning such a waste of time and money, when we paid we didn't get the right amount of change back just a buck but still. Wings to go are way better .

Review №95

Nice atmosphere. Lots of TVs. Friendly service. Food was okay. Wings were a little overcooked. You can play Buzztime Trivia which was a big selling point for us!

Review №96

The one star is for the food. The service was terrible. The waitress who I had and don't know her name because she didn't give it to me had an attitude from the time she came to the table. My boyfriend asked for eating utensils and she rolled her eyes and came back with one. I asked for the manager told him what the problem was and requested another waitress. He said that he would take care of us the rest of the time. This doesn't sit well with me because he obviously knows that he has some sorry people working with bad attitudes. That's ok I will be calling their corporate office tomorrow to voice a formal complaint.

Review №97

We always ask for the same server, she is the best. The food has gotten better and the happy hour menu is great!

Review №98

Food is good, but I remember our server only came to our table ONE time & that was when she gave us the check. We didn't get any refills & literally had to ask other servers to help us with our needs. I tip on how service how, she didn't receive any, but yet she ranted on social media how she didn't get any tip. Do your job SIS!

Review №99

Great wings and great service! My husband loves that he can have a variety of wings each time we go and I love the fact that they have many other great options besides wings. I LOVE the burgers and the mini corn dogs! Great service and a great restaurant overall! We always have a pleasant experience...

Review №100

Celebrated my Son's birthday party. Hada great time! The service was fantastic! Best wings ever! Manager came over and said Happy Birthday with cake and ice cream!

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3.1 Rating
  • Address:3128 Walden Ln, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
  • Site:https://www.buffalowildwings.com/en/locations/detail/208
  • Phone:+1 336-538-6968
  • American restaurant
  • Chicken wings restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Takeout Restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Sports bar
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:11AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:11AM–12AM
  • Thursday:11AM–12AM
  • Friday:11AM–12AM
  • Saturday:11AM–12AM
  • Sunday:11AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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