Dedalus Wine Shop, Market & Wine Bar
388 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States
Review №1

Highly recommend the wine bar (cannot speak to the shop, though I am sure it is fantastic)! We had to change our reservation and they were very accommodating. I believe our waitress was Brittany, she suggested a wonderful wine and told us the background story on it. What a lady!

Review №2

Really cool wine bar/shop. Lots of wines, cheese and charcuterie in the shop. Dinner at the wine bar is awesome. It's expensive but delicious, and all the people taking care of you really know the menu and their wine so it's easy to get really good recommendations on what to drink. Plus if the shop closes before you're done eating they can still open up a register and you can buy a bottle if there's something you liked.

Review №3

Purchased a bottle of wine online and had it delivered to a friend who is celebrating an engagement. Because they delivery was local, it was delivered same day. I called and Emmy even personalized a message for me. Great service and fantastic selection. Highly recommended!

Review №4

A sophisticated place yet informal to make you feel at ease, knowledgeable associates that can provide incredible insights about the cheese selection. We loved the place. Highly recommended!!

Review №5

This place is absolutely fantastic. A great mix of wines, and tasty food. The somms that work here really know their stuff. They can help you find a starting place for where to begin, to creating a great learning experience for more seasoned wine drinkers. The place is beautiful, and I would recommend to all.

Review №6

Excellent service. Great experience. They have an incredibly extensive selection.i including Iberico! Greatly appreciate their help

Review №7

Had dinner "on the green" last weekend. Holy cow- the food was incredible! The heirloom tomatoes, halloumi, and flatbread were ~chef's kiss~. Plus an awesome wine selection. This place is a gem.

Review №8

Cheeseboard is a very small, over priced cheese plate and I got charged when I asked for a couple extra crackers. Not impressed.

Review №9

Great wine bar and bites, new outdoor seating area is great for covid and dog friendly. Flatbread and tomato salad were favorites this time but everything is great

Review №10

Ouch, went in twice. Both times staff thought I was a tourist.What a shame being condescended to like that. Mind you, I waited two years between visits. Unfortunately this means I will have to wait at least two more years to go back in. Hopefully next time they will catch it.Double shame, because my monthly wine and cheese budget is several hundred dollars.Just because I wear different clothes from the 'Burlington Uniform' (about to go hiking at any moment outfit) doesn't mean I am from NYC.Bottom line: don't make assumptions about your patrons.PS. Also saw a DJ outside there once and their cable management was really bad - killed the nice atmosphere.

Review №11

Great place to buy amazing natural wine or stop for a drink. The restaurant can be a little too noisy for me when they've got a DJ and it's not always easy to chat with your group over dinner without shouting. I couldn't knock them for it since the general crowds seem to enjoy it but it's a good thing to keep in mind when booking for dinner! Food has always been enjoyable too, smallish portions but rich and flavorful so you don't want huge plates and you can try a lot of different things.

Review №12

The whole place was so cute and the staff was extremely friendly! We loved it and would definitely return!

Review №13

We had an amazing evening that was curated by our incredible sever/sommelier. Super happy with both the wine and food!

Review №14

Great selection of high quality cold cuts cheeses and Italian products that you can't find anywhere else in Chittenden County and a great wine selection! Prices are high but worth the quality. Staff very sweet.

Review №15

Liam is amazing. He took us through a detailed and educational experience with our wine tonight. He really took the time to understand what we enjoy and present us with new and exciting options. I would definitely recommend this establishment to anyone, new wine drinkers and connoisseur.

Review №16

An absolutely heroic wine shop and market. They've got an unparelled selection with some of the most knowledgeable staff in town. Also their lunch special of a sandwich with drink and chips is tasty as all get out. A bottle of wine and a lunch special or two for a summer picnic is just the ticket.

Review №17

I have never been a wine person,but after my time at Dedalus, I need to spend more time with wine. Scott and his team are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about wine. Fantastic selection of wine at very affordable prices. Should be a must visit place in Burlington. Well done.

Review №18

How did Burlington get so lucky?! This spot seems like it belongs in a big city, though it comes without any of the pretentiousness one might expect from an upscale wine bar and market! Do yourself a favor and sign up for one of their Wine 101 classes if you get the chance! Every visit here feels like a cultural learning experience. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable both in the shop and bar and never steers you wrong with great recommendations, regardless of how much you do or don't know about wine. The sandwiches from the cheese counter are definitely Burlington's best lunch deal, too!

Review №19

Awesome hole in the wall wine bar and shop. Incredible food, amazing wine selection, and the perfect balance between upscale and casual. Ideal for business trips, date nights, or just hanging out with friends. One of the best spots in all of Burlington, easily.

Review №20

Excellent service bar none!

Review №21

I love the ambience at this wine bar!

Review №22

Great service at the bar counter. Beautiful wines, relaxed atmosphere, can easily have a conversation. Wow

Review №23

If you go in Burlington, you have to stop there! The whole experience including food, wine and service is just WOW! Perfect for a romantic night, great vibe!

Review №24

This is a great place to try new cheeses. There's always samples out and there are so many new to me items that I've purchased for an at home or party cheese plate. You really can't find the selection anywhere else. I'd say the same for charcuterie selection. If you get items in their wine bar and like them you can purchase them right in the store. The wine selection is amazing and don't be intimidated thinking this is too expensive for you, which was my initial sorry, there is a very large price range. The staff is full of recommendations based on your likes/dislikes and are happy to assist. A must try. You'll become a regular.

Review №25

Wonderful atmosphere and a great variety of products. Perfect spot to catch up with friends and enjoy some spectacular wine in town.

Review №26

The best!! Dedalus is *the* place to go in northern Vermont for an always-amazing selection of bottles and wines by the glass. The vibe is cosy and friendly, and it's the perfect place to meet friends or a date. The fabulous Dedalus sommeliers have introduced me to many wines and winemakers who have become favorites! Whether you prefer classic regions like Burgundy, Champagne and Beaujolais or natural, funkier wine, Dedalus will make you happy. And did I mention the food?!? Don't miss it...the menu changes frequently and is always delicious.

Review №27

Great retail selection with lovely aesthetic. Super-personable and knowledgeable service in the wine bar. Hanna(h) informed our selections and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Review №28

Hidden gem, but they came highly recommended by a number of local restaurants. Incredible cheese selection. We bought the Belper Knolle, what a treat our first night home. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Review №29

Always an stop by when in Burlington just to be mesmerized by the variety of hard to fine wines.

Review №30

Wonderful selection of wine. Outstanding food. Sat at the bar. The woman who served me was knowledgeable and helpful. The associated wine store had an amazing selection. Off the center of town by a few blocks, but well worth the trip.

Review №31

The go-to destination for premium cheese, wine, charcuterie, and conserva. They also have a killer $25 and under section.

Review №32

A good selection of wine and cheese. A bit pricey though. But, still worth visiting.

Review №33

Love their wine clubs!

Review №34

Amazing wine store and equally amazing cheeses

Review №35

The whole restaurant was closed for a private affair. This was the last night of my trip, and was supposed to be my highlight dinner. I was extremely disappointed

Review №36

This review is mainly for the restaurant. We had a large party so we were able to sample many of the items, which were generally excellent - creative and well-presented. We ordered everything to share for the table and the kitchen and servers paced the arrival of items very well. The wine list had plenty of interesting choices at good to excellent prices. For a wine bar I was a bit surprised that there were not more offerings by the glass, but that's just a quibble. The wine shop and cheese/charcuterie/specialty side of the house are equally worthy of 5 stars.

Review №37

Very knowledgeable staff and a great selection. Don't forget the charcuterie!

Review №38

Best wine shop ever.

Review №39

Dedalus is an absolutely fantastic wine shop.Although they concentrate on up-scale wines, they are NOT wine snobs. To be sure, some of their wines are pricey but the majority are within the $10 - $25/bottle price range. The wines here are all good values, no matter how much you're willing to spend.The staff is uniformly well-informed and helpful. Looking for a wine to pair with dinner? They'll give you multiple selections to choose from, without busting your budget.We've been members of their wine club for 3 years. In that time, I can recall exactly ONE wine that we did not care for.They love wine at Dedalus and treat both the wines and their customers with respect.

Review №40

Excellent wine store, and eatery. Check their website for interesting events. Also, excellent cheese shop

Review №41

Cool spot. Fun wines. Knowledgeable staff

Review №42

The oysters were delicious, the best $1 oysters in the area! If nothing else, go for these! Our server did a lovely job explaining the various wines to us in typical sommelier fashion. He was knowledgeable and initially cared for us very well. That being said, I do know that if I am going to pay $9.00-$15.00 per a glass of wine, I should get a new glass when I switch from white to red. Instead I had each new wine poured over the remaining drops of the last. Not a huge deal to me personally taste wise, but if this place is going to hold up the sophisticated facade, at least do so across the board.Now for food: My partner's oysters were forgotten while mine were brought out in a timely manner. The place began to fill with various suit and tie customers and soon, we too were forgotten about. After we had consumed six glasses of wine, the second order of oysters finally arrived and, though promised to on the house due to inconvenience, were on the bill. The bill needed to be requested and not to our server who hadn't checked on us in a full glass of wine time, but to a bus girl refilling our water. Proper closure to the meal is a key element to receiving a great review in my book, especially when there has been some sort of dissatisfying experience during the meal.I wanted so badly to love this place but the service did not match the presentation. Pro tip: never guess the size of a customer's wallet based off of physical appearance. Your dedication to the more flashy, wealthy looking customers caused your service with us to slide and your potential 30% tip to be sliced in half.

Review №43

We had great food and wine. It's a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, and quite affordable. It was fun to shop in the wine and cheese shop after having food and drinks. We joined the wine and cheese clubs which sound really interesting.

Review №44

Wine tasting is amazing - my friend who tasted reviewed. Food wise I would say not bad

Review №45

Best spot in Vermont for wine and cheese!

Review №46

Great selection

Review №47

Since they moved into their Pine Street location it has become the perfect spot to pick up everything for a complete spread of tasty appetizers -- any kind of cheese, cracker, charcuterie, and tins of paté and mussels. Oh, and their wine selection (and knowledge) is huge! Check out their tasting schedule and join them on the deck outside. Don't sweat the parking, there's plenty behind the buildings across the street.

Review №48

Best cheese counter, best cheesemongers! Excellent snacks and specialty foods selection and great selection of affordable (and interesting!) natural wine. The wine bar offers a totally beautiful spot to have a drink; as casual or classy as your occasion requires.

Review №49

Unique wines, food and gifts.

Review №50

Nice shop

Review №51

Looking for a well curated wine shop with a wide (but not oveewhelming) selection of great wines? Look no further.

Review №52

A wine and charcuterie establishment that offers a few rarer cheeses in Burlington. They service was on point for wine recommendations (which was important because one of my party wasn't much of a wine drinker.)

Review №53

The best selection of wine, cheese and specialty groceries in Vermont. I absolutely adore the staff who take great care of educating and guiding your taste buds to ecstatic pairings. Amazing!

Review №54

Dedalus has an amazing selection of wines, cheeses, and charcuterie. There are some high-end items here, but also moderately-priced options that are arguably as pleasing to the palate. It used to be an old furniture store and the renovations and decor have transformed the place into a great space in which to enjoy wine & cheese.

Review №55

Visited for a friend's birthday recently. This was a nice change of pace from the bar scene. Not being familiar with wines I was anxious about what to order, however the servers were very helpful. More importantly, they were willing to teach rather than being pretentious. Really appreciated that. It is a fun spot to enjoy a glass of wine!

Review №56

Nice staff, decent selection. Just not a huge selection.

Review №57

Knowledgeable staff! Excellent cheese, meats, and wines. The bar is great for their special events!

Review №58

Great wine and food. Just be aware it's a bit pricey.

Review №59

The always helpful staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №60

Wines for any budget. Great selection and helpful advice. They love to share what the know about wine and food.

Review №61

Wonderful staff! Great job Dedalus!

Review №62

Wonderful selection of food and of course wine!

Review №63

If going for Very good and unique cheese and don't mond the price it is excellent.

Review №64

HUGE selection of wines meat and cheeses as well as any accoutrement you may need for those. FREE Wine tasting every week.So I didn't get stabbed so thats nice

Review №65

Everything about Dedalus is the highest quality you could imagine! By far my new favorite place to meet a friend in Burlington. The staff is knowledgable and friendly, and their recommendations always blow me away.

Review №66

If you are visiting or living in Burlington and love wine and cheese Dedalus is not to be passed over. The staff in all corners are top notch -- approachable, professional, knowledgeable, generous, passionate, and brave. While they mostly have higher than average quality and priced wines, they offer many great value wines, particularly through the wine club. Dedalus introduced me to several $10-15 wines that are home runs in terms of value which is a great way to not feel so guilty delving into their many special occasion offerings. If you are interested in $20-40 bottles of wine this is heaven. For the upmarket customers you've come to the right place as well. Dedalus truly joins the ranks as one of the few places in the area that understand your palate and will help you break out of your loyalty to the same old labels and terroir youve been enjoying but maybe feel a little tired of. The space they have created in the old Burlington furniture store is the perfect marriage of an Italian grocery store, wine cave, and tapas bar. It's romantic but I also feel welcome enjoying some alone time.

Review №67

Probably not a better place in the galaxy, never been to other galaxies, idk

Review №68

Great curated wine selection and fantastic cheeses. Looking forward to trying the cured meats.

Review №69

One of the best wine and gourmet food emporiums I've ever been in. Very knowledgeable staff with a great depth of offerings. Regular wine tastings, too.

Review №70

Hip ambience, professional & friendly staff, delicious small plates & wine. A delightful evening!

Review №71

Everyone working here is super passionate about wines and cheeses, doing their best to help you find something to take home that you'll love

Review №72

Knowledgeable staff and wonderful wine options on the menu and to buy in the store.

Review №73

Great time, so friendly and casual. Loved the wine, excited to go back soon.

Review №74

Great selection and very helpful staff. You're sure to find an excellent wine here.

Review №75

Beautiful atmosphere, amazingly curated selection of wines and some of the most impactful charcuterie boards I have seen using local and imported specialties!

Review №76

Amazing staff with a passion for wine, cheese and charcuterie and a willingness and drive to make that accessible. Good selection and great clubs and recommendations.

Review №77

Went to visit on opening weekend and while the atmosphere itself was pleasant and the decor felt very fitting for the space the service unfortunately did not match. There was no signage upon entering explaining we had to wait for a host/hostess so we awkwardly waited around for 15 minutes or so just to have a member of staff come speak to us and explain the process. We were then told there'd be a 15 minute wait and even though we saw parties leave we were still waiting to be seated. Once finally seated we did have a great experience ordering our wines and the waiter was very helpful and knowledgeable about the wines which resulted in us all ordering a glass of something very tasty. However, we also ordered a single cheese board which perceivable our waiter forgot about and then it did not arrive for probably an hour. In the meantime our waiter did apologize for the wait however it would have been nice if they remedied the mistake with a complimentary glass of wine or basket of bread while we waited. We understood it was opening weekend and that operations are a work in progress but the service seemed scrambled for a seemingly small crowd on a Saturday. Will revisit again but probably not until they get more settled in.

Review №78

Great selection of wine. Food is amazing

Review №79

This should be your go to place for charcuterie and/or wine. Their selection is second to none.

Review №80

I thought it was pretentious, but then I loved it. The food and wine was fantastic, and the atmosphere was spot on.

Review №81

World-class wine shop.

Review №82

Just simply wonderful

Review №83

Fantastic, helpful staff, great collection of wine and cheese

Review №84

Great selection of fine wine

Review №85

Amazing place

Review №86

Great wine, helpful staff, beautiful space.

Review №87

A bit elitist.

Review №88


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