El Taco Casa
2415 Mt Pleasant St, Burlington, IA 52601, United States
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My enchilada look like it set under a heat lamp all day. and I've always really liked their food but after the other day drive-thru never again

Review №2

Best taco place in Southeast Iowa. My wife and I love their chicken pita tacos. They are to die for. When the weather is nice you can eat outdoors and watch the goats in the back within the enclosed area. I had one goat give me a look like: "You're going to eat that in front of me?" Yep. I'll be back soon. Curious about their chimichangas as well. Will update when I get the chance to try them.

Review №3

It was good but too much for little tacos. Great service.

Review №4

Foods good, I enjoyed it. Great little taco stand

Review №5

I've been enjoying fine eating every time I've stop by I'll be 59 in dec I've eating here since I was 17 and got to drive the old mans car .

Review №6

We have been going here since I was a kid. Stopped yesterday and couldn't believe the price jump. They added .30 cents per taco for some reason due to COVD19 or some other reason. It was $42 for 14 tacos.They were cold when I got them and not on little morsel of cheese on any of them. The taco shells were so hard around the edges had to peel that part off to eat them.After all these years, Im sad to say we will not be back.

Review №7

Employees are great and super nice. Quick food and good service.

Review №8

Food was Decent, dissapointed on the wait time, called twice and twice put on hold well over 5 minutes hung up eventually from frustration as we were parked outside and they had no one at the window.The hot sauce needs work, very salty far from actual mexican salsa.

Review №9

Delicious..affordable ..I reccomend the chocolate shakes!

Review №10

Love the new drive thru! Order ahead and pick it up! So glad their food is the same and always so good!

Review №11

Never had better tacos than what I have gotten here. Fast and friendly service.

Review №12

Jalapeno Poppers (bottle caps) are a must have! Service is outstanding. Food was fast and they even have a Jukebox. Very warming atmosphere with a lot of good music. Great food, great prices!

Review №13

As far from authentic as could possibly be found. Everything tasted like pure salt from the ground beef to their “spicy sauce”. I'd eat it before I starved to death but wouldn't bother stopping again.

Review №14

The food is always phenomenal

Review №15

Half a taco shell constitutes an order of nachos. Not where I come from. It's called tortilla chips

Review №16

If refried beans and shredded cheese on a torilla makes its Mexican food I guess it qualifies. Took one bite of the bean burrito and one bite of the chicken enchilada and threw the rest away. The hot sauce was mild and watery. Not bad food just nothing unique

Review №17

Great food at super low price! Always get the fried beef taco and a Mexican pizza. Love it!

Review №18

Great family place! Been around since I was a kid growing up in Burlington. Now every time I come home to visit that's the only place I'll eat!! Thanks for being the best at what you do!!

Review №19

The best place for Mexican American food. There's a reason this place has been around forever! Consistently excellent food, and good customer service.

Review №20

Voted MOST unfriendly, from the unsorted parking lot to the entrance. We arrived found a place to sit, nobody said a word, finally figured out you need to order at the counter. Walked up to the counter and got in line. As we stood in line 3 regular customers were promptly greeted and their order was taken as they stood behind us in line.I couldn't tell you if the food was good or not as we promptly left after getting passed over 3 times.If you are a regular, this place is probably awesome but if you are a new customer walking in the door, dont expect to get greeted or even acknowledged.

Review №21

Great food

Review №22

Great place

Review №23

It's excellent food and service and their prices are great

Review №24

Great food, service, & prices

Review №25

Friendly staff and lots of deep-fried delicious food. The flour chips and cheese enchiladas are my favorites!

Review №26

Great food..friendly courteous staff

Review №27

It's excellent food and great prices

Review №28

Great taco by some of the nicest people.

Review №29

Microwaved canned food that I can pick up from any grocery store. Taco Bell is more authentic than this. The rice tasted like it came out of a bag and the beans were from a can on a shelf somewhere. The pricing was too high for the quality of food too. The chips and cheese (not queso by their own admission) was literally the Totinos jar cheese dip. Maybe my standards are too high, but c'mon! And reading the reviews is clear they paid for the 5 stars.

Review №30

Not bad for fast food mexican food. Nice place to take kids for mini golf.

Review №31

Great food. Sweet clean little place. Love eating there.

Review №32

Great food nice fast service

Review №33

Locally owned restaurant with a variety of food offerings, mostly Mexican. Very good dedicated staff. And they serve up good food too.

Review №34

Place is super small, but bomb food.

Review №35

Our family adores ETC! Pita tacos, soft tacos, enchiladas and burritos are the best. Their taco sauce is homemade and the BOMB!

Review №36

Very good food, prices are reasonable, portions are more than generous,service is usually pretty fast. It is a very busy place during lunch and supper rush but if you wait and go during off peak hours you can seat right away. One of my favorite taco joints for a quick bite.

Review №37

Highly recommend this place! Great food, service, and prices!

Review №38

Good food friendly atmosphere and comfortable place chairs could use some cushioning but all in all nice place

Review №39

The worst Mexican food i ever paid for. The nachos consisted of two taco shells broke in half, cover in beans and cheese, then microwaved into a gooey mess.The tacos had unseasoned meat, melted cheese and lettuce... For $1.79. No onion, tomato, celantro, jalepeno.... Nothing.I will never go back, never recommend.

Review №40

I have been coming here since the 70's! Awesome food, my family's favorite by far!

Review №41

Authentic, inexpensive and fast!

Review №42

Really like there food. Does need hot sauce as not highly spiced. 10 to 12 tables. Service fairly fast. Plenty of free parking though takes a little getting used to.

Review №43

Always good when I make it home, to stop by and get me a large taco pizza!! Delicious!! The secret is really in the sauce. They have the most awesome taco sauce ever to hit the tastebuds. They have everything from tacos to tenderloins and it is all good!!

Review №44

Love their food and they always do the special orders just right.

Review №45

Always great food !!!! Best in Town and Price is Great

Review №46

I was upset they did not have chips and salsa. My chimichanga did not come with refried Beene or rice and I asked for that and they said they did not have it but it was on the menu I just know every other Mexican restaurant I've been to had all that stuff but the food was good tho

Review №47

Decent food at good price.

Review №48

We called in an order of 6 Pita Tacos. 2 specialty chicken and 4 loaded beef. They were very busy, however no waiting! They were ready at the designated time. Complete with hot sauce!! Excellent!!

Review №49

Really enjoy the food and good service. The workers are always polite

Review №50

We dont get to Burlinton as much as we would like, but we couldn't miss going to El Taco Casa!! Their all meat burritoes with their awesome sauce was just as wonderful as ALWAYS!!! The girls behind the counter are always sooo pleasant!!!

Review №51

Good food and service. Always got to look at the shirts.

Review №52

One of the finest taco and burrito restaurants in Burlington. Excellent quality. Be aware that it is a smallish place and lunchtime is normally busy.

Review №53

If you are in the mood for something other than burgers and fries and want to support a local business, try this iconic drive up with a nice seating area. Don't expect authentic Mexican, this is a puro Norteamericano joint. However, the food is pretty damn good for that being said and not too spicy for those raised far from the border. Quesadillas, burritos, tacos and chimichangas are all on the menu with a number of protein options. Bonus is it's across the street from the Y so you can work off those calories later ( or enjoy a post workout repast).

Review №54

Live this establishment. Been a big fan for years. Love their hot sauce.

Review №55

Not a large menu, but a great place to stop for fried soft tacos.

Review №56

Always have to eat ETC at least one time while visiting home! Love the Crispito Supreme. I do wish they would update their dining room though; more comfortable chairs would be nice.

Review №57

Ive been coming to El Taco Casa for years and it has always been good. The menu is relatively the same, the pricing is fair... The downsides are the lack of eating space (get there early, or not during lunchtime...), parking lot can be a mess when people cant figure out how to park properly... And they only accept cash. Great food though that makes up for it!

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Review №59

Good tacos meat is delicious, service runs pretty good most of time

Review №60

Always very good!!!

Review №61

Good food. Small place, crowded together. Chaotic when ordering and receiving food. Would recommend take out order.

Review №62

This little Mexican restaurant has all of your favorites at some of the lowest prices you will ever find. They have all of the standard Mexican fare along with your favorite American dishes. They will fill you up without breaking the bank. We like our tacos and love the chimicangas. It's cash only or local checks. It's muy bueno amigo!

Review №63

Great Mexican food try the margaritas they kick

Review №64

Slow and not very pleasant service. Girl who helped me was not very happy to be at work.that being said, the food tasted exactly like my first impression of this place looked. Nothing much to write home about.The ground beef was seasoned but did not taste very good and the hot sauce look like crushed tomatoes water and maybe a little bit of hot sauce in it.I am not sure how this spot has a high four-star rating but there was nothing I liked about it.

Review №65

Great food. Friendly service. Decently priced. Try the Nachos or a pita taco.

Review №66

Excellent, one of my all time favorite places in Burlington.

Review №67

Always friendly service! They only accept cash, parking lot is tricky, inside dining area is small, and the wait can be long at times. It is not authentic Mexican food-a fresher/better tasting Taco Bell. I highly recommend the Chicken Pita Taco and the FUNNEL STICKS! YUM!

Review №68

Great mom and pop taco shop

Review №69

Can't go wrong with any order and always very quiet. I always get 2 meat and bean burritos with nachos, and definitely try the green and red sauce on the table! Great local eating! Only bad thing I can say about this place is it is very small.

Review №70

Good service great food

Review №71

The best tenderloin in town.

Review №72

One of our favorite American Mexican places, the food is simple yet delicious with their famous red or green sauce to send it over the top! Not your authentic Mexican quisine, but definitely a nice alternative. Price is fairly cheep as well.

Review №73

Been coming here since I first got my diverlincse great food such a fun little places .

Review №74

Great food! Best service ever.

Review №75

I love this place! I love the potato skins, add taco meat. Yummy

Review №76

Very good food, staff treats you very well.

Review №77

Great food at good price

Review №78

Best burritos in the midwest. A little pricey.

Review №79

Great food and fair prices

Review №80

The menu makes no sense. Combo 1, Casa Cup, nachos vs cheese chips. Just a disaster. Filthy and fly infested. Sloooow. Expensive. Tasted terrible. Really, really worth skipping.

Review №81

Good fried tacos

Review №82

Love the fried tacos!!! Especially love the funnel sticks!!! I may never want as funnel cake again!!!El Taco Casa is an amazing piece of Burlington history!!!

Review №83

Great good and service

Review №84

Excellent food and great service!

Review №85

Good food. Nice staff.

Review №86

Love the food here

Review №87

It is the most amazing place to eat family owns very clean the only place in the world like it

Review №88

The tenderloin and skins were very good and it did not take long

Review №89

We love to come here the tacos are amazing the people are friendly I love the history hanging on their walls

Review №90

Huge tenderloins and the nachos were great as usual. Place is very busy, but the service is fast.

Review №91

Good food

Review №92

Food is always great!

Review №93

I'm drooling as I think about the food

Review №94

It's an odd little place nothing fancy that serves tacos, burritos as well as hamburgers. I agree with Ernesto it's not real Mexican, the food is kind of similar to Taco Bell. Maybe this is how Taco Bell looked before taking off as franchises. You order your food at the counter and they call your number when your food is ready, it took maybe five minutes. They have maybe 8 tables with small metal patio chairs. There were some locals eating there so some people must like it.Oh and the bathroom is located outside behind the kitchen and is very small so it's best to go beforehand.

Review №95

Limited space but awesome food and friendly service :)

Review №96

Great food at a fair price. Cash or local check only. limited seating.

Review №97

Nice cozy place to take the family. Food quality is consistently good at reasonable prices.

Review №98

I absolutely love El taco casa it is without a doubt one of a kind in the least with wonderful staff who the girls are always friendly no matter how busy they might be, they always have a smile on there face and know how to treat thwre customers as people not just another ticket to fill, to say the least and the food? Well, it speaks for itself! So come on over to El Taco casa! They got a little bit of everything for whatever you may be in the mood for from home made tacos to fresh tenderloins and wash it down with an ice cold soda or satisfy that sweet tooth with a made from scratch milk shake. All right here at your home town one and only El taco casa and then on your way out dont forget to give the girls a tip and if you have time check out ththe oakridge 9 hole mini golf just a few steps from your car. Great for mom, dad, and all the kiddos to have a great family night on the town. Oh! And did i mention they have goats who'll kewp you company while you get your golf on? Lol. Like i said most definitely one of a kind! So come on over we'd love to see ya! Just a few minutes east off Roosevelt ave on Mount pleasant street right across from the ymca you can't miss it. And tell em Devin sent ya!

Review №99

Small cash only joint, bring a few extra dollars and jam out on the jukebox while you eat American-Mexican fare.

Review №100

Service was good ,food was excellent

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  • Address:2415 Mt Pleasant St, Burlington, IA 52601, United States
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  • Phone:+1 319-754-8459
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Latin American restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–9PM
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Historic:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Cash-only:Yes
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