Five Guys
49 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States

Review №1

I love their double cheeseburger with bacon. Not to mention the strawberry milkshakes. Some of the best in Vermont!

Review №2

Geez- amazing burgers! This place is no joke...if you're in the mood for a terrific burger, you can't go wrong here!I had a plain cheeseburger and I felt I needed nothing else on it- no fixings or condiments.They make good fries as well and offer all you can eat peanuts in shells.All in all a quality dining experience that in no way feels like it's a fast food restaurant.Happy dining if you choose this establishment.

Review №3

Great quality, burgers were HUGE and fries were plenty free peanuts was awesome too. Only thing is lil pricey but I guess u get what u pay for

Review №4

What can you say about one of the top five burger joints there are! The freshest ingredients make for a mouth watering cheese burger. And the fries, oh my. Can't go wrong with Five Guys!

Review №5

Website says open but it looks under construction from the outside.

Review №6

5 Guys is my go-to fast food place. I have yet to finish my entire Little Cheeseburger and Small Fries - so I assume that would fill a young male for about an hour. And the the chocolate malts are to die for.

Review №7

Used to be fantastic. Now everytime I order I seem to just get awful either undercooked or over cooked fries. Aren't cooked like they used to be!Also waited 15 minutes for just a milkshake one time. That was extreme and I will never order another milkshake from their location.Burgers though, are excellent.

Review №8

Right now the place is a walking health violation. worker turnover is so fast the trainers regularly don't even know everything they are supposed to be person who used to work at the williston road shop refuses to get their shakes, or even eat there, because of the horror stories coming out of the church street shop.

Review №9

Burger where great! The portion where big. Well worth the money.

Review №10

The food is cooked fresh . The staff communicate what food is needed and they get the orders done in a timely manner. Service with a smile never a frown

Review №11

Folks making the burgers are amazing. Always fast and friendly and fresh! A server recommended the grilled jalepenoes to me and it did NOT disappoint! Great place for great burgers and a great time

Review №12

Consistently good burgers and fries. Easy online ordering makes it a convenient choice for busy weekday dinners or a quick lunch. The staff is always moving and cranking orders, check em' out!

Review №13

Simply awesome burgers and fries prepared before your eyes. No microwaves in sight!

Review №14

Delicious burger! Way much better than the competitors.

Review №15

Best burgers in town. Try to come in on a less busy day, the burger will taste better.

Review №16

I'm surprised myself, the burgers are good..but its the hotdogs are what make me come back, its so tender and juicy

Review №17

I want to personally congratulate everyone who was on shift April 18 at around 245 pm. We were met with nothing but friendly, personable employees who exemplified teamwork and excellent customer service. While waiting at the cash register to order, and deciding on our meals, the employee there apologized for the wait while attending to someone else and offered a complimentary milkshake because he couldn't help us immediately.We then waited an appropriate amount of time for our burgers to be made fresh, and upon receiving our order the line employee apologized for the ‘wait'. Withou us having complained, said ‘I already included extra fries in the bag for you'. Regardless of us not perceiving to have waited long at all for our meals, your chain is AHEAD of customer service by putting the customer first always.What we also observed was none of the 18-20 year old employees spending time on their phones, or talking about the party last night, but talking with each other about work. They shared the work load by alternating through various roles in the restaurant, taking turns doing garbage and straightening out items, ensuring the restaurant appeared clean and tidy. They were extremely friendly and kind.Working in a customer service industry myself, I was beyond impressed by these employees and want to ensure they are aware that their hard work does not go unnoticed. Please pass along sincere thanks and appreciation- it may be a part time job, and it may just be a burger (albeit a damn good one ;))but when you do such a phenomenally AMAZING good job, it makes a difference! These skills will stay with you and translate into so many aspects of your future careers!

Review №18

It was a phenomenal experience extraordinary location and exceptional staff

Review №19

Came for the medium to low quality burger. Stayed for that one extra scoop of fries they give you in the bag. Like that's awesome. Usually these greedy companies only fill up the cup or little cardboard container. But not these gents. They really are a classy organization.

Review №20

Tasty, acceptably priced, and you're going to be full. Even when it's jammed the wait is only minutes, good for lunch when pressed for time.

Review №21

Great food generous portions but pricey

Review №22

My order was slightly wrong and the place was dirty in the sense of crushed food all over the floor and over filled trash cans. The burger was excellent though and my order was gladly fixed.

Review №23

Always kind people and clean location. Very helpful when I bring my kids in and food is always perfect! Thanks!

Review №24

Get a grilled cheese with tomato and add malt vinegar it's so good

Review №25

I'm quite possibly the only person in the world who doesn't rave about the food here. I'd say it's average and a bit pricey. However, the customer service is EXCELLENT. My burger was made slightly wrong on one occasion and not only did they apologize profusely but they made me a new one (let me keep the "mistake burger" too) and offered me a free fountain soda or milkshake. This is how you run a business!

Review №26

I've never eaten here before, and I didn't know that the burgers were "double" burgers. Surprise! Greasy, yummy burger hit the spot. Friendly employees.

Review №27

Affordable and delicious the staff has always been so sweet. Definitely a buy

Review №28

Friendly fast service, a little dirty, nice outdoor seating

Review №29

Food is good, employees are generally in a good mood, but you better be prepared to wait. I ordered a Banana and Cherry milkshake and had to wait 15 minutes for it because someone couldn't walk back and get some bananas from the cooler.

Review №30

Always hot and fresh. Great location, friendly staff. As with all five guys, it's not a cheap eat.

Review №31

Different city, same awesome service and the best burger in any town!

Review №32

Location is great. A quick stop by to pick up fries. Staff is friendly, service is efficient & their portions for fries are generous. While you wait, they have free peanuts to munch on.

Review №33

Good food and staff a little pricey

Review №34

Great burgers and amazing fries. You cant go wrong by eating at five guys. Fries are always delicious and in plentiful portions. They have the new Coca-Cola freestyle so you can mix and match any drink you want with free refills.

Review №35

Service was ok, food could be better for the price all in all if your hungry it's good enough for this guy and I am picky.

Review №36

Juicy burguers and tasty French fries

Review №37

One of the most delicious burgers I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Speedy service, and delectable milkshakes will make you want to come here every day.

Review №38

Didn't even open on time waited for 20 mins and was still closed. Very disappointed.

Review №39

I love this place. Burgers and fries done awesome. Not cheap, but definitely worth it.

Review №40

Awesomeness in burger form. There is nothing like a good Five Guys burger with grilled mushrooms, jalapenos, and cheese when you're feeling hungry.

Review №41

Good only waited longer than normal 5 guys I've been to

Review №42

I my wife an daughter can in to five guys an the manager of the day had a bad attitude an so was the other employee that was there they had no people skills they were rude in front of other customes they need to be retrained how to talk to people while working this is not what five guys represent we the people of Vermont do not support business that employ people like this I am a restaurant owner my self I never talk to my employees like that

Review №43

I got a milkshake, and I added bacon and peanutbutter. It was SO GOOD!!! Their fries are fresh cut and they fill your bag with them after they fill the fry cup. So a large fry is more like an extra large. A medium is like a large, ect. The burgers are great, they hand press the meat fresh every morning. All the toppings are free to add! That includes the milkshake! The little burgers aren't actually little, they're regular sized. So if you dont think you could eat a pound of meat, I'd order the little burgers! Love this place. The people are extremely friendly as well! The prices are even reasonable! Definitely recommend

Review №44

Food was very fresh and employees were polite

Review №45

Always helpful, friendly staff. Quick turnover on food. Exceptional quality and taste.

Review №46

Decent burgers, probably the cheapest option for food on the street

Review №47

Fast and pretty good...but very noisy

Review №48

We hand prep everything fresh

Review №49

Always love five guys. Best fries and great burgers.

Review №50

Enjoyed going there. Great burger and fries..

Review №51

When waiting in line for less than a minute while the man waiting on us was on the phone, he ended up giving us our 6$ meal for free. It wasn't that long of a wait and the guy decided that it was long enough for him to feel like we deserved something kind to happen to us today. It really just made my day. Thank you to the guy who did that for us, we're really thankful for your kindness.

Review №52

The best burgers in the area! And they constantly keep the place clean!

Review №53

Place always clean. Staff always friendly. Food is always hot!! I drive all the way from Largo to eat here only. I've have every Five Guys in Pinellas County and ate at the one on S Dalemabry. This store is the best Five Guys by far, hands down. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and pride you have with each order you receive.

Review №54

Was ok music was really loud couldn't have a conversation with person I was with and pretty expensive $26.00 for a bacon cheeseburger a large Fri and a soda and small milkshake not overly impressed probably won't return

Review №55

Good burgers, nothing crazy but better than your average fast food.

Review №56

Always a joy ordering from here! For the best burger and fries, go nowhere other than 5 Guys

Review №57

Best cajun fries in town, the people are incredibly friendly

Review №58

Great burgers. Service is quick and courteous.

Review №59

Always good always the same great service and great foodI love yelling out "two in the door" followed by "three patties" and then an extra loud "money in the jar"Because obviously when you get that good of service you tip the staff. Duh...

Review №60

Burgers were well done thanks

Review №61

Got Ubereats from them, burgers were raw in the middle, fries weren't even remotely cooked, ignored toppings in order, Ubereats gave me a refund. What a bunch of clowns.

Review №62

Great burgers and fries with fast service. This place has a snack bar feel to it that I like .

Review №63

Perfect burgers and milk shakes ..great customer service and a excaptionally clean restaurant ..

Review №64

Really overpriced for what it is. It would be better to go to another place (e.g. jukebox).

Review №65

Not only did I have a dank burger for 6 bucks, but also there were so many bag fries, we couldn't eat em all with two people. If you get a shake, I recommend the malted milk and coffee.

Review №66

Very good burger's and fries

Review №67

A pretty average five guys. Disappointed that they didn't have recycling. Food service was kind of slow for a single burger.

Review №68

Haven't been there yet but if it's like the other one I'm there!. Love their attitude and willingness to help. Please keep going!

Review №69

It's delicious!

Review №70

Good food, good staff, moderately priced

Review №71

Quick, clean and delicious.

Review №72

Good price for a simple burger.

Review №73

Love me some Five Guys!

Review №74

They closed for no reason at 7:15 when they say its open til 10

Review №75

Good food.

Review №76

Quick service, tasty burger.

Review №77

Not sure about thur peanuts open for all to touch.Food as a bit pricey for what we got.

Review №78

This location will not last after what I saw last night . May have been short on workers not really sure but for two Burgers and Fries it took exactly 30 minutes to get our order we also saw them put four orders behind the counter of folks that never came up to get theirs that I would assume left out of frustration the place was a mess and the organization was definitely not there.

Review №79

Awesome food. Super fast.

Review №80

Great food! Burger and fries are the best.

Review №81

Delivery sucks unless you got credit cards but food is da bomb

Review №82

It's a solid burger joint, and is right in the center of downtown.

Review №83

Burgers! Really good burgers!

Review №84

I dont even have to say anything 5 Guys speaks for itself

Review №85

Delicious food, fast service

Review №86

Love their burgers! Fries are good, too.

Review №87

The service, wait time, and food were all great. This is the fast food joint downtown Burlington was missing.

Review №88

Left customer care a message about service and its concerns me that nobody ever followed up with me

Review №89

Good burgers and fries.

Review №90

5 Guys meets expectations (3 stars). Extremely greasy burgers, high prices, inconsistent service. Very unhealthy food but a guilty pleasure I allow myself to indulge in not more than once a month.

Review №91

Is so taste

Review №92

For a burger place it charges to much for a burger that is small

Review №93

Good yummy food

Review №94

Great , neat services

Review №95

Very good food

Review №96

Best burgers and fries♡

Review №97

Always love Five Guys. Little pricey but the food is worth it!

Review №98

Very good

Review №99

Really good place

Review №100

Love the selection

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  • Address:49 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 802-863-2100
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • American restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hot dog restaurant
  • Hot dog stand
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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