Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
1421 Boone Station Dr, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
Review №1

Burger was okay, but I don't like the extra tiny fries. In fact I didn't eat mine, just threw them away. The staff were all pleasant and professional

Review №2

The spicy chicken sandwich and fries are good. Got to try their frozen custard next time!

Review №3

Their shoe string fries are deep fried to perfection and the steak burgers are to die for! Great food and great service! Employees always have a smile on their faces; that alone keeps us coming back. Thank you for the wonderful food and service!

Review №4

We stopped in for a quick bite. It was clean and they practiced social distancing. I had never been to one before and it was really tasty. Other than the "steakburger" being pounded so thin that the onions and pickles were actually thicker than the meat. That might just be the way they do them. Our meal was piping hot and absolutely delicious. Amazing onion rings. We also had a chocolate malt. We will definitely be returning. Thanks for the great food and clean establishment!!

Review №5

Typical Freddy's location both as far as food and look. Burgers, dogs, fries, etc and of course custard. Counter order, very friendly staff and good service. Kept clean as well and food comes out quick. Can get crowded but plenty of space.

Review №6

Sooo delicious! So fresh! They have their dining room opened. Plenty of space. Not a lot of foot traffic so you really don't have to worry about anything. We even got a free dirt cup for our kids, on them. Super sweet!

Review №7

My wife and went here a week ago and I was not impressed. We had a very rude young lady take our order who had to keep asking my wife to repeat her order. The lady at the drink machines was very respectful. The establishment was clean, burgers were nothing special, but those fries are to die for! If you decide to give it a shot, stick to a shake and some fries

Review №8

Normally I don't type out reviews unless something significant happens. Well in this case they replied so, one no problem y'all earned it. And two. Best shake I've ever had.

Review №9

Love the burgers and the sundaes. Fries are tiny shoestring, not for me.. But the fry sauce is good.

Review №10

We tried a few times through the drive thru and it was off and had to reverse out. No reason other than drive they closed. Not sure what's up but maybe they have a reason inside the store. We didn't go in due to kids in car and social distancing. Hoping to go back soon

Review №11

Overall good. Food was ok. They didn't get order right first time, but did correct it eventually (took very long time to get the chicken tenders my daughter ordered, everyone else was done eating before she got her food). They werent wiping tables as people got up, but when I asked someone to, they did clean the table for us.

Review №12

Freddy's is always a good experience. They have never messed up an order. They are quick in the food is always good for a fast food restaurant. Their frozen custard sundaes are always excellent and a pretty decent value. The staff is always cleaning or otherwise keeping themselves busy. With the exception of one experience, the cashiers have always been very friendly.

Review №13

Great food, but they charged my card twice, several days apart. Not cool, Freddy's.

Review №14

My husband and I drove over and hour to go eat at this place. That should tell you how good the food is. The arrangement they have set up is unorganized for service. They are trying to keep everyone distance.

Review №15

California style is my favorite and we love their fries, add frozen custard and all you get is yuum! Their brand of fruit punch is particularly good, too.

Review №16

A little pricey for good food. The hamburgers are really good. Chicken sandwiches are as well. Will definitely go back. Might have to try the custard next time

Review №17

Quick and friendly service. Got everything we asked for and it was nice and hot. 10/10

Review №18

I was in the mood for a hamburger. The burger had great taste and took care of my craving. Also, I didn't have to go somewhere else for dessert.

Review №19

Food was good. Not better than give guys. Staff was wonderful however its overpriced.

Review №20

The fries were horrible. The double burger was covered in salt--at least the soda was strong

Review №21

Loved the Burgers and fries. Only downfall is the food gets cold if you don't eat fast but the taste is amazing.

Review №22

Worst fast food we've ever had. Steak burgers were lacy & thinner than the 1/8"onion slice. Tasteless meat product. They refused to put ketchup on burger when ordered. My husband had bacon on his. The bacon was literally paper thin & only tasted like something burnt. The fries were shoestring fries size, very narrow-again about 1/8" thick & over salted. The root beer was brown but only tasted like seltzer water. It was pretty nasty & cost over $17.80. I'm reviewing FREDDY'S because I wish someone had told me. I gave it one star because it is mandatory to give a star. We definitely do not recommend Freddy's

Review №23

I love it but I'm not a fan of these burgers they are not the best but the fries and chicken are awesome

Review №24

Excellent lettuce wraps on all burgers:) Staff was friendly and cheese curds are delicious!!! My husband and I also love the frozen custards!!

Review №25

Fantastically fantastic. Best fries anywhere. Fry sauce is the bomb. The absolutely best burgers I've ever had. Staff is always super friendly. Restaurant always seem clean and everyone there seems genuinely happy.

Review №26

OMGEE! Best chili hot dog I have ever had! Very clean, crew was very friendly and the food was hot. Manager was taking all employee temps and social distancing was mandatory! We will definitely be back!!

Review №27

Extremely unprofessional staff, throwing food, slow order preparation. Will never patronize this restaurant again!

Review №28

OMG the fry seasoning is amazing on EVERYTHING! I purchased some and put it on wings, fries, on burger patties, chicken. Its all good! The jalapeno fry sauce is equally yummy! The burgers are the old school steakburger patties that taste freshly made and delicious! The fries and so so good! Its all a 10 out of 10 for me kinda good!

Review №29

Good food with even better fries and custard helps that it near southeast cinemas so after every movie you can talk and eat custard after. Always get what you ask and rarely if not in my experience they'll give a free custard if wrong even though they don't have to.

Review №30

We always have superb customer service with delicious food!

Review №31

The food is awesome best place to eat in town

Review №32

Decent Berger that didn't leave a ugh after taste like Md, Bk, Wend always do.

Review №33

Burgers and fries made of air! The price of this food is unfairly matched to really pathetic burgers and fries. The hot dog is run of the mill 'whatever' meat. 30 bucks for 2 cheeseburgers and 3 plain hot dogs!!! At least the inside is clean.Gave it a try but I'll take my business elsewhere!

Review №34

First, kudos for opening dining and having restrooms open! Second, fast and friendly service! McDonald's needs to take note on how it's done!

Review №35

Bruh the best food I've had in months. Best burger I've had dare I say... ever. Cheese fries on point. Onion rings crispy as hell. Ice cream unreal. Freddys is invited to the cook out.

Review №36

The best burger and fries and a very good price.

Review №37

Good is delicious. I've cream on point too

Review №38

No Gloves and they can't even make a Milkshake. They just put custard in the cup mix for like 10 seconds and hand it to you. The straw would not even oGo in cup.

Review №39

I didn't get the point of wearing a mask when the entire restaurant was extremely filthy !!The hamburger was so thin I could seriously see right through it

Review №40

Oh man , really good .the closest to in & out since leaving the west coast .

Review №41

They are very good, I recommend them

Review №42

Great food, fresh and delicious. Wonderful friendly staff.

Review №43

Love the steakburgers with shoestring fries. Had a mint oreo concrete to end it. Yum!!

Review №44

No value for the money. Food was sub par

Review №45

This Burlington location is great! Good food and friendly staff!

Review №46

Food was good, the burger patty is like a smash patty all flat and crispy. It's thin enough you will want at least a double. There fries are tiny like potato straws but have good crispiness and seasonings. The menu is a bit confusing and I didn't realize I could have jalapenos added for free till too late. Overall it was too expensive.

Review №47

While the food is great, nothing beats their shakes. When we are craving something sweet, we love to grab a shake from Freddy's. It's always a short amount of time from ordering to receiving our food.

Review №48

Our family loves this Freddys location! The employees are always friendly and helpful when ordering and the dining area is always clean. The food is absolutely delicious, we cant get enough of it!

Review №49

First time here! The cheesesteak was delicious! The fries are super skinny like Shake N Steak and has good seasoning. Traded my drink for some custard, eh... Goodberry's is still the BEST custard around ! Place had friendly staff and it was clean. Bathrooms are clean.

Review №50

Even though it's fast food, it's always fresh, and made especially to order. Don't pass up the frozen concretes!

Review №51

Good burgers and fries. Custard is wonderful as well. Only took one star off because every time we go, the trash always seems to be full and overflowing at all of the trash cans.

Review №52

Freddy's has good thin Burger's with thin fries nice crunch to them. Reasonable prices that won't hurt your pocket.

Review №53

Loved it! My family and I had a great time out. The food was really good, service was great, and the atmosphere was cool. If you're in the area and ahave a taste for some burgers and dogs... GO TO FREDDY'S!!!

Review №54

Good food! A bit pricey.

Review №55

My husband and I love Freddy's, although it's a bit on the expensive side for "fast food." We went to this one for dinner before shopping. We always get the patty melt meal with extra cheese with the spicy fry sauce. And holy cow it's always sooo darn good! **Drooling thinking about it** So, they also have the pumpkin pie concrete, which is amazing! It has chunks of pumpkin pie with crust in the custard!! Over all, I love this Freddy's and all the others!!!!

Review №56

Very good food, they give you more than you can eat,try the chilly fries and you'll see how much they give you, its good.

Review №57

Great burgers and fries!

Review №58

Sorry to say, but my husband went tonight to get dinner and the hamburger and fries were both ICE COLD by the time he got them home. We live not 5 mins. From the restaurant. No excuse for this, ruined dinner.

Review №59

AC and I visited Freddy's for dinner. We had the cheese melt steak sandwich on toast with french fries and a drink and afterward had the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Custard with bananas. It was quite a delicious meal and I'll definitely be back. The restaurant is quite comfortable, clean and seating is well-spaced. The staff was quite informative and helpful.

Review №60

We got our food to go. Ordered inside. The service was prompt and the food and custard was great. My friends and I stop by every so often and always enjoy our food.

Review №61

3-1-19 Very nice restaurant with a retro look on the inside. Service was excellent and the food was really good. It's fairly new and was extremely clean which is a big plus with me. They have tables and nice over-sized booths. Overall it was a very nice experience.I do have to say that the burger I got was extremely greasy. They need to work on this greasy issue.

Review №62

Wow - so good. Great veggie burger and the Key Lime Pie Concrete is out of this world! Go - if you;re not that hungry then at least try the frozen custard. It's SOOOOOOO good.

Review №63

The food is really good but it's kinda pricey.

Review №64

First timer I like my order it was fresh and hot did not felt like it was set for hours on the grill.

Review №65

Great food, no wait, great service!!

Review №66

Recently my oldest daughter was taking my youngest daughter to physical therapy. The younger daughter has cancer. One of the few food she likes to eat is Freddie's grilled chicken sandwich. My girls went through the drive through and the oldest had left her wallet at home. Jenna , the cashier at the window, told my girls not to worry and she would cover their meal. My girls called me to share this story and I wanted Jenna and the Burlington NC restaurant to be recognized for customer service above and beyond my expectations!! Jenna you are so special! God bless you sweet girl!

Review №67

No better than steak n shake. The burgers are dry and pressed paper thin. I spent 20 on a cheesesteak sub and a double burger. The double burger was MAYBE 2oz at best and barely covered the bread it was on. I would rather get a 6.5 oz burger from a steakhouse for the same price. So dissatisfied and disappointed. NOT worth the money I spent at all. I will NOT be going back here. Too bad 0 stars isnt an option bc that's what the score would have been.

Review №68

First time was very surprised of the Thin hamburger, BUT my Hotdog WAS so delicious. Great BEEF taste hotdog.

Review №69

The inside was clean and the prices were affordable. The food is decent. It's a typical fast food restaurant.

Review №70

Over priced steak in shake, foods ok tho

Review №71

We visit this location during a road trip going to Washington DC. to take our son back to school. I can say this location was very nice and friendly. My wife and son ordered the Pattie Melt combo meal, which tasted very good! will stop there again during next road trip.

Review №72

Very clean and lots of room. Friendly staff, that are themselves clean. Always putting the customer first. The burgers and fries are amazing. Clean eating area and the staff are on stop of and spills. If you are through the Burlington, NC area. Stop by and try Freddy's. By the way, the food is superior to Stake and Shake

Review №73

Ordered double cheeseburger plain and got a plain hamburger uck!!! After driving 7 miles to wait in drive thru over an hour and a half my daughter's double cheeseburger was a ucky hamburger she refused to eat!!! I was not able to check my order because they pulled everything in one bag and not able to get to the burgers other than to feel that there was the right number. Use more bags so customers are able to check their special order items. Ordered 2 chilli's received one but was able to catch that mistake. Make it easier on the customers please that packed be if bag ruinedy day.

Review №74

If you have not tried this place you are missing out. Excellent customizable burgers and lots of frozen custard treats. Haven't tried the fries yet but their jalapeno cheese sauce for fries worked well on my burger. They have a mild sauce available too. Courteous staff

Review №75

Best fries ever!!

Review №76

Food was great, staff was super friendly no complaints. Bathrooms were clean!

Review №77

Food is just ok. But not worth the price! $10 for a small flat burger and a bland hotdog. Ice tried it got it out of my system and sadly have no desire to go back. Sorry but its not for me.

Review №78

The burgers are great and the fries are even better. My favorite fast food.

Review №79

Inviting appearance. Super idea of frozen dairy treats and hamburgers.Go here if you enjoy a busy noisy atmosphere with over priced food.Don't go here if you plan to have a chance of conversation with anyone at your table because it won't happen. The staff making announcements when orders are ready is a very poor idea.Don't go here if you are looking for above average food at a reasonable price because it won't happen either.

Review №80

I only tried the ice cream, but that was good enough for five stars. The frozen custard is definitely a thicker type of ice cream, so it adds a different, fuller texture. If you want something very light, this is not it.

Review №81

We were a family traveling from out of town and stopped in tired and with hungry children. They were exceptional and helped us navigate menu of wonderful burger and hot dog options. Great food, hot and fresh, awesome little shoestring French Fries not greasy. Extremely kind staff that went above and beyond in helpfulness. Wonderful frozen custard desserts! We will be making this a regular stop when traveling through!!

Review №82

The burgers at Freddy's were very delicious. the triple stack Burger was very good it was season two very well we had fries and two Dr ppr

Review №83

Warn people about your spice'sI am allergic to onions and Garlic.I was swollen up for 18 hours.I will know better next time as this was my first trip.Burger and fries were great other than the spices......

Review №84

Love the food fast friendly and very clean

Review №85

Good food and great service.

Review №86

So. I know some folks who rave about Freddy's, specifically their burgers. I've gone twice now, with a good stretch in between, and ordered different stuff. And... they're fine. Not my preferred style of burger or fries. The burgers aren't bad...just ok. Just not my thing.The building is super clean and the staff is great and no real wait both trips. The frozen custard is super good and the chicken tenders my son has had twice are spectacular. Not bad, but is awfully close to Five Guys prices without being as great.

Review №87

Freddy's and Steak n Shake are close competitors and very much the same experience. Freddy's does have the rich soft serve custard that is nice, esp for the kids. Burgers are probably better at Steak n Shake in my opinion. But service is always excellent at Freddy's.

Review №88

Service is always good! My fries were extra crispy this visit and they replaced them with no fuss!

Review №89

Good products, occasionall specials but ......The smoothies were well-made and tasted fine, but establishments who serve food and drinks should be expected to have customer restrooms or at least offer advice to visitors as to where the closest facility might be found. In other words they did their job but apparently good/friendly customer service wasn't part of it.

Review №90

Food is always hot and fresh and delicious. Friendly staff.

Review №91

Always delicious. Crew a bit rowdy though. Need to do a better job tidying up the dinning area.

Review №92

So, so so good!

Review №93

The fries here are always fresh and really good. I always have the patty melt. It comes with swiss cheese and grilled onions. It can be a bit greasy depending on whose cooking but overall I enjoy it!

Review №94

Good food fast service. Liked the pumpkin pie concrete

Review №95

Based on the chocolate shake alone, I would've given the restaurant five-stars. They have the best shakes in the area, better than ANY drive-thru including Sonic, Chic filet or In and Out. I didn't have any other menu item. They have multiple flavor add-ins.

Review №96

Amazing fry dipping sauce. Hot and mild.

Review №97

I visited Freddy's on veterans day. They treated me so wonderfully! I was allowed to order my food to go which really meant a lot to me because I was able to give that meal to my daughter who at three years old knows Freddy's and loves the place even more than I do.... It made her day which made my veterans day even better!!!

Review №98

Interesting travel stop. Food is pricey but OK.

Review №99

They always have the best shakes! I was going to take a picture before I ate it but I couldn't wait!

Review №100

This location always have great food and service

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  • Phone:+1 336-586-0106
  • New American restaurant
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  • Frozen dessert supplier
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  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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