Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
3108 Garden Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
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Greetings allWe decided instead of preparing my own food for Thanksgiving that we would order from Golden Corral. I must say it was the best decision, the food was superb!!! Christmas more than likely we will do the same bc of COVID-19 we can't have a lot of people gathering this will be the way to go.Thanks Golden Corral keep up the GOOD work!!!ThanksVanessa Poteat

Review №2

Great food and Friendly staff. This place really care about there guest. I love Golden I

Review №3

The food was fresh. The manager (female) on duty provided all guests with coupons to return. The manager walked around and asked if everyone was okay! The staff was very friendly. All guests were instructed to wear gloves and change them each time that you visited the bar for your selections. Safe social distancing tactics were in place for everyone. All sections within this establishment were 6 feet apart. I think that this visit by far for my family was the best!

Review №4

I had a unforgettable memory. I used to go there every Saturday with my family and friends. It had lively atmosphere. The restaurant was very clean. The service was amazing! They refilled soda often and most of the food was fresh. The food was lovely delicious and full of flavor. You should try steak or cotton candy. The price was reasonable. I can't wait to come back!

Review №5

Try their breakfast brunch buffet! Wow I was not expecting fresh grilled steak among the other brunch items such as biscuits, grits fried chicken, ham, eggs.. There is also a made to order omelette station. Seriously impressed! The value in money savings is nice but the food actually tastes good too! Highly recommend!

Review №6

Good to be back after long close. The location i stopped at was very good looking food. Salads great options. Price right for take out.

Review №7

Food was good. Variety of good not just breakfast even though going during breakfast hours. Downside limited tables for seating and some had used/dirty plates and stuff on them which was limiting even more seating.

Review №8

I am not a buffet person...Excellent selection, very fresh! Loved the COVID requirements. Stuck to their guns with rebellious customers! Great service by my waitstaff! Great Visit!!!

Review №9

It was clean and the employees were super nice and very helpful the food was great and the price was low for 3 of us to eat was around $50.

Review №10

Always visit a golden corral when I find one love the buffet the rolls (yummy) service awesome

Review №11

Thee chicken and dumplings were on point with the right amount of seasonings to it. The salad bar never disappoints. The steak was magnificent .

Review №12

The restaurant was very clean and service and excellent I really enjoyed the food and I would definitely recommend that golden corral they followed all of the guidelines

Review №13

I travel a lot and golden corral is always my first choice. not many options for a traveler to get restaurant food with healthy veggie options like GC. I've been to 178 of these golden corrals over the years, and this one is one of the top 5; it would be in top 2 maybe even top top ever, but some of my croutons were not crunchy enough, which distressed me immeasurably. but the veggies were all real nice hot and fresh, especially the broccoli. if not for the crouton issue, i'd say this was best gc i ever been to.

Review №14

Great service pleasant atmosphere good food. Good value

Review №15

Great place to come with your family, food is on point for a golden corral and our server was pleasant.

Review №16

Their open for dine in or take out. Server's get you anything you need. Food is hot and ready. Bathrooms are clean and ready for use. Inside and out side are well maintained. And most of all great price's.

Review №17

Outstanding results throughout from food prep, social distancing, and providing gloves at food lines. Service was excellent and establishment is clean.

Review №18

Although the service was excellent the food left a lot to be desired. The steak was mostly fat and gristle, the baked potato was COLD but the steamed vegetables were good. As well as the desert.

Review №19

Not good @ price very high!! Its a hit or. Miss at this restaurant ..sometines. Food. Good. Sime times not so good! Breakfast. Best time to go..

Review №20

Great service but unfortunately the food didn't taste good at all.some food was very cold and looked old

Review №21

Always a huge verity to choose from. The place is always clean and excellent service.

Review №22

Food was delicious. Waitresses were wonderful. Nothing bad to say at all.

Review №23

Pot roast,scalloped potatoes, corn & seafood salad very good.

Review №24

The food and service was decent. During COVID, they have opted to allow customers to be spaced out apart and served by staff to encourage social distancing

Review №25

Show the food was really good, but the prices are outrageous. It was $50 for me and my daughter and my granddaughter should I eat! And I know we don't eat that much food! Prices too high

Review №26

Great service and friendly people that work there make you feel right at home.

Review №27

This Golden Corral was SOO clean, the staff was very hospitable and they were following all the safety precautions and doing it in an efficient manner. It had been a while since I ate at GC,, and it was a real pleasure to see them open again especially in these times.

Review №28

Great meal especially for the money! Great service

Review №29

Purchased the 10 oz sirloin meal and carrot cake. The steak was exceptionality chewy and difficult to cut. The cake was a small one layer not the 2 layer cake shown. So disappointed with this meal. Meal purchased for takeout.

Review №30

Dirty and service a as not so good. It appeared your staff was a little depressed. You need to give them a little boost of confidence. Very sad situation

Review №31

I always enjoy GC.

Review №32

Everything in here is so good, the staff were helpful, gracious and warm . Can't wait to return on my next vist

Review №33

I'm from out of town and was passing through with my family. We decided to eat here and we really enjoyed it. The food was fresh. The restaurant was clean. And our waiter was awesome! Our cups were never empty! Even out little ones got refills without having to be asked. Pretty awesome.

Review №34

The staff there is so friendly. They make you feel like family. Great food. Big variety to choose from. Something there for everyone.

Review №35

Signs state price of lunch buffet. When you get to the register on Sunday's they will charge dinner price claiming Sunday is dinner all day. Way to screw over church people who bring you business......technically false advertising as well right?

Review №36

Went for breakfast sun Nov 8Was disappointed no chip beef gravyFood was greatAnd our regular waitress NickiWas super as always

Review №37

I love the breakfast buffet! The scrambled eggs are just like the otta be, not too dry but not too runny and very fluffy! The sausage links are juicy, the hash browns are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the sausage gravy is thick and chock-full of sausage bits and don't forget the yeast rolls! They are warm, soft and as far as I'm concerned butter is optional. For those who aren't fond of breakfast they serve the regular menu, including the grill. Steaks are hit and miss so I skip the grill but my hubby swears by it. My favorite part? Dessert is available! The bread pudding is warm and moist with a creamy pudding mixed in and a hint of cinnamon. It's not your classic bread pudding but the flavor is awesome. The banana pudding is delicious! Lots of cream, pudding, cookies...and of course bananas.I've been to the breakfast buffet several times but the last time, about a week or so ago, I was really disappointed... The eggs were undercooked, the hash browns had a "creamy" texture like something was mixed in that shouldn't have been and were also undercooked, the gravy was so thin it hardly coated the serving spoon; As for the grill, even my hubby had trouble chewing his steak! The sausages and yeast rolls were spared and tasted just as good but the worst part (for me) was dessert: The bread pudding bread was still hard even though it had enough pudding to moisten it and had too much cinnamon. The banana pudding was MIA... Maybe for the best. This all reminded me of when you let the kids ( all under 10) cook Father's day breakfast for the first time and they won't let you help!Hopefully my last experience was just a glitch where everyone in the kitchen was having a bad hair day all at the same time. I will definitely give them another chance.

Review №38

Great place to stop and get food if you don't feel like cooking after work. You can go home and eat and relax. It would be nice if they had the buffet freshly stocked at 5pm. The chicken is never fresh at that time. That's the reason I didn't rate 5 stars.

Review №39

The food is awful at this location. The staff is awesome

Review №40

Awesome food at wonderful customer service in spite of the Coronavirus the staff was wonderful

Review №41

One of my favorites. Good service and fresh food.

Review №42

The mashed potatoes looked like Elmer's glue, the pot roast had no roast in it, the fish was good, and so were a few other items. The bread pudding and chocolate pie r always good. Wait staff very attentive.

Review №43

The food was great. A few disappointments: the young man who served the steak chose not to acknowledge I was standing there waiting so I chose not to get the steak. I also asked the cashier for rolls and he did not place that order for me as I had to go over and ask for the rolls myself from the bakery area. Even though the customer service wasn't as good as expected, the food was good.

Review №44

Great friendly place to3 eat

Review №45

Good customer service. Good food

Review №46

We go here onçé a week because my boyfriend is vegan but I am not. Good food and selection.

Review №47

Good variety of food. Little pricey but you have a lot to choose from. Nancy is a great waitress

Review №48

Omg, I have been to golden coral before but the service this time was excellent. The wait staff REALLY made me feel great. They were friendly and VERY helpful. ( I had my sis-n-law, whom is on a Walker and occasionally uses her wheelchair, my 2 young grandchildren and my 7 year old daughter.)And they way they made us feel was like nothing else was important. I appreciate service like that. And the food. That day was EXCELLENT. Thabk you Golden Coral.They are

Review №49

Originally I am a golden corral fan but today wasn't to great to start out. The guy at the cash register his name was Damien, was very unprofessional and lacked the whole customer service experience. He was yawning while covering his mouth with his hand. Then went straight to making drinks. When he made the drinks he over filled the cups and they were covered in soda. I asked him for a napkin to clean off the cups he then continued on to the next customer. He was very slow and didn't seem to want to be better than average. Other than that Ms. Nancy is always kind and polite and the food was great. So because of her and the fresh food. I'm rating a four star today.

Review №50

Fresh selection of food with a nice variety. For a son who is a picky eater it's worth coming so he can get a little of everything he will eat. Enjoyed dinner. Pleasure having a friendly waiter who never let my drink go dry. :)

Review №51

Nice to have a somewhat return to the norm, even if we have to wear gloves to get our food. Still food is good as always.

Review №52

I am currently still sitting inside the Golden Corral. It is one of the most disgusting restaurants I have ever ate at. We paid $37 for two people and barely ate because of how utterly gross it was. Please for the love of God and all that is holy never ever ever eat here. Our waitress Nina was really sweet but that was the only positive of our experience. I am extremely disappointed with my night and would've rather ate garbage out of a CVS dumpster.

Review №53

Went here for supper today. The food was wonderful and our waiter Scott was one of the best I've ever seen. I never review anything but I thought this Golden Corral was very worthy of a review.

Review №54

I placed an order April 4th online at this store. The store accepted my order and charged my card and gave me a pick up time. When I got to the store, store was closed. Waited til the store “opened back up” according to their Facebook page they are taking takeout orders. When I called to speak to someone about Recieving my food or Recieving a refund, no one has been answering the phone nor is anyone at the store! I am upset that my card was charged with nothing in return! I need my food or a full refund! Very unprofessional!!

Review №55

Golden Corral is such a friendly place to have a meal. All the waitresses are very SWEET and attentive to your needs. The food is really good at Golden Corral too. Such a variety!!!

Review №56

Friendly staff and a variety a food available!

Review №57

Loved it Server very attentive

Review №58

The food was hot, fresh and great!! The staff was friendly and made sure we had everything we needed or wanted. I highly recommend them!!

Review №59

I hated the cookie crumbs, the Mac n cheese, the rice crispy, the chicken and it was bad experience.

Review №60

Good variety. Food is good. Seating and serving areas are clean. Seniors' special from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. each day.

Review №61

After today I will not be returning to this location because of the bad service I came in and got some to go food and when I was ready to pay and leave even though it was two people at the check out area no one would check me out even though one of the servers told the guy that I was ready so I left the food on the scale and walked out.if they act like they are to busy to wait on me then they don't need my money.I now officially hate this Golden corral and will never come back

Review №62

Only thing good was the fried chicken.

Review №63

The place was clean as a whistle, food was excellent and wait staff was great AA++ service. I will definitely be back in future . Thanks for a great service.

Review №64

AWESOME!!! The best Golden Corral ever. Very clean, the food was hot and well presented. A GREAT manager.

Review №65

Absolutely disgusting .. glasses wasn't clean! spoons wasn't clean. Ice cream bowls dirty. I went to grab a spoon the first six I pulled out had food stuck on them so I asked the nice lady that feels the cups if she could get me some clean ones she just bring me out more dirty ones.. the food Bar was disgusting the dining room was disgusting.. .. when they were running out of certain items they didn't care.. and the heavy set lady that was cooking the meat just chit-chatting away didn't give a flying f who wanted food and the women at the check out was rude as can be..

Review №66

They were extremely accommodating for the baby shower we had. Prompt service.. they kept the tables clean and cups filled consistently! Awesome customer service

Review №67

Great time this morning! My 11 yr old wanted family and steak! Kudos to Gwen! She took excellent care of our group this morning!

Review №68


Review №69

The people there were nice and helpful

Review №70

My kids love this place we arrived at about 1:30 in the afternoon so I guess it was the end of the lunch rush. Our first go round the fries the boneless ribs the the baked chicken was cold. Despite this we ate good afterwards the barbecue is FANTASTIC couldn't get enough of it. I'm delighted to be a Golden Club Member! Just keep the food hot!

Review №71

Went as a family group pleased all in group and werent rushed to finish and go pleased with service and food better than golden corral in my neighborhood

Review №72

Great selection, great service and prices. Food was delicious.

Review №73

Best food for money.

Review №74

I changed my star rating to a five because I went there for brunch, and it was excellent . Even had a salad along with my eggs ham and rolls. Anything you could want, they have, in their buffet. Waitress was really attentive to us also

Review №75

I went to the Golden Corral in Burlington. I really enjoyed it. Everything was good and the hot food was hot. The waitress was real polite as well.

Review №76

I would never go back to this restaurant I went there with my family as we were eating and talking a roach crawled across my dad's plate. We immediately got the manager and he comped all of our meals. I was just overall disgusted the only reason why they received 2 stars instead of 1 is because of the manager. He was very apologetic and was immediately getting pest control out.

Review №77

Was okay. Was freezing and the manner just said okay. The waitress was awesome

Review №78

I don't usually eat fast food and everything else was closed (thanksgiving) I was on a road trip with the wrong people. We should have gone to McDonald's.Everything tasted like butt. Texture of food was unpleasant in many different ways.Employees were super nice though.

Review №79

The food was fresh and hot. The waitress Nancy was one of the best ever.

Review №80

Excellent!!! In town from Pa for a family reunion and celebrate my birthday. We met up at your restaurant to meet and greet until Saturday. The staff was awesome and made sure everyone was taken care of. Much appreciated...

Review №81

We came to eat here for the hot food, however, nothing that we ate was warm or even close to hot. It made me want to ask where the microwave was.

Review №82

This place is the most fanciest place I ever ate at with Gold Corral. They need to make all of them look like this one and the food was good

Review №83

Loved it great customer service our waitress was the bomb and cute

Review №84

It was busy n crowded...The food looked inviting n everything tasted sooo good!!! I will definitely come back again...The service was good n everything ran smoothly...l couldn't have asked for better in anything...

Review №85

Good clean food. Can't go wrong. They support our troops so makes it even better

Review №86

This is a trade-off of quality for selection. But you know that. You come here for variety and quantity, not refinement and atmosphere. That being said, they are very good at what they do. The last time I was there the waiter was excellent. There was a language barrier (not too shocking in NC), but he may very well have been the best waiter I've had - and I say that as a former waiter.

Review №87

Great food as always! Only 4 stars because our server NEVER came over (Natasha) but took care of the table in front of us and she continued to look at our table. My thanks goes out to Jennifer for going above and beyond with service and professionalism, because she did not have to provide us service but she is a team player, a lesson to be learned from her peers when it come to providing a service. Thanks for great service Jennifer

Review №88

Some of the items were ok; others weren't. Fried chicken had been out for a while. Baked chicken could have been cooked a bit longer. Don't like half baked chicken. Collard greens were not good at all! Butter pecan ice cream didn't taste fresh. Beef and potatoes, string beans, fried fish we're good.

Review №89

Food is hot with a great variety. Prices aren't to bad of you don't get a drink. Would always recommend this place.

Review №90

Costly, but good food. Customer service N is hit or miss depending on whom you run into.

Review №91

Great place. Staff was very nice and the steak was so tender. Definitely recommend.

Review №92

Had a good time there. The facility was clean and the waitstaff fairly prompt. And it had the usual large selection of food , though not always the best quality, especially regarding the meats on the carving station.

Review №93

This is a buffet place. Very large selection of all kinds of food and reasonably priced - great value for the money. Very clean and well organized. We normally do not go to buffet restaurants but decided to give this one a shot. We will be going again.

Review №94

The food was pretty good and the staff was great. Will go back again .

Review №95

I used their catering today, excellent choice.

Review №96

I love GC! We went for a late breakfast. My husband was in heaven with all the choices and our grandson, 5, actually found food he liked other than bacon. I have trouble with eggs but happily chose mostly from the lunch items that were being put out (big chunks of bacon helped my salad tremendously)! Everything was fresh for me! And Grandson kept pointing out the chocolate fountain, which he finally tested with a marshmallow while I avoided desserts for my first time ever! Yeah, I still ate too much!

Review №97

The food was good and our server was awesome. We had a large group of 12 and she handled us flawlessly. It was a busy Sunday afternoon when we were there, but it would be nice if Golden Corral could figure out a way to better serve all the customers waiting in line for the ONE cook to serve dozens of people steak from the grill...

Review №98

Its was fine...wanted something hot and quick i was hungry.....

Review №99

The staff was very friendly and our waiter kept a constant check on us. The food was fresh and hot and tasted good. Wide variety to choose from. My only complaint is that on Veterans Day I understand it's very busy but being paired up with another couple you did not know made for a socially awkward dinner when I'm getting grilled by someone during your meal you're trying to enjoy

Review №100

Great food and great customer service especially our waitress Nina thank you for everything

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  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
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