Golden Dawn Diner
4387 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016, United States

Review №1

I celebrated my birthday this evening in this gorgeous place. Well we passed a marvelous evening and the place was definitely one of the reasons for the successful event. The crew helped in a graceful style, the food was tasty and my friends were so happy. We shall surely visit again for more celebrations. Thank you very much.

Review №2

Thought the food was pretty good. Really enjoyed the Wahaka wrap. It was FRESH cilantro, well seasoned and cooked chicken and roasted red pepper. I would absolutely go back for it.Steak fries are always a win. The cheese cake, solid.My one thought, these are not classically sized diner portions. I ate my whole wrap. The meals were finish-able. Not a deal breaker for me, but worth noting.All and all, solid meal of diner classics.

Review №3

Always love coming here. Costas and his family have gone to great lengths for their customers as well as safety measures for the pandemic. Known the family for a very long time and they are always pleasant and friendly.

Review №4

I definitively recommend The Golden Dawn Diner. I have enjoyed everything that I ordered there in the last six months. Since Covid 19, Many restaurants have struggled to survive. If you want to have a Great Meal like Chicken Francais over rice or penne, or Fish and Chips or Chicken Ceaser Salad, you can't go wrong. Their service is Great and friendly too.

Review №5

Service was great. Attentive and helpful. Enjoyed the breakfast prepared right on time!

Review №6

This was the first time I've been there, it was alright, bit pricey for a diner (guess they are making up for extra expenses due to coronavirus compliance and shut down) Staff was friendly and attentive, food not bad, probably won't go back to there again, but you don't know if you don't go there yourself.

Review №7

Third time eating here since they started serving in parking lot due to covid19. All the customer's are practicing social distancing. The food has been wonderful. The staff are awesome running around taken care of all there customers. Very impressed with this operation during these times!!!

Review №8

It was pretty good a five star for diners around here. Food was good drinks better. Had a good time for a Friday morning.

Review №9

One of the best burgers I've ever had. The food was fresh and the service swift.

Review №10

No nonsense breakfast. Ordered a Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese on a bagel, got exactly that and excellent service, what more can I ask for?

Review №11

I've had good and bad experiences with this diner. The latest issue this morning: I am at work, I placed an order with Door Dash. The food was delivered. However, we received a completely different order. I contacted the diner because it isn't Door Dash's fault that the diner packed the wrong food. When I called the diner I was told that I could reorder the order, that they never made, by the way, but I would have to pick it up. Or, I would have to order it again through Door Dash. That is nonsense. Needless to say, I called Door Dash and they are issuing a refund. Very disappointed with Golden Dawn.

Review №12

Nice diner, very comfortable old school vibe and the food is delicious and you get plenty.

Review №13

I got the Reuben the food was good the service was prompt the facility was clean overall good experience

Review №14

Best thing - they run on solar power! But don't worry, they have generators for rainy days too.Food was ok, just about what you get at any diner. Staff was extremely friendly and atmosphere is nice.

Review №15

Outdoor dining was ok, french onion soup was ok, but too tangy. The chicken salad sandwich was just ok as well. The waitress was friendly, but it is ridiculous that she has to keep running in and out of the diner.

Review №16

Found hair in my omelette. Owner refused to refund me my money back. Disgusting service and unsanitary food. Strongly recommend anyone reading this review to not eat there. Will never eat there again.

Review №17

Very good, good service. Will go back.

Review №18

Great food. Very nice waitresses. No waiting for someone to take your order. Been going here for more than 20 years. I really don't live that close anymore, but I go out of my way to go there. Great desserts! I love diners, and this one doesn't disappoint! Their specialty is chicken parmigiana. It's wonderful! Enjoy

Review №19

Good food, great staff. Clean. Inside dining practicing CDC guidelines

Review №20

Great food n service every time.nice family owned business in Burlington NjSo Happy you are open for outside dinning.

Review №21

We enjoyed our meals, but can't say we were blown away. Overall just a "meh" experience. Server was courteous and friendly, restaurant was clean and the food was fairly average, but good in portion size.

Review №22

My first time here. The food was great and the service was fast and friendly.

Review №23

Had my withdraws when it was closed so glad they serve outside now.Always had great food an coffee.Thank you staff for working stay safe.An I have to say Hank an Debbie spoil all of us.

Review №24

For all it's worth, the best I can say is the Golden Dawn Diner is just alright. Their prices are higher than other diners in the area and they don't have anything unusual to offer on the menu. The food is decent but nothing exciting and I've tried both breakfast and lunch there. Me personally, I prefer the Rt. 130 Diner, at least the food is exceptionally good there.

Review №25

Good food. Great service.

Review №26

Before the pandemic it was a place I would visit. But now not happy with the food.

Review №27

Love the food and the waitresses are always happy and friendly. Go there every time I visit in NJ

Review №28

We've been going to this diner for the past 30 years. During this time our food has always been great! The broasted chicken, pork chops, breakfast, the seafood platter and other items have been fantastic. The baked in-diner rolls, both cheese and cinnamon are always fresh. And don't be scared their nachos are actually very very good! Today though (heavy sigh) we switched our normal and went for the pot roast...redish sauce and what reminded me of sliced roast beef for sandwiches...ummm no! The red cabbage tasted as though they used cups of sugar in it! Again, no! So I switched to broccoli...HELP! It didn't taste like anything. It looked like broccoli but with zero flavor. The fish and chips was also ordered...(don't do it!).... The cream of turkey soup...where was the turkey? So the best part of tonight's dinner was the nachos, the rolls and the salad, which is always fresh! Our waitress was great! I know some of the food is really good but some things I will never order again. In other words stay in your lane with what you know is good there! I anticipate our next visit will be great because I'll order the broasted chicken.

Review №29

Always a wonderful this place..

Review №30

Excellent Food. Nice sitting out side under the tent.

Review №31

I love Golden Dawn Diner. The staff is very friendly and the service is great!!!! There's so much food, I usually have to take the rest home. Very tasty too.

Review №32

Always good, very efficient with being able to drive up, and have the server bring your order right. Support our local treasure during these troubled times.

Review №33

Decent food at a good price

Review №34

Good coffee... The pleasant server did his best to find something that was satisfying to this vegan. The "veggie burger" is not vegan- friendly, and the rest of the menu is positively atrocious. He even brought to me, without being asked, the label for the flatbread. I ended up with a grilled veggie panini, without the prescribed cheese. It was delicious. I never eat such things. Wish the management would consider adding anything healthy to their menu. I only went because friends were meeting. I won't return.Tines have changed for the better of our health & morals. Oldtime diners just can't catch up. We're nearing the end of these types of businesses as the consumers painfully die off.

Review №35

I absolutely love this place. It is my go-to spot for the best bfast ever! Fish n grits w/ a nice Mimosa...Don't judge! Just take my advice, you will not be disappointed! The host is awesome make you feel like your right at home! That's Everytime I come!! The waitresses r awesome too! Smile n check on u like clockwork!!o, did I mention the food is excellent! You will not be disappointed

Review №36

Great staff and service with good food

Review №37

Large selection of meals to choose from. Prices are very reasonable. Our server was very helpful with our menu choices and super friendly. Atmosphere was relaxed and our food came out quickly and was piping hot and delicious!

Review №38

A typical NJ diner. That's a good thing. Quick service, good food. Attentive wait staff. Satisfying meal.

Review №39

Very disappointed in the fact that they are very stringent with regards to a senior citizen who had recent bariatric surgery not being allowed to order from the children's menu even though I showed a medic alert card explaining I cannot eat but a child's size portion. We're they thinking I was trying to beat them out of a few dollars? I choose not to waste the uneaten portions in either the over 55 or regular menu and I don't care for take home leftovers. Every other diner and restaurant we've visited since my surgery had no problem with my request and were ALL very polite and accommodating.Can in no way say the same for this establishment. Shame on them!

Review №40

Great service, during these tough times....thank you Diane and management!!

Review №41

Been coming here since a child always great service and delicious foods, can't go wrong with any selection on their menu!

Review №42

I have only one suggestion while dining Outdoors under a tent please add more hand sanitizer station for the customers

Review №43

The shrimp and scallops special was great. I have never seen scallops that big! Our server was Hank and he was polite, funny and Johnny on the spot when we needed him. Great job!

Review №44

Very friendly service treat you like family

Review №45

Great place I forgot my waitress name but she was very good to us even gave me some lemon meringue to being home

Review №46

Good food and friendly servers.

Review №47

Everything a New Jersey diner should be. Good food and friendly service. Our server checked on us enough to be sure our meals where as ordered.

Review №48

Very pleasant server. Food also good. Early specials 3pm to 5pm plenty of food. Took some home.

Review №49

Middle-of-the-road Jersey diner. Nothing to complain about. Nothing to rave about. We had a good, local dinner. The staff was very friendly.

Review №50

I've been here over 1000 times and all I could say is it's so freaking good. Honestly the breakfast is so good and they make everything quick and ready for my mouth! Love this place, the people are wonderful and I'm all ways in a good mood when there!

Review №51

Good food and service.

Review №52

Always a pleasant experience, fast service and the waitresses are very nice. Definitely a convient place to go for breakfast lunch or dinner.

Review №53

I am like a kid in a candy store when I go to Michael's. It has always been a great or awesome experience. The reason for only giving 4 stars; there are hardly ever any associates on the floor. The ones on the registers are the one's they pull from the floor. It would be nice to have at least 2 or 3 associates available. Can't count the one in the Framing section. If you do ask them something, their reply is usually I only work in the exception or I don't know.

Review №54

Waitress: FriendlyFood: A little priceyPrompt seating & service.*Would have been nice to have fresh coffeeThe coffee was old/ for the price tag of a $1.99-Undrinkable.*Please do not let your children play the claw game for stuffed animals /They seem to be musty and used.Overall Service and Food was Good.

Review №55

The lox and bagels dish was just as fresh and delicious as it was the first time I ordered it at this diner 45 years ago.

Review №56

My companion and I visited Golden Dawn diner around 8pm on a Tuesday. The Diner had a few occupied tables. Service was slow to non existent with so few tables and multiple wait staff. My companion had a toasted bran muffin and coffee. Muffin was buttered and toasted and was still very dry. Coffee came with 1 creamer. Refills on coffee were never offered, she had to ask and it looked painful for the young, male waiter to have to do such a hard chore like refill coffee. I ordered a Rubin. Big mistake. It was horrid. It looked like they took 2 slices of rye bread, slapped some sour kraut on it, dry meat and a slice of cheese and put it under the broiler. The sandwich was not grilled or toasted. The sandwich showed up without coleslaw, pickles or condiments. After about 5 minutes, the hostess was seating another table and we stopped her to ask for condiments. The mustard was old and watery, quite scary. The male server never came to check on us..or another server for that matter. After sitting for 10 minutes, he did come and take plates, leaving my companion to have to ask again, for coffee and creamer which he was not happy about and brought her a new half cup with no saucer who I he held like he was drinking it. He asked if I wanted a box for my uneaten sandwich and when I declined he chuckled. I would not recommend eating here if you are a local. This used to be a great Diner.

Review №57

Their food and their service has went down there used to be a very good restaurant I don't know what happened

Review №58

Love the breakfast. My companion got the chicken parmesan panini and loved it. Great service here.

Review №59

Great service. Average prices. Nice clean atmosphere

Review №60

One of the last true diner experiences in this area. A lot of variety of choices, good food, big servings. Dinner specials that include soup, salad, and dessert.

Review №61

Food here is always good. Service also is always good. I've never had a complaint when eating here.

Review №62

Our server Haley was great, but the food wasn't. We ordered something quick - boneless hot wings and the shrimp basket, but the wings were way too salty, and the shrimp had too much breading - I could barely taste the shrimp. Also, the bread wasn't fresh today. We've been to some good diners, but this wasn't one of them.

Review №63

Good service good food

Review №64

Service was fast and food was good. But what made it a great experience was my waitress Debbie. Just fun to be around. The perfect waitress for the counter.

Review №65

While I have given a low rating, let me preface this by saying that this has been my favorite diner for almost all my life. I was on the little league baseball team them sponsored when I was young, and have the fondest of memories of going there for free desserts when we won the championship. They removed all of our pictures and trophies, and things have gone downhill over the years.I have gotten the veal parm here as my main dish about 95% of the time I visited. Everything is just done with poor standards now. My meal started with the snapper soup, which was served with a very clearly dirty spoon. You would have to go out of your way to not see the big dried on piece of food stuck on it. I was given a new spoon, and proceeded to try to eat the soup. I dipped the spoon into the soup, and I pulled up a long hair with the first bite. Needless to say, that was the end of that. The waiter offered to get me a new bowl of snapper soup, but I informed him that I couldn't be sure there wasn't more hair in the batch. I was given a shrug by the waiter, and the meal continued.The veal parm arrived, and it is a far cry from what it used to be. The portion is smaller, and it was tough to cut. I was starving, so I started eating. The waiter brought over the shaker of parmesan cheese, and I proceeded to try to sprinkle it over my veal and pasta. Nothing was really coming out, so I banged the shaker to maybe loosen a big piece clogging the holes. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I decided to take the lid off of the shaker. It was a disgusting brown mess. I literally would doubt it had been washed or cleaned in over a year. Someone has to fill that shaker on a somewhat regular basis, and no one decided it was dangerous or disgusting to serve that to a customer. If such basic things have major cleanliness and sanitation issues, I don't know how I could trust eating anything that comes out of that kitchen. They clearly don't care. The penne pasta was completely soggy and overcooked, to the point you could not pick up a single noodle without it pulling in to tiny shreds. At least I didn't see any hair in it.I got the check and decided to leave. I showed the manager at the register the picture attached of the disgusting cheese shaker, and told of the hair in my food. Nothing was taken off of the bill, not was anything offered as a comp replacement. I'm not one that normally complains about food, but this was ridiculous.I've been here hundreds of times over the years, and I sadly won't be back. The portions are smaller, the menu is considerably less than most other diners, and the standards for cleanliness are non existent. I'm bummed that this is what was once one of my favorite spots has turned in to.

Review №66

Waitress was nice and gave good service. Food was tasty. My only complaint would be sure that the menu are wiped down, they were a little sticky.

Review №67

Always a good meal and friendly service! The Golden Dawn omelette is outstanding! Bacon, peppers and onions add cheese oh yeah

Review №68

It's always a good meal here. Their forte is comfort food. My favorite is the chicken croquettes. Service was quick and friendly. If you want a nice relaxing family meal, in a pleasant relaxing environment, then this is definitely the place to go.

Review №69

You can always expect to get the same great food from when you were younger.

Review №70

Excellent service and food. Huge solar array which is also very cool

Review №71

Breakfast is usually pretty good. I had the worst chicken quesadilla today, will definitely stick to breakfast or an occasional burger.

Review №72

Really good waiter named Josh. Might be a bit biased though. The food was pretty good. Can't really complain about this place, always good service and decent food. Breakfasts are very good. The one thing I believe keeps me from giving 5 stars is the Atmosphere is a bit sombre.

Review №73

Great service good food. Recommended average to higher prices on certain meals. Overall we will be back!

Review №74

Always good food

Review №75

Nice and clean and quiet

Review №76

I sat at the counter. The young man was very pleasant and helpful, he created for me a sandwich that was healthy and tasted oh so good

Review №77

Food delicious..great service

Review №78

Good breakfast, staff dressed for Halloween

Review №79

The service was on point and courteous, but the food was bland. Not bad, but not exceptional. However, the deserts looked phenomenal.

Review №80

Food was soo good 5 star rated pro version

Review №81

Very nice and clean place to eat My granddaughter loves going there

Review №82

I'll keep that to myself draw from you own experiences

Review №83

Been coming here for over 30 years and I love it!

Review №84

Our go to diner. The staff is all very nice. Specials daily.

Review №85

We've gone to this restaurant many times and never had an experience like tonight. On the "specials" board it said the soup was Chicken Escarole. The wait staff was telling customers that was the soup too. When we got it there was NO chicken but rather small meatballs. We talked to the owner who said he called it chicken escarole. What it was in reality was Italian Wedding soup. We said this to him and he was very blasé in his response. He shrugged his shoulders saying you call it italian wedding I call it chicken escarole. In this day and age with food allergies and sensitivities etc I was shocked and disappointed by the owner's attitude. As a result of the owner's response we don't plan on returning. Additionally the open faced roast beef had only 2 slices of roast beef

Review №86

Food Great.

Review №87

First time dining here and it was great. Big selection of food it was delicious.

Review №88

Great dinners and awesome grilled cheese on cibatta bread.

Review №89

They give you so much food, I love this place, it is my life

Review №90

My favorite place to get breakfast

Review №91

It was great. My first choice wasn't right, they changed it and sent another dish.

Review №92

Service was very good . Also food was great .

Review №93

Greasy and flavor less. Actually the worst food I've had in a while

Review №94

We had breakfast. It was excellent. I don't know if you'll get this, but everything tasted exactly as it should have. Sausage, home fries and grits .

Review №95

Best service, great food, great atmosphere!! I love it.

Review №96

Great service! Above average food and mostly typical for a diner. They serve hard drinks

Review №97

Good food nothing to write home about except for the burgers they're huge

Review №98

Very nice decor. Fresh food, and a great place to have dinner. More varieties of fresh seafood and sushi at this time. Would highly recommend. Visited many times and have never been disappointed with food quality..

Review №99

I had breakfast. It was good, but the prices were just too high.

Review №100

Sauteed spinach - open charge: Was very disappointed when I went to the register and asked about my open charge open charge for $2 related to my sauteed spinach. my understanding is it was included with my meal as a a vegetable which comes complete with a special however the manager said the waitress should have communicated that to me. I think it should be communicated in three ways, one on the menu and on the special board and by the waitress. So beware when you go into the Golden Dawn and are billed for an open charge. It is deceiving and robbery. Our waitress was Debbie and she's been there for years.

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  • Address:4387 US-130, Burlington, NJ 08016, United States
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  • Phone:+1 609-877-2236
  • American restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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