900 Longpine Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States

Review №1

IHOP! On this visit I ordered the 2x2x2. 2 2 2 Link sausages. Everything was cooked just as I ordered. The service was fast, hot, and served with a smile. For me, the food was good, but what really matters was the smile. I truly enjoy being served by employees that take pride in their work! I have eaten here many times and it's always the same. I'll be back!!

Review №2

Breanne was a wonderful waitress. AC not working . Pleasant breakfast

Review №3

Service and food were great! The waitress (Breanna) was very attentive and such a sweetheart!

Review №4

When my husband & I moved to Burlington in July. One reason we chose it was because of its location close to our favorite eating place, IHop. Not long after we got moved in did we learn that location was permanently closed. Needless to say we were very disappointed. God answers prayers. Miraculously, it's recently re-opened. YAY!!! We've already been there several times and I have to give kudos to the wonderful assistant manager, Mr. Rivera. Whether the restaurant is slow or busy, Mr Rivera has gone above and beyond to sit us quickly. He comes by to check on us often. Makes us feel important. Ive watched him interact with other guests, help servers on the floor and even help in the kitchen. Seems like a real hard worker. I hope you keep Mr. Rivera for a very long time. Food has always come as ordered and delicious! Will definitely be return customers.

Review №5

One of my favourite restaurants. 1st time at this location. We had a short wait on a Saturday morning as it was very busy. However we were seated at a table before it was cleaned and had a bit of a wait before our server came. She was friendly and apologized then got it cleaned and replaced our cutlery. Our meals came out fast. We all thoroughly enjoyed them.

Review №6

My husband and I stopped in while traveling. The atmosphere, food and cleanliness was excellent. Our waitress, Miracle was an absolute Miracle. Blessings to her

Review №7

Excellent service and great food. Nice and clean. Will eat there again.

Review №8

Food was decent but the service needs a lot of improvement.

Review №9

I want to give a higher rating, the workers were super awesome. And as much as I understand the stress level working in this type of industry especially with covid 19.. we waited for 30 minutes on our order that ended up sitting right infront of us the whole time but was just told it'll be 10 minutes time and time again until I could eventually notice that my order was sitting there the whole time. If it weren't for my eye sight idk how many times I would of been brushed to the side.We get home just to realize they left out all sorts of things like the drizzle and toppings for the pancakes and such. Just an unfortunate experience all around as im sure they have better days.

Review №10

Very good place to grab a bite to eat. Close to the Holiday Inn Express and the food is really good. Service is good also. The coffee is a little high in price.

Review №11

Pancakes were undercooked, omelette didn't have the fillings inside, and the waiter wasn't allowed to use a tray!Don't go here until there's a covid vaccine and they get back to their old routine

Review №12

The longest wait time very. I've seen this place run very smooth. Lately they have been short staff for the past 3x I've come by. Service has not improved. I will think about it next time I want to eat breakfast with my family here. Not worth it for me. It was very sad to see 16 people leave because they could not be seated. Sad to see this business runs this way. It took them 25 minutes to seat us and then waited 38 minutes for our food to come out. Please get this restaurant some help!

Review №13

In the past few months, I have been visiting this IHOP location when Mr. Williams is there and I always have an experience that makes me want to come back! I decided to have lunch there today, as my going away visit and for the first time in YEARS I chose to have an omelette with grits. And, let me tell you, it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The omelette alone was EVERYTHING!!! I didn't even need the grits! Unfortunately today, I finished moving to another city but, TRUST, I WILL BE BACK! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Review №14

Food was good and the staff was friendly.

Review №15

Sadly, one of the worst experiences I have had at this restaurant. The 1 star comes from the newly remodeled interior, and that our food came out hot. We were ignored at the hostess stand for 5 minutes. When we did get seated, we had to grab our own kids menus for our 3 and 10 year old children because the hostess did not. There appeared to be 2 servers in the whole restaurant, and maybe 1 cook. It took at least 40 minutes after we ordered for our food to arrive. My son wanted a fried egg with his meal, and was given scrambled. When we asked about it, the waitress was quick to get it fixed, but then we were charged for a second egg. Because there was obviously no manager working, we didn't bother complaining about it. It will be quite some time before we ever try this location again.

Review №16

It was alot of us and they handled us very well!

Review №17

Service was great and food was good

Review №18

Good food, a bit pricey if you don't get the specials.I ordered the Chicken Florentine Crepes minus the bed of spinach, a side of hash browns, tea to drink. Total with tax was $15.12I've never had a bad meal at IHOP but it seemed loud here and today service was slow, got there around 10:00 am on a Wed. Maybe it was due to the cooks. It happens.Their specials are great values: meals for $5-6. Check it out!

Review №19

Services still good

Review №20

Stopped in on a Friday morning for breakfast. Not too crowded. We were seated right away and received good service. I ordered hot cocoa and the banana Nutella crepes combo with scrambled eggs and bacon. It was really good though the crepes were a little light on banana and kinda heavy on Nutella but I'm not complaining.

Review №21

The only reason why im giving it one star is because my waiter was awesome.. The other part was completely terrible Edna Hernandez teach your other wait staff to be more polite and courteous... Something that is lacking somewhere get your staff and better shape

Review №22

For quite some time this establishment struggled. The decor was outdated, the food mediocre, and the service was slow and lackluster to the point that I HAD to take my business elsewhere. But this location recently underwent a fabulous renovation. Now the decor is modern and welcoming, the food is delicious and served hot, and the service is friendly. The changes and improvements are awesome. Kudos to Mr. Williams the hardest working man in the restaurant business! He does EVERYTHING well and with a smile. It really does make a difference!!! I'm back as a regular :-).

Review №23

Man they done remodel and showed out! I had a great experience plus my eggs came to the table hotter than hell. Yes Lord

Review №24

Manager was doing the cooking. She did not know what went on the dishes we ordered. We heard the waitress read off the menu as to what went on what. My garlic burger had no garlic on it and my fries we not done. The bacon was burnt on one side the other side was raw. My husbands toast was cold and hard as a brick. We will never go back. Our waitress was great. It is a shame she has to supply her own change.

Review №25

Took forever to be seated, even though there were plenty of tables open. They were short staffed. It was hot in the lobby & first dining room. Food was good once we finally ate. This is really a good place to eat, but they have to better.

Review №26

We were never even seated. My family and several other families stood in the doorway for 10 minutes and not one staff member acknowledged us, they could see us but just kept walking past us. I would have understood if they were busy, but there was hardly anyone in the restaurant. All three groups that were waiting left. We have been going to this Ihop for several years now, and the service have been steadily declining. We will not be coming back to this one, if we could not even get a seat I can only imagine how bad the service would have been.

Review №27

This IHOP was clean, nicely decorated and we had a friendly waitress. We were surprised at all the choices offered from chicken fried steak to burgers, and of course breakfast. We decided on breakfast from the (age 55+) choices, which appeared to be $1.00 off the regular price and it was delicious. Bacon and pancakes were my favorite but everything was good. I would recommend this IHOP to others.

Review №28

When this place gets busy I wouldnt expect the best/fastest service. If theres not that many people then the service is much better and you get your food very quickly.

Review №29

Food was good and staff was nice. Only problem I had was they were a little slow to take my order.

Review №30

I'll pregnant waitress was the best but they have problems going on in the kitchen the food was very slow one waitress named Erica was cussing the cookout the manager was lazy wasn't helping out sitting down our food was $20.90 I had a gift card for $10 they swipe my gift card and they end up charging my card $40 had to argue with them about that I will never go back to that IHOP again it was terrible plus be waited about an hour before our food come out never go to IHOP in Burlington North Carolina but I'll waitress I'll give it to her she did everything in her power to keep us calm and she made sure that we was okay but she just couldn't get out food out on time

Review №31

Seemed to be short staffed this morning.,.manager took over our Waitress' duties and did an amazing job considering... She def showed that she cared and was trying...once staffed properly..service should speed up

Review №32

We were seated promptly however the table they seated us at was very dirty had to be cleaned after we were seated. Ordered coffee the first mug came with lipstick on the rim. Took a while to place a food order and took even longer for the food to come out. Food was very cold pancakes were hard had to request water had to request drawls had to request catch up everything nothing was on the table. No one ever came back in between to offer coffee table at the very end when we asked if we could have more coffee. At the price of $2.40 per copy you would think they would keep you happy. This was going to be a nice romantic dinner/ Took a while to place our food order and took even longer for the food to come out. Food was very cold pancakes were hard had to request water had to request drawls had to request catch up everything nothing was on the table. No one ever came back in between to offer coffee till at the very end when we ask if we could have more coffee. At the price of $2.40 per Coffee you would think we would be granted more than one. It was a Friday morning and my husband wanted to treat me to breakfast out what a bad mistake. This will probably be our last trip there if you want to have a good breakfast go to Stavros downtown Burlington. Food is excellent service is fantastic it may be a little hole in the wall but it least you get waited on.

Review №33

Food was good. Our waitress Tammy Was awesome!! The bathrooms needed cleaning really bad tho.

Review №34

The new menu is great! I ordered the Chicken and Waffles and received a HEAPING portion!

Review №35

The pancakes are always great. However, the service was somewhat slow. The chain serves powdered eggs only. I forgot to ask for shell eggs with my order so the scrambled eggs were terrible.

Review №36

Took 27 minutes just to get water at a time there was only around 5 customers in the restaurant. Also they seated 9 of us, 7 kids ages 3 to 12 and two adults in the section of the restaurant with had no AC.? WE got up and moved ourselves to the AC section. My waitress in the cool section was terrific. She waited on the kids patiently. I'm grateful and thankful for the courtesy she showed them

Review №37

This IHOP has been nasty for the past few months. Im not sure what's going on with management. We walked in today to have lunch and the place was filthy. Trash all over the floors and under the table. We were seated at a table with out 19 month old toddler and the table was still dirty. They brought a highchair for our son and it was gross. We literally got up and walked up. We couldn't eat there. I've never in my life been to a restaurant and it was so dirty and filthy.That's the last time we will go to this IHOP. Such a shame because this is the only one in Burlington and I love IHOP.

Review №38

Great friendly service, clean restaurant inside and out. Hot and fast food to the table

Review №39

The waitress was nice but didn't have the best serving etiquette. The restaurant was empty but they still manage to give slow service. The food was good but I can be treated better at my momma's house and get a breakfast just as good. Don't waste your money.

Review №40

Service is extremely slow. We stood waiting to be seated for over 10min and it wasn't busy at all. All they kept saying is hay they would be right with us. When it came to taking out drinks and order same issue and we waited even longer !! Unbelievable.

Review №41

Best iHop experience I've ever had! Good food; Friendly service!

Review №42

Good service is not always a standard, they have good days and bad days. But you can always count with a good omelette and a crispy haswbrown.

Review №43

Very pregnant waitress was awesome. Great attitude and hardworking! Food was good

Review №44

I have loved IHOP for years, but recently service and speed of service have fallen off. Food and specials still good... My last order there were the beef tips. Very good!

Review №45

Open late, great service, good food. Chicken and waffles, y'all!

Review №46

I read the majority of the reviews before I went in. Needless to say, I was not impressed but, I like IHOP so I figured I'd have my own experience. I set a timer for the whole ordeal. It took less then 30 seconds to be greeted and seated, 2 mins to be acknowledged and have order placed, 8 mins for drinks to arrive, and16 mins for food to get to the table. The hostess was attentive and accommodated all of our needs without hesitation and in reasonable time. We started for an hour and had no complaints. I will say as we were leaving, it started getting crowded and I noticed to couples waiting to be seated. Other than that, no complaints. We arrived around 8:30am.

Review №47

They was plenty of staff at this location.we where seated quickly but at least half of the free tables still had dishes and food on them.if this is how they clean where we can see. I don't even want to think what it is like where we can't see. My family will never go back to this location

Review №48

Completely abysmal service, we waited 45 minutes to an hour, customers that arrived much after us were being served swiftly, meanwhile our food was still “15 minutes out”, we decided to walk out after that ETA. We asked to speak to the manager but suddenly our food was ready. we declined further service and will not be returning to this location at all, absolutely poor performance.

Review №49

The eggs were cooked exactly as I ordered and were delicious. The grain and nut pancakes are out if this world! Made even better when our waitress offered warm syrup! So good!

Review №50

My husband and I went this morning to get breakfast since I was craving some funnel cake after breakfast of course, we arrived at 11:34am we were seated right away but waitress dint asked for drinks until 12:04 We ordered the water with lemon and sweet tea with lemon of course she forgot the lemon I ordered the “reopening special” which had eggs, bacon, hash browns and pancakes we finally got our food after 33 minutes an no drinks refills smh!!! My eggs were not fully cooked looked nasty!!! My husband omelette contained avocado but was a old black avocado,I dint even order what I was craving so much I was so disappointed with the food and service!!!!Thanks ihop for nothing!!!!

Review №51

This was a really good IHOP. Good service and the food was prepared well. Had to wait a bit, but they got a rush right after we walked in so that was understandable.

Review №52

Ordered breakfast here 3/31 and all I can say is they need a new cook! The pancakes are super flat and halfway burnt, instead of cooking the cheese threw the omelette the cook just put unmelted cheese on the top. Very disappointed and needless to say I did not eat any of it.

Review №53

Halloween night, place was half empty. Waited 10 minutes for drinks then @ 55 minutes we left, no food. No refills. Nothing. This has been a pretty good place in the past but last two trip have been inexcusable.

Review №54

We were placed in a cold section.. The employees were smoking in the parking lot. They didn't wash their hands. The food service was slow. It took 30min for a order of pancakes and another dish.. They need help and serve safe training

Review №55

We gave them another try since the kids wanted the Elf menu. Aside from not getting what I ordered ( I realize things happen so I ate what I was given anyhow) no one wanted to seat us or take our order. We were ONE of 2 or 3 families in the restaurant. It took 20 minutes to even get our drinks ordered. My husbands food came out with white curled plastic in the gravy. And when the server offered to take care of his meal, they only comped us the hot chocolate we ordered. Complete lack of professional service or management.

Review №56

Server was nice but, it took 1 hour for our food.. the manager send someone else to talk.. I request to cancel our order.. he did apologize for the waiting but, I ask many times how long our food was going to arrive and no answer.. it was not even busy at the time.. we arrive there at 10:29am.. 11:30am we left it was ridiculous on the waiting time for our food..

Review №57

If there's less than one star, never again, food was not even warm, hash brown didn't have any onion or pepper, waffle was barely warm had to ask for butter duh! Terrible experience.

Review №58

I recently went here and received fermented raspberries in my pancakes. After I told someone, I got a free order and they whole thing was cleared up. Excellent coffee!

Review №59

Dirty, dirty slow service and arrogant staff all hanging around talking and not working. Management was just as bad as they never once walked the dining room or were concerned until we just got up and left

Review №60

Long wait for food to come out. The lady waitress wasn't attentive so no tip for her.It took about 20 minute to get my change back the food was small portions and not very good.

Review №61

The food was great and the waitress did a great job of attending to my family.

Review №62

To be under staff, our hostess and waiter was great. Glad they were open on Christmas.

Review №63

Was not the best visit. The place was packed out at 11pm. Was seated within 20 minutes but part of our seating included a table that had not been cleaned. Was 30 or more minutes before the table was cleaned. Only looked as though they had five people working the whole house and one of those was the greeter as well. Finally received our food at about 1am. And one party did not get food until about 1:20 right before leaving. Took it with us. The waitress was a bit stressed but did pretty well considering. Might have been a bad night with not much help.

Review №64

Rude host, inCREDibly slow at seating us, honestly looked and acted like a rat. His name was apparently David, although his lack of name tag made that difficult to find out. Also heard him making racist remarks about other guests to his MANAGER, who failed to call him on it. Already a bad start to our experience, took thirty minutes to get seated despite the fact that there was an entirely empty section of tables. We could see the food backing up in the kitchen from the waiting area, and they weren't even that busy. Had Jaye as our server, very nice, very funny, very professional. The food was A1, absolutely delicious. Honestly the food and Jaye saved the experience from the Rat Boy host.

Review №65

Waited 30+ minutes for food. Never saw server, manager took order, then never saw her again. Bathrooms were dirty & no toliet paper. Table who were sitted and ordered before us were still waiting on food when we left. I understand it was the day after Christmas, but having been in the service industry for 25+ years, this store is in desperate need of proper training on communication and time management. Would not recommend this location to anyone unless it was completely restaffed and retrained. After observing four tables if 5 plus customers walked out before they could even ask for a glass of water.

Review №66

Hashbrowns Pancakes and Coffee hot fresh and great service

Review №67

Waitress was awesome today. But there were ants all over the syrup and someone seriously took a bite out of my pancake. Will not be back to this location.

Review №68

Just good food and nice service.

Review №69

Food's good, prices reasonable, service ok. But it took me standing at the register over 5 minutes before any staffer appeared to take my money. They came VERY close to having a walk-off.

Review №70

Food is good seated quickly waitress didn't pay much attention to her booths.

Review №71

Good food, good staff and usually very fast with service. Most all the time you will have a line waiting to get in. But over all the food is worth the wait.

Review №72

I love IHOP I love their pancakes mine are the red velvet pancakes it is so good the waitresses was very friendly I would recommend it to go to IHOP.

Review №73

IHOP has always been a favorite place for us to go and get breakfast any time of the day! The food is always consistently good and we usually have very good service. I love the variety of pancakes, stuffed crepes, and omelettes! I always ask for warm maple syrup for my pancakes, not something you can get at all restaurants where they serve pancakes. They don't always tell you about it's availability or even ask you anymore if you would like to have it (esp. when your server is really busy) if you didn't know it was available as an option in addition to all the flavors currently sitting at your table, now you do! I hope you enjoy!

Review №74

We are eat she is Sweeping the Brumous almost and face are food no good

Review №75

Good Food and Good Service.Only drawbacks Place is To Small to handle influxes of Patrons. And Parking is the same (Small parking lot)

Review №76

Every thing was great and our server Nora was awesome!!!

Review №77

I love IHOP's breakfast, but I wanted lunch so I got the pot roast, mashed potatoes and broccoli. It was not that good, and it was about $10. The meat was ok, the potatoes were left over from the day before, and the broccoli wasn't cooked all the way. I suggest only eating their breakfast, that's what they are good at.

Review №78

Love that they redid the place a little inside. Wait staff is still iffy but acceptable

Review №79 my second visit to the Burlington location in 30 days. The first time was frustrating, because one of the waitress kept complaining she wasn't taking anymore tables. Our food took forever and mine was cold because they waited for my wife's to get done before they brought mine out. This time was worse than the 1st. I'm done won't be a 3rd time.

Review №80

Food was so good and fresh

Review №81

Well, we went and stood waiting on someone to seat us with only 5 tables that had people sitting. My husband saw one of the cooks open the mens bathroom go in and he had no time to wash his hands. Then saw him come right out with the door wide enough that he could see he didn't wash his hands and went straight back to cooking. We turned right around and walked out without being seated thank the lord!

Review №82

Called in my order for pick up. Waited about 30 mins for it to be ready and headed that way. Was told that they didn't have my order. They had no record of it and walked away without any sort of resolution or compensation for wasted time. Poor customer service. Do not go here. The food is not worth the price and mistreatment.

Review №83

According to all the parties in my group, not so good tonight. They were out of regular sausage, the link sausage they had wasn't to the quality we were used to. Was on average - average.

Review №84

Worse IHOP location ever! Our waitress Jamie was scattered and she only had two other tables, every request that we had, she would debate, like our way wasn't the way it should be. Example, we asked for crispy bacon, the bacon came out looking like they threw it on the grill for 2 minutes, then to the plate it went. We asked if we could have CRISPY bacon, she said, well, the cooks will say it's burnt if you want it crispy. I couldn't believe that came out if her mouth. We asked for ketchup 3 times and finally in the third request we received it. Part of our order was never brought out but we were charged for it, however it was corrected and removed from our bill when we checked out. The cashier had the personality of a rock, seemed like she was mad at the world. This location has gone downhill in a major way.

Review №85

Food was good minimum service and management though. Wouldn't eat there by myself.

Review №86

We came in close to closing time and we treated as tho there during the middle of the day. They didn't act like we were an annoyance our service was fantastic!

Review №87

The service was bad, we never got refills. Our order came out partly wrong (I substitute the pancakes for extra hash browns) and it was wrong. After dropping off our food order, we never seen our waitress again.

Review №88

Service was slow. Order 2 eggs. I was lucky if there was one egg on the plate

Review №89

The air conditioning wasn't working properly and was very warm. It's smelly and dirty. It gets a lot of traffic so it might be a good idea to freshen it up a bit.

Review №90

Food is good but manager is very rude. She makes you pay 2.99 to sub sausage for shredded beef and her employees are always fighting in the back. She won't sub nothing else either, doesn't care what customers want.

Review №91

Good food. Friendly staff

Review №92

Great variety, named brands, great customer service!

Review №93

Marginal as usual. Decent food, moderately friendly staff.

Review №94

Staff toooo laid back..

Review №95

Kinda slow but the food is delicious

Review №96

I ordered online and I got there 5 minutes after my food was supposed to be ready. The woman gave it to someone else because it was similar to mine. Then I asked the manager and she said it was made already. They all went to the back and stayed back there for 10 minutes. Didn't say a thing. Someone came back and said she gave the wrong order out, and they were remaking it. They wouldn't bother giving me a discount for the trouble. So they get 2 stars. Horrible service!!

Review №97

Love their chocolate chocolate chip pancakes. But when you ask for ham in place of bacon and sausage it is so tiny that it is gone on one bite.Wish they had sugar free Orange Juice.

Review №98

Good food. Great service. A little slow on time to receive food . Restaurant was not crowded. Overall good spot. .

Review №99

Sat down. Ordered immediately. Waited over 20 minutes with no food, while everybody around me (who arrived after me) got served. Walked out. No apologies, seemed like just another day in how this place operates.

Review №100

I ate the strawberry banana french toast in five min.

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3.2 Rating
  • Address:900 Longpine Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 336-343-6040
  • American restaurant
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  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–10PM
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  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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