Little Caesars Pizza
2224 N Church St, Burlington, NC 27217, United States
Review №1

It would be nice if your employees actually acknowledge the customers and stop playing with their phones. I watched him ring up 3 customers while I was waiting for my pizza and not once did he say hi or how can I help you to myself or anyone else . He stood there scrolling through his phone. The one poor lady had to ask 3 times how much her total was because he was mumbling and paying more attention to his phone. I know it's just little caesars but have a little bit more friendly customer service.

Review №2

It's good

Review №3

I asked the cashier if the pizza/bread stick special was any good. He responds " i don't eat here" and that was the end of the conversation. He wouldn't even look at me. He had music blasting and was bobbing his head, but ignored the customers. I won't be back. Dominos is up the road and for an extra 2 dollars i get 3 toppings, garlic crust, and professionalism.

Review №4

I have never been to a more discussing, unsanitary, fowl smelling place as this!! I had a small lunch break today and decided to stop and get a pizza. As soon as I opened the door the smell hit me right in the face. It smelt like mildew and mold. I put my order in and I had to wait. They had no pizzas ready at all and I got there around 11:15/11:20 am. I had to wait for 20 minutes and when I got my pizza there were black speaks that looked like mold or metal shavings on cooked in the dough. I will NEVER COME BACK and I will NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO COME HERE!!! THUS PLACE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!

Review №5

I called and ordered a Classic Pepparoni and a Diet Pepsi 20oz. They took my order as any other chain would, but they never asked for my address. I thought this was weird but I didn't let it bother me and just waited- "maybe they had a screen where your address and stuff is shown like other places have" i thought. 2 hours passed. I called and when someone answered, they told me "We don't do orders over the phone, you'll have to use GrubHub or DoorDash." And while I didn't know, I completely understood, but WHY WOULD THE PERSON WHO TOOK MY ORDER NOT TELL ME THAT?! I do like Little Ceasers a lot but this was just strange.

Review №6

Won't give 1 star because customer service is still good. But quality of food is below average. Got a cheese pizza nice and hot and it's hard as a brick.

Review №7

Great service...especially towards our Veterans

Review №8

Oh man. Little Caesars in general is my favorite. But this particular one is great. Haven't had a badly made pizza yet and they're pretty quick.

Review №9

They lost ur online order. The management was very diresptful. He acted like he was high on drugs. He smell like marijuana. Will not oder there anymore. Plus they charged my card on the online order app.

Review №10

It was just before closing so my food was over cooked and dried out

Review №11

Weird employees but pizza is good

Review №12

Saturday July 24th at about 11pm I went to this location to get a $5 pizza and some crazy bread. First off I had to wait in the lobby while the workers talked and played around in the back it was 3 customers including myself waiting on help and by the time we got help we all had been standing there for at least 15 minutes. I ordered my pizza and bread sticks and they said 15 minutes wait I went back to get my pizza and had to stand and wait again for about 10 minutes while they played and talked in the back when I told him my order they didn't even remember it and I had to tell them. When I got home last night my pizza was cold really cold and my crazy bread was real doughy not done and didn't look like they cook it like they were supposed to I wish I could take a picture for you guys to see this bread none of my family ate the pizza or bread and I've called to get my order replaced ASAP..... I think something should be done and training needs to be redone also because this is unexceptable.

Review №13

I have tried to give this place a second chance but that was a failure. It took us 45 minutes to get 3 pizzas. 2 with pepperoni and 1 cheese. Well they couldn't even remember if they put a cheese pizza in the oven so we took 3 peps. When we got them all 3 only had crust on the outside of them and the middle was nothing but cheese and fricking grease. This place has gone down hill. The kids working stay to busy on their cell phones and the floor and Window was covered with dead flies. When lance was manager there it was the best place to get pizza. Please put a manager in there that cares and will make its employees work.

Review №14

Meatlovers pizza is awwsome

Review №15

Service was terrible cashier acted like I was inconveniencing her by asking a question..

Review №16

For one NO CUSTOMER SERVICE at all. No smile I asked the young lady in the front if the pizza was fresh she said yes.. I've heard the pizza here was not the best... wanted see for myself... well as u guys can see here the pictures I posted... I spent a little over 20 and it definitely was a waste my kids and I were not at ALL SATISFIED SOMEONE needs to be retrained on how to make the pizza and someone needs to teach the cashier some customer service

Review №17

The customer service was not that good. When you walk into an establishment. At least greet the customer. I work with dealing with the public. The pizza would have been great if there was parmesan cheese. But I was told that you all no longer carry it. It was collder in there than it was outside.

Review №18

Or families favorite Friday or any night quick dinner spot. It's affordable and the employees are helpful and friendly

Review №19

Very unfriendly & unhelpful employees and on top of they keep the old pizza to sale them. Be sure to open & check your pizza for freshness. I don't recommend anyone to go there.

Review №20

Average wait time is 15 minutes. The guy that left when I did tonight said we waited 30 minutes. He got 2 pizzas and 2 crazy bread.

Review №21

Pizza always cold...hard....or burnt but it says hot and ready and you always have to wait forever for a pizza

Review №22

I always use the pizza portal it's perfect! Watching everyone wait while I type a code and walk out with my order.

Review №23

Its fast pizza. What's not to like. Well their sauce actually gives me stomach acid and I dont always get that with pizza.

Review №24

It's ok but they are really slow. The wait time for specials are ridiculous. Overall I give the food a 4 out of 10.

Review №25

Good customer service and got my food quickly

Review №26

I drove 14.1 miles to get the pretzel crust pizza. Wanted to try it looked good on advertising. Problem is I walked in Employee behind counter was talking to a girl standing there. He asked what I wanted and I said pretzel crust pizza and some cheese sticks. He said I got to go get somebody cause the register was locked. He went in back was there like 10-15 minutes I thought he was making the pretzel crust. He comes back out with just a bag in his hand like they put breadsticks in and hands it to the girl. Then another girl comes out and unlocks register he asks what was it you wanted again. So he gets cheese sticks out and the girl from back brings out the pizza. I pay for it and go next door to grocery store for soda. I drive the 14 miles home open the box and there is a plain cheese pizza How do you get a cheese pizza out of Pretzel crust pizza. So I proceed to call there to tell them I got cheese pizza and was on receipt pretzel crust pizza and wanted it ready when I got back there. So now for way over 15 minutes the phone is busy. I am gonna drive 56 miles total cause someone don't know how to do their job.

Review №27

Friendly staff and had what I needed.

Review №28

You get what you pay for & you can bearly understand the people working here

Review №29

They are not consistent with their dough texture and toppings not distributed evenly. Cheese and sauce were almost non existent. Last month it was made correctly, today it was a disappointment.

Review №30

Nobody seems like that want to answer the phone you can call and call and still no answer it's crazy

Review №31

They can never get my order right

Review №32

Amazing. I finally tried 2 of the extra most bestest pizza and I loved it. All the extra cheese and pepperoni was delicious. It was cooked fresh as I required.

Review №33

Today it was good but like any place always check u or food

Review №34

Great love use the pick up portal

Review №35

Staff at this location are always very nice.

Review №36

Horrible service they screw up an online order when it's right in front of their faces

Review №37

Had an employee at front she just threw my pizza at me like if I was a dog. Will not be ordering my pizza if she's there but other then that I love getting my pizza there

Review №38

The best lobster I've had in my life, everybody there is a 10/10 with the service, every little ceasar is always good tf.

Review №39

There pizza is ok for the price not the best but not the worst either!

Review №40

Before i dont like but today is the best pizza the cheese oustanding a lot of flavor the ingredients to tasty and the price awesome

Review №41

Great food and a great price

Review №42

Takes a little bit to get your pizza, but otherwise staff are pleasant and facilities are clean

Review №43

Good just to greasy for me

Review №44

Every time i got there is always a wait on the "hot and ready" they say 5 minutes but its always 10 or more. I went Saturday April 13th about 330 and the lady that attended me said there would be a 5 minute wait. I waited 15 minutes for 4 pepperoni pizzas. When another lady asked her whos they were she said "the heavy set one". I heard her say it and i was really irritated by that because that was uncalled for and rude!!! She should have said something else like the one in the white shirt. I did confront her and tell her she ahould think before she speaks because that's very rude im a big girl thats obvious no need to point it out. She just said "oh im sorry" but i could tell it wasn't a sincere im sorry she only said it because i heard her. This lady is always rude but this was ridiculous!

Review №45

Used to be our favorite now it's always burnt and extra most best is basically the same as a regular now

Review №46

If you want pizza as quick as you get other fast food then this is the place for you. They have the Hot N Ready and your out the door within 5 minutes usually. Overall the pizza is what to expect for something convenient.

Review №47

Hot n ready...cheerful staff

Review №48

Inexpensive. Not always hot n ready. Newly remodeled. Complete turnover in employees. Clean. Nice staff

Review №49

Only when its fresh

Review №50

Pizza is good but the wait time for a call in was slow

Review №51

Family large one topping for $5

Review №52

Service is normally fast and easy but my last visit was horrible. There were about 6 workers in there but no one had a clue what was going on. No pizzas were Hot n Ready and it was just a mess.

Review №53

Great pizza great price

Review №54

The Pizza was great and the savory was OK

Review №55

The workers were very very respectful in front and doing a great job.

Review №56

Good pizza at fair prices, they keep introducing new pizza all the time but the prices are getting ridiculous, they cost more than the bigger chain pizza franchises

Review №57

Walked in and order a pie with everything and received it within 5 minutes. Quick courteous and friendly. Will visit again

Review №58

This would be the 5th time getting my pizza incorrectly. Waited forever only to receive the wrong food. I'm done with this place, it's dominos or Marcos from here out. No management solution and only offered a refund after acknowledging himself that he knows my orders have been messed up before. Terrible service and not worth the headache. Doesn't matter what city I'm in, lol lil ceasars never again!

Review №59

Very poor help to do the a 90 that is a my health book.when i ran that restaurant. It never came under 96.5..and no i can't work anymore. But i can supervise. But your back down to a manager at 5 pm when u should be ready for supper.That grade will turn my stomach. Tells me somebody didn't do there job or didn't have enough help to do the job trying to hit labor.that is unacceptable. Tell them in detroit to get off there ass.and help that store.

Review №60

The lady hate it when i ask for fresh pizza instead of the old ones

Review №61

Fantastic prices.

Review №62

Always great but their "Hot and Ready" items around 5pm, are usually a little behind. Other than that, the food is awesome!

Review №63

The lady who helped me was very nice but,it took a little while to get my pizza cooked

Review №64

The thing crust pizza was the worse pizza I ever had the onions and green peppers was so big that's all you could taste never eat there again

Review №65

I order at least once a week...good cheap pizza

Review №66

Always hot & ready! Good service, $5 a pizza? Mmhhhh, I could have one right now

Review №67

It was so hot and chessy it was so good

Review №68

Sanitation requirements not met

Review №69

Had to wait about 10 minutes on a stuffed crust deep dish pizza and wasn't even a whole pizza. They made 2 small ones and put them in a in a box together. Had to ask twice for my garlic butter.

Review №70

Very good pizza

Review №71

Good pizza fast.

Review №72

I waited 50 mins for 2 pizzas. Its never hot and ready. Management didnt have compassion for paying customers. I asked to speak to a manager and his response was im the only one making pizzas. There were at least 4-5 other employees other than him. In my opinion, train more employees.

Review №73

Small store, so if it's busy it is very hard to stand inside and wait. Food is good and fresh.

Review №74

Crazy in love

Review №75

I have never had a bad experience coming to this little Caesar until today. I went in to get meal deal 1. When they young lady called out saying there was only two crazy breads left, ( not trying to be racist) a light skinned black girl with curly hair and fat gave us, the customers a ugly pissed off look. Like the face you give to your kid when they repeatedly do something they're not supposed to do. She's there because she needs a job and y'all hired her to serve out yalls food. If she doesn't like her job, I recommend looking for something that takes that rude face off .

Review №76

The pizzs suppose to be HOT AND READY but it's never ready!!! I went in on a Friday and watched two people come in after me after waiting for ten minutes get their food before me.

Review №77

Very good price and very good pizza

Review №78

Good food for a good price.

Review №79

Employees don't know how to NOT touch your food and my pizza was doughy

Review №80

I had an awesome experience with the guy that works there they were so nice and friendly!!!

Review №81

Better than pizza Hut stuff crust.

Review №82

Love this place, easy to get to Very Clean!!!! Confident that it'll be hot by the time I get home.....

Review №83

Little Caesar's here I'd a nice place to get dinner. During lunch and dinner though, the store is somewhat crouded and the wait can be long. I was told after a 10-minute wait in line that it would take 15 minutes before my pizzas would be ready. Also, the staff could do a little better on the cleaning.

Review №84

Staff has a terrible attitude problem the lady that took our order was sitting there roller her eyes and was extremely rude.. don't recommend

Review №85

New manager, much better.

Review №86

Been going here for 30 years. It may be a little ghetto but its delicious and nostalgic. Don't ever change.

Review №87

Might want to call in advance hot and ready don't mean that they always have it but other than that the food is awesome....

Review №88

We called in order but it was not made called them back and got pizza order replaced

Review №89

Poor service, quality even worse

Review №90

Intoxicating odor upon entry

Review №91

Goog is good

Review №92

My experience with delivery has always been great. Even though once, one if my orders was void without my knowledge they fixed the problem as soon as possible and with respect

Review №93

Outstanding food and service.

Review №94

Pizzas are burnt. Tried to call but phone line is disconnected.

Review №95

Good pizza and affordable

Review №96

Always have to wait

Review №97

Sometimes they make okay Pizza good service but they're always creepy people around there not a safe place don't look safe that all

Review №98

There's always a wait and my cheese pizza looked a little burnt.

Review №99

Would be better with plates and cups

Review №100

Great prices for pizza on the go

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