LongHorn Steakhouse
153 Huffman Mill Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
Review №1

Excellent job from LongHorn in Burlington! I asked for my Flo's filet medium well. It came out well done but I found it was still delicious! The waiter Billy (William) is a really great waiter. Billy was professional, respectful and nice! I liked Billy! Billy, I hope your business takes off and you can be your own boss really soon! Best wishes!There was an issue with an electronic gift card I was sent by LongHorn Guest Relations. For some reason, the card wouldn't work. They couldn't pull up the cards use history or anything about the card! Brandon, the manager, did a great job handling the situation. He added a discount equal to the amount of the gift card along with another discount because my steak was cooked incorrectly.

Review №2

Really deserves to be rated 4.5 stars. It was my wife's birthday so she wanted a steak. Has been awhile since we had eaten at LongHorn Steakhouse so that was our choice of places.As we all know these chain steakhouse's are pretty good but this one is above the others.Seated very quickly for a Friday night the server was very good. Brought out our tea and bread which is a meal itself but not this meal. We were brought our Salad which was very fresh and crisp could have been cut up in smaller pieces but it was fine.Our steaks were ordered without any seasonings I prefer to taste the meat which was cooked to order juicy with great flavor. I had the N.Y. Strip brought about half home.All in all great service, very good and tasty food and drink. WILL make a return visit soon to verify if this was the way it always is.The Manager came by and asked if all was well which you do not witness every place anymore.

Review №3

Great Place to order from, food is great.Won't it in though because Coronavirus.But very nice.

Review №4

Today was terrible the service was horrible little blonde hair girl short hair pulled up and some type of bandana around her head first she was not attended at all she did not get our drinks right she forgot our bread then when food came she never brought my salad and then told me I never ordered salad so I said whatever oh no I'll get you a salad if you want one... Well I did order one but I'm at the point of now I just want to get up and leave you don't go out to eat much and when you do take your family out you would at least hope they get the basics right before we arrived I said I'm only doing something simple steak salad and bread they can't mess that up lo and behold it happened

Review №5

Awesome atmosphere. Service was on point all the way around. The food was delicious and very tasty. I loved the service of wanting me to be there. In today's time it's hard finding great places to sit down and enjoy a meal. The Manager Mike was so caring, won me over on suggesting me to try the delicious Peanut butter and mousse in the jar desert Destiny our waitress was awesome.Big ups Burlington LongHornKeep doing what you do.

Review №6

One of the BEST restaurants in Burlington. I absolutely love the Outlaw and the fully loaded potato soup. Friendly staff as well.

Review №7

I suggest the longhorn steak it was amazing with a side salad and loaded baked potato. Our server was amazing and took great care of our table and drinks.

Review №8

Absolutely the worst service I have had in years at any local restaurant. If my waitress spent as much time visiting her tables instead of chit chatting with the hostesses and texting at the the entrance everyone would have been better off. And heard the front staff making fun of a patron as we came in. Are you serious? Who is the staffing manager here?

Review №9

We had the filet, strawberry salad and sweet potato. For desert (it was my birthday), the ice cream caramel. Everything was super delicious, can't think of me thing I would be able to improve on. In addition to the wonderful meal, we had a wonderful waitress. I would highly recommend this Longhorn restaurant!

Review №10

My wife and I enjoyed a great steak and also had sides that were delicious too. The waitress who took care of us was nice and able to help with any questions about the food. I'd highly recommend trying them.

Review №11

Had a date night last week here and our waiter Billy was phenomenal! We had a hiccup w/ seating initially & ended up being seated in his section. We were a lively bunch and he handled us like a champ. Remembering endless appetizer, main meal, & drink orders [with no pen or pad], timely refills & table cleanup, and just being in sync & unrattled by the big personalities at our table. Definitely seasoned at customer service as well as personable & professional! We will be coming back, definitely asking for Billy as soon as we arrive.

Review №12

There's no question that the Longhorn steak house has the best steaks of any restaurant chain in the entire area. You would have to go to a major city like Charlotte or even New York to get a better steak. They have a wide variety menu if you like certain seafood dishes or even chicken but the main menu is steak and they do it very well. Their prime rib is as good as any you will find in any other city around here and even in Raleigh. The service is excellent and the presentation very good. Prices are reasonable for this area. Expect to pay between 18 to $35 for an excellent steak depending upon the size. Prime rib starts about 22 to $24 and goes up. If you like chicken tenders they have a buttermilk batter that is outstanding. Wait times are usually fairly fast but expect up to an hour on Friday and Saturday nights. Call ahead and make a reservation.

Review №13

Steak was perfect. Great service too. I will be back

Review №14

Great service food was cooked to order and was amazing BUT most of all the young lady that waited on us was the best, amazing,great at her job ... Her name was "Ashley" if you want the best of the best ask for her ...over all this place get a big "10 "go and enjoy

Review №15

Good service but they make the meat too raw i ask med well but I got rare

Review №16

Great service, great atmosphere, my outlaw ribye was cooked perfectly, one of the best steaks I have had in a while. I definitely recommend this location!

Review №17

Absolute joke of service. Checked in online and showed 45 minute wait, which on a Saturday night in COVID conditions is understandable. Arrived at the restaurant to be told it would be a small wait.....sat outside another 45 minutes waiting to be called as group after group goes in. I go I. And they blame it on the computer and tell me it will be just a bit longer. So all together an hour longer than what it should have been. Once inside we were never told sorry, or anything. Then I watched a group of five to six female workers on their phones non stop, laughing, not even attempting to monitor the wait area and it all made sense. Will never eat here again a d will be sure to share my experience of this joke of a restaurant.

Review №18

The waitress was first rate. They dropped the ball on my Pittsburgh Rare but made up for it by making a great rare in its place

Review №19

Longhorn is a awesome place with a great atmosphere but without their signature prime rib I probably will try to find somewhere else to go where I can get a prime rib.

Review №20

Katy/Katie was great and super sweet, fantastic waitress and not dull at all. Food was awesome, steak made perfect, and overall experience was super.

Review №21

Not sure what happened to my original review. I wish I could remember names, but we went here about a month ago and were treated terribly by the staff at the door. It would do no good to address the service with the manager, as he was one of the problems. There was not one friendly person at the front.Our waitress was very spacy, but friendly enough. She got everything wrong and everything seemed like a daunting task. But she was nicer than any of her coworkers. The food is the only reason they got more than one star. The food was actually pretty good as always for this establishment.

Review №22

We enjoyed our outlaw and t-bone steaks. They were so delicious, and juicy. Thanks to the chef's, and staff.

Review №23

Service was great. The Chicken Firecracker wraps are amazing!!!

Review №24

The steak was one of the best I have had in many years.

Review №25

Everyone in our party loved their food. Honestly I would describe the waitstaff as very curt. I also have always had a long wait at every experience I have had at this restaurant. We have gone on different days and at different times but it is always the same outcome. Super long wait but food is worth it (if you have the time).Example last visit we went on a Tuesday night and arrived at 645. We did not leave until 930. This was for 3 adult meals and 2 kid plates.

Review №26

The staff and food was very good. The bartender and hostess was really top notch.

Review №27

Ordering takeout, I was initially brought the wrong order. I did not get the correct order until 25 minutes after the stated pick-up time. I think that at the very least, I should have been offered a free dessert. Giving two stars rather than one because the food, once I got it, was good and the probably waitress at least kept me updated. She seemed to be the only server doing takeout.

Review №28

I love the food and wait staff!Great place to eat.

Review №29

Gabby our waitress was awesome and attentive!!! Food came out hot and delicious!!! Nice friendly atmosphere!!

Review №30

The food was hot and fresh and the waitress Maggie was awesome!

Review №31

My steak was prepared just like I love! My bread wasn't as fresh as it normally is. Overall, I am very well pleased. Longhorn is my absolute favorite steak restaurant and I have only be disappointed once last year.

Review №32

Staff was nice and environment is very clean. Spacious and safety goals met. Makes life seem almost back to normal.

Review №33

Good service. The steak was very good and cooked to perfection. The crispy Brussel sprouts were great too.

Review №34

Overall foods good. It's a hit or miss if your steak is cooked the way you want but usually it's close enough to my liking.

Review №35

Great salads. Steaks are cooked to perfection with lots of flavor.

Review №36

First time out since reopening dine-in. Food was awesome, waitress was wonderful. All safety protocol was abided by. Our group of three had a great lunch date. Bloody Mary's were awesome!

Review №37

Food and service was good but $6.95 for a beer puts a damper on the experience.

Review №38

This location has great service and food.

Review №39

It's been so long since we've been able to have a seat in a great restaurant. The steak was fantastic and with the limited seating due to Gov. Cooper's manufactured hysteria, we got great service!

Review №40

AMAZING Chicken sandwich! I know, Chicken sandwich but you gotta try it!

Review №41

Food was HORRI LE!! Definitely going down and this used to be my favorite steakhouse!

Review №42

Brittany was extremely professional and happy on the phone!! She took my online order with ease and helped guide me as to what to order. Great customer service!!

Review №43

Absolutely delicious food, they had our 6-guest party's table ready even with the kids menus. Service can be slow on weekends due to all of the customers but worth the wait.

Review №44

Hello COVID-19 I order a Rib Eye Steak medium well but received a Medium steak. I informed the waiter he agreed that it was medium. He take my plate and carry it to another table holding it. He was taken the other table order holding my plate talking over my food other people at that table. I was happy they had space the setting. I refuse to eat that steak after that. Restaurant please remember about COVID-19. So I had no dinner because my health is more important than a steak.

Review №45

Slow service , ordered sweet tea said they didn't have any. Steak was not cooked medium rare it was well done and dry. Won't go back

Review №46

Place follows social distancing guidelines. Service was great. Food was good.

Review №47

Great food, service excellent & did not feel rushed to complete the meal & get lost. Never ran out of water, food was tasty & hot & the coffee & dessert was to die for. Recommend & will be a must stop whenever I come to Burlington NC. Thanks to the staff, cooks, & everyone that it takes to run this restaurant successfully. You are 10 stars all the way!Returned afternoon30 January 2018, and it was as different as night and day.I nearly walked out before seating.I was alone and first thing, even though it was off hours, the hostess asked if I would mind sitting at the bar.I did actually. I had no one else with me and I do not believe in drinking a DROP of alcohol and driving (years ago I had a friend die in a DUI car accident)I did not need temptation right there in front of me.So when I declined she got huffy, then informed me it would be 15 minutes or more before I can get a table elsewhere.The tables were not dirty, there was more than one server on duty (in contrast to her statement there was only one wait staff employee working.)It was a forced hand move on her part to make me go to the bar....So instead of doing what I should have, which was leave, I acquiesced and went to the bar.The waitress made up for the hostess (using that term very loosely) being snarky towards me.I tipped her almost 50% for being so nice.If anyone at Longhorn works there should happen to read this review.....If a solo customer does not want to sit on the bar area, do not assume it is a problem with being a solo diner... or the diner thinking they deserve special treatment.Do not try and punish someone for not wanting to sit at the bar..Your patrons deserve better.I will most likely not return to this restaurant in the future.Changing my original five stars to one for this so called "hostess".

Review №48

Amazing to say the least!!!!! Came here on a busy Sunday and it was a very much worth the short wait!! Everything I ordered was hot AND good!!! The Honey Wheat loaf was amazing! My waitress Gabby was very nice and upbeat!! Very knowledgeable and friendly!! And then there is Mike who may be the manager very nice guy!!! Loved it and will surely be back!!

Review №49

Steak was cooked just how I liked it and was very seasoned!!

Review №50

Standard steakhouse, not special. Good service, food okay, not great.

Review №51

My wife and I both got filet mignons. They were cook to our preference. I like mine medium rare and my wife likes hers medium. They were absolutely delicious. Mine also came with a lobster tail that was cooked perfectly. For sides she got the roasted brussel sprouts with a honey glaze and I got the sauteed mushrooms and we both had salad. She said their homemade strawberry vinaigrette dressing was very good. It came with bread and because it was our twenty-eight year anniversary, our waitress gave us a free Sundae. Which was a nice touch!! Thank you Longhorn Steakhouse! We will definitely be back!!

Review №52

Good steaks for a chain restaurant. Excellent staff, always a smile with great service.

Review №53

Eating at Longhorn Steakhouse is always a pleasure. Excellant food. Awesome service. Comfortable atmosphere. Have never had a bad experience. Love this steakhouse!!!

Review №54

Waitress Tiffany was awesome and the food was amazing!

Review №55

I'm not sure what has happened to this Longhorn over the past year, but their level of quality and service has declined significantly. My family and I love to eat here, but after today's experience we won't be coming here for quite a while. We made sure to arrive early since Sunday lunches are known to be packed. Even with our planning we still had to wait over an hour to receive our food. (The restaurant wasn't busy when we arrived) When our food did come out my steak was rare (super red on the inside) even though I ordered medium rare which should be warm and pink. I sent it back and just asked to have the steak boxed up since I knew I wouldn't be eating with my family. The manager brought out the same steak, not a new one, and told me “try cutting into this”. No apology for anything. When food isn't correct own up to the mistake and make it right. I cut into one side which looked fine, but to my own mistake the other side is still beyond red. I'll be grilling the steak myself at home now, so thanks for that. Terrible quality and terrible service.

Review №56

Great food, food cooked in a timely manner, and very nice and clean establishment. The food is a little pricey but still very delicious.

Review №57

Always good, steaks. Salmon, chicken and desserts

Review №58

While the food is good, it's still a bit pricey. Our waitress was awesome. I think Texas Roadhouse is just as good and not as pricey. I would still eat at LongHorn again though.

Review №59

First time eating at the Burlington, NC location. Clean, inviting atmosphere, friendly and attentive staff. The food was outstanding! The parmesan crusted chicken was fabulous. My friend had grilled salmon and said it was perfect. I will definitely dine there again.

Review №60

I love this place and I get the same meal everytime.

Review №61

We went to this LongHorn on a very busy Friday night, but they managed to seat us in under 30 minutes. The food, from the moment you smell it outside until you finish eating, is so good. I asked them to make me a certain burger but sub chicken. The manager didn't hesitate to comply and the waiter was so kind and attentive. We really loved our visit here and will come back and I will definitely be ordering this parmesan garlic fries again.

Review №62

Great food and service until a party of 10 got seated beside us :(

Review №63

Enjoyed our meal and received good service. Busy but not too long of a wait. Nice having the local beer Red Oak on tap. My wife also enjoyed her sangria.

Review №64

They do a great job! I love steaks! The food is excellent! They are always crowded.

Review №65

Great Service..Great Food...Did Bday Dinner and got Free Shrimp App and Bday Dessert

Review №66

Always a great meal at LH

Review №67

The ribeye steak was awesome.

Review №68

Longhorn is one of our consistent "go tos" locally. Although it is a "chain" brand it has always felt like a locally owned restaurant to us. We love to stop in from time to time for a drink and appetizers at the bar. If you are looking for more, you can't go wrong with the ribs....always spot on!

Review №69

We've never been to this location before BUT WE WILL BE BACK. My goodness everything was amazing. Our wait time was 2 minutes, server was amazing & the food some of the best we've had outside my wife's kitchen. Btw get the mac'n cheese and the parmesian crusted chicken.

Review №70

Good service,good food and the manager is very kind. Waitress was respectful and kind

Review №71

Good friendly service and great steaks you can't go wrong. Enjoyed the time.

Review №72

Food and Staff were Spectator.Can't wait for my next visit.

Review №73

Great safe eating and Great Service

Review №74

Great dinner! 45 minute just to get in and be seated. 45 minutes to eat. But the kicker, when your done eating and you wait for the the waitress to come back, 24 minutes we wait. When she makes it back and asks if we need anything else and then another 15 to get the check. All while you have another dozen or so of people out waiting 45 minutes to get. Its messed up! Where's the manager?

Review №75

I ate here (Burlington) last night with a party of 4 adults and 2 infants. I tried to make a reservation but sadly they don't take reservations. I was told to call in advance "just before you get here to shorten your wait time", so I did and the hostess had my info when I checked in about five minutes later at 6pm. At 6:35 I was informed that people weren't leaving, and I felt like leaving, so the decision was made to seat us at a "four top booth". We made it work by sitting on our jackets, baby bags under foot, and two infants sticking out half into the main aisle. If I didn't have a drink before I left the house I'd never been so amenable. Looking back that was reckless. Wait staff serving hot heavy plates over the head of a 2 month old, being just one portly or inebriated patron stumble away from disaster. No one at the restaurant should have been OK with that situation. The steak and salad were good, but to endure all that and for $90? True, we could have loaded everyone back into the cars and driven somewhere else but there is only so much time you have with a small child, and did I mention it's below 40 outside?I don't understand the "no reservations" policy.

Review №76

Good and fresh fries and good beef

Review №77

Food taste good. Attentive server.

Review №78

I just placed a large to Go order and Pam the lady I spoke with acted like she did not want my business. She asked me to go online or fax the order it was 10 orders and I rather do it in person because we prefer the names on each boxes .My office orders a lot from there and never had this problem before . She had an attitude through out the whole entire phone call which made me feel disrespected and unwanted. From now on we will take our business else where. We get a lot of rep lunches so they will definitely be missing out.

Review №79

Amazing lunch and server!

Review №80

This is the best place to get a steak in Burlington. They know how to cook a Steak!!! All other places will overcook the steak.

Review №81

Food is excellent. Kaleigh is a great waitress !

Review №82

Delicious...very nice service

Review №83

Here's another place that didn't impress me all that much food was okay pretty good but not for the prices unbelievably high prices for the food quality this restaurant has been here since 1996 it was the first time I eat thereI probably wouldn't go back unless the people I were with were also going and wanted me to go it's just not worth it

Review №84

We were here on Saturday night January 11. Service was good but all 10 of use were not at all happy with the meal. Only thing good was the salad and soup. Steaks were tuff ribs were cold and the potatoes were cold. Will not be returning or a meal

Review №85

We were a party of 10 and we had 2 waiters but only 1 was amazing. The only issue we had was that our food was rushed. The shrimp was super salty and the prime rib had more fat than meat. The male waiter was very attentive but the female waitress made the entire party feel like an inconvenience. We went on a Thursday and she handed out to go boxes 5mins into receiving our food.

Review №86

My lunch was absolutely amazing I had the prime rib with the shrimp Lobster cream soup best meal I've ever had it long horn I got here at 11:30 there was no crowd the service was amazing the lady took care of my every need she didn't get mad when I pulled out my laptop and work sometimes in these restaurants they get mad as if you're taking up a table but she greeted me and welcomed me to work as long as I needed to will definitely come back again definitely recommend the prime rib sandwich and the shrimp and lobster soup

Review №87

The soup, the veggies,and the prices were reasonable.

Review №88

The service was not good and the steak was not cooked right.

Review №89

We had a large party but didnt have to wait too long because I called ahead. The food was great and seasoned really well. The two waitresses working our group did a great job at keeping up with who had what at our tables.

Review №90

Arrived at 2:30 today, the place wasn't busy at all. We were told we would have a 25 minute wait but were actually seated in less than 15 mins. We sat down, and gave the server our drink and food order at the same time. We waited OVER an hour for our food, the server never acknowledged one time that we had been waiting way too long for our food. I asked her what was taking so long on our order, she said 'it should be out soon, the kitchen is a little behind'. She never apologized, or tried to make the issue right. In my opinion, if you are a server and you know you have customers that have been waiting for an extended amount if time for food, or something went wrong with their order, it is your responsibility to get a manager involved in an effort to make it right or to appease the customer. When we left the place was packed and the booth beside us had received their food in under 25 minutes. Go figure. We will not be back to this location. Poor management reflected in kitchen and service help.

Review №91

There was a long wait so we ended up ordering & eating at the bar. Great staff & great food!

Review №92

We went on a Friday evening at 6 and were immediately seated, which is amazing for this type of restuarant. Our waiter was friendly and was fast about getting our drinks to us. My son is a picky eater but was pleased with his meal and let the manager know. I was not in the mood for steak so I order one of the best hamburgers I have ever had. I was very pleased with our experience here and will come back.

Review №93

As far as chain steakhouses go...Longhorn is fantastic. The outlaw ribeye is one great cut of meat

Review №94

Service and food just great!

Review №95

LONGwait Steak House instead of LongHorn.My husband and I gift card, and decided to go for a date night. We arrive at 6:30p with the hostess saying 1 hour wait (we only agreed since we had to stop by the local mall, and could run than errand in time).Go back after one hour, and now 30min more to wait, so we wait, check back and ANOTHER 25min wait. So WE WAITED FOR 2 HOURS...1 hour longer than expected and told.We finally get seated and the waitress doesn't come for 10min, and it took an additional 15min for our drinks/bread to be brought after ordering. The balsamic dressing on my salad was so tart and sour, I couldn't eat it. We both ordered the sirloin combo medium rare, and it was delivered rare and chewy...after a 30min wait. My grilled shrimp was chewy and burnt. The ONLY good thing about the night was the Parm crusted chicken.It took another 10min for us to wait for a pen to sign our receipt after paying with our cards.This place truly proves the point on why we NEVER go to steak restaurants, and rather cook amazing steaks at home.

Review №96

Very good lunch and good price

Review №97

Can't say enough good about this place! Never went back to Texas Roadhouse after eating at Longhorns in Burlington NC.

Review №98

Wanted to set down with my family and have a nice meal, was told we would only have to wait 35 minutes that's fine, but that turned into hour and then the lady came to use and it would be longer. Everyone else was seated. That came in after us. What a waste of time!!!

Review №99

Great food! Great atmosphere!

Review №100

This place is awesome. Food and service was great. We travel 1 hour to eat here. We will be back!

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:153 Huffman Mill Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 336-586-0082
  • Steak house
  • Bar & grill
  • Barbecue restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Takeout Restaurant
  • Traditional American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–11PM
  • Saturday:11AM–11PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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