Outback Steakhouse
2735 Longpine Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
Review №1

Went today and had the most amazing waiter I think his name was Johnnie. He was very attentive and funny. He also recommended that we try the Blooming chicken it was very good. I recommended you try it when you go there. Will definitely eat here again!

Review №2

Outbacks's used to be one of my family's favorite place to eat, but the quality of the food has gone down. Before Covid-19 we ate there from once to three times a month. Now nobody wants food from there. We completely stopped eating from here for months, but I have several gift cards so I thought I'd give them another try.The blooming onion was good.The steak was not seasoned and over cooked. I asked for medium well and it was well- done and dry and tasteless.The salad was barely a handful.I gave 3 stars because my order was ready when I arrived and the person was friendly and courteous.

Review №3

Outback is my family's favorite restaurant! A few years ago the service was not good at all. My family and I stopped going for a while until we heard last year a new owner took over. Tyler Jasper has completely turned this restaurant around. We love speaking with him he truly cares about the customers experience and making things right. The overall cleanliness of the restaurant has improved tremendously! - The Smith Family

Review №4

Love going to get drinks with my girls and chatting with Katie the bartender there. Everyone is so friendly and caring. A huge turn around from previous years. The new managing partner, Tyler is wonderful at his job!

Review №5

Food was amazing server was wonderful. Facility needs an update. Table had a tilt, I put my glass at the end of the table to cue for a refill and without realizing my glass of water falls to the floor. Literally everyone was looking and wondering what happend. Table is pealing top finish. It was hard to keep our child from messing with it. Floors were tacky and you could see where it has had spills throughout the evening.

Review №6

In the last two months we have eaten here three times and the service was excellent! Our waitress made every effort to make sure we had everything we needed. Also Cindy was awesome bringing me the dessert I ordered because I wasn't having a meal like my companions. Very attentive.

Review №7

I hate asparagus. This sight of it makes me sick especially when it is touching other food items that I would like to eat. This is why I DID NOT order asparagus and even paid an extra $3.61 for mixed vegetables. Then, after placing my order through DoorDash I immediately called Outback and asked Justin if he could add a condiment to the order specifically for the mixed vegetables. This would have been a great opportunity for Justin to inform me that Outback was not currently offering mixed vegetables. He didn't. I had also requested through DoorDash that Outback contact me if they could not fulfill a portion of my order. That didn't happen either. I got asparagus and threw my food away, wasting over $20 and food that someone may have wanted to eat, but I did not. Outback, don't make assumptions for your customers.

Review №8

Great food and excellent service. Our Server, Kathrine B was friendly, polite and knew the menu so she was able to answer our questions clearly and helped us make our choices. The food arrived and was really good. Kathrine B checked on us often and insured we had what we needed and kept our drinks filled. I strongly encourage everyone to enjoy a meal at this Outback and if you can get Kathrine B as your Server - you will have the best food and service.

Review №9

What a Total joke! Empty restaurant on father's day and told there's a 30min wait. But people in front of us get sit instantly. Wow. Never will I spend another dollar at this overpriced restaurant. I can cook better steaks at home FACT

Review №10

Pricey but amazing food you are paying for what you get

Review №11

Meals and drinks came out +5 star . salmon n shrim. , greenbeans , frys and they're famous bread . paired with outback's frozen wallibydarned. Excellent service aswell

Review №12

Food was good however when the steak arrived it was barely warm. Service was not very good, I sat at the bar since I was dining alone and it took three requests to get the fresh ground horseradish that I requested when I placed my order and it finally came when I was half way through the steak. Bar staff drops things on the bar without defining who it's for, zero customer focus service. Was more like eating in a cafeteria. Bar staff could benefit from quality customer service training.

Review №13

Love this place. Safe, great social distancing.

Review №14

Wonderful food. Wonderful atmosphere.The service of Jeanette Swacker makes my dining experience even better every time.Whether dining in or picking up a to-go order, she is nice, efficient and helpful with any of my questions.She ensures my 5-star review for the Outback Steakhouse on Longpine Road in Burlington, NC.

Review №15

Jade was an awesome server. She helped child when ordering to open up, which can be stressful for dining parents and this helped alot. The food was delicious and tasteful. My husband and I had our steak re-done to perfection with no hassle. Thank you Jade for allowing us to dine with you and having an awesome time. By the way... if you love cocktails.. get the castaway was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!!

Review №16

Service and food were great. Morgan was our waitress and she was amazing. Everything was on time and she was very attentive. One of the best outback experiences I have had.

Review №17

Jeanette in to-go made my whole visit she was polite and courteous...even with the mask covering her face i knew she was smiling... She made sure our order was correct...which it was..and made us definitely feel safe about coming back

Review №18

Great tuna for an app. The slowest restaurant in town now to get seated and waited on. But good food.

Review №19

Great food excellent service friendly atmosphere

Review №20

Katherine B was an amazing waitress. She stayed on top of our refills and ensured we were completely satisfied throughout our entire visit. Best service in a while!! Thanks Katherine B!!!

Review №21

Amanda came to the car with my To Go food.She was sooo SUPERLATIVE SWEET!! She asked me so kindly where to place the food. In the back would be ok! Then she returned with my card, and I thought she did a GREAT JOB!!THANK YOU! Amanda, I hope to see you again!.

Review №22

Went to Outback in Burlington and had an AWESOME dinner! Service was great! The food was outstanding and Katie and Keyonna were fantastic!

Review №23

This place used to be awesome. My past several visits(mostly take-out)have not been good experiences.

Review №24

Katherine B helped to make our experience super great with her excellent customer service!! She was super friendly and attentive and we couldn't have asked for better! Thanks Katherine!

Review №25

Food was good but mess my to go order up no fries and didn't give me a loaded baked potato just a regular potato

Review №26

Food always good and great service

Review №27

For take out and curbside orders, pls give your customers plastic eating utensils or let them know that you're out. Plz double check customer's order before giving it to them as we will once we receive our order. I didn't receive all my toppings for my sweet potato. (I ordered from Burlington because I was having the same problem at the one on Westover Terrace) Thanks

Review №28

Jeanette was great! Helped me pick what I needed without have to think myself. See her she is great, !

Review №29

Great experience and evening for dinner. Crystal B was my waitress and she was absolutely fantastic.

Review №30

I called for over 30 mins and no one ever answered the phone.

Review №31

Great food and service!

Review №32

Food was great and service was too.

Review №33

Called ahead for take out, said it will be ready in 15-20 minutes. I arrived on time, had to wait 40 minutes, the staff kept calling me by other people's name and they all seemed so confused, trying to give people the wrong orders. When we finally got out food , it had been sitting there and was not very warm at all. They need a better system-like asking for your name upfront!

Review №34

Great service she was extremely attentive and engaged in conversation made sure we had everything we needed . Food was amazing as wellNytia b was our server

Review №35

Service was good. Food was excellent. Fast service.

Review №36

Great food and excellent service thank you outback and to my waiter Dra Jackson thank you for being the best ever!!

Review №37

Crystal B was the best waitress I've had here at the Burlingron Outback! Great personality and service

Review №38

Food and service was excellent! Katherine B was an awesome server! Hope we get her again!!

Review №39

The server was good...My questions is I work at Outback before Cor19 and I'm still employed right because they do my unemployment...but I said I work there no comment on

Review №40

Was great!! Awesome food and great service!!! Will def be back!!

Review №41

This place has gone downhill. I am in town on business about once a month. I always stay at the Hampton Inn right out back and walk over. The past few visits, the customer service has been poor and the food was way undercooked once. I just tried to order online and can't get anywhere on their website. Ok, so maybe everyone is online ordering at the same time...I'll just go ahead and call. No answer the first 7 times I called. On the 8th, someone picked up and said “You wanted what on that?” I said “Hello, I'd like to order food” The person proceeded to put me on hold without a word. I can't get a “Hey sorry, we're really busy, I'll be right with you”...something??!!! Anyway, I stayed on hold and walked over and was still on hold when the manager came out 15 minutes later to speak to me. I simply let her know what was going on with her employees customer service and left. I love Outback and will continue to eat the food...just never again at this one.

Review №42

Our server was one of the best we've ever had

Review №43

Pick up was suppose to be ready at 7:16 pm didn't get food till 7:46. Order placed at 6:35pm. The person who brought the food said the were short staff and someone left to the hospital. The food was cold and my salad was hot. And then blooming onion looked wimpy. Watch out ordering on Saturday night! :(

Review №44

Loved the food and customer service. Jeanette was awesome!

Review №45

I dont really eat steak... Well until now. I love ur food. And let me yell praise for THE SERVERS COOKS DRIVERS AND ALL OF UR STAFF. YOU GUYS ROCK. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR US.

Review №46

Awesome food and Johhny was an amazing server!

Review №47

Waited over 40 minutes for food. Appetizer overdone. Steaks over pink in ordered rare, one ordered medium well. We waited again for recook. My potatoes did not come out with my meal. We talked to an assistant manager who gave us 1 free dessert...we waited again for take home cheesecake. We had small steaks to the tune of $22 each. Our waitress kept apologizing for the cook staff. She did fine job. We tipped her well. Worst experience I have ever had at Outback.

Review №48

We spent my 26th birthday at this outback and our server, Corey, did a great job. Couldn't recommend this outback enough.

Review №49

Skyler Huckaby was awesome. Great service and great attitude!!!!!! Will be back soon!!

Review №50

The experience was great. Glad I was served by Jeanette

Review №51

Food is great and the staff operates in a timely manner

Review №52

Food was delicious. Steak cooked to perfection

Review №53

Jenatte Swacker was very friendly and on point with her our To Go order. The food was awesome.

Review №54

Service was excellent - Dre was kind and thorough, food was delicious and quick. Wait was long despite using the online wait list very early- while restaurant was mostly empty. Seemed like staffing was an issue.

Review №55

Great food and service

Review №56

Great food great service

Review №57

I had an amazing experience at Outback tonight - Stephan was an excellent waiter. My steak was cooked perfectly and Jordan (the bartender) was super personable and made the best wallaby darned.What an amazing team at our Burlington Outback. I'll be back soon.

Review №58

Nasty af! We waited in whole hour just to get cold food that was burnt. The silverware looked like it hadn't been washed the waitress didn't offer any refills or bread. The food looked like something a 15yr made!

Review №59

We were seated soon after we arrived. Chicken on the Barbie and a House Salad were delicious. Jade gave us excellent service. I couldn't have asked for a better meal. This is the way a dining out experience should be!

Review №60

Out of all of the Outbacks that I have ever went to this one is the best.. I love the fact that everyone was so friendly and nice. Kudos to the owner for having a great restaurant wish he was in Connecticut.(all of my food was hot)

Review №61

What a wonderful meal, and an awesome staff.on mother's day only a30 minute wait.

Review №62

I went to this outback for the first time last weekend with my mother. We sat in the bar area and our server Jade was so efficient and friendly. It was busy but she did very well checking on us and bringing us what we needed considering. Also, the food was on point when I'm craving steak this is where I will go from now on!

Review №63

This Outback was right next to the Hampton Inn in Burlington, so we got food to go and ate in our rooms. The quality wasn't as good as other locations.

Review №64

It took a few minutes to get seated, even though we were there for an early dinner and they were not busy. Once seated, the experience was wonderful. Our server, Elizabeth was amazing. The food was cooked perfectly and was hot and fresh. Love that I can use my AARP card for a 10% discount. Will be back!!

Review №65

Terrible Food! The Manager gave us a Card for 50 bucks, I gave it to a stranger, the food is terrible . The COOK, yuck! The cook offered to replace the meal, no, we just left.

Review №66

The lobster with the steak is the best

Review №67

Placed a togo order . Food was made exactly as I asked for. The wait was about the time online said. I was greeted and acknowledged more than once and they remembered everything extra! Pleasant experience

Review №68

Always great food!

Review №69

Food is always good and the service was great tonight!

Review №70

Host was rude. Food awful (blooming onion was greasy, chicken tough, side item was wrong). Booth dirty. Table dirty. Silverware dirty (chunks of food clumped on fork.) Chunks of I don't know what were floating in my water. The only good thing was our waitress was very nice but that is definitely not enough to make me want to EVER go back.

Review №71

Food always good, excellent customer service

Review №72

It was great. The waitress was wonderful. The food was good to

Review №73

We had a big party, food was correct delicious and prompt. I ordered Alice springs quesadillas and was awesome. My mother ordered the blooming chicken and this was soooo delicious. (On my next visit at a different location I ordered this) Also $5 rum punch was tasty! Clean facility and friendly staff!

Review №74

Poor service. Took three attempts to get my bill right. Waiter needed to listen to customers... Will not be visiting this location again for it is the second time that I experience bad service with them.

Review №75

Servers here are amazing. I've eaten at Outback all over the country. Outback's strength is consistency. But this Outback is not only consistent but their servers are superior. Please tip them well. I worked at Outback for 5 yrs in the early 2000s in Florida and it is a physically and mentally difficult job. The servers here are always happy and bend over backwards to please. Great dining experience each and every time.

Review №76

We have been going to the Outback for years. The customer service has always been lacking, BUT we went Friday and we had the best customer service! Our waiter was Jon. He said he is new to the job. Thank you Jon for great food and the best customer service!!!!

Review №77

Katherine B is the best waitress at Outback hands down!

Review №78

Long wait after being told not busy, should be quick.(30mins.)3 of 4 meals correct.Mine wrong, completely different from what was ordered. All ate.I waited 15 more mins for food to arrive.Everyone done but me. I no longer wanted meal, was told no charge for it.Was overcharged for 2 item I never got.Left disappointed& hungry.Never go back.Messed up bad.I still left a .good tip.No offer of compensation. TERRIBLEEXPERIENCE

Review №79

Nice atmosphere. Waitress was very attentive. Will be goin back next time we are in Burlington, NC.

Review №80

Awesome!! Outstanding food and outstanding Waiter...young man... Will surely be back. My son/wife brought me and my sister for our birthday. Blessings!

Review №81

It's decent. We waited 40ish minutes for two salads, two soups, and a kids meal. Seemed slow even though it was your average crowd at night. Waitress worked hard and was super nice. Food is ok. Our salad had quite a bit of brown in it so it didn't make it seem fresh. Nothing that was supposed to be hot was overly warm even though our waitress told us the chef was getting it out of the oven..... Christmas gift card. Probably won't go back on our own.

Review №82

Waitress was inattentive. Lemon request arrived on third attempt. Bread, appetizer and salad arrived fresh within first 15 minutes. Drinks ran empty and spoke with manager with black lipstick. Forty five minutes later served cold food. Beyond disappointed and will not return.

Review №83

We went for the steak and lobster special. We ordered salads as our sides. 45 minutes later we were served the steak and lobster. No salads ever came. Drinks weren't refilled. My husband asked for extra peppers that never came and then it took an extra 25 minutes to get there bill. She never returned for the payment so we dug out exact change and left. The manager finally removed the salads from the bill.

Review №84

Food and service was excellent. We had a party of eight yet we were promptly seated.

Review №85

Clean and well ran. If you like Outback or haven't tried one? This is the one.

Review №86

Very friendly and accommodating service!! Clean environment. Food was great, fresh salad and I recommend the salmon if you're not a beef eater. Morgan our server was a genuinely very nice person. I will go back!

Review №87

Tried Uber eats on 4/28/20 and received onions that were molded. Totally unacceptable for the money I paid.

Review №88

Worse waitress I have ever had! Took my family and my wife here for her birthday. Big mistake! Started out uneventful enough but quickly turned into the dinner from hell!Took forever to get the ahi tuna appetizers ordered salads and asked for extra ranch. She visited several other tables before bringing the extra dressing. Food was as bad as the service. I must say the on duty managing partner took the bad food off my bill. But that really had no bearing on my experience there. I would not suggest you go to this location at all! I know I never! Ever! Will go there again!

Review №89

Great service and great food! I really enjoyed my meal!

Review №90

Worst experience at an Outback ever. We came in and asked for a table for two and were told it would be a 10-15 minute wait time and there were at least 5 tables available. The steak was tough and was ordered medium. The sides were cold and stale. The wait staff was complaining about hours and having to bring doctors notes if they call out. A lot of traffic going in and out of the kitchen area and most weren't serving tables. Needless to say we will never go back.

Review №91

It was perfect for our family of three. Everyone went home full and satisfied/happy. Staff was great. My only suggestion would be that I would preferred that my grilled asparagus, which was great, had been popped where it would naturally break had it been been bent and let nature take it's course. Meal was excellent

Review №92

I love this food and they stay packed and is a wait every time I go so this let's me know that there is good food there.

Review №93

Delicious food great service, thank you Laura our waitress!! Compliments to the chef mine and my husband's Stakes were amazing

Review №94

These are the nicest people and the food was good and hot our waiter was awesome he was on top everything we will been going back again

Review №95

Didn't have any IPAs available. Then didn't have loaded baked potato ready with my party meal, told it would be 20 mins.

Review №96

The food when going there is fine but whatever you do DO NOT GET IT DELIVERED. It is the absolute worst, it took over an hour and 30 minutes for us to even get our food. After about an hour we called and they lied and said that the food just came out and it was not cold. Every SINGLE item was cold and gross and they couldn't even get our order correct we were missing food. Horrible experience overall.

Review №97

Crystal B was awesome . Never had to ask for anything , she went above and beyond with excellent service. We knew there was a smile under the mask . Our third trip in two weeks , we always ask for her

Review №98

There's steak ribeye is like butter.

Review №99

It had been 10 years since I have eaten Outback. It was just as good as I remembered.

Review №100

Service was excellent food was good. I think it's a little overrated, but overall I'll be back to try something new. Great flavored steak

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  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Braille menu:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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