Texas Roadhouse
1651 Glidewell Dr, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
Review №1

Last 3 takeout orders have been wrong. Not a complicated order either. House salad and loaded potato. Got a spiked salad and a dry potato in place of it. Take out staff is less than cordial as well. I understand C19 is stressing everyone now. But we still said thank you when we got our. No smile, your welcome or any response. Used to be a favorite place for special occasions even for takeout but not any more. It'll be quite a while before I return.

Review №2

Most of the time its great . Last 11/1/20It was horrible, the music was so load you couldn't hear what others are saying. I ordered a steak and rib combo medium rare, I got no ribs and a bleeding rare steak. The watier charged an extra meal to the ticket that had to be fixed .I didn't get my food until everyone in my party had finished their food.Come on guys I know you can do better than this

Review №3

They have plexiglass up between the booths all the server's ware masks . seems clean Food was great

Review №4

Fun experience and good atmosphere, although I thought it could be better in some areas. The collective agreement was that the food in general was too salty. Other members at the table said even the freshly steamed vegetables tasted salty. We still ate the food anyway. I had the combo appetizer and others had the salmon with baked/loaded potato. My plate (sorry I already started eating in the picture) had the mozzarella sticks, tater skins, and boneless buffalo wings. Our waitress was really nice, checked on us often, and we didn't have to wait long for the food to come out. There were a lot of people there and a lot going on. It's a good experience. Make sure to stack up on the rolls, they're amazing!

Review №5

Great place to eat. Even with the Phase 2 Restrictions, got in and out fairly quickly. Taking names in the lot as we pulled in and waiting in the car was much better than crowding entrance. Wait staff was incredibly helpful and very attentive. Steak was very good and well-cooked. Salmon was seared perfectly and buttery on the inside, good seasoning and fresh!

Review №6

Just ate there for my husband birthday and the service was horrible waitress didn't come back to the table until 20-25 minutes later to check to see if we needed anything and we hadn't even got our food they where not busy and a well established place like that and they tell us to wait in the car and there is 3-4 employees out front of the business eating and on their phones like the front of the store was a break room and as for social distance you walk right bye the people coming in to the point your touching should there should be a enter and a different exit place again wasn't busy but there was people waiting to be seated and I counted 3 tables in my area that sat there for 15-20 dirty until the hostess came back there to get someone to clean them because she needed them I expect better service from a place that hadn't been open long for inside service but when you have alote of young kids running a place what do you expect won't be going back not worth it can take my 50-60 dollars and go to village grill or a better place that will give you good service and will come back to the table

Review №7

My sister ,cousin ,and I finally were able to go out n socialize. We had a great time there and Pam our server did a great job. She never let our cups dry up and served out food promptly and always w smiley eyes and a great attitude.

Review №8

Omg the worst staff. Well just the service. The food was great! To start we arrived have our name for dine-in and was told the wait will be 45 min. That was fine as we went shopping across the street as we waited. After one hour of waiting we've still haven't received the notification our table was ready. Finally after waiting one hour and 30 minutes I decided to call inside. Immediately after explaining I was told we can come on in. To make this incredibly long rant short on the horrible staff/service silverware dirty waitress gave out appetizer to wrong table then tried to give it to us. Hello corona. After asking for fresh it was taking back all of about 5 min then passed off as if it was fresh. Um the cheese revealed it wasn't. Unacceptable. Needless to say I think I'll wait awhile before revisiting. Maybe after the pandemic is completely over because this establishment is not prepared.

Review №9

The food was good. We had a bad experience with a waitress, but that doesn't mean that it will happen to you. Our wait wasn't too bad. We were seated within 15 minutes after our arrival. That wasn't bad, were been to other restaurants where we had to wait longer.

Review №10

This was my first visit to Texas Roadhouse, and it was great. The meal was priced well, and the food was delicious. The staff was superb from start to finish.

Review №11

Burlington Texas Roadhouse has always been my favorite. Tonight was my worst meal ever. My steak was ordered medium, came partially burnt, very dry, and no seasoning at all. No one even asked if my steak was cooked properly. The potato and salad was okay. Very disappointed, because we took my sister there for her birthday. 1 steak out of 4 were cooked properly.

Review №12

Food was great but our server was even better! If you go, tell them you want to sit in Bailey's section, you never have to ask for drink refills and she's on top of everything else

Review №13

Great restaurant. Food is good everytime. Plus the waiter and waitresses always on top of your refills and questions.

Review №14

Had to go order was greeted by attending told me where to park and the another young lady came ask me my name and returned with my order in a very few minutes it was a great visit my hats off to the staff for doing such a fantastic job.

Review №15

We have lived in Burlington for 8 yrs. and spent THOUSANDS of dollars at this location. However, during the last two visits, we noticed the quality of the meat wasn't as good, but out of loyalty, we gave it another try. After today, we have officially decided never to go back. The prime rib and ribeye we ordered were both tough and dry. But what equally aggravated us was the lousy customer service. The girl who took our carryout order sounded hungover and despite placing our order ahead, we had to wait 45 mins for our food. Our order had been filled but forgotten, so by the time we got it home, it was terrible! We definitely won't be back.

Review №16

This place was great and during the shut down they had great pick up service. Now the wait is long and they have messed up every to go order since opening the inside. The management is never helpful offering future discount or such without providing anything in writing. Was great now is terribly inadequate for the price.

Review №17

Had a wonderful experience food cooked exactly how we wanted! The staff was very friendly! We had to waitresses because one was training and they both were amazing.

Review №18

The place was great an waitressing was wonder full an had no weight good place good food thank u gm

Review №19

Enjoy the fact they respect the rules during the epidemic. AND .... They still hold the fun and essence of their business. Food is very good. AND... Don't forget to try the Hurricane Margarita

Review №20

Had to put a star to be able to comment. The food and the waitress I had was awesome, however the little girls up front need to learn to do their job a little better. They have no idea what they are doing or maybe its because they are spending to much time talk to one another to care about who is standing where and who is up next.

Review №21

11 oz Sirloin steak was absolutely wonderful. Very tender.

Review №22

Having to practice social distancing and still want good food. Here is the place you need to be. The ribeye steak, was the best!!! When you can get a steak so tender and season...i ask for A1 sauce. Did NOT need it soo juicy. Great service too, will be back.

Review №23

We love this place! Great food-even better service! My hubby is all about that bread ;) hah.

Review №24

These folks only celebrated Veterans Day between 11AM and 2PM...what a sham...

Review №25

Delicious ribs, steaks and side. Wonderful staff. All working to keep everyone safe while we enjoy a great meal out

Review №26

Enjoyed my trip and food here. Restaurant was clean and the staff was very friendly. Well ran establishment!

Review №27

Good food. Just always missing dressings when ordering salads or parts of a order.

Review №28

Always good food. Clean, and the staff is always friendly. My kids love when they dance!

Review №29

The steaks were amazing and could be cut with a plastic fork! So tender and juicy with enough flavor to not need steak sauce. The rolls were golden outside and soft inside and warm enough to instantly melt the fresh butter that came with them. And the green beans were delicious and smokey with just the right amount of seasoning. The service was fast and my server was top notch! A perfect dining experience!

Review №30

Good service fast experience happy with the whole thing

Review №31

Party of 4, only 1 steak was good, mine and 2 others was dry, ordered medium.

Review №32

Food was ok, the cactus onion was warm not hot when it came out, steak was over cooked, I wanted medium rare but came out medium, baked potato was warm not hot cheese didn't melt. Server was good just food not good

Review №33

Me and my family love this place! We always get the cactus blossom. The chicken critter salad is delicious and enough for two to share. You can make a meal off the hot delicious rolls and butter alone!

Review №34

I probably go here every year for my birthday! Almost Always got good food and good service!

Review №35

Very disorganized. Just wanted $30 gift card but took an act of Congress to get it.

Review №36

We got a family pack for take out tonight and there WAS SO MUCH FOOD!! It was so good!! It was the cheese burger meal 6 quarter pound burgers, 4 sides, a huge family salad and rolls, rolls, rolls! They put the burgers on the yeast rolls and it's delicious. The best part was all that for under $30! You will not find a better deal!

Review №37

Wonderful experience at the bar! Abby, Sam, and Jasmine were great!

Review №38

Great food, decent prices, clean, sport TV. Try the Ribs!

Review №39

This is one of my favorite steak restaurant, the steaks are their specialty. The service has always been great, not to mention the upbeat atmosphere. A place the whole family can enjoy. I had the bone in ribeye, with a loaded baked potato plus a side salad.

Review №40

Worst steak I've had at a TR. Manager acted like he was doing me a favor taking it off the bill. I didn't have the courage to order a refire. Got salads before appetizer. Literally got steaks 5 seconds after appetizer. Steaks were a train wreck. Everything we did manage to eat was cooked wrong or too salty - and I love salt. Server kept taking off before we could ask for anything. Won't return.

Review №41

Love the steak fillet salad.... DO NOT COOK THAT FILLET MORE THAN 10 SECONDS ON EACH SIDE!! And they didn't.... It was perfectly executed

Review №42

Since the covid19 only get to go order after playing golf on Sundays 3 out of the last 4 times me and my friend have ordered steak and only 1 time was it cooked right when ask which order is which didn't know got 1 order lady said cut it to make sure I was in my car trying to cut a steak with a plastic knife lol my company buys gift cards there every year will never order a to go steak again will only eat in when this covid19 slows up use to love going there before the covid19 and then they act like it's my fault that the steak was not cooked right

Review №43

Great food, great customer service, wait time was less than 6 minutes, had a very good waitress as well.

Review №44

I had the prime rib and it was delicious! My husband had the Bone in ribeye he said it had a great taste and very tender. We drove an hour to eat here. We will be back.

Review №45

The food and service was great. Watch the silver ware it was dirty

Review №46

My call-in order to Texas Roadhouse was awful! Just about everything about my order was unacceptable - the steak fries were old and salty to taste, the 5 little shrimp were shriveled and dry, and my fillet was no where near well done! $32.00 + a $5 tip, down the drain!! Never again!

Review №47

First time I had the steak kabobs, thet were really good.

Review №48

Texas Roadhouse of Burlington never disappoints! My steak was perfect!

Review №49

I went to this restaurant for lunch. There was a very short wait when we arrived at 12 noon. The restaurant seemed very well kept, the staff that greeted us was very nice. I had the All-American Burger, but ordered it well and it arrived medium well. I had coffee to drink and even though the coffee was okay, it didn't taste exactly fresh and was called before I was able to finish the cup. The fries were good and the roles were delicious. The gentleman who waited on me was very polite and checked in several times during my meal. I'm not overly impressed, but it's a nice restaurant to go to.

Review №50

Can't resist the bread. Lol!

Review №51

I usually have a great experience with this location, however, last night we got our meal home and realized that half our order was missing, no condiments, the food was cold and the rolls were raw dough. I called and spoke to the manager who seemed disinterested then emailed the company and received a coupon for an appetizer. Half the meal had to be thrown out, an appetizer coupon surely doesn't make up for that.

Review №52

Tables carefully separated due to COVID. Server very dedicated to our table. Food cooked to order.

Review №53

Really good food. They also have curbside service if you do not want to go inside.

Review №54

The food is always amazing and such great staff. Someone always checks in to make sure your steak is cooked ok. It's our favorite place to eat. Also, thank you for the ready to grill steaks when meat is so hard to find. We really appreciate that service right now!

Review №55

Food was good service was good prices were fair

Review №56

I love this place. The food and service is consistently good, and we eat here a lot. The servers are really friendly! It's a little loud, but I like that since we bring our grandson with us sometimes, and we don't feel any pressure to keep him quiet, because no one can hear him because of the overall noise level. That's a plus for me!

Review №57

Ordered to go, left a tip. Server had to return first with ketchup, then we realized we had no plastic wear and needed it due to us staying overnight at a nearby hotel. Food was ok but not that hot, and they should give better quality plastic knives for steak. All in all, ok. Wouldn't write home about it.

Review №58

Great food and great service every visit!

Review №59

Server was awesome very attentive! Ribeye was cooked a perfect MR. Will definitely be back. Great job Kyle.

Review №60

They seem to have trouble getting your order exactly right the first time the food was okay all in all mediocre experience

Review №61

Its always nice experience here when we come. Waitress and staff are pleasant and on point. We not sitting around pondering & wondering. Excellent service. My only complaint, the bathroom..floor was dirty.

Review №62

I know a lot is going on right now but I was super excited to know my favorite restaurant was still open. What a wonderful staff and i really appreciate everything you all do to keep a float. Thank you for thinking about your customer's.

Review №63

Wait was about 1.5 hrs. Food is always good as well as the service. It's tough operating at 50% capacity.

Review №64

We love the food, but the service is always blah. Wish we could come to a texas roadhouse that had both good food and service

Review №65

We couldn't get a table a month ago so we called ahead the next time around and had a reasonable wait time. The food was excellent and the restaurant was packed! Our steaks were a little fatty, but overall it was so much better than Longhorn Steakhouse and Outback Steakhouse. Our waitress was incredibly busy but always found time to take care of us somehow. We will be back.

Review №66

My family ordered online to-go. The food was good as always we were just missing stuff. We were missing a salad with my daughters kids meal that cost extra, plus my husbands Cesar salad with his steak. We were also missing the horseradish for our blooming onion. Would recommend dining in if you have time for it.

Review №67

Had not even got the dressing on the salad when our steaks came out so they were barely warm when we got to them.

Review №68

The food is great nice friendly service

Review №69

I went to the Texas roadhouse in Burlington nc. I ordered 2 New York strip dinners. The steak was supposed to be 8ounces. It's very small and tough. I love Texas roadhouse food. But I have never experienced it like this.

Review №70

The Manager Mary was so disrespectful and ride. Waited 39 minutes to get brought out cold food steak wasn't even warm. After waiting another 29 minutes for a new steak and my whole family done eating my food never came so my dinner consisted of bread rolls and butter. They have fell off. Used to be and I do mean used to be our favorite restaurant now I'll never go back!!! Not worth it. Don't go!!!

Review №71

The Service was Great! The food was Ok, but nothing to go overboard about.Dallas ribeye was not very tender.

Review №72

Good waitress good food good time

Review №73

Wasn't what I e xpected,,,Cinnamon butter?? More for breakfast than steak.Beer was not right,Samuel Adam Summer Ale,??!! We just had one at Dranks and this wasn't Summer Ale,,I think someone hook up the wrong kag,,,but they said it was ok,,and No comments or afford a discount,,really.Usually management comes out to the table,,but no,,we got a bust boy taking dishes and saying'Ya drinking the expensive stuff tonight,,,,Hello do I know u,,,really,,so I was ready. To go,

Review №74

Our service was good. The waitress was very fast and friendly. My steak was cooked just as I had requested, and was juicy and flavorful. We were seated in the bar area, we just happened to notice that when the servers pick up the drink orders that they use their hands to pick up the fruit and drop them into the mixed drinks. One girl even picked up the wrong piece of fruit with her bare hands and then put it back. When this was brought to the mangers attention it was like she really didn't know what to say really. She confirmed that they pick up the fruit and drop it in. She even said “ well we hope that their hands are clean” . There is no way the waitress hands are clean. They are touching the tea/ water pitchers, touching plates, and money/credit cards. Thankfully our waitress forgot to drop the fruit in my drink. A simple solution would be use tongs!!!!

Review №75

Friendly staff, great food, but it was hot in there!!! Other than that great restaurant.

Review №76

Food was delicious as ALWAYS. Service was excellent. Look forward to coming again!

Review №77

Love the fried pickles. Always a great appetizer to start. The peanuts are also always great. The atmosphere is always friendly, open, and welcoming. The staff are very persistent about getting what you need and making sure your experience is great. The bread is delicious and warm and gooey. The country fried steak is the best with brown gravy but my fiancee likes the sweet white gravy. The okra is fresh and flavor packed. The mashed potatoes were great. Great experience and highly recommended.

Review №78

Place was packed tonight! That says something! This was my second time eating at a Texas Roadhouse, excellent steak and sides. Amazing waitress. If you plan to go for dinner make sure you plan to wait. It is worth it!

Review №79

Absolutely the best steak I have had in a very long time. Servers were on top of their game.

Review №80

Ordered the Cheeseburger family tray! AMAZING DEAL!!! the burgers were completely raw, called and spoke with Ms. Kiesha who was apologetic and I wasn't to upset given I ordered right before the closed so I'll allow an exception. Ms. Kiesha told me to come in the next day and they will rectify. Well AMAZING JOB! The food was so delicious and cooked to perfection!

Review №81

Ordered to go. Food arrived hot and stayed hot till I got home. Food was cooked to perfection! Will definitely return!

Review №82

Food was great my problem Rona or no Rona as pricey as it is when we asked for condiments they bring packets instead of a shakerget real you can wipe the shakers off

Review №83

Service is always good and love the atmosphere. Tatsy food and just overall, so good!!

Review №84

Air conditioning wasn't working right but they were still bringing people in. I looked around and saw everyone with their mask off sweating and Fanning themselves. Steak was over cooked. Never got one of our sides. The toast was too hard. I didnt eat my food. Told the waitress that I wanted to pay and leave as soon as possible.

Review №85

Very disappointed with this visit. Food was cold and overcooked, had to wait 40 minutes for the to-go order. Order was incomplete. Not the usual good meal that I have come to expect from them.

Review №86

Best service we have had in a restaurant in a while, Pam was phenomenal!!

Review №87

Beware of their "Family" meals for take out. I ordered a 6 cheese burger family meal and got 6 beef patties smaller than the dinner roll they cut in half to use as a "bun," and all with a slice of cheese thrown in (litterally) - that was it - nothing else. Pathetic excuse for a "cheese burger." I expect all their "family meals" to be the same God awful quality. I could have got more for my money at any fast food restaurant. Pathetic.... NEVER AGAIN

Review №88

This is a great place to grab a steak. they have great cinnamon rolls! They keep the building very clean. Staff is very friendly! This restaurant isn't too pricey.

Review №89

Good food. Great service

Review №90

The best food ever great hospital

Review №91

Great food and service. Always enjoy bringing the family here.

Review №92

My husband and I stopped in for lunch. Thank for the good service and great food. We had the Jamaican cowboy and a frozen Sangria with Steaks and tater skins. Everything was delicious!! We will be back again.

Review №93

I have never been to a restaurant where the server takes your drink order, and forgets to bring your drinks. He brought the appetizer before the drinks and not a second later the salads come out. My steaks were overcooked and burnt. I will not go back again

Review №94

Staff providing curbside service are friendly and the food is still good!!

Review №95

It is my favorite place to eat. The food is always good

Review №96

Food is always excellent, service...not that much. We never received any bread, which is what I really wanted. It took almost 45 minutes to get our food after ordering it. We ended up getting boxes because we had two little ones that wanted to go home. But food is always awesome!

Review №97

We celebrated our 21 wedding Anniversary today your service was great. Taylor made our night, best waiter we've ever had. Thanks Taylor for your service and Texas Roadhouse for the great food!!!

Review №98

Great salads!! The steak was okay but I prefer the Outback.

Review №99

Love the Prime Rib on weekends

Review №100

Bread need to be more brown than white, grill shrimps very salty garlic bread too salty steak too dry

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  • American restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
Dining options
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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