The Curious Chef
232 Fashion Way, Burlington, WA 98233, United States

Review №1

Awesome as always. Supported the community when Covid first hit. They need the community support back. Just saying

Review №2

Very wide selection of well prepared excellent meals from breakfast thru lunch to dinner. Crispy chicken salad is very good. Cobb Salad even better with grilled chicken blue cheese crumbles bacon olives guac sour cream. My wife loves the turkey dinner plate (so does my cat who gets the left overs). Fish tacos are excellent (mild spicing, you can add hot sauce to your liking).Apple pie a la mode is marvelous - best apple pie I have had in many years. Other nice desert choices including cheese cake we have not gotten to yet but all look good. Service is responsive and very nice.

Review №3

Loved it a little pricey. But very good food and a old café feel. They have stuff from a time when my grandparents would take us out. Like the Joe's Scramble and Ground Sirloin. But they also have new stuff. Fresh made pie's and old timey milkshakes. We will be back.

Review №4

Very out of the way location.Went in late on a Wednesday afternoon. Their only customers. Service a bit slow and it seemed like prep time for food was longer than it should have been.Food was very good. Would go again.

Review №5

We stumbled across this hide away Gem, Delicious food, and friendly staff. Have now enjoyed Dinner also.

Review №6

Good food. Good service. Amen

Review №7

When we stumbled along this quaint little spot it supposed the $#it out of us!I mean the breakfast is top notch yummy!

Review №8

My Grandma loves their benedict, but I refuse to return. Take out orders are regular disasters. At first I was willing to forgive because the pandemic and new procedures, but now it's not an excuse. It is not fun to have to return for critical ingredients every time, especially when it's something vital to the meal.I'm a former restaurant manager and found they were shockingly consistent with their failures (things like gravy for turkey left off, or side dishes completely forgotten). I will never get to try their benedict because I don't think they are worth another chance.Their attempts at renumeration were inadequate. A free side dish next time was the only offered solution for having to repeatedly return for missed ingredients. This happened EVERY ORDER. The last time I went I rummaged through the order before driving home and was glad I did.If you absolutely must try this place then go risk Covid in person because it's the only way you can be sure they will get your meal right.

Review №9

I really like this place. The food is good, but unpretentious. Relaxed atmosphere.

Review №10

The food was very well made, and the service was great.

Review №11

The Eggs Benedict are awesome and make my tummy very happy!

Review №12

Fantastic meal! Thanksgiving Day dinner with all the trimmings. Prior meals have included French Dip sandwich - very nice. Tender, flavorful beef. Not the quickest service, but friendly, fairly priced and high quality.

Review №13

Great food and service. Temp check on the way in and socially distanced tables.

Review №14

Sorry no pictures as it went straight into my belly! Absolutely great food, definitely recomend the wraps and burgers. Cant wait to try more! Maybe ill update with pictures then :)

Review №15

Dinner was so great. Happy they are open

Review №16

This was a great place to eat! Good food great service. Veronica O was very helpful, we were in for a quick bite before a movie and she did everything to get is on our way. We will return and suggest this to our friends!

Review №17

Food was good. Service was friendly, but very slow. Visit if you have time to spend but not if you are on a schedule.

Review №18

Great place! Amazing food and variety. Anything I order here always leaves me impressed!

Review №19

Excellent food! The Texas toast french toast was perfect. It had just the right amount of powdered sugar on it and came with syrup and whipped butter. It also has the option of adding blueberries or strawberries. The over easy egg ordered on the side was cooked perfectly as well. Quiet, old-time cafe atmosphere and great service.

Review №20

It was great! Always friendly service and good breakfast! A regular Saturday morning treat!

Review №21

Very good. We had a large group and an excellent job was done. Great fresh food. Will come again!

Review №22

Finally received food after 50 minutes from coming in the door. Took a long time to get my menu, water or put my order in. Then I sat for quite a while with no acknowledgement of my existence. Finally flagged my server down to ask about my meal. There was a big door dash order. That doesn't explain among the worst service I have ever experienced. The food is fabulous but I will really have to consider a long time before returning. I would not have left a poor review if the server had communicated, and I explained it to her. Oh, and I am a customer service professional.

Review №23

Small restaurant located in Burlington mall. The best eggs Benedict I've had. Their food is consistently well cooked and tasty. One of my favorite places to go.

Review №24

Large variety of yummy food! Friendly wait staff and pleasant comfortable atmosphere. The prices are reasonable and the coffee is good.

Review №25

I wanted to like this place so much more than I did. The menu was large, the service was good, the food was OK, the plate sizes were just right. I had one of the specials and there was nothing that really stood out. It was just OK.

Review №26

Love the food. You also get enough of it to enjoy for another meal. The atmosphere is comfortable and the menu has a multitude of choices. Prices are good also. We like to go when our favorite server is working. Her name is Brittany and she is the best server anyone could ask for. We just love her.

Review №27

There are not a lot of places to get Liver And Onions. They have very good L&O's. Along with the other great things on there menu.

Review №28

The food and the service is fabulous!!

Review №29

Unfortunately was a bad experience. A friend of mine from the area recommended it so I stopped in while passing through the city. After seating myself, I waited 5 minutes before getting a menu, then another 5 minutes before I got my drink and order taken. When asking a question about the menu, the waitress seemed irritated and reluctant to answer at times. She seemed very busy, the restaurant is probably just understaffed right now as there is a help wanted sign out front. I got the biscuits and gravy- the gravy was ok/good, but the biscuits were only ok. Nothing was made from scratch, but it was still very pricy. Including $3 For a packet hot chocolate. Will need to come back one more time to assure this wasn't a bad day/fluke, but I was not at all impressed with this restaurant.

Review №30

A great place I just discovered. The food was great. Nice size plates. Its on the return list.

Review №31

My favorite place

Review №32

I come here frequently. The food and service are excellent. Lots of variety too.

Review №33

One of the best restaurant in Burlington you will find when we are in the area we always stop there. Clean and family stile friendly food is done to taste enjoy your meal

Review №34

One of our favorite places. Great service, never leave hungry because there is a menu to die for. Plus they make you feel like family

Review №35

Great food and good service

Review №36

Good Breakfast

Review №37

Yum and great service!

Review №38

So amazingly good!!!!! Quality food, and cooked with cair. Both our meals we made like they caired about how it looked and taste. So happy with the service.

Review №39

My favorite hole in the wall, nice quiet place to sit and eat

Review №40

This is the best down home diner around. Nothing fancy just really good food.

Review №41

Great service good food

Review №42

Third time here and it's another great meal. I have tried an omelette, a French dip and chicken fried steak. Everything was AWESOME!! Service was great a little slow during a busy time but nothing to ruffle my feathers. Great place!!!

Review №43

Quaint and always good food!

Review №44

Good food good service

Review №45

Always good food good service ok price

Review №46

Tried to go 20 minutes before closing and get a quick order in only to be told they were already closed. Maybe they should turn off their sign then

Review №47

Really good service and food fantastic :)

Review №48

This is my go to place when I travel to Vernon. Tucked away in the outlet mall is this fantastic restaurant. The food is better than homemade and the staff make you feel like you are at home. There is nothing bad on their menu, if you find this place I suggest having the Eddie special sandwich. It is a grilled chicken breast with melted Swiss cheese and tomato on parmesan grilled sourdough bread.

Review №49

The food is good but the service is slow. Perhaps one more cook and waitperson

Review №50

The food is good as well as the staffing. Good service and wait times. You can appreciate this hole in the wall as it serves as part of the strong local backbone that is Burlington. So far I haven't been disappointed and hopefully you won't either!

Review №51

Great food....fair prices....friendly staff

Review №52

Nice and clean. Diner food.

Review №53

A quality place to dine. Food is great and staff friendly & attentive. Breakfast is outstanding. Senior discounts, too.

Review №54

The restaurant is always clean & the people working there are friendly, personable & welcoming. The food is very good -- like home cooked - with plenty to eat.

Review №55

10/16/20 update. Worth the trip from Everett. We have to leave work early to catch their winter kitchen closing at 3pm. So glad we made it today.enjoyed another fabulous Monte Cristo. Generous ham and swiss cheese on one side and tasty turkey and American cheese on other side. Cooked all the way around. He blackberry jam. Me flavorful marmalade. Warm and luscious.We love the big side salads. They should have A-frame sandwich boards out side of both doors to show case the homemade soups and specials.09/15/2019 Fabulous triple decker Monte Cristo. Perfect. Tender.Thick cut turkey and ham. Best with Jam and dollap of sugerfree maple syrup. Great presentation. Good service. Thanks Brittany.Husband says it is so good, hard to keep for breakfast tomorrow. But it will be delicious then too. Served with fries for him and salad for me. Or fruit or cottage cheese. We are coming back. We live 35 miles away. But good destination place at reasonableFresh, home style Americana. Like my mom and aunt ️ used to make.

Review №56

Waitress tried, but so slow. Were there an hour and finally got our food!

Review №57

Food was delicious, fresh, well-prepared and hot. I've never been disappointed here. Good, old-fashioned food the way grandma used to make, with no shortcuts. Highly recommended.

Review №58

Food is always good served in a very timely manner waitresses are always friendly and great service, Very clean and quiet place to dine.... I would recommend it to family and friends ..... Great Job to all the staff

Review №59

The food is the best, and the service is Great. We love this place. They know what a real Monte Cristo is and they know how to make it correctly. It is almost impossible to find those on menus anymore. I'm guessing it's because there is a bit more to making them, or so many other places just screwed them up.They make the the best Fries as well. All of the Food is Amazing! If you have not been there yet, you have to go. This is best place!!!

Review №60

Good food, great service

Review №61

I don't eat meat and I always get sauteed veggies and hashbrowns when or if I go out to breakfast. They hooked me up, no greasy veggies and great assortment of em. Great job, cheers. Thank you

Review №62

Went for breakfast, just got a basic breakfast (eggs, meat & hasbrowns) There are a few options for sides....fruit, hashbrown... food was tasty, my friend got something more complex. Monte crisco, I believe, she really liked & heard good ratings about it. Service was good. HUGE MENU

Review №63

Very good restaurantFood is Great. Best clam chowder in town

Review №64

Great food, good service. My favorite place to eat lunch.

Review №65

I've been here the least two days for dinner and I was thrilled to find home cooked, delicious and appetizing food. Dave, our waiter, was so kind and right on target getting our food to us when it was hot. Thank you Dave. This is a place I will frequent often when we come through Mt Vernon.

Review №66

A family oriented setting with a set menu. We went for Thanksgiving and the food was incredible!

Review №67

Great food. If busy, there can be a longer than normal wait for your food, but we'll worth it. Huge menu with everything served all day.

Review №68

The food there is outstanding have been there a couple of times and both times the food was off the hook.. my mom is been there multiple times and says that everything that she is ever had there is outstanding a word of advice if hamburger soup is on the menu get it.

Review №69

Wide variety on the menu, decent prices, good but not super amazing food.

Review №70

Lovely staff and great food!

Review №71

Great food!

Review №72

Great place for typical cafe food.

Review №73

Great food and service

Review №74

Overpriced. Food was ok. Underseasoned.

Review №75

Excellent Thanksgiving dinner.

Review №76

Stopped in for breakfast conveniently just off of the I-5, and unexpectedly we had a good experience! Good staff service, and food was great!! I had the Texsol Scramble which was good, and the server let me have some steaming hot flour tortillas on the side instead of toast! And the schredded hash browns were excellent too btw. They were hot, nice & soft on the inside, crispy on the outside! Hidden gem of a restaurant that I'd like to come back to next time I'm in Burlington! :)

Review №77

It was good. Huge menu, but kind of lacking a higher quality. Limited drink menu

Review №78

Great food! And a good variety menu and nice server's

Review №79

Great food at great prices.

Review №80

It's not crowded even when full, you do have to wait for your food but that's because it's not prepackaged, it's from scratch. Just wish they had espresso

Review №81

Favorite place to eat!!! Service is great too, especially Brittany.

Review №82

Good family owned resturant

Review №83

Been coming to the Chef since day one!. Rafael y Vernonica are hands down the best of Skagit eating breakfast lunch or dinner! We have a standing day of the week and twice a month weekends! Best pecan pie outside of Texas!

Review №84

Good food good prices good service.

Review №85

Good simple food. Large menu with reasonable priced food. Lived here for fourty years. Didnt know it was there. Need better signage. Tree blocks sign so you wouldnt even know its there. Good service. Nice restaurant.

Review №86

This is a fantastic place to eat! Lots of choices and they do a great job! A wonderful family!

Review №87

Great service and food.

Review №88

Comfort food, well made and generous servings. Senior specials.

Review №89

American dinner style. Great food and friendly service!

Review №90

Delicious food been here multiple times and the staff is always sweet as well

Review №91

Food very good and the waitress was great. Huge menu!

Review №92

Great food, awesome service,great prices!!!!

Review №93

Great food. Comfortable atmosphere.

Review №94

I like this restaurant. It is always good.

Review №95

They raised there prices and now Charge if you ask for Mayonaise on your sandwich that was to dry.

Review №96

Eat there regularly & it is always great food with friendly waitresses.

Review №97

Great food and service, very clean, good coffee.

Review №98

Great staff and food selection. Tasty homemade soup and sandwiches. Great for lunch or dinner.

Review №99

Everything on they make is amazing! And the service is top quality, really great people!

Review №100

Great as always

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  • Address:232 Fashion Way, Burlington, WA 98233, United States
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  • Phone:+1 360-757-0300
  • American restaurant
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  • Monday:7AM–3PM
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  • Sunday:7AM–3PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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