The Cutting Board
2699 Ramada Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States

Review №1

I love it... Food was great and service was wouderful... Thank you Ivey... You are fast and friendly....

Review №2

The service is excellent, they work hard re covid adjustments (deep cleaning, wearing masks and social distancing) and the food tastes okay/average)

Review №3

I came into this restaurant almost a year ago and they were terrible. Present day: we like to support small local businesses especially during these times. Ordered food at 6:30, order processed as well as payment hour later still no delivery to find out our order was cancelled at 6:37. Your hours of operation state open till 8 pm and no notification received. So much for supporting this business moving forward...would not recommend this business and based on comments listed there is a huge management issue here. We won't try for a third time

Review №4

Grilled chicken and steamed vegetables were great. Also had a salad made for me since salad bar is closed due to covid. Was able to choose the items I wanted on it and the salad was great. Looked like one I would have made myself!!

Review №5

Quality buffet establishment at a reasonable price.. I highly recommend Sunday Brunch

Review №6

Went on a Sunday for my grandson's 7th birthday dinner. Friendly and gracious waitress and buffet staff especially the guy that was making omelets. Waitress was very attentive and the food was pretty good on the buffet too! I recommend and will most certainly eat here again.

Review №7

Went there last night ordered the large prime rib after an extensive wait we first turned the bread over and it was burnt. The waitress took it back and me and my sister started cutting into our meat only to find it was ice cold I mean freezer cold. The waitress took that back and returned to ask if we wanted some other steak. Through all of this my sister's husband had to eat alone. Manager came out with half hardly apologies never offered to comp anything for our horrible experience. We will not be going back.

Review №8

Great service! Took my friend and I in right when they were about to close! Also, such a very polite waitress! Highly recommend! Food was delicious as well!

Review №9

Wonderful restaurant. Are here in Monday. The restaurant has socially distanced everything and the staff is very diligent about distancing. The food was great as it always is. I had the Reuben and it was great with chips and potatoe salad. Great place for a good lunch or a nice dinner.

Review №10

The manager was incredibly rude given that we had to complain about the steak being overcooked twice. My mom had to eat the steak given that we had to leave soon, and she had to eat something. The owner took the price based on how much she could barely eat given that it was tough regardless of the part that was correctly cooked. While the ribs and salad were excellent, the way the manager handled this situation was pretty terrible. We wanted a refund, but more importantly, the manager to apologize for the mistakes and for making my mom cry. I would happily like to talk to the owner about this.

Review №11

Great food, super clean restaurant with nice bar. It's a local gem! Go visit. You will thank me later

Review №12

Even though you can get a garnish, or salad bar to be safe, our burgers were still really good. We had a nice waitress, and everything came just as ordered.

Review №13

The food was good. The customer service excellent. I would go back and refer friends.

Review №14

What a delightful buffet with a wonderful Sunday selections of delicious food. I loved their turkey and dressing while my husband loved the roast beef. The salad bar had a large variety to choose from. The dessert bar had a variety of choices also. My favorite was the Baked Alaskan and their variety of cheesecake slices. I can't wait for our next trip here.

Review №15

This place used to be a great place to eat. Unfortunately this place has deteriorated in recent years and today was the last straw for us. We went in to pick up our food and were completely ignored. The waitresses were standing together and counting money. When I said I was here to pick up an order and gave them my name they said “oh shoot”. My food came out and no one noticed. They just kept standing around chatting about weekend plans. None of them were wearing gloves or masks. The food was horrendous once we brought it home. All three of us could barely eat one bite. So this restaurant gets one star because the food was inedible, the service was terrible and they are completely ignoring health and safety regulations during a pandemic.

Review №16

It's a great place to get a well prepared meal, and it's one of the best in Burlington.

Review №17

The selection of food is pretty decent and the taste of the food is good. A nice place to stop on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, this last visit, the desserts were sitting out way too long so they were quite dry. I was looking forward to eating the carrot cake too. Other than that, decent place to eat and they well accommodate large parties.

Review №18

I ordered ahead for 12:45 pick up. Two people at register. Both walked off while I waited 15 minutes for to go order. Woman had mask below her mouth at register and took it off walking across restaurant. Order was $2.00 more than on line menu because they haven't updated online. Cancelled order and left. Service has been terrible for years.

Review №19

We reserved the Legacy Room for our daughter's baby shower. Two hour time slot. Tables were set exactly as explained. We decided to do a Brunch shower. The food was very tasty. French toast was awesome and a big hit. We selected the Gourmet Breakfast and added french toast. Scrambled eggs, country ham, sausage, seasoned potatoes, gravy, french toast, danishes, biscuits and fresh fruit. It was a lot of good food! Every aspect was excellent. Our expo was on time with not allowing food to run out. Our server was superb! Highly recommend the facility as well as the brunch menu. Have no idea about another function right now but will definitely use them again.

Review №20

This is not a chain restaurant. It is popular with locals. There can be a long wait sometimes. It is an upscale place for the Burlington area. Average meal cost runs $15 and up per person. The food is good. There is a well stocked salad bar. Service is very good.

Review №21

What are your thoughts?I had reserved a room at The Cutting Board restaurant in Burlington, for my daughters sweet 16 birthday party in April.Due to Covid it was understandably canceled and while the money paid for the room was non-refundable, I was told when they were able to have parties again, they would contact me and anyone else whose reservations were canceled FIRST to reschedule. I have not heard anything since then and really didn't expect to considering we are stil dealing with Covid.While at work today, I was talking with a patient who was telling me about a wedding rehearsal dinner AND wedding reception, he attended a couple weekends ago at THE CUTTING BOARD!I called and spoke to the General manager whose only explanation was that it was a $4000 dollar party they couldn't turn away

Review №22

The Cutting Board was good. They are a little expensive though.

Review №23

It is very nice inside. They play light jazz music. Which gives you a pleasant, relaxing dinner. They have a nice salad bar and a garnish bar. So you can simply have a salad or when you choose to have a sandwich. You can add your own toppings. They of course have a bar. Which is separate from the main part of the restaurant. If you haven't been. Give it a try.

Review №24

We always eat in but tonight we did take out and it was Awesome everything was fresh and still hot by the time we got home and the dessert is amazing .Either way dine in or take out it is amazing thank you so much it was my daughter's anniversary dinner

Review №25

Great food as always. Love the Ribeye.

Review №26

Food was not as good as usual. Limited selection and some food was cold.

Review №27

The food and service is always good. It is my go-to restaurant in Burlington, NC.

Review №28

Good food and cocktail. Very poor service.

Review №29

I really hate to post this as we have been patrons of The Cutting Board for many, many years. We really loved this place years ago when the open grill invited you in seeing cheese burgers with mounds of shredded cheese, customer choosing their steak before it was cooked and an atmosphere that made an average night out a special one. Unfortunately The Cutting Board worked to become more mainstream and family friendly and slowly removed everything that made it that special place. People would gladly pay for quality food and service and the chance for a special, quiet dinner instead of an expensive version of McDonals's any day. Even parents need a night away from kids and/or couples who want a quiet dinner, anniversary, birthday or special date with that open grill and atmosphere for adults.I'd like to think that one day the old place us older folks grew to love would someday return but I doubt it.

Review №30

Good food great place for brunch

Review №31

Food was good. I got a grilled pork chop at a steak house, probably wouldn't try again. Everything else turned out great!

Review №32

The salad bar is off the chart!!! The Chairman Chuckburger Steak dinner is equally compelling. A couple of times I have tried the prime rib and was disappointed. And we were there early and it may have been cooked the day before: and closer to medium well rather than the medium rare I ordered.

Review №33

50+ years of good service and flavor.

Review №34

Priced like an Outback, tastes like a Sizzler. Very disappointed. Wait staff was friendly. No local beers and a very basic liquor/ wine selection. Pretty sure somebody who liked to eat steak and had too much money thought it would be cool to own a steakhouse but had no idea what they were doing. Three stars because they apparently try to help out in their community

Review №35

Great Salad and meal.

Review №36

One of the better salad bars around. Management is difficult if not intolerant to work with for groups.

Review №37

Salad bar was great. The best in town. And the steak was good too. Staff was pleasant

Review №38

Great place for people to have large groups. Food was really really good. Staff is very nice and attentive.

Review №39

Best waffles I have ever eaten anywhere! Next visit I'll skip dessert and head straight for the waffle bar. Salad bar is soo awesome, too. Lots of great food choices. You're sure to find tasty food to your liking.

Review №40

Friendly staff starts you off as you enter this elegant place. Then good food & spirits, great atmosphere and there you have it! A terrific evening with a touch of class

Review №41

Good food! Handling social distancing and safety very well.

Review №42

I love the potato salad the food is great, but the chuck burger was a disappointment. The hamburger use to be great something has changed and don't like change when it takes away quality food. The steaks are great and Sunday lunch is too. Please bring back a quality chuck burger as in the past. My comment are meant to help.

Review №43

The creamed spinach, classic ruben, salads, shrimp, mozzarella sticks are delicious

Review №44

Delicious! Excellent and friendly service!

Review №45

Our waitress Taj was very nice and helpful and so was the bartender. But the manager has a trouble attitude. After waiting almost an hour to be seated even though call ahead seating was made, it took another 30 minutes for our food to come to the table and when it did finally arrive our food came out cold and very overcooked. I ordered my steak to be cooked to a medium temperature and it was so dry and hard that I had a hard time trying to cut it with the knife. I sent my food back and the bill was adjusted. Wasted 2 hours and only ate a salad.

Review №46

Promise us a room at 8 pm, so we could decorate for a rehearsal dinner. Was not able to get in the room until 845. The food was excellent..

Review №47

Beef tips and rice had no flavor and dry

Review №48

It was ok. I got here later in the day and got the buffet. Was seated on the right side when the buffet was all the way left and seemed hidden. It was a little confusing and the food looked like it definitely was picked thru. The salad bar was good and I noticed people ordering off the menu and that food looked good. If I come back I think that's what I will do instead of the buffet. My grandfather said that it's much better in the morning.

Review №49

The best around...really!

Review №50

Great steaks and salad bar. Usually not too busy. Really enjoy the holiday brunch buffets.

Review №51

Ribeye sandwich is my go too!! Amazing!!

Review №52

Great sanitation rating Sunday Brunch carving, omlett, dessert and waffle stations, salad bar 16$

Review №53

Very clean and friendly service. Party of 25 of us came in for a business luncheon. Staff was very professional and timely. Not the first time I have been here with a big group and definitely won't be the last.

Review №54

Atmosphere was good as was the service. Steak cooked to order. Salad bar was clean and freshly stocked. Will go back again. I strongly recommend the Cutting Board

Review №55

I love this Restaurant. My husband took me here for Valentine's Day dinner.

Review №56

Excellent Food and service. A wonderful celebration for my Great Auntie. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your family. God bless you all.

Review №57

Usually I like this place we drive fromHigh point for brunch. I like the food and the waitress , usually , are nice , but the last Sunday wasen t a good experience , nothing wrong with the food , I didn t like how the manager answered back to a customer who was asking why he was waiting for more the 30 minutes when allot tables were empty. She didn t explained to him she answered “ there are allot restaurants around if you don t want wait here , and you can go to on other restaurant now if you don t want to wait “ Even if you are frustrated you NEVER answer to a customer like that !!!! Very bad management!!!!

Review №58

My first visit. I'm 73. I live nearby and am familiar with location. Dont get frustrated trying to get to restaurant. It is on a frontage road but there is an I40 on ramp in front of thefrontage road. Visit time was midweek at 1 PM. Plenty of parking. Greeted by nice hostess. She offered me a beverage while I waited for my friend.Waiter came quickly. He was professional and attentive. I ordered pork ribs. They were great. Lots of meat on the bones.I do not like sauce on my ribs but these did come with sauce. They were lightly coated so it was fine. Sauce was good. Came with thick toast. Also came with salad bar. The salad bar had close to 40 items, even potato chips. Wow! All items were fresh. There was choice of side item. I love mac and cheese. But given my age I prefer the baked mac and cheese pie. This was basically macaroni and " velveeta" . It was tasty but not my preferred style.Lots of choices on the menu even crab cakes. I don't eat dessert so I'm not sure what was offered. Restaurant seemed clean although I did not use restroom. Good value for the price. I would go back.

Review №59

Clean, gloves for salad and garnish bar. Sanitizer at the doors and still tasty food

Review №60

My 50th BD dinner was held there tonight! My steak and shrimp were so tender and delicious!! The salad bar was amazing!!

Review №61

The food was just ok, very expensive for small portions. I left and was still hungry after eating the days special. The clam chowder was good but the flounder I had was very thin and dry. Came with a tiny portion of mac and cheese and only 3 hush puppies. Definitely will not come back.

Review №62

Sunday buffet very delicious! The carving station and fresh made omelets were outstanding. Great family place!

Review №63

Very good food. Salad bar very appealing. Service good.

Review №64

The wait time, the poor service from the call-in wait staff - the order was wrong, had to be remade. I won't go there for a while. Sad because I love their burgers.

Review №65

Haven't eaten here and I guess I never will. I was traveling and I really wanted a great burger. So I called to see if they had a gluten free bun and they don't. With Celiacs disease on the rise it would seem like people would adjust a bit. It is simple and easy to order them from UDI's , put them in the freezer and pull one out)Hope they will get will see this and realize how easy it is.

Review №66

I absolutely love this place. The pork chops are amazing cooked to perfection. I have been here 6 times in the last few weeks. I drive from Greensboro to eat here. I normally come with a small group. The service is normally spectacular but last night the servers were off. We had 3 people come to our table, and each person was nice but just lacking. Messed up drink orders, request were delayed. People passing the buck. l have ordered the shrimp skewers as an add on more than once. It normally comes with two. Last night the final waitress insisted it was only one. It was annoying but normally the service is 100% great. But 1 bad time out of 6 is still good. I will return. The spinach dip is delicious but its real cheesy. Ribs fall off the bone. The cowboy steak needed a lil more seasoning but it was cooked just right. The burger are HUGE! My family loves the salad bar. Overall this place is worth a try. I will be back.

Review №67

This is a great place to share a meal with family or friends, cozy yet casual atmosphere. Food is outstanding and service is great. We have eaten here on a number of occasions and it was great each time. There is also a large salad bar with 40+ items and is well stocked and fresh. Highly recommend!!

Review №68

We absolutely love the cutting board, from high end parties to laid back work lunches they offer space and meals for every budget.

Review №69

Retirement dinner! We we well looked after and had delicious food! Awesome!!

Review №70

The food was very delicious and eye appealing. The place was very clean with great customer service from the waiter and the greeter when we walked inside.

Review №71

Wait staff was great, food was excellent. Highly recommend!

Review №72

It had a lovely atmosphere and great food! Not to mention our waitstaff went above and beyond to make sure we were all good to go. My husband had the ribs which were super delicious, my friend had the skewered shrimp and she said they too were very good. I my self had the mushroom jack chicken with loaded French fires and it was super good as well! Not to mention their salad bar which had plenty of choices, well stocked and everything looked fresh. Would recommend to anyone!

Review №73

The food was delicious! The place was very clean. I enjoyed the visit. It was my first time there.

Review №74

We had been wanting to try this place for a long time. We got there and ordered our food, our food wasn't cooked right and it was horrible. So because we had ate off the buffet they charged us for that and our drinks. It was $10 a piece for a salad and drink. We got a pizza and went home.

Review №75

I would not say it is the BEST salad bar I've ever experienced. However, the salad bar is very good with double choice options which make it appear larger than what it is. The hamburger bar (that's what I call it) is separated from the salad bar by a few feet; this food dressing bar can completely alter anything between a bun! The potato salad is good and so is the shrimp salad. Everything looks and tastes fresh. The seating areas are nice for any type of occasion. The customer service is STELLAR!

Review №76

They have an amazing salad bar and waiters are always so welcoming.

Review №77

Great steaks and salad bar! Location is Mebane, NC. Great place to meet friends.

Review №78

Fresh ground steak burgers and condiment bar. Been going for years. Can even get your burger cooked medium . Steaks and grilled chicken ate awesome as well.

Review №79

The service was better than the food. Got BBQ chicken and was warm at best as the cheese would not even melt. Chicken was chewy. So much for a Birthday Dinner. Potato and salad we're great.

Review №80

This place is so overrated. Prices are way to high for the quality food. Would not reccomend to anyone wanting to leave a restaurant full.

Review №81

Always great food. But extremely busy on Sundays.

Review №82

Maybe we ordered the wrong thing! Service was NOT good.

Review №83

The food was wonderful. The service was ok. The champagne was a lil over priced but my birthday dinner was fabulous. Thanks again

Review №84

Great customer service. However if you are a real seafood lover PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THE JUMBO LUMP CRABCAKE. You will be disappointed . The crab cakes are extremely extremely breaded . These should be call bread cakes... The ribs are good......meaty and flavored well. The ribs were okay. Would I visit again. No.

Review №85

Good selection of foods, best salad bar in town, and terrific service and wait staff!

Review №86

I'm so middle of the road on this visit. Food was great, service not so great. The hostess, who is way old enough to know manners was going to sit us at a table when there were plenty of booths available. When we asked for a booth, she huffed and rolled her eyes like a child.I'm not one to send food back, but my bacon was under-cooked. I ordered my burger medium, not my bacon. Then they sent me out scorched bacon. It didn't ruin my burger though. It was still great. And the potato salad was, as always, amazing!!

Review №87

Great Lunch spot. Burger fixings bar is really nice.

Review №88

Private room, great food friendly fast service.

Review №89

Waitress was polite and attentive. Food was good.

Review №90

Great salad bar and wonderful service. Good menu, clean space and good location

Review №91

Great Restaurant

Review №92

The Sunday Buffet is wonderful You can get breakfast as well as brunch and lunch.

Review №93

February 27 by Sister's birthday, she requested 'The best hamburger in town"! I had never given that subject any thought, so of course, that deserved calling around and ask my friends to vote on their favorite handburger. There were votes for most famous burgers, but The Cutting Board hamburger had more votes. My Sister was not disappointed when the waitress sat that plate before her with a large hamburger stacked high with trimmings, and she could not eat it all!! She Boxed it up and took it home!

Review №94

The Sunday brunch was very good.Food was hot and a large variety.

Review №95

Great food. Comfortable environment. Excellent service.

Review №96

Grandkids salid plate

Review №97

Friendly service and great Sunday brunch buffet.

Review №98

Was with a group of 14. One waiter took care of all and did a great job. Sorry I didn't get his name. All seemed to enjoy the food. We ordered from salad bar to hamburger to crab cakes to steak. Everyone was happy.

Review №99

I wanted a salad and I love their salad bar. Unlike going to other restaurants where you get a premade salad, two tomato's, two cucumbers and a whole bunch of lettuce. It gives you a good variety and you can get how much of a certain thing you have a taste for. It was worth every penny!

Review №100

Waited forever for the waitress to initially come to table and they were not busy at all. When she did finally arrive there was no sign of a personality. Very robotic. Gave order and she came back to ask details and still the food came out all wrong. Burger was flavorless and NOT worth $10 alone-- fries are extra$- regardless of the "garnish bar". Salad bar is nice. Was the only thing we enjoyed. They are hiring wait staff and cooks and it's very apparent they need some new ones!

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  • Address:2699 Ramada Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
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  • Phone:+1 336-229-2770
  • American restaurant
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Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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