Buffalo Wild Wings
211 Siemers Dr, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, United States
Review №1

Hey! Sooo, Abby is by far the best experience I have had at a Buffalo Wild Wings. When I tell you at first glance she was nice but on a double take she was exceptional, personable, and genuine.So I tell you this, I don't know how everyone else is, but I'll tell You this ABBY is who you should sit for! So next time you are visiting BWW ask for Abby or just say HI! You definitely will be happy and probably laugh!

Review №2

Everything has been awesome! Still devouring my food everything has be fresh, delicious and the server is wonderful! She even helped me find a better option for what I wanted to get**Edit** I do wanna note she forgot my Ranch... But I didn't notice until I was finished with my wings because they were so good without ranch

Review №3

I don't leave bad comments very often but I ordered takeout 10 boneless buffalo wings with fries and the wings I got were just tiny fried bits of breading. I maybe had four actual wings. I also ordered them with extra buffalo sauce which my wings were basically dry with little sauce if any.

Review №4

I placed a To-Go order on Aug 25th 2020, and the total cost was over $50. Whenever I checked my order while I was still there. Pretty much everything was wrong. They were going to charge me $50 for a total of 20pc traditional on BOGO night and two sides of macaroni and no sauces.. Then whenever I requested them to fix it and make the order correct, by adding the sauces and making the Buffalo Mac that I had ordered. A $25 difference and they said they couldn't fix it because the "chicken was put up" but yet people were still coming in and ordering. Yeah I might have had a bit of an attitude after I checked my bag and it was all wrong, but then I really wasn't happy after they attempted to fix it by adding two boneless nuggets to the Mac, and said it was the leftover chicken. Got home to realize I just got someone else's leftover plate.... Unfortunately it makes everyone look bad and especially Kyle.

Review №5

It was good, except philly steak was hamburger, and presentation is not their forte. They somehow knew I enjoyed fries on my sandwich though

Review №6

Very good food, nice service too!

Review №7

Nicest BWW I've ever been to.

Review №8

Accommodated our small group on the back patio.

Review №9

My Man Be Making All Yall Food Taste Good

Review №10

Great service, our server in training was good and had a good trainer. Sat on the upper patio which was fun

Review №11

Asked for sauce on the side of a bogo free boneless wings. I was give one half filled cup of sauce for 20 wings. Other order of wings were light on the sauce and had more than half the wings barley covered in sauce. I was wondering recently why I didn't get food from here more and now I remember why.

Review №12

Thank you for what you all do and being open you guys rock and our server was awesome thank you dear you sweet

Review №13

I so enjoyed our visit today at lunch. We had a great waitress and tried new sauces. The wedges as a side or the side salad is definitely the way to go. Next time I may try the chili or this loaded nachos. Looked amazing.

Review №14

Great service! Great food!

Review №15

Our visit was really great! We went for lunch the day after Christmas not knowing how insanely busy it would beOur server handled the busy time with grace and a smile. Our food arrived hot and delicious. The restaurant looked super clean even with it full of customers.

Review №16

Me and my wife rarely get to get out without kids and the last two times we went out we chose Buffalo Wild Wings in Cape Girardeau Mo. The food was good as always but the people I ran into working there where horrible. Not one person with a smile or yet a kindly gesture and the service well I won't get into that. I dont blame the staff because maybe they have never been trained correctly. I do blame the company as a whole. They place the managers they see fit and those managers are suppose to meet a level of customer satisfaction and I give this store an F.

Review №17

I purchased the boneless wings. They were acceptable in taste but having eaten the bone-in wings previously, the bone-in are much more tasty in my estimation.

Review №18

The "Hand Breaded Tenders" were really good. They don't seem to have as thick a coating of breading as the boneless wings. I liked the seasoning as well. You get the dipping sauce on the side so they are not as messy as finger food. All around the best way to go at BWW in my opinion.

Review №19

The was was great and food was AWESOME. They never seem to surprise me when I come in to eat

Review №20

Always good food and great atmosphere

Review №21

Good food as always. Our waitress was more interested in her boyfriend at the table next to us. She actually stopped in the middle of taking our drink order to talk or flirt with him.

Review №22

Absolutely love the traditional wings! Especially the BOGO Tuesday!!

Review №23

Food is always good the wait staff is where it is lacking. Waited with my wife as 3 couples that had came in well after we did received their food. Not bashing the entire wait staff, but the last 2 trips we have had this type of service from 2 different servers.

Review №24

Foods great. clean place to eat great service kinda pricey though.

Review №25

Food is amazing. Logging into the app could be easier. Should be drop downs for the birthday instead of swiping a million times month by month.

Review №26

I love coming here - the food is always made perfectly and quickly. One time they messed up our take out order and they fixed it by remaking the entire order, letting us keep the messed up order, and adding free drinks too. Very well managed and very professional.

Review №27

Good selection of riding gear. Friendly folks

Review №28

Took forever to get our food while waiters stood around and talked, was late for my movie

Review №29

Good food with good service.

Review №30

Great wings big ones too

Review №31

Excellent service, great food.... Ryleah Ruebel is an AWESOME waitress!

Review №32

Service was really good, Dirty tots were AMAZING

Review №33

Wings were good Friendly service.

Review №34

My wife works here Which makes it the best restaurant in town? She's fine as frog hair to.

Review №35

We were first in when they opened and it took 1.5 hours to get our food. Granted there were alot of people there to get in but too long to wait.

Review №36

Got the Buffalo chicken wrap and fries and both were very good. The waitress was very attentive and made sure we had everything we needed.

Review №37

Very poor service. Waiter barely stopped at the table. We had to ask for everything and even though I told him I was allergic to tomatoes and ordered no marinara sauce he still brought it on my plate

Review №38

Tried the new brisket sandwich. It was delicious! Sat at the bar, the bartender,Shelby, was great!

Review №39

The boneless wings are awful... I could have went to Wendys to get chicken nuggets.

Review №40

Great food and great service

Review №41

Great food and great serving staff. The wings are amazing. They always have some kind of deal going on with the food on their menu. The drinks from the bar always made great. The manager is very friendly.

Review №42

Great food and great atmosphere. Love to come here on game days.

Review №43

Food was good as always. New Waitress doing an excellent job.

Review №44

Everything about this place is great because one of the only places on road I can enjoy the Saints game.However you guys need a new recipe for the Salsa, it taste like tomato's and needs to be less chunky and maybe some more cilantro or something of the spice to be added!Thanks!

Review №45

The food was great and our server was wonderful. The hostess was incredibly apathetic and was clearly inconvenienced to do her job. We almost walked out after being shown to our table, but glad we stayed.

Review №46

Great atmosphere and good service

Review №47

A nice atmosphere with great food. The wait staff are nice and do a good job checking on you to see if you need anything. The food is good with a good variety of pub food (ie. Wings and burgers) it's also pretty fairly priced for the amount of food you get. Would recommend

Review №48

Our party of 3 arrived during busy dinner time, so you must make allowances for slow service. No paper towels in men's room. Don't recommend the grilled chicken salad if you expect a large salad (as compared to most other restaurants). Also, had to cut up all the salad components i.e. onions, peppers, tomatoes, and chicken. Many restaurants serve salads similarly...never understood why. If I wanted to prepare my own salad I'd do it at home! Flavor, however, was good. This restaurant specializes in chicken wings, which are a greasy finger food. I find no excuse except poor training for a server to not automatically bring extra napkins! We waited a few minutes after being served for her to check on us, but finally had to get up and find someone to give us napkins. Given the type of food they serve, I think it would be nice to have napkin dispensers on the tables. Sometimes I'm shocked by how large, successful chains can be so oblivious of customer needs.

Review №49

Moderately expensive. 1st time customer. Traditional wings with zesty Asian sauce. Very tasty indeed. Conveniently located off Interstate 55, near Walmart.

Review №50

Outdoor patio is a nice addition

Review №51

Service was slow and the chicken quesadilla wasn't cooked the way we asked. Good atmosphere and a nice location.

Review №52

Great Management, great service.

Review №53

Food was hot and fantastic. The service was spot on. Fantastic all the way around. Best Buffalo Wild Wings I've been to.

Review №54

Good food and service. Great place to watch a game and have a couple beers with dinner.

Review №55

Great take out process! They make sure your order is correct!

Review №56

Food n drinks where great. It wuz my 1st time eating in the establishment. I dont care for sports but my friends loved it!3

Review №57

Everyone is really friendly and listen to you very well, and the food is amazing. But, the reason they have such a low rating from me is because it took me and my brother an hour to get our food. He got a single burger and a soda and I got a snack size (7) boneless parmesan garlic wing and a soda. All together after everything was added the bill was $31.53.

Review №58

Beautiful building the outside area is nice not the best service

Review №59

Biggest selection of flavors of wings. A taste for everyone

Review №60

Tiffany was very helpful, and let me try samples of wing sauces. Meal was excellent!

Review №61

The manager was completely rude I wont go back

Review №62

Walked in and we spoke to the 3 young ladies at the entrance didn't neither one of them spoke back. The waitress too us to the very back of the patio where it smelled like sewer and we asked to move and someone said sit anywhere. So we left and my 1st time there I really liked it but this time was horrible. We understand its flooding so the smell wasn't the main problem the guest service was!! May or may not return, good food though

Review №63

Really nice waitress. Food is buffalo wild wings. Don't really need to tell people what they already know. Nobody comes to bws for the food obviously.

Review №64

Had a great meal with quick and friendly service. We came and ate for a great cause, they were working with the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri and donating 10% of all proceeds collected that day. That is just a bonus when you get AWESOME WINGS.

Review №65

Love BDUBS. Just wish they still have spinach artichoke dip on the menu

Review №66

Love Bdubbs wings. They are great but they are pricey.So just be careful if your on a budget

Review №67

Good food, great service and atmosphere.

Review №68

Very clean, friendly staff, great food! Couldn't ask for more

Review №69

Great place good food and friendly people. Carbondale location is the place to be.

Review №70

When we first walked in the place was clean, and we were greeted with smiles. The waitress was nice and bubbly. All of our orders arrived correct and fresh and hot. I Personally got the street tacos, and they looked just like the picture in the menu. The food was delicious and at a good price. The waitress was fast to refill our drinks and always had her smile on. It was a great experience!

Review №71

They have good food. Customer service was good.

Review №72

Everything was perfect from the service to speed and quality of food

Review №73

Cape Girardeau location is great as always. Birthday lunch for my husband and our food and the service was great!!

Review №74

Good but need to keep more beer in stock

Review №75

Good service, great food and price!

Review №76

The wings are overpriced for how dry they are and how weak the sauces are. Good drinks, moderate service, and overall decent.

Review №77

Has to be the best BWW I have been too, great atmosphere.

Review №78

Good domestic beer special otherwise average

Review №79

Great food, nice clean place, the staff is always kind and on top of things, I like it there. The wraps and salads are great. It's a little expensive, but nice to just go out for lunch or dinner (the lunch specials are pretty nice too)

Review №80

Waiter knowledgeable crisp wings,full of flavor . Patient with overactive grandchild

Review №81

Food was good once we got our food corrected. Little on the pricier side of eating out. Over all wings are great .

Review №82

Service always seems to be slow but it could be because they are understaffed.

Review №83

Has a great ambience to attract different types ofpeople. It's a must go if you are a sports fans and a Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken ! Very friendly staffs and just an awesome dining experience! :)

Review №84

The food and service is good. They're a little pricey though. $11.79 for the small wings, no fries. No lunch specials on the weekends which really sucks because that's the only time I'm in town.

Review №85

More good food I like to eat

Review №86

Always enjoy this place. Great beer selection and wings are good. Great place to come watch sports.

Review №87

As always with Bdubs, good food. But I didn't like getting my appetizer mid way through my meal. Love the buffalo chicken sandwich and onion rings.

Review №88

Amazing food and drinks plus there desserts bomb!

Review №89

I gave this place a four star do to pricing. But they do have BOGO Tuesday in my opinion is the best time to go if you want good wings and a good deal.

Review №90

Wonderful food great atmosphere any game you want to watch

Review №91

Wings were amazing, my only complaint was the soft drink were not good but the waitress apologized and changed them. Thanks to her

Review №92

Great service and good food! I like that place I go Weekley never disappointed

Review №93

Always enjoy hanging out and waticng the game with friends and family.

Review №94

Not busy and took forever go take my order and get me a soda. Had to send wings back for more sauce. Disappointed.

Review №95

We catered for a graduation party, and they literally thought of everything. They gave us plenty of plates, napkins, and they even gave us multiple bottles for ranch, ketchup, and that sort of thing. They gave us tongs for the wings as well. 10/10 would go back.

Review №96

It's BDubs. 'Nough said.

Review №97

This new facility is really nice. We ate on the downstairs patio. There were plenty of TVs and fans to keep it cool. Our food was good and was served in a timely manner. And they have regular Coors on tap, which is a plus in my book. We'll certainly be back.

Review №98

Great atmosphere, ok service.

Review №99

Good food

Review №100

I like the new location and the tenders were filling. However, the cheese curds were not what I expected. At best they were just pieces of fried mozzarella sticks. Tasty but in no way worth the price. Everything else is great though.

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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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