Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
3261 William St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703, United States
Review №1

I placed an order online for curbside pickup. I waited in the parking lot for 30 min before they brought out my food which they only did after I called and asked what was taking so long. When I first pulled up I went to my email and clicked "I'm here". And to to make it worse my food was cold when I received it. You're better off ordering for a pick up order or ordering from door dash.

Review №2

Omgosh where to start. Amazing gift shop. Outstanding service. Not a long wait time between when you place your order and when you receive it. And the food was outstanding. I had the French dip and hubby had Chicken Fried Steak. Meals are good size to fit the cost. My new favorite place to eat. 1 down fall different locations and cooks prepare things different. So might taste a little different but still amazing

Review №3

Very clean. Folks were very nice and polite! Loved our Hostess and very attentive server! We would've given 5 stars but chicken was fried too hard and Momma had trouble eating it.

Review №4

First time after all these years, we did curbside. We really haven't gone anywhere since March. I just had one of those.. I need Cracker Barrel cravings. Our food was still warm when we got home in Jackson. It was probably the best food we have ever gotten.. I got the country ham, okra, turnip greens and potatoes. My husband got the pork chops. It was just what I needed. Thank you, Cracker Barrel.

Review №5

Our visit to Cracker Barrel was very good. The service was excellent, our waitress helpfuĺ, friendly and her service was prompt. The food was excellent and hot! As sometimes happens, food can arrive to the table stòne cold and its not always the servers fault. Our visit went very well and we will eat there àģain.

Review №6

They food was good but I think they can work on there customer service

Review №7

Usually food at a Cracker Barrel is good, something you can count on.While my meal at this Cracker Barrel was good it was lacking. My chicken and dumplings had plenty of dumplings and very little time chicken. Not sure if this is because of the current coronavirus.Service was good and friendly. Just add more chicken to the dumplings and All will be good

Review №8

Great service always a good breakfast. The turkey sausage was fabulous.

Review №9

They are doing a good job coping with and enforcing COVID 19 safety. It is appreciated.The food and service is great too!

Review №10

Normally our favorite breakfast place when we're in town to visit our daughter, but this time they had their wood fireplace burning (literally inside the restaurant in the dining area) so it smelled let me a campfire. Our clothes teamed when we left.

Review №11

Wonderful down-home cooking. Never disappointed. Staff is always friendly, helpful, & curtious.

Review №12

I love the Cracker Barrel in Cape!!! I love them all...but this one has the most friendly and attentive staff around. Everytime we come from Perryville on the weekends...we MUST eat breakfast here.

Review №13

Great dinner for our Anniversary. I LOVE the country store.

Review №14

The food is consistently good and the staff are always nice. My only complaint is with their wait system, they consistently drop customer names from the list. When you go ask how many are ahead of you they usually say I don't see you on the list and then proceed to bump you to the front of the line-just do it right the first time ppl.

Review №15

Loved the chicken and dumplins. Nice gift store too. Picked up couple xmas decorations. Have curbside pu or dine in.

Review №16

Don't get the meatloaf. Tasted sour. No way they made it that day. Also, they need to change the oil they fry with. You can really taste that special something u taste with old oil or dirty equipment.

Review №17

Service was sub par! Food was very bland and unsatisfying! Sweet tea was horrible! Probably the last time my family and I will go!

Review №18

Always great and delicious food , se love it , very good service and people .

Review №19

Our food was old and cold and the chicken fried steak was nothing like it used to be. Service was poor also

Review №20

My waiter was Terri and she was awesome. Good food and vibes!

Review №21

Great meals at great prices. Love the general store!

Review №22

This particular Crackerbarrel refuses to accept their own e-gift cards unless they are printed off or a physical card. They refuse to scan them off your phone. The UPC code will remain the same in either form, so how does this accomplish anything other than the rating above.

Review №23

What cracker barrel doesn't serve country fried steak and eggs for breakfast. Ridiculois!

Review №24

Was not waited After 20 mins after being seated Noone even came to take our drink order its was our first time and our last time visiting

Review №25

The lady who waited on us was The Best!!!! Hey Carla, hope to see you again soon.

Review №26

Food was great. Service was excellent!!

Review №27

Excellent service! Paula is awesome!

Review №28

I eat lunch there once in a while i love the food.

Review №29

This Cracker Barrel restaurant by far has one of the biggest parking lots I've ever encountered and for good reason. They are very popular in town because they get great reviews on their service and food all the hours that they're open they stay very busy.They also have a large area devoted to RV and camper trailer parking so whether or not you need an overnight stay in your RV they are very welcoming here.

Review №30

It's cracker barrel, it's meh. Consistent food, and good service.

Review №31

Got curbside tonight . Steak was so tough I couldn't chew it and was severely over cooked . Loaded baked potato only had bacon bits ( so much for loaded ) okra was rubbery . I have never been so disappointed in my life . I had sent someone else to pickup for me because i cannot drive due to an injury .If i could have driven i would have took it back and told them to eat it

Review №32

Clean family restaurant, servers are generally attentive and helpful.

Review №33

Very polite staff and very good at following social distancing guideline

Review №34

Order was ready when promised and food tastes good. Will return.

Review №35

Cracker Barrel restaurants are one of those places that consistently provide a good dining experience and a kid friendly environment.The breakfast menu is always ready to fill you up with deliciousness any time of day. Nothing beats a Cracker Barrel sign at the next exit with a minivan full of hungry bellies!

Review №36

Okay, today I had the Sunrise Sampler. It was really good. Now I came here on a Sunday, and it was really busy ( obviously! ) Be patient if you go during peak hours, it will make everyone's visit more pleasant. Anyway, enjoy. Oh don't spend too much time in the Gift shop.

Review №37

I have heard many people comment how good Cracker Barrel is. I finally went and must agree. I work away from home and spend much of my time in hotels. I typically get my breakfast from the hotel, but that has gotten very old. I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and loved there French toast. On another occasion, I had the pancakes. Those were good, but I will stick with the French toast. I worked for Easter and wanted to have some feel for a home cooked meal. Cracker Barrel rose to that occasion. I had the sampler platter with meatloaf, chicken and dumpling and ham. They messed up the sides they have me, but they were very accommodating in correcting my order and even threw in some freebies. This is definitely my go to place when I work away from home and I look forward to future meals from here.

Review №38

Food was ok but service was terrible. The server came back twice without our lost gravy & kept joking that she must have given it to someone else. We eventually got it but we're done eating by the time it came.....

Review №39

Party of two this visit. First off, extended wait time to be seated. Hostess, attempts to seat us in a poorly illuminated area, we declined, picked our own seating.One steak ordered medium/well, it arrives well done, with tough leather like texture.Second steak ordered, medium, it arrives well done, with tough leather like texture, it was refused by customer.Repeat attempt, steak arrives medium/rare! Lots and lots of frothy blood, with texture of steak spongy like.Disgruntled now, push steak to the side and ask for billable discount. Hostess was most reluctant to honor discount requests, but in the end she conceded.We tipped at the table, yet at checkout, the associate pushed receipt to our party, asking us to leave a tip.Crackle Barrel, this is our second visit in many months to your Cape Girardeau facility. Hopefully if we visit, it will be a better experience.

Review №40

Food was good but a wait on getting the food. The waitress was excellent but I think that the kitchen was very slow.

Review №41

Food was great. Service was sad. No drinks, no checking on us, no refills once we did get drinks. No apology.

Review №42

Never disappoints. They are definitely doing a good job with social distancing protocols as well, staff is friendly and helpful, food always good!

Review №43

Very friendly staff, food was excellent, and our server was very friendly and gave us excellent service.

Review №44

Home town atmosphere. Last three times I ordered fried fish, fried chicken & fried shrimp & was all over cooked & the shrimp was so burnt I took to dog. All was so hard you could not eat.

Review №45

We may have waited a few hours, but our waitress was awesome. She worked with us as best she could with it being backed up, and because the waitress started to serve people that came after us, the new one took over and got us what we needed. My friend didn't have his potatoes still and she went back there and took somebody else's since we were first. It was funny, but she took service seriously as we had been skipped over by others. I had a good time for my second time ever.

Review №46

The watriess was very good to especially my handicapped child

Review №47

I had Thanksgiving dinner here with family and friends. The food was okay and the service was okay after we said something about it.

Review №48

Great, a little longer wait because of social distancing, but service and food were great.

Review №49

About as good as every other Cracker Barrel. But the food took way too long.

Review №50

Always good food. However, the vegetable soup was a bowl of various beans with only 2 spoonfuls of broth. WAY too many beans and no soup.

Review №51

Great southern/comfort food restaurant. Had chicken livers. Drop plenty of hot sauce on em and we're ready to rock. Food was good. Side dishes were decent but portions were a little small for the price but not terrible. Lots of good menu options, staff was attentive and friendly. Cool gift shop too.

Review №52

It was great. Had to drive to Cape Girardeau because Illinois is still closed till June 26, 2020.

Review №53

Great foodStaff are always friendly

Review №54

The food was very delicious and I love the store inside the restaurant. The only down fall was our waitress did not refill our drinks or pay much attention to us.

Review №55

Great food. Service not so good but food made up for it.

Review №56

It was very good and very helpful

Review №57

We are regular customers. We go at least twice a month. The last several times we have noticed the service is poor and the quality of food is gone downhill. We went for dinner. My wife ordered chicken fried chicken. I ordered the roast beef. My wife got chicken fried steak. The roast beef was little chunks of meat swimming in gravy. We ordered salads. We didn't get the salads until we were almost done with the main entree. We had to remind the waitress about the salads. She could not remember more than two things in a row. I asked her 3 times for extra napkins. I am also pretty sure I got food poisoning from the roast beef. I got very sick during the night. We will definitely not be returning!

Review №58

Yesterday we had a family dinner and had the worst waitress ever. We have been going to craker barrel for a long time and have never been so upset with a visit. If you go dont get Allyssa as a server.

Review №59

My daughter ordered Fries and all she got was 5 fries on her plate. She told the waitress she wanted something else. And my food was was dry. I had country fried steak and it was dry and hashbrown casserole was dry like it sat on the plate for a little bit. I won't order that again. I like Cracker Barrel

Review №60

Miss the rib eye steak dinner

Review №61

Great service even better food!!

Review №62

Good food friendly and delicious

Review №63

Unfortunately, for my first experience here, the food was terrible. I got the sampler, and the ham and meatloaf were both dry, and the dumplings were watery. Will not be back!

Review №64

Best fried chicken I had in a while. The waitress was sweeter than that slice of apple pie I had. I will definitely be back.

Review №65

Always has good food and the best service

Review №66

Butter milk pancakes are delicious. Our waitress was super nice. Anything we needed she would bring it right away.

Review №67

Good home cooking, good waitress and reasonably priced. Chicken fried chicken is delicious and so is the meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Topped off with delicious sweet tea.

Review №68

Usually this place is really good but I went here today for a pickup at half past 1pm on1/4/20 and the meatloaf was from an end piece and was room temperature, yet the sauce that normally coats it was charred and inedible. I also had the cornbread casserole, which the first bite was fine, but the second bite tasted like chemicals, I'm assuming cleaning solution so I didn't eat any more. Maybe its my fault for going between lunch and dinner and I hope it's a fluke.

Review №69

Well we are working here and staying at auburn place. Food was to be ready at 715pm IT was not it took another twenty minutes to get my to go order to the register. You would have thought my husband's greens and cornbread muffin and roast beef WOULD be HOT. IT WAS NOT. NOTHING I PICKED UP HAD ANY WARMTH TO IT AT ALL. Just would have loved to of had the food we ordered to be ready on time and Hot. Y'all can do so much better.

Review №70

Excellent Service and Delicious Food

Review №71

Not so good this time. Asked for a small juice, got large. Asked for crisp bacon, did not get, and asked for a refill of coffee which I did not get.

Review №72

Good food, good Service

Review №73

Good food....but little pricey...

Review №74

We had a large group and 2 waiters which made our experience the best we've ever had. The food was good but the service was over the top today. Very pleased.

Review №75

You know what your getting when you go to a cracker barrel. It isn't "fine dinning" but more like something you find in grandma's kitchen. That something tends to be very delicious and feel like home. the staff and well trained and we have not had a bad experience. If you like cracker barrel. You will like this one. Fair warning Sunday/Saturday mornings tend to be extremely busy.

Review №76

Love to shop there and their food is fantastic.

Review №77

Excellent staff, excellent food, made you feel at home

Review №78

Was abt a 5 minute wait but we'll worth it. Great service. And never cold food.

Review №79

Food was great, service was very slow however the manager did explain that at the time they had quite a few new people.

Review №80

Great as always. Service AAA++++

Review №81

Very friendly and kept checking on us. Great meal

Review №82

Being safe but not sacrificing quality

Review №83

Food is excellent. Service is curtious and polite. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good homestyle meal.

Review №84

Great food and service

Review №85

Valecia was an amazing server!!! Friendly and fast! The food was amazing! It was an all around great experience!!!

Review №86

Hadn't been to Cracker Barrel since 2005, decided to stop and see if the food was still good. Was not disappointed. Customer service was great. They even let you park your RV overnight in their parking lot. My hat off to them for looking out for the travelers.

Review №87

I like the food, the employees are always friendly. Its one of my favorite places to eat in cape. I like the store and the variety of items they carry to purchase.

Review №88

The food is always AWESOME

Review №89

Food is fantastic. Homestyle cooking with generous serving. Service is always great and the attached shop is fun to browse and buy.

Review №90

I had biscuits and gravy, also bacon. The bacon was so greasy that I used the entire napkin to soak it up off bacon. The biscuits could have used a few more minutes of baking. Ordered sweet tea, but received unsweet. The waitress got the table next to us wrong also. Husband had coffee, waitress in such a hurry that after filling the cup she pulled pitcher away before straightening it up and splattered hot coffee across tabke and nearly my hand!

Review №91

The food was amazing and our waitress was so quick

Review №92

Forgot about Us -------- Got seated and waited 20 min for waitress that never came. Was seated at table by window in the evening sun which doesn't help the obvious sunburned. Ask to move tables. Staff said they only have 2 waitresses for the evening dinner but did see 3 table bus cleaners granted the first table in the sun had a butter knife and butter packet under the table. Food was good along with clear Black cherry soda. Men bathroom had STRONG urine smell. Gift shop clean and awesome for travel souvenirs

Review №93

Our entire family can eat here and everyone will find something they like. There are very few restaurants like this. After we eat we always enjoy walking through the gift shop.

Review №94

Great food, peaceful atmosphere, great selection of trinkets and clothes in the store and everyone was very friendly !! Food was a 6 out of 10 though ...

Review №95

Food was alright some service was good the other one was bad

Review №96

Brandy V. was an awesome server! with this cracker barrel, it is hit or miss. Today I had one of the best meals ever in any cracker barrel in the United States! Keep up the great work :-) :-)....

Review №97

Really good food. Cooks are trained well and the food doesn't suffer when it gets crowded. For that reason, it's a little too slow when they're busy. The new fired chicken is delectable! Try it with a drizzle of honey and you'll thank me later.

Review №98

This place is fabulous. They remember you and treat you like family. Food is great too

Review №99

Food was cold waitress hardly came back i did send food back. This time had no flavor and mediocre room temperature.

Review №100

Best food anywhere

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  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
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  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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