Huddle House
511 N Kingshighway St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, United States
Review №1

The staff are awesome here and the food mostly great. We ordered to go and some of the food was a bit skimpy. Not enough gravy with the chicken fried steak breakfast but my guy went back and they gladly doubled it up. The blueberry pancakes were undercooked and a bit mushy but had good flavor. We heated the up. The salad was delicious. The Turkey bacon ranch sandwich was fantastic. We devoured the brownie sundae. Almost had a toss over it. Overall it was rather tasty and we enjoyed it.

Review №2

I wish I could rate them at 0/5 stars. This place is a complete dumpster fire! We struggled to find a seat, despite half the tables being empty, because they were not clearing or cleaning tables. We ordered our food and it was an actual hour before they brought us cold food, that we didn't order. As we waited, there we're three other tables complaining to the manager that their food was cold, their orders were wrong, and that only half the people at the tables were served food. After we notified the assistant manager that we had ordered an hour ago, she brought us two plates of ice cold scrambled eggs, which we didn't order. We left.Do not give this place your business. Shut them down by avoiding them.

Review №3

It was absolutely terrible! They move slow as he'll and you have to wait 1 to 1and a half hours for 2 simple platters. Had at least 8 cooks and 2 servers

Review №4

Server “Sarah” doesn't write anything down when taking orders, forgets three separate things that I asked for. Waffle comes out looking like this - it's complete mush. When my coworker and I complain about the waffles, server responds with “those are how we make the waffles, you order the waffle you pay for the waffle. Hash browns cooked so long they are hard to chew. Feels like it's a lot of people's first day working in a restaurant.

Review №5

They were their normal great service and quality. You wouldn't think anyone could mess up an egg or some hashbrowns, but I've seen it done. NEVER here! This place is great!!!

Review №6

Friendly staff, clean facility, good prices, and exceptional service. What more could you possibly want in a resturant experience? If I could give better than a 5 star review I most certainly would!

Review №7

My sis and I came to HH in Cape Girardeau MO yesterday...I got the MVP.. enough for a cpl meals... eating the biscuits and gravy now and very nice reheated! Your sausage gravy is very meaty which I appreciate... thanks for another good meal.

Review №8

Prices were reasonable. Eggs and French toast was fantastic! And I prefer patty sausage which is what thry serve. Customers service was very good

Review №9

My girlfriend and I went to the Huddle House for brunch at 11:00 am on Sunday September 27th. We were met inside the door to be advised that there was a 45 minute wait on orders. We agreed that the wait time was acceptable. We placed our orders and were served our drinks within 10 minutes of being there. After 1 hour and 20 minutes we were served our orders. My order of Philly Steak & Cheese Omelette with hash browns was slightly hotter than warm. My girlfriend's order of Pancakes and Sausage Patties was served cold. We attempted to return her meal and were asked if we wanted it heated up in the microwave. We declined and told them to re-fire the order. After another 10-15 minutes her re-fired order was served. After all this, she had lost her appetite and we asked for the "to-go" containers, paid for our meals and left. I would think twice when they are as busy as they were. By the way, they were not operating at 50% capacity (Covid-19 Guidelines) but did require everyone to wear face masks when not at their table. I am not sure if the 50% capacity guideline has changed, but not to my knowledge.

Review №10

The staff were so much fun. My daughter and I got take out waffles and while I was waiting for them to get done, the staff were talking and joking with me. They so nice and upbeat. And the waffles were pretty great also.

Review №11

Its food is amazing and dont even get me started on the employees. They are amazing, funny, nice, and everything good

Review №12

Great usual. Great usual. Bonus was the overall mood of the staff. Cookers singing and laughing. A waitress singing. Overall great attitude displayed. A truly enjoyable experience.

Review №13

Experience at other Huddle House locations were positive. This is one was disappointing. There was nothing mega about the mega bacon omelet. Hash browns were cold. The toast in the french toast was burnt and the toast on the side wasn't buttered. Thought we'd have a better experience because it was 4:00 am and the restaurant was almost empty. Guess not. Maybe next time.

Review №14

Service was great. Most of the food was good. Mac and cheese was not cooked all the way.

Review №15

After being closed for COVID a month ago, 7 employees were working and only one waitress and one cook wore their masks properly or at all. Our waitress wore no mask at all. Makes me worried for other kinds of safety and health violations that might be going on.

Review №16

Nice place to eat breakfast. Pretty fair prices andNice friendly staff. Clean and kept up! Lunch time was a bit unpleasant for me. My burger wasn't what I ordered. This why I only gave 4 stars.

Review №17

The MVP breakfast plate is awesome! For the prize you definitely get a full belly.

Review №18

IHOP was to packed so we went here. The food was cold. Some people never even got a waitress/waiter. The food was OK but like I said cold. We waited 90minutes for our food and the waitress was super rude. Terrible experience

Review №19

Told me the reatuarnant was closed at 2am. Turned us away. But keep serving customers. And allowed others to come order. Rude hung up on me. When i called to ask why we was told it closed at 2. But others was allowed to eat

Review №20

The coffee is really delicious and our breakfast was the same good place to eat breakfast and have coffee

Review №21

My wife and I eat there for breakfast ever so often it's good food I like it.

Review №22

First experience ever at HUDDLE HOUSE ordered my food, 42 minutes later(after watching my order sit next to the grill and get cold for 15+ minutes.) I got up to leave, laid $4 on the table to cover the cost of the glass of milk (that being the only food that made it to the table in nearly an hour) and quietly left. On my way to the door the server asked if everything was OK. The next day I decided to give them another shot. Again had to wait longer than I thought was necessary for my food. This time the server was.extremely efficient but, the cooks were little slow. The food was very good. If you're not on any kind of a schedule and have the time to wait, the food is good.

Review №23

Huddle House in Fulton,Miss is a (10) in my book, huddle house in cape Girardeau is a (1),both times I've ate there,the sever was nice, but the food was not as good,1st time there I order a waffle it took a long time and when I got my waffle it was burnt and cold,2nd time there I order two over easy with pancakes it took two hours to get my meal,then it was cold,not a happy customer.not all HUDDLE HOUSE are the same, District Manager and the Manager needs to do his job.

Review №24

Fast service and good food at a decent price

Review №25

Food was tasty. Waitress could stop flirting with my boyfriend. I never got a drink refill but she made sure he got one.

Review №26

$-$$ cheap food good prices they are doing social distancing

Review №27

Worse place ever!! Got food poison from eating here. There was no AC and the server was very rude. No to mention they didn't honor social distancing in seating. Will never go back!!

Review №28

Grand meal at an affordable price. Great service.

Review №29

I had great service and a fantastic waitress and the food hit the spot!

Review №30

Food is good and reasonably priced. Don't ever get the baked potato tho!

Review №31

Had one wonderful waitress, otherwise waited for an hour and a half ++++ and didn't get all our food even at the end. Great staff though!

Review №32

The waitress was awesome. The people there are all welcoming

Review №33

The service and quality of the food and service was great. With all that's going on right now with the virus, they kept distance and cleanliness as much of a top priority as the service.

Review №34

We were told it was a 30 minute wait for food, and then she just brought us our check for the drinks after we told her we would wait

Review №35

Had to wait for a half hour or so for our food. Restaurant floors were dirty and unswept. Floors where they cook were aweful. Staff had mask around their necks but not covering their faces where it should be. They have good food but store was filthy. Noticed they don't wipe menus off after being handled by customers. Poor social distancing.

Review №36

Great food good service good prices

Review №37

It's pretty good. I ordered pancakes and egg. Waitress was better after our food arrived.

Review №38

Rude waitress. Food order totally wrong and very slow

Review №39

Over an hour wait. no masks on cooks or serevice. wife had to disinfect our own table. it was at full capacity

Review №40

Good place to eat. Friendly service most of the time.

Review №41

Amazing food 24 hours a day

Review №42

Didn't waste time ordering. Ordered OJ with blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon. I got my food 25-30mins later. Pancakes were little dark than I expected and blueberries weren't really spread out throughout the pancakes. Went to restroom, not good to have a 1stall restroom with a building that big. So never went to restroom. Over all my server Louise did a good job.

Review №43

Good food great service.

Review №44

Always great food with great service!

Review №45

A great diner experience! There's nothing fancy about the place, but the food was delicious. They have tables, counter seating and takeout. The food was a good value and they might take coupons. I saw a waitress carrying what may have been a coupon reading it. Overall, very satisfied and glad we passed on the other breakfast place.

Review №46

Got there food still on tables. Ordered food waited forever once received it was cold. Waitress assumed we didnt want Hashbrowns so it had ti be cooked. I found hair in them lost my appetite.

Review №47

Ok food and nice people

Review №48

Very very very friendly, we had the best waitresses, clean ,bfoid was spectacular.

Review №49

Always good food at a great price!

Review №50

Good food. Great value. Very friendly.

Review №51

We stayed at a nearby motel in cape Girardeau. We went to take out supper & breakfast. Both meals were excellent! We had the Ribeye dinner for supper & it was to die for, absolutely worth it!! Breakfast the next morning & that was wonderful as well. I feel the portions are perfect. I highly recommend the Huddle House in Cape Girardeau.

Review №52

Our waitress was amazing , the food was great and the cooks didnt mind helping out the waitress at all.

Review №53

Amazing platter selection

Review №54

Took an hour to get served. Then when I got it, there was a hair that was in my hash browns. Waited that long for nothing. Lost appetite

Review №55

Thank you very good

Review №56

Huddle House offers great food at an affordable price with prompt service. We received a Huddle House gift card and was quite surprised that for the $40 value on it we were able to eat as a couple three times thanks to their fantastic pricing...6 meals for $40...Wow!!

Review №57

Way better selection on menu than waffle house!

Review №58

Perfect place for breakfast and the best coffee ever

Review №59

It was a pleasant experience. And the food was delicious

Review №60

I gave it 2 stars because the waitress was great. The food was cold. The cook only had 1 glove on and his pants in the back hung below his bottom. Other than the fabulous waitress the place was horrible.

Review №61

Good food and got plenty

Review №62

Awesome.midnight nummys

Review №63

The waitresses are always friendly and helpful. The food is fresh and tastes great and the prices are reasonable. It is a bit noisy but has a very down home type of atmosphere which makes it fun. I highly recommend it.

Review №64

Bisket and gravy were awesome!

Review №65

Holy cow you get a healthy serving here. Way too much for me to finish on my own. It's a bit of a pain to get to the way the road is set-up next to it. Well worth it. Old fashioned diner.

Review №66

Good food good service

Review №67

Waited 40 minutes for food and it was cold got no refills

Review №68

Pretty good food

Review №69

Husband and I was up early looking for breakfast while in town and came across the Huddle House. The food was good and service was friendly and fast.

Review №70

It's like Denny's, but has a much better, less-smokey atmosphere. But still just okay. Even in the old Denny's, it felt like there was supposed to be a bunch of smoke everywhere. Since we don't have a Waffle House, go here whenever you crave breakfast and/or have nothing better to eat at 2am! Huddle House probably tastes better than Waffle House anyway. Also, the things on the menu that aren't breakfast-related are pretty good, too, like the chicken tenders!

Review №71

Love there strawberry top of pancake whip cream plus bacon and eggs my favorite coffee is always perfect

Review №72

Very busy when visited. Waitress was extremely busy but still checked on us and we got everything we ordered. Amazing food!!

Review №73

Fast friendly service

Review №74

First time going the food was great, we will return.

Review №75

Ate here on 5-22 had the mvp breakfast it was cold and server (Macy) didn't come back and check will not be back

Review №76

The service at this location in Cape Girardeau mo. Was terrible. I waited for over 30 minutes for my order , when I asked about my order I was told they lost it.

Review №77

Excellent food and service. Just don't try too hard to get a job there. They manager, Alison, is too busy and of you do get to finally talk to her you will probably get blown off.

Review №78

Table was clean. Food was cooked to liking. Coffee was refilled without asking, friendly service and polite management. Thank you Huddle House in Cape Girardeau for giving us a great first time experience.

Review №79

I wouldn't spend a dollar here , the manager is rude . Ordered food, wasn't what I ordered, took it back she threw it away an didn't give my money back. Contacted corporate

Review №80

Amazing staff, they all work so well together! I am very impressed with all aspects of this place.

Review №81

What's the point, staff with no masks, and took menu from people at one table and handed them to us. No thought adopt the virus

Review №82

This was one of only a few restaurants open on Christmas day. They were packed, but turned tables quickly and were slinging great food the whole time. We had a patty-melt and and a bacon grilled cheese. We sat at the counter and were able to observe the line cook and his brigade work like a well oiled machine. Quick service, orders correct, and the food was hot and delicious.

Review №83

Biggest/ thickest pork chops I've ever saw. Delicious!

Review №84

Went in to get a to go order they said it would be 1hour 45 minutes just for biscuits and gravy and they were rude. I been there once before and I said I'd never go back cause they messed our order up ( we sat to eat then) took forever for a waitress to even ask what we wanted to drink then waited 30 min for her to come back to take a order then another 45 to get food which was all wrong! I personally don't recommend going there.. Sorry who ever owns this place needs to figure something out!

Review №85

Good cheap and fast food. I only ever get the breakfast, but it is always done great and tastes good. Small restaurant and usually crowded but still a nice place to go.

Review №86

Good food

Review №87

Awesome food and good sized portions

Review №88

Great service latenight meal> Half of our large party ordered breakfast the rest were dinner items. Everyone left full and happy

Review №89

Good food (I love breakfast). A good atmosphere. I appreciate the extra room they've added on.

Review №90

Good food and service. Reasonable prices.

Review №91

Went about four the afternoon on 8-28-19. Waitress did a good job.Food however was not that great. Pancakes were burnt on the bottom, food was cold, hard biscuits and ants on the table. Would be one star if not for waitress doing well.

Review №92


Review №93

Friendly staff clean bathrooms and food is reasonably priced and food smells delicious

Review №94

I ordered the chili with onions and jalapenos it was good. I like the cook he was good. I liked my waitress but the cook was better.This doesn't reflect on huddle house but there was this table full of people staring as I walked in. so I waved and they just kept staring and didnt wave back. So the old lady from that table and I just mean mugged each other the entire time. Lol I've never mean mugged an old lady before lmao.

Review №95

What a joke don't waste your time or money

Review №96

Go there several times a year and today I will have to say was hands down the worst service and food we have ever had there. I understand that people have bad days so I will go back again but today took my rating from a 5 star to a 4.

Review №97

Great breakfast experience i had here, their prices and food is amazing

Review №98

It was good; service was astounding for as busy as the restaurant was!

Review №99

Excellent food and excellent friendly service.

Review №100

Best breakfast I have had out to eat in forever. Great service!!

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  • Solo dining:Yes
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  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
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  • Salad bar:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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