Outback Steakhouse
101 Cape W Pkwy, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, United States
Review №1

First time ordering delivery from Outback and it was a very disappointing experience. Despite being charged a $6 delivery fee not including tip, we were shorted one of the two steaks we ordered in addition to other items. Flatware not included and as we were staying at hotel we had to search for some in the lobby. When I called and spoke with manager, I was rather nonchalantly told that that they would send the other steak. It arrived 19 minutes later. Being that this was supposed to be a romantic evening with the hubby, eating the complementary dry cheesecake was little recompense for a cold steak and the full price hassle.

Review №2

Our server was Lindsey and she was great! Paid lots of attention to us and knew exactly what we needed. The manager checked on us to see if we had everything we needed. Despite COVID-19 circumstances, service was top-notch. The Queensland Chicken and Shrimp was really delicious. Good food and great service!

Review №3

Our dining experience was really good. I was a little nervous because of the pandemic but they handled the seating well and all the staff wore masks. Kati was our server and she was very responsive to our needs. I would go back to this outback.

Review №4

Service is usually good, I've never had an issue with service. The food is good except the steak. Save the hassle and go to Texas Roadhouse for steak and drinks. Their steak is always chewy, fatty, and they never cook it correctly. Just say no to steak. Everything else is pretty good. I love all the appetizers, and the place is always clean.

Review №5

Outback is definitely not an economical choice in places to go out and eat. But, by golly, it is worth every penny. The servers treat you like kings and queens and the food is top-notch.My husband ordered the largest steak they had which was an 18 oz sirloin. It was huge! They made it exactly as he requested (medium-rare). I had the seafood platter with lobster, crab cakes, and shrimp on a skewer. Everything was served with a loaf of delicious, brown nutty-sweet sort of bread that we slathered with whipped butter. An extra loaf was brought with a "be happy to!" It's the generosity for extras that make a place stand out.My husband was driving, so he had unsweet tea. I, however, splurged with a margarita 'down under'. This is what they call it when you ask for an extra shot of tequila in your drink.Fun and interesting decor, delicious food, and extra wonderful service. What more could you ask for?

Review №6

Great food and drinks. Comfortable atmosphere. Prompt, courteous service.

Review №7

The food and service were AMAZING! Our server was having a really rough night, but never let it show and never stopped smiling. Shout out to Ryan!!

Review №8

Everything came to the table quick and correct. The server was great and the wait time was minimal.

Review №9

Always great service. And delicious food. Try the onion blossom it's the best.

Review №10

Things have went so downhill with most chain restaurants. I remember when Outback was so delicious.

Review №11

Had the 11 ounce sirloin, sweet potato & broccoli. It was very good. The steak was awesome. Best I've had, in Cape, in a long time.

Review №12

Great service! And as always, great food.

Review №13

Great food. Higher price and longer wait but that is what it takes for better quality and more delicious food

Review №14

Very dissatisfied with Outback. My son ordered a Mother's day meal for her and myself online the day before to be delivered at 4:45pm on Mother's Day. It did not arrive so after an hour we called. They said they were busy. We finally received the 6 oz sirloin dinner 2 hours late and it was COLD! Decided to refrigerate them and have them for breakfast on Monday. The steaks were terrible. The were so tough and filled with gristle I gave them to my dog. They certainly can do better without excuses. Virus or no virus! If you were not ready to open you should have remained closed.

Review №15

I work here so 5 stars

Review №16

Food was very good just a tiny bit pricey

Review №17

Tortilla soup was very good and so was the service. However, my ribs were colder than roomtemperature and I'm not sure how that could even happen. Steak was also supposed to be medium but more on the rare side.

Review №18

Good food. Love the car side to go so convenient

Review №19

Great food, service and atmosphere. Prices are good.

Review №20

Food was delicious, our waitress was the best.

Review №21

Great food, service and atmosphere!

Review №22

Absolutely delightful. Was there 10 years ago swore I'd never go back but very happy with their changes made

Review №23

Service was pretty good, but steak was not cooked as ordered... Twice... Never did get it right. Ordered substitute entre and not so much as a small percentage off the bill to compensate for the time and trouble.

Review №24

This will be our new date night restaurant. Their service and food is beyond excellent. The waitress Felicia was extremely friendly and on-point, and even her manager was out on the floor helping out with the Valentine's Day rush. Outback is an excellent choice, any night!

Review №25

Great service and great food as you would typically expect from outback.

Review №26

We were lied to about how long the wait would be. We were told 35 minutes but ended up sitting outside for way over an hour. Then the hostess lied to us about "paging" us. We had to go in and actually ask if we could eat yet, and she claimed she already paged us with quite a bit of attitude, when I had just asked her minutes before. We were very disappointed. Cape Girardeau Outback needs to pick staff that's polite and organized, not rude liars. NOT GOOD.

Review №27

Awful, awful. We ordered 2 steaks, both were fatty - one was easily 25% fat. Two loaded baked potatoes came as one side of fries and one plain, uncut baked potato. Two Caesar salads came as two garden salads with blue cheese dressing. Can't really blame it on DoorDash either because orders from elsewhere that have specifics come back accurate. Food was lukewarm but that might have been on the delivery. Given the circumstances of staying at home now, you'd think accuracy is important to keep what few customers are eating out.

Review №28

Food and service outstanding. Thank you Hannah

Review №29

Food was good didn't have to wait for a table we had a new server but he did a good job. We all have to start some where

Review №30

They did not seat us using social distancing. Also, they did not give me nor my friend our AARP discount.

Review №31

Food was ready on time, and the server was very friendly.

Review №32

$7 for that boomerang of margaritas?! Amazing!Service?! Amazing! I never eat at Outback where I live because it's always a disappointment, but the Cape location won my business!

Review №33

The food was amazing!! The service was great and our server was very responsive to our needs. The price of the food was on point. We were seated very fast and for the time of day, (lunch time), it was actually not very busy ( which is great for me). It did not take very long to get our food. The music was current and good.

Review №34

We picked up and order curbside tonight. They had it to our vehicle in less than a minute. Everything was excellent and still warm when we got it home.

Review №35

Good food and atmosphere. Server was professional. Had a porter house good portion of meet and had soup that's was excellent. I would say over all I would go back. Gets a little pricey with drink's. Good place to go with the family.

Review №36

Poor quality food. Had the grilled chicken. Very dry, not edible. Was told 10 minutes order would be ready. Not cook to order. Let's not use the virus as excuse to provide poor service.

Review №37

The service is always great and so is the food. Something for everyone here! I'm VERY picky about the preperation of my steak, if it's not right they make it right.

Review №38

Always good steaks.

Review №39

Took almost 10 minutes for us to be acknowledged by our server. We flagged down a hostess to ask who our server was. She forgot our steak sauce, which happens. We were there early evening. Server took our food order before our bar drinks were served. I've noticed how slow bar service is there on more than one occasion. It takes forever because the bartenders are usually overwhelmed there & slow to make the drinks for the servers. Food was good.

Review №40

What I found that surprised me was the CARROT CAKE! It is delightful! I would also suggest the Mac-n-Cheese bites, they are not just for kids! The room temperature was just right as well, that is hard to find.

Review №41

Usually I really enjoy eating here. This time the grease didn't taste good and the booming onion was over cooked and chewy. I had a shrimp meal and it had tasted better on a fast food meal. Maybe next time.

Review №42

The manager is the best you need to meet him thank you

Review №43

It was a great friendly place to go eat at. Very friendly staff and management.

Review №44

Food was great...our little waitress was really should give that child a raise..she was very nice..kept up on everything...we will b coming bk again and again..

Review №45

I work here!

Review №46

The food is always great.. Went there with a rather large crowd and they had plenty of notice .... the wait staff was not prepared and neither was the kitchen.. the food was great.

Review №47

Had a great birthday meal for my mom and brother in law there tonight we all had the sirloin and lobster tail! It was good all around and our waitress was fantastic she was always one step ahead of our needs

Review №48

I'm not sure that I've been to any other Outback locations, so I can't really compare it to others, but the Cape Girardeau one is consistently excellent every time that I visit. There are definitely plenty of steakhouses in town to choose from, but in my experience the quality of all the food coming out of the kitchen is better than any of the competition. Along with a solid beer list and consistently good service, it's an easy choice to go to the Outback for the the mild splurge of a steakhouse dinner.

Review №49

Steaks were delicious and Service was Excellent.

Review №50

The service was very good, our steaks were overcooked and the manager came over took our steak made new ones which were great , so it was all good.

Review №51

Visited Outback last night on Valentines day. It was super busy. We had to wait to be seated to our table. Hostess were all nice just seemed very busy. Once we got seated the service was excellent. Our server Abby kept up with everything we needed throughout the whole meal. Molly the manager came by twice and made sure everything was perfect. She was very sweet & made our experience even better. We noticed her talking to all the tables around us checking on everyone & the food. Very good customer service. I plan on returning very soon. Would recommend this place to anyone! The food was awesome too!!

Review №52

The service was awesome. The atmosphere was wonderful. The workers were dressed nicer than the other Steak houses in town.

Review №53

My steak tasted great. It was slightly overcooked but not enough to send back. Service was outstanding.

Review №54

Food was great, policies on masks a bit ridiculous.

Review №55

Good food great service salads are really good

Review №56

Very first time trying outback needless to say will be the last. Was in hospital so i ordered out since i couldnt leave. Got enough for lunch and later at night. Food was very very salty. $64 lesson learned

Review №57

Prime rib steak was so tender you could almost cut with fork!

Review №58

Our waitress was awesome! Kitchen to table within 15 minutes during a busy lunch!

Review №59

Excellent service and good food! High recommend.

Review №60

Had a great dinner cooked perfectly.Service was tremendous best we actually had in awhile server was very attentive

Review №61

Food was very good, service was outstandingWe'll visit it again, prices were reasonable.

Review №62

Didnt care for french salad dressing but steak was good

Review №63

The food was delicious and the service was wonderful.

Review №64

Great food, waitress was excellent. God love her she had an ear infection and you could tell she was miserable but stated she had an 8m old baby to take care and couldnt afford a doctor or to take off. We gave her a $40 tip and she was extremely grateful. The manager went around and spoke to tables and even assisted with clearing dishes from tables. The only issue I had was my bahama mama was made terribly at first and then they fixed it

Review №65

Outback that past 3 years for my birthday. Ordered 22 bone ribeye. S28 waste.. ordered medium well - well. No pink! The entire ribeye was pink, not to mention majority was fat. Everything else was good! But for Outback standards 1 out 5. Usually Outback is the best around.. not today. Gonna have to celebrate the bday somehwere else next year..

Review №66

Steak was cooked to perfectly.medium rare.. With wood spears.appagugus

Review №67

Our waiter, Abby Boyer, was super nice and a really good waiter. She helped us find out what we were looking for on the menu and she was constant but not TOO much, not to the point where it would be annoying. She refilled our drinks and made the food come quick. She has great customer assistance in my opinion, I recommend asking for her because she was GREAT waiter!

Review №68

Would like to make a suggestion: on your Queensland pasta with chicken and shrimp, please cut the chicken into bite size pieces before tossing and also please use the tailess shrimp. It's good but I don't like spending my time cutting chicken and pulling tails off.

Review №69

Great meal. Excellent service.

Review №70

It was great. A wonderful experience.

Review №71

The food wasn't great at all. Service was good.

Review №72

The staff was wonderful. Fast, friendly and helpful. The appetizers were so big that I couldn't eat all my main course. So very good.

Review №73

Ordered to go by phone. When got there wasn't quite done yet so think was assistant manager gave me and my friend free to go glasses of tea. They were really nice and pleasant to deal with. Food was excellent. Cheesecake was wonderful.

Review №74

Love it.

Review №75

Great food great service

Review №76

We arrived at 7:04pm and were told that it would be a 15 minute wait. We were seated 22 minutes later at 7:26pm. Not a bad time estimate, they were a little off and typically that is excusable but this was just the beginning.There was a party of like 12 also waiting that was taking up a majority of the space at the front and there no available seats for us to wait. Ok fine. We finally got seated and our server took a while to take our drink order. Once she took our drink order it took between 5 and 10 minutes to get our drinks. The server took our order and it took nearly an hour for our main course to arrive. We had salads brought at some point in between but we had to sit and look at them for 10 minutes before someone brought us forks. I was so hungry I started to eat my croutons with my fingers. Our son's meal - cold french fries and a rock hard burger. The rest of the food was tasty. The server arrived only sporadically and it seemed like she took a lot of time to bring us things that we needed.Overall the experience was below average. It had been at least a year since our last visit and between the wait, the crowd, the quality of our son's meal and the lax service it will probably be more than a year until we return. It's not worth the price.

Review №77

Delicious food with spectacular service, a must visit in Cape Girardeau

Review №78

Good food. Server friendly. Probably wpuld pay dinner prices so went for lunch

Review №79

Good steak but on pricey side

Review №80

Amazing service and amazing food... Expensive tho

Review №81

Prices have gone up considerably since my last visit.Food not worth thePrice in my opinion

Review №82

What you would expect for the price.

Review №83

Great service, consistent good food

Review №84

Fantastic. The food was delicious and the service was even better. our server was McClain. Hands down the best server we've had for years. But like I said the food was great also

Review №85

Initially disappointed because no waitperson came to our booth, yet customers who were seated after us were waited on promptly. I eventually went to the hostess table to ask for someone to wait on us. A waitress volunteered. I ordered my steak medium rare, but it was medium-well done. I didn't bother to complain. Waitress very good and attentive though.

Review №86

Was delicious

Review №87

The seasoned and grilled prime rib was terrific. Six of us on the group and everyone was pleased. Service was very good

Review №88

Wonderful service and anniversary ice cream for my parents! They were packed but service, food timeliness and atmosphere perfect. The manager even came by twice! Great experience!

Review №89

Everything was great. Had lunch with friends. Waitress was very nice and helpful.

Review №90

Fantastic food and even better service. Wish I remember the server's name. She was super fun and sweet, as well as great at her job

Review №91

Not any good today, never got to eat, 45 min wait and they started seating groups of 2 before us.

Review №92

Food is great and wonderful service.

Review №93

The only reason to go here is for the blooming onion and Australian beer. If you in the mood for seafood or steak, look elsewhere. There are other places in Cape to get better quality for your money.

Review №94

Our steak's were so tough we could not chew them. And my daughter's salad had something on the plate that looked disgusting. I will never go there again.

Review №95

Outback is sort of like Dollar tree, you know exactly what you're going to get for what you're going to pay

Review №96

Wasn't too happy with the food this time. It was extremely too peppery. I couldn't even finish my sandwich or fries. Neither could my husband.

Review №97

Ribs were so juicy they fell off the bone and a great flavor.

Review №98

Great service and great food.

Review №99

We went for my daughter's birthday with a big group and service and staff were pleasant. Steak was cooked to order and no complaints in the food department either. It was an enjoyable experience.

Review №100

Best place in Cape to eat

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  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
  • Women-Led:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Braille menu:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
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