White Castle
102 Siemers Dr, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, United States
Review №1

WC has ALWAYS been a family favorite, ever since I was a kid. (65 yrs. ago) Just picked up a tasty snack on the way home from the movies. EVERYTHING they have is GOOD.

Review №2

Good first time experience finally trying the of for a West coast person.Double cheese slider is my favorite of the sliders I tried. Sadly they didn't carry the Sloppy Joe slider that I saw on the website.

Review №3

I wish we had one in ARKANSAS @ The closest one is in Cape Girardeau, MISSOURI and that's 4 hours away from home. I planned my return trip around this location so I could have dinner and bring a sack home for the family! Just love them and could never get enough!!

Review №4

Was my first time coming to this location, as I'm from TN and was just visiting for an event, friendly staff, the price and speed of which I got my order was very reasonable considering how much we ordered, food was also fresh tasting. From someone who used to be a department manager in fast food I can definitely recommend.

Review №5

I asked for everything, easy on the onions. I got cheese, pickle, no onions, ketchup or mustard. No mayo packets for my chicken sandwich. Fried have no salt on them. Everything is fresh though.

Review №6

I grew up on White Castles, and I love them. But this time they bothered my belly. I learned an interesting fact: the onions are not onions but chopped cabbage soaked in onion juice. All these 60 years, I thought they were real onions. Either way, I will continue to eat my White Castles!

Review №7

Avoid this location at all costs! View this location as if it's infected with the bubonic plagueFrom 3rd vehicle back from ordering kiosk, it took 33 minutes to reach the food delivery window!If time is important to you, then I can't emphasize enough to SKIP this White Castle location!Service Date 2020 September 13 12:30 p.m.

Review №8

WHITE CASTLE ROCKS!Just cant beat them.When I travel North it's on my list. I-55 N Cape Girardeau Missouri Exit 96.Just cant go wrong!

Review №9

Good products but they left items out of my order.

Review №10

Went through the drive thru twice on two different days, fries were fresh every time.

Review №11

I like the cheese and the jalapeno sliders. There the best...

Review №12

Gut bombs great. Freshly made

Review №13

There is no where lie White Castle!! Don't miss out!!

Review №14

1st time at a white castle.. not bad at all

Review №15

On my way home to Memphis, it's a must stop and an enjoyable one.

Review №16

Pretty quick service..was not stale at all

Review №17

My food tasted amazing, fresh & hot but it was packaged a bit sloppy (falling apart... I had 2 dbl chs). It wasn't a major problem that i couldn't fix but i was driving so it was hard. All in all I'll still be back.

Review №18

I would like to say THANK YOU to this location for feeding a hungry truck driver trying to get home and check on my family. Server/Cashier took time to serve me fresh delicious fries and delicious sliders. Thank you again.. We are all in this crisis together

Review №19

I can say its a nice establishment we ordered 60 sliders only took 15 to20 minutes to get that's two cases, fyi, no small task awesome job friendly employes.

Review №20

Good food when you don't want to spend much

Review №21

I stopped for my son..Received great servicePeople working were VERY polite

Review №22

Food was fast and fresh. Service was great!

Review №23

Waited 30 min had to go to window knock several times. Guy was 6 ft from window?????

Review №24

Good breakfast sandwiches. Only fallback is you'd better leave an hour earlier to get them. This seems to be the slowest restaurant in Cape.

Review №25

My first stop on my ride back home. Clean with friendly service

Review №26

First time I've tried White Castle. It was good but could be better if they toasted the buns before assembling them.

Review №27

Food was nasty wanted along time to be disappointed...should bought mcds

Review №28

I don't like large burgers.. white Castle is the perfect amount of red meat ..and the buns are the best. They are one of the few places that has plain. Cake donuts...friendly service five stars for service

Review №29

Drove 2 hours and was not disappointed!!

Review №30

Nice location. Great food! Clean.

Review №31

I got something, I didn't order.I was on the highway when I realized it,couldn't go back traffic. I order onion rings,they gave me cheesesicks instead.

Review №32

First time ever eating at a White Castle and I was NOT disappointed! Those little cheeseburgers are delicious!

Review №33

Everything was delicious and hot fries was a little to brown but ok

Review №34

Love this place. Great food and customer service. I also love the soda machine they have a lot of options!

Review №35

Burgers are great but the French fries are terrible

Review №36

Food was good but it's pretty nasty in there as far as cleanliness at night. The staff seemed like they was more worried about having fun than keeping the drink area, tables, and floors swept. This day and age I'd be worried about someone slipping on one of the many Fry's that was on the floor and suing

Review №37

I recently went and visited White Castle with my wife, we ate and enjoyed are meal, but you get what you pay for. Meals are cheap, fast, and affordable, exactly what we needed at the time.

Review №38

Fast and quick service. Dude was super chill for 3AM. Did not expect such a high class experience. This is a certified go.

Review №39

The wait for the drive thru was a good 15 minutes but the person in front of me got a crave case so, that's reasonable. Food was very good. 9/10

Review №40

It's good. Just what you'd expect from a White Castle.

Review №41

Friendly, smiling staff met me at the drive thru window and were very courteous. They had to make my food fresh, and it was very good. Wish I could eat here more often. Thank You.

Review №42

It has a long time since a White Castle. But travel my travel had the opportunity to stop at this one. What great memories. Great food. Clean restaurant. Could not ask for more.

Review №43

Ordered 8 bacon cheeseburgers. Waited 20 minutes before asking about the order which they said the 8 bacon, egg and cheese were coming. We said no egg, just bacon cheeseburgers. Employee just rolled her eyes. Finally, got the order to go and left. No apology for taking so long. Went to eat them and is was just bacon and cheese. No burger!!!!

Review №44

Haven't had it in years it was excellent

Review №45

This place has gone down hill last few times we were there it was not fit to eat

Review №46

Good food best to go to in st.louis and cape

Review №47

We live in Arkansas and travel to Cape Girardeau, Mo quite often and when we do, we always stop at White Castles upon arriving or prior to leaving. #craveon

Review №48

It was a very clean and wonderful service very nice people. I needed 3 cases of White Castle hamburgers instead of just going there and ordering that many hamburgers, I called ahead told them what I wanted and I told them hot. I had gotten to the restaurant an they stood behind their word. I'm a very happy customer. Thank you White Castle.

Review №49

Fries was hot and fresh the sliders was good some still had onions on them even though I asked for no onions and they also had pickles on the i didn't want pickles, but all in all it was good i didn't take the order back because I don't like to complain and hate to see food go to waste so we managed with what we had.

Review №50

First time Ifor me. Never atethere before.

Review №51

I've forever heard the hype of eating a fresh white castle hamburger. I was so disappointed. The place was filthy, customer service was non-existent and the food was mediocre.

Review №52

I had a chicken waffle burger. It wasn't the best. The gravy was bland. It needed some salt. I also had the smoked cheddar burger. It was greasy and bland. The guy at the window was really nice tho.

Review №53

Man at the register acted like we were intruding on his day. IF I go back hope he isn't there. Not all the employees were as rude

Review №54

My first time to enter a white castle and my expectations above and beyond heavenly. Very clean and great speedy service.

Review №55

The lady was very kind and was fast getting our order ready.

Review №56

Love the sliders!

Review №57

There're sliders what else can you say.

Review №58

The food was amazing tonight.. The SWEET TEA THO was Amazing job.. on point..

Review №59

This time was fine. The last time I got food poisoning. Sick as a dog.I thought I give it one more time and as I said it was fine.

Review №60

The staff were very friendly and accommodating! I appreciated the service!

Review №61

I love White Castle. Nothing more to say.

Review №62

I love this place! Sometimes they could be a little faster in the drive thru but always friendly & good food. Loved the coupons i got in the mail!

Review №63

It was so wonderful to have fresh coffee made and didn't even have to ask!!!

Review №64

Slow but good

Review №65

Love White Castle. Great service. Friendly employees.

Review №66

Food was good. On line order. 15 min lead time. Plus 10 mins before they pulled up order once I arrived. Order was not ready for another 5 mins. Just a little annoying to order ahead and then wait. First world problems I know.

Review №67

Clean restaurant, quick service, and amazing food as always!

Review №68

Nothing to say about the food, we went through the drive-thru and the employee sounded annoyed to take our order and also didn't give us a total. There were two windows and only one was in use for some reason. We waited at least 15 minutes to get to the only working window and probably waited another 15-20 to get our food. There was no apology or anything for the wait. Extremely aggravating and will not be taking my business to that White Castle again. I will gladly drive out of my way.

Review №69

Very friendly service and helpful. Great food and fast service

Review №70

Food was great, very well kept and cleanly Staffed & Dining area

Review №71

They forgot our chicken rings......but everything was great.

Review №72

Tried to stop and make an order on way out of town. Said they opened at 9 am. It was not. So sad I couldn't get my crave case.

Review №73

Ummm good

Review №74

Food is a little greasy at times. Good service

Review №75

Tried their new corn dog nibblers and I loved them. Yummy!

Review №76

Great customer service and great food

Review №77

The staff was very friendly. The place was cleaned and stocked. And the food was hot and delicious..

Review №78

Very long wait in the drive thru...only ones in it. About 20 minutes plus And our order was only 2 double cheese a order of corn dog nuggets and a shake. Have no idea why it took so long

Review №79

My husband and I are from Memphis and our experience was great.

Review №80

I enjoy the bite size burgers hot and ready to satisfied my taste buds

Review №81

I love white castle

Review №82

This was our very first time eating at a White Castle my boyfriend has always said how good white castle was and I'm so glad there was one where me and my daughter could see what all the fuss is about. Service here was really good super nice workers and the food was fresh and it was as good as I've always been told it was.

Review №83

Freshest white castle burgers.. yummm

Review №84

How can a man not love White Castle?Historic restaurant.Unique burgers/sliders.Great tasting.Good service and quick.Oh...answer to my question:He cant.

Review №85

The staff at the drive through window was very courteous and attentive. The fries were a little cold but the double cheese burger sandwiches were hot and delicious

Review №86

Considering it was one in the morning, the food was hot and fresh. Not as quick as you'd expect during peak hours of operation but definitely in the realm of normality. Good job to the king of sliders.

Review №87

Was great last year and I loved it. Went downhill since this year 2019. You order through mobile app and they don't start until you get there and even then over five times straight was over 30 minute wait with hardly nobody there. Will stop going now and go other places. Love White Castle buy this location needs a revamp on staff.

Review №88

My husband and I love White Castle for a quick clean place for a great burger!!

Review №89

Love those chicken rings nice and hot fresh

Review №90

Say what you want I like white castle...but only when it's hot and fresh...... which this was. My only issue is that I feel that the price of the burgers should be a lot cheaper especially with other fast food restaurants selling full size burgers for 99 cents

Review №91

The fish is awesome. Way way better than a McDonald's for sandwich.

Review №92

Fast friendly service. Sliders were awesome

Review №93

I just love this place great food and service.

Review №94

They are so good wish they were closer to me. The store was clean and the employees were very courteous.

Review №95

This little burger with cheeseHas got me on my knees

Review №96

This was my first visit to White Castle and I think it is great.

Review №97

11hr trip from Texas to nearest WhiteCastle. This is SAD how they sell people this type of food. They may St be surviving off new customers daily. Waste of money. Senceless food.

Review №98

Delish and fast friendly service

Review №99

Two double sliders, they were hot and fresh. My Husband and I each had one and shared the fries they were also hot and fresh

Review №100

Been all over the country and this one is one of the best White Castle's there is!!

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  • Address:102 Siemers Dr, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, United States
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  • Phone:+1 573-335-1457
  • American restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–11PM
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  • Sunday:8AM–11PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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